Bruises Ch. 05-06

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Chapter 05

Martin was up early and gone to get something done to the car by the time Peggy woke up the next morning. She had slept soundly and dreamlessly through the night. Lying there, her guilt and her desire fought for room in her mind. She stared at the ceiling in the silence of her bedroom while she contemplated her options.

“Any normal mother wouldn’t even have options,” she thought. “Having sex with your son is not normal so why are you even considering it?”

She let her hands toy with her pubic hair while she brought back the mental image of the sight of his hidden penis pulsing cum out from under the leg of his shorts. Rolling onto her side, she caught a whiff of Martin’s body odor in the sheets on his side of the bed.

Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she turned her head away and rolling back, she sat on the edge of the bed for a moment. In a sudden flash of insight, she realized that she wanted to make love to her son and she was going to figure out a way to make it happen.

She formulated a plan in her mind as she went about her morning bathroom routine. She was sure she had to move slowly and encourage him without seeming to be too obvious. The answer came to her after she wiped following her morning bowel movement. She glanced at her leg as she completed cleaning herself and noticed that all traces of her bruises were gone.

A bruise had started it all and she figured that a bruise would trigger it again. She considered intentionally injuring her leg but could not figure out how to do it. In a flash of inspiration, she selected a bluish-black color from her mascara palette and carefully rubbed some into her thigh with her finger. Studying the results in the mirror she was satisfied that it would pass for what she wanted. Pulling on a pair of panties and shorts, she slipped a v-neck tee shirt over her head and exited her bedroom.

Her bouncing nipples rubbing against the cotton of her shirt caused them to swell during the short walk down the hall and into the kitchen. She could feel her heart beating in her chest and she knew she was flushed with the thought of what she was about to do.

She knew that Walt was up because she could smell the fresh coffee. When she got to the kitchen, she could see him reading the newspaper out on the sunlit patio. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she tied her shirttail into a knot just below her breasts and padded, barefoot outside to put her plan into motion.

Circling around to the front of his chair, she greeted him, “Good morning, son. Beautiful morning, isn’t it?”

Bracing herself with one had on the arm of his lounge chair, she put her coffee cup down onto the table and leaned down to kiss him on the forehead. She knew he could see down the neckline of her shirt and raising her lips from his head, she remained in that position for a long moment.

“Sleep well?” she asked when she finally moved back.

“Uh, yes,” he replied with an unsure voice. “Very well, thanks. You?”

Settling into the adjoining lawn chair, she took a sip of her coffee and reached over to select a section of the newspaper from the stack casino şirketleri on his lap. She made sure her fingers brushed against his bare thigh as she riffled through the stack of papers before she chose one.

Her blatant actions caused a flutter in her stomach and she felt the beginning seepage of moisture in her vagina. She was amazed at her own forwardness, but after a moment’s doubt she decided to move forward with her plan.

Walt studied her actions and felt himself becoming aroused.

“Was she intentionally baiting him?” he wondered. “Or was she unaware of what she was doing?”

They each sat quietly reading their newspaper until Peggy finished her coffee and straddling her chair, she moved to stand up.

“Oh, look at this,” she said and pointed to the mascara colored bruise on the inside of her thigh. “Another one, I don’t know how I keep doing that.”

Lightly rubbing the spot on her thigh, she stood and turned to face Walt.

“Does this one look as bad as the other one?” she asked and turned her leg so he could get a good look at the faux bruise.

“Uh, no,” he replied but he refrained from touching her in fear of scaring her off again.

“I don’t feel a lump there. Do you?” she asked and moved closer to him. “Do you?”

Walt was afraid to touch her until she took his hand and pulled it towards her.

“Feel,” she almost whispered and released her grip.

He carefully rubbed the discolored spot but he could not feel anything out of the ordinary.

“It seems OK,” he said and moved to pull his hand away.

Taking a deep breath, Peggy straddled his stump sticking out from the seat of the chair and placing both hands onto his bare shoulders, she lightly caressed them.

“Are you sure you’re in the right spot?” she asked breathlessly. “Try a little higher.”

Walt could hardly breathe. He was now positive she was baiting him and he hoped that it was to seduce him rather than to embarrass him. Biting the bullet, he placed one hand on her hip and pulling her closer to him he caressed, rather than rubbed, her inner thigh with the other one.

He heard his mother’s gasping intake of breath when his hand moved dangerously close to the leg opening of her short shorts. He paused for a moment but she encouraged him to continue by lowering her head until her cheek rested next to his ear.

“Feel anything?” she whispered in a shaky voice.

He tentatively inched his hand higher on her thigh and she reacted by sliding her hands down over his shoulders and onto his upper back. Leaning forward in the chair, he used both hands to hold onto the backs of her legs and to gently bring her closer.

When her knee bumped into the chair, she slid her hands down farther and over his back so that her upper body was pressed against his chest. He could feel her soft breasts through her tee shirt and he could hear her taking little, short breaths of air.

When he hesitated before going any farther, she pulled back from him and he found himself again looking at her dangling breasts through her open collar. Holding onto the back of his head with casino firmaları both hands, she placed her lips on his smooth head and held them there.

When Peggy clenched her thigh muscles and moved her feet a little more apart, he responded by tightening his hands on the backs of her legs. She waited for him to continue but he seemed to be afraid to take it any further.

Walt’s hands inched up her thighs and slipping his fingers under her pants legs he stopped again. When she didn’t object he tried to move his hands up under her shorts but they were too tight. Settling for what he could get, he gently squeezed the backs of her thighs with his fingers just touching the bottom of her cheeks.

Peggy almost passed out from the sensations and her body sagged until her lips rested in the crease where his neck and shoulder met. She nibbled on his skin and then bit gently down on him.

Walt jumped a little at the bite but he continued to knead her legs along the edge of the elastic of her panty legs. Trying to get under her shorts, he shifted his hands so that his fingertips touched each other at the juncture of her thighs. She knew she was wet and she wanted him to touch her. A sudden thought that they were too exposed out in the open caused her to pull back and stand in front of him.

“Let’s go inside, it’s too hot out here,” she said and turning, she left him sitting there and walked the few steps back into the house.

By the time Walt adjusted his erection to a more comfortable position and got his crutches ready, she had disappeared into the kitchen.

“Have a seat,” she called from the hallway leading to her bedroom. “I poured you a glass of milk.”

Walt was mystified but he followed her orders and sat obediently at the kitchen table in front of a glass of milk. Not knowing what else to do he took a sip of the milk and waited for her to return.

Chapter 06

His back was towards the doorway, but he heard her coming quietly towards him. He smelled her perfume an instant before she placed her hands on his shoulders and ran them down over his chest. Her hair tickled his head and his neck when she placed her soft cheek against his and whispered near his ear.

“Drink your milk, son. It’s good for you. Do you want some cookies with it?” she asked and leaned against his side with her arm around his shoulder.

“Uh, no thanks, mom,” he responded and realized that she had changed into a short, summer robe that came down to about her mid-thigh.

She pulled his head against her body and he could feel her soft breast pressing against it. With his heart beating out of his chest, he slipped his hand under her robe and touched her hot flesh on the outside of her thigh. Gently caressing it in little circles, he continued up her leg until he felt the elastic leg of her panties.

Peggy turned slightly so that she was facing away from him and started talking. It was almost bizarre that it seemed to be a normal occurrence that her son would have his hand up under her clothes, caressing her nearly bare hip while she carried on a conversation.

“It’s been really hot, hasn’t güvenilir casino it?” she said in a normal voice. “Too bad we don’t have a pool that we could cool off in, isn’t it?”

Walt’s hand was now up past her hips and he was holding it flat against her belly.

He continued to gently caress her in little circles across the surface of her belly. When his fingers passed over her belly button, he stopped and pushed his finger into it as if he was testing the firmness of her stomach.

Peggy quietly moaned and jerked a little before she continued talking.

“I remember when I used to breast feed you,” she said in a soothing, quiet voice. “You used to love to suck on me while squeezing me with your little hands.”

Walt took the hint and stretching his arm up he was surprised when his fingertips touched the underside of her bare breast. Another moan escaped her throat and releasing his head, she slipped her hand down over his chest and caressed him. It was Walt’s turn to moan and in one motion, he cupped her breast and captured her nipple between his index and middle fingers.

Peggy’s body shuddered in response to his fingers on her breast and her conversation picked up again.

“You were always such a good little baby,” she said in a voice that he was barely able to hear. “You’re my big baby now, my big baby.”

Releasing her hold on his chest she turned towards him. Walt slid his hand around her body so that he could hold her breast from the front. Looking up at her face, he watched as she wet her lips and placed her two hands over his to hold his hand against herself.

He squeezed her breast just as the slamming of the front door brought them both back to reality and Martin’s voice came from the front hall.

“I’m home! Where the hell is everybody?”

“We’re in the kitchen,” she called nervously. “Do you want some coffee?”

Looking at Walt with pleading eyes, she wiped the perspiration from her face with the sleeve of her robe and moved towards the stove.

“No, I had some real coffee at the 7-11” he said as he walked into the kitchen, looked around and headed towards the hall. “You know that you make lousy coffee.”

Walt watched as Peggy rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Did you get the car fixed?” she called to his retreating back.

“Yeah, it’s OK now. I’m going to take a nap. I’m beat,” he said as he walked down the hall to their bedroom.

Walt reached out for her but she frowned and gave a little shake of her head before following Martin down the hall.

Walt was still hot and sweaty so he went into his bathroom and stripping off his clothes he lowered himself onto his shower seat. The hot water felt good and after washing himself, he adjusted it to a cooler temperature and let it flow over his body.

Thoughts of his mother’s actions and his part in their erotic encounter filled his head. He knew she wanted to carry it beyond their caressing and he was willing to go as far as she wished. His boyhood dreams were coming true but he had to be careful and watch and listen for the little hints that she gave. He didn’t want to go too far or too fast or he could ruin it.

His erection had not completely subsided and on the way back to his bed, he pulled a magazine out of a drawer and lying on his bed, he opened it and used it to help stimulate himself to a climax.

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