Bruises Ch. 14

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The telephone was ringing when Peggy returned from shopping. She dropped her grocery bags on the kitchen counter and hurried to answer it before the voice mail picked up.

A woman’s voice told her she was calling from Walter Reed Hospital and she asked to speak to Sgt. Walter R. Ridgeway, Jr. Peggy identified herself as his mother and took a message that Walt’s prosthesis was ready and could he be there at 9 o’clock on Monday morning. Walt did not appear to be home so Peggy confirmed the appointment.

She found Martin asleep in his chair but when she woke him, he grumbled and told her he had no idea where Walt had gone. He never noticed her new haircut.

After carrying the groceries in and putting them away, she took the paper bag from the pharmacy into her bathroom, opened it and set a tube of spermicidal gel and a three months supply of birth control pills on the vanity top.

Rather than get an appointment with her gynecologist, she asked a high school friend who worked in his office to help her out and to renew her old prescription. The doctor’s birth control prescriptions were pre-printed so the nurse put one in with a stack of others and had him sign it. He never questioned it. The pills couldn’t be started until after her next cycle so she tucked them away in her cosmetic case.

The bathroom mirror reflected her nude body and her new hairstyle with bangs and the sides framing her face. The highlights glowed in the bright bathroom light and she shook her head and was pleased with the way her hair flowed around her head.

The bottom drawer of her vanity yielded her diaphragm kit and she placed it on the counter next to the gel. Although it looked fine to her, she filled it with water to check for leaks. She remembered someone telling her that the only real test would be to hold it tightly around her mouth and inflate it while holding her face in water. If bubbles casino şirketleri appeared, it had a leak and was no good. She tried it and no bubbles appeared.

A quick feeling of relief passed through her because she had not used her diaphragm in well over a year and she was afraid that it would not be any good.

After hanging her skirt and blouse in her closet, she went back into the bathroom where she dropped her bra and panties into the hamper. Opening the tube of gel, she filled the diaphragm with it and spread it around the edge of the device before inserting it up into her vagina.

She was a little surprised at how easily the procedure came back to her. She had been afraid that she would need to practice, but it slipped into place. With her foot still up on the toilet seat, she checked it with her fingers and it seemed to still fit all right.

The act of inserting the device buoyed her spirits and she stood looking at herself in the mirror.

“I look and feel ten years younger,” she said and stuck her tongue out at herself in the mirror. “I wonder what he will think?”

Standing sideways to the mirror, she grabbed her bottoms with both hands and shook them.

“Not bad for an old broad,” she smiled at herself.

Cupping her breasts she held them up a little from their normal position and let them go. They drooped some but that was to be expected.

“Yep, not bad,” she repeated.

Removing the diaphragm, she cleaned it and put it back into its case along with the gel.

She was careful not to get her hair wet while she took a quick shower. After drying herself, she slipped on a full-cut, yellow cotton summer skirt and a camisole over her naked body. She twirled in front of the mirror and the skirt flared up and showed her thighs. The cool air moving over her overheated thighs and damp pussy reminded her that she was without panties.

“Commando, casino firmaları commando,” she sang a little made up ditty. “I’m going commando for my Marine.”

She worried about Walt until he called to let her know that he had talked to a friend of his who volunteered to take for a haircut. When she told him the news about his new leg, he asked her to get a motel reservation before they all filled up. The credit card he wanted her to use was in his jewelry box on his dresser.

Peggy made the call and the reservation. On an impulse, she made it for the next night instead of waiting for Sunday night. She rationalized that a good night’s sleep before going in for his first prosthesis fitting would be good for him.

She waggled her foot and decided that her new sandals looked good with her fresh pedicure. Giving herself one last check in the mirror, she touched up her lipstick and spritzed some perfume on her cleavage and under her skirt.

Martin was awake and watching television when she went back out into the family room. He complained about being hungry and agreed to a pizza for dinner. After calling in the order, she set the table and went back into the family room to watch television until it came.

She couldn’t concentrate on the cable news channel that Martin was watching and her mind kept drifting to her relationship with her son. After a while, she found that she was squirming around on the sofa and her vagina was squishing with the lubrication that had formed. She was afraid it would leave a stain on her dress and she was getting up to put on panties when the doorbell rang.

The pizza delivery boy stared at her when she opened the door. He stuttered while giving her the total and she felt her nipples harden when she realized that he was ogling her. The knowledge that she could still turn on a college age boy sent tingles throughout her belly.

Peggy güvenilir casino smiled at him and asked him to wait while she got the money. Knowing that he was staring at her, she walked away with a little exaggerated sway of her hips.

His eyes never left her chest when she went back towards him and he accepted the money and the tip but didn’t move.

“Is that enough?” she asked with a smile. “Is there anything else?”

“No, no, thank you, that’s all, thank you,” he stuttered and turned to leave.

As he reached his car, another one pulled up. It was Walt and his friend returning from their afternoon out. He got out of the car and, after retrieving his crutches, he came up the steps towards the door. Peggy waited in the doorway while he negotiated the steps and when he looked up and spotted her, he stopped in his tracks.

“My God, mom! You look beautiful. I love your hair. You look like your younger sister would look if you had one.”

Peggy felt herself blush. She pulled the door closed behind her and when he got within reach, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you, honey. You don’t know how good that makes me feel.”

“Umm, you smell good,” he whispered. “Is he home?”

“Yes,” she whispered back. “He’s right inside so behave yourself.”

“I don’t know if I can do that,” he smiled back at her and squeezed her bottom.

“Umm, you feel good too.”

They kissed again and their tongues slipped around each other’s. He alternately sucked and released her tongue and she rewarded him with a low moan of pleasure.

“Umm, you taste good too,” he said. “I’m going to have to smell, taste and feel you all over tonight.”

“Maybe, later. Let’s eat, the pizza’s on the table.”

As Walt eased past her in the narrow doorway, he dropped one hand off of his crutch and felt her bottom. He searched with his fingers but could not find any panty, waist or leg band.

“Are you wearing a thong?” he whispered.

“No,” she giggled.

“Are you naked under there?”

“You’ll just have to wait and find out now, won’t you?”

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