Bumping Into A Foot Perv

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Jennie was none too pleased with the thought of a half-day layover at Dallas/Fr. Worth International.

Well, nothing an airport bar, a pack of camels, and a good book wont cure she thought to herself, reaching up for her overhead baggage. Several people bumped their way past her. One hurried man in a dark blue business suit crowded past her so furiously that her strappy red sandal turned the wrong way shooting a stabbing pain through her right ankle.

“Ouch!” she snapped.

“Mm, sorry” he mumbled not even stopping to see if she was ok.

Asshole, she thought to herself, gingerly rotating her ankle to stretch out the sprain.

Once in the airport, she made a direct beeline for the first bar. She propped her bag up on one side of her on the counter, and the Kansas City Star directly on the other side. Stay away….was the message she was strategically giving out to anyone who happened upon her. She ordered a rum and coke, lit a camel, and opened her novel. Over the next 20 min, the bar became quite crowded and she ended up having to put her bag and newspaper on the floor under the bar as people asked “is this seat taken?”. The gentleman on her right looked like he needed about 24 hours of sleep and a hot shower. The man on her left sat quietly reading and sipping a green-bottled beer.

Her right ankle still throbbing, she crossed it over her left leg and reached down to rub it with her fingertips. She noticed the green-beer-bottle man use his peripheral vision to look at her foot. Maybe he was a doctor, she thought, noticing her ankle had swelled up just a bit since the sprain. Then again, maybe he’s just looking at my legs…that would be more my luck. Where’s the handsome doctor when a girl really needs one, anyhow??

She winced as she pushed the swollen spot just above her ankle bone.

“I’ll bet that if you asked the bartender for a bag of ice, he would give it to you.” the stranger said to her tipping his beer back.

“Well, this is what I get for wearing unconventional shoes for traveling!” she smiled back at him.

He smiled and turned back to his book.

“Where are you headed?” Jennie asked him, bored of her book, and wanting to find out more about this man who had taken a tad of interest in her foot. With a newfound self-love of her own feet, she was a little thrilled that he had noticed…why not find out if he perhaps was a foot lover. Never having met one personally, the thought was provoking to say the least. Besides, he was nice-looking, and he had a goatee. What a weakness!

“Las Vegas.” he replied.

“Business or pleasure?”

“Both, you could say.”

“Sounds fun…by the way, I’m Jennie.”

“Hi, Jennie, I’m Dean.”

Just then a waitress walked up to them and told them that a booth had just been freed, and if they would like it, she could seat them. The bar stools had all been taken, and many people were standing behind the counter waiting casino şirketleri for a stool to open.

Dean started to say, “Oh, thanks, but we’re not”—“We’ll take it.” Jennie interrupted raising her eyebrows in question towards Dean.

“Sure, ok.” he said.

They were seated in a circle booth in a darker corner of the bar.

“Mind?” Jennie asked him, pulling a cigarette out of her bag.

“Not a bit.”


“What are you drinking?”

“Rum and Coke.”

Dean signalled a waitress and ordered Jennie another drink, even though hers was only 1/2 finished.

“How long is your layover?” Jennie asked him.

“Well, supposedly for another 4 hours.” he replied.

“Yeah, me too. But, we seem to have the perfect spot for people-watching!” she joked.

“I actually like people-watching.”

“Me too.”

“So, how did you sprain you ankle?” Dean asked her.

Hmmm….another foot reference. Jennie made a mental note. Well, it could be genuine concern.

“Some guy pushed past me while we were getting off the plane.”

“Nice…gotta love those pushy people who are always in a rush to be somewhere important.”

“NO kidding.”

“Would you mind if I propped my foot up on the booth? I think it would help the swelling.”

“No problem, go right ahead.” he said kindly.

Well, this isnt getting me anywhere…Jennie thought, now more curious than ever about his foot-thing, or lack of one.

“So, can i ask you a silly question?”

“I’m all about silly questions, go right ahead.”

“If you had to take a wild guess, what would u say my shoe size is?”

“Well, I guess I would say a size 7 maybe.”

“Close. 7 1/2…but, sometimes a 7. Good guessing.”

“Comes with the territory, i suppose.”

“Oh, yeah?”

” I used to have a little interest in photography, and well, i did a number of foot models back in the day.”

Sweet motherload! Holy hell!!

“Wow, that is really interesting.” Jennie calmly said, her pulse racing.

He achieved a new level of sex appeal now than before…if that was possible.

“Well, we have something in common then.” she went on.


“Yeah, I have had a number of shots taken of my own feet and I posted them on a website.”

“No shit?”


“Hmmm. So, what’s the story?”

“Well, one day I was talking online to someone, and they had me describe my feet to them, and it sorta escalated from there. I found that I think men who have a foot fetish are extremely interesting and sexy. Well, not all of them, but for the most part, they are pretty fun to chat with.”

“Well, that is definitely something, huh?”

“I feel silly telling you!”

“You’d be surprised at how many men love feet, and never even admit it.”


“Soooo, what?”

“Well, i have to ask the inevitable, you know.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do casino firmaları you have a foot thing?”

“Hi, my name is Dean, and I’m a footaholic.”

Jennie laughed and lit another cigarette. What a nice day this was turning out to be. First hand experience with a real foot perv!

“Well, you’re the first foot-lover I have ever had the honor of meeting in person.”


“Yep. My ex-husband wasnt into my feet at all. I mean, he thought they were pretty, but that was the extent of it.”

“Most men feel that way I think.”

“Most men would rather stare at tits and ass.”

Dean laughed. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with tits and ass by a long shot, but I think feet have a sexual appeal all of their own.”

“I agree.”

“So, can I ask you something personal?” Dean said.

“Sure, we’re old friends now.” Jennie teased him.

“Okay, well…has anyone ever done nice things to your feet?”

“I’ve had maybe 10 footrubs, and that basically sums it up.”

“That is quite a waste of pretty feet, Jennie.” Dean said seriously.

“I think so, too.”

“How’s the ankle?” he asked her.

“A little better.”

“Good, can i get you anything?”

“I’m okay i think, but thank you.”

“I will be back, I gotta to run to the restroom.”


They stared at each other for a second before he got up from the table. Once his eyes left hers, he looked down at her size 7 1/2 foot propped up on the seat.

“Great polish.” he winked at her.

She just giggled and wiggled her toes as he walked off toward the men’s room.

Wow. Nice man. Nice eyes. Nice ass. Jennie suddenly felt her own sex-kine springing into action. Strange man, strange city, airport bar, 2 rum and cokes down and another on it’s way. Neato…nice set-up for making a fool of myself! Oh, well, a girl only lives once. An opportunity like this doesnt pop up everyday. Fuck it, let’s have some fun.

When he got back they started round 3 of drinks, and Dean upgraded to a rum and coke also.

“Well, do you want to visit, or read?” Jennie asked him purposefully flexing her ankle foward. Dean looked down at her foot, and answered,

“I think visiting is in order.”

“How would you feel about assisting a girl in need?” Jennie asked, her pulse out of control.

“What can I do?”

“How about you rub my ankle while we talk?”

“Your not very shy, Jennie. AND, I would gladly rub your ankle for you.”

He slid over closer to her foot, and slid her stappy off, letting it drop under the table. I cant believe I just asked this guy to rub my ankle! Jennie was completely in awe of her situation, and of her own bravery. Yes, partially spawned by the rum, but still…good, god!

He placed her foot on his knee. He was wearing shorts, and the hair on his leg tickled the bottom of her sole. How utterly yummy she thought. Dean then wrapped güvenilir casino his hand around the back of her ankle and gently rubbed on the slightly swollen area. His hands felt a little rough, and he was applying just enough pressure so that it didnt hurt.

They chatted more about their jobs, cities, politics, and so on. They tried to keep the conversation going, so that neither of them could be too absorbed in what his hands were doing to her feet. After rubbing her ankle for about 10 minutes, he had ran his fingers lightly over her sole and up to her toes. He did this several times before gently bumping his fingers down her toes and across the tops of them. He slid one finger over each toenail…over the polish. He made little circles over her arch, over her heel, and on the bottom of her big toe. He fiddled with each of her 3 toerings, twisting them around and pulling them on and off. He finally slid his fingers between her toes making Jennie’s tummy do a number of Olympic-quality handsprings, and flips. She automatically slid off her other sandal, and propped her left foot parallel to her right foot on Dean’s lap. This layover was turning out to be the bees-knees.

Dean acted as if this was just the normal thing to do and automatically started playing with her other toes as well.

“Wow, you are definitely skilled in the ways of the feet.” Jennie said. Oh geeze, i sound like a nerd! she thought.

“I’m glad u like it, Jennie.”

“I think that you might just have to drop something under the table and take a little suck on one of my toes!” she giggled half teasing, half serious, the alcohol working overtime.

“Don’t mind if I do.” he answered.

He didnt even “drop” anything, but took a quick look around the room, and then leaned his head down and placed his lips around her big toe, right foot. His mouth was warm, wet, and his whiskers tickled. He drew in his breath, and the inside cheek walls of his mouth surrounded her toe. It felt like a million bucks to have this man’s mouth around her toe. Make that two million. She sighed, tried not to moan, and closed her eyes. She automatically rubbed on his leg with her other foot, on his thigh and on his hard cock. His tongue struck a nerve in her toe that shot right up to her clit, and made her instantly wet. He pulled his mouth off her toe, and she made a little pouty face.

“Sorry. If we were somewhere else, it would be easier.” he smiled.

“That is the first time anyone has ever sucked on my toe.” she told him.

“Well, I hope it wont be the last.”

“Me, too. And, I have an idea, but it is completely up to you. I dont know your travel plans, or what you will be doing upon your arrival in Las Vegas, but…”


“I would be up for a ticket change if you needed a traveling companion.”

“A traveling companion would be nice.”

Vegas ended up being a Jennie-toe-fest. Vegas involved a lot of kissing. Vegas was a place for new discoveries. Vegas was explored, devoured, and conquered by the two of them. Someday I will give you a short story from The Vegas Expedition. For now, think of foot rubs and cock-rubbing under dark corner booths. Mmmmm…..toes. Go suck some.

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