Business Trip Pt. 3

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Business Trip Pt. 3
Marcus parked the car and got out quickly while i sat there thinking about this all. I was shocked and confused and wanted to go home immediately. I thought ok, when i open the door i’m just going to call a taxi and get the hell out of here and this will all be a weird story i remember and laugh.

Marcus opened my door and his large hand reached down to help me out, i paused then without thinking placed my hand in his, looking up at him and feeling tiny as i stood up out of the car.

“listen Marcus this is a lot at once and honestly this has gone way too far and i think i’m going to get a taxi and call it a night honestly”

“shhh baby boi, a lot at once i hear what you’re saying, come on inside” ignoring everything i said and turning to lead me by the hand up the stairs to his front door.

i didnt even resist, i was still trying to explain myself when the door closed behind me and he was smiling as he locked it behind us.

“now Eric, have a glass of wine with me, you dont seem to understand something and i’m going to make it real clear for you since you might be a bit dumb”

I followed him in to the living room and noticed that in the light the house looked much larger than it had the night before, the living room was open with a high ceiling and windows that looked out over a backyard pool with high walls all around the perimeter. Marcus disappeared and returned a minute later with two glasses and a bottle of white wine and told me to follow him as he opened the door and walked out in to the back yard.

I walked out and immediatly noticed how relaxing an environment it was, secluded and lush with plants all around the walls and no other houses that i could see. I wasnt used to this much privacy growing up and living in apartments most of my life and i relaxed a little bit while Marcus poured us both a glass of the wine.

“listen Marcus I’m.. I’m not your…”

“not my what Eric? not my hungry cock sucker who cums in his pants when he’s sucking on my dick?”

“no i well, i ”

“cause that, i know you are hahaha and i got the videos to prove it”

my stomach dropped to my knees and i froze mid-sip

“oh i guess maybe you were drunker than i thought, here if you dont believe me”

Marcus opened his phone and turned it to me showing me a first person video he had shot of me sucking his thick dark cock bobbing up and down with my eyes closed and slobber all over my face.

“oh wait i forgot about this”

He turned the volume up and held it closer so i could hear myself moaning in pleasure as he pumped his cock in and out of my mouth and rubbed it across my lips. i stood there watching myself and started to feel my face get flush and my dick stiffen in my pants. What the hell was happening to me?? güvenilir bahis I was getting turned on when i should have been disgusted. I knew in my mind this was not right and i was in trouble but i didnt care, my body started moving and i bit my lip.

“see Eric, you just need to learn who you really are, us meeting is fate baby boi, you’ll see. I’ll show you”

He smiled and put his wine glass down, sliding his hand under my chin and sticking his big thumb across my lips staring in to my eyes.

“you feel more relaxed now Eric, just us no one else around you can be yourself here isnt that alright?”

“i looked away but nodded”

“i think so too Eric” Marcus said as he stepped back and began kicking off his shoes and undoing his pants.

“what are you doing”

“im taking my clothes off Eric, and so are you. Strip naked baby boi aint nobody going to see us, just you and me do it now”

i put my wine glass and undressed until i was as naked as i had been the day before. He was fully naked standing in front of me, his body was broad and thick with grey chest hair and his dick was semi hard and very thick, it looked like a black cucumber and his balls hung heavy underneath it, i felt so small in every way, i was not even half his size and my dick seemed tiny in front of his.

Marcus picked up his glass of wine and walked over to me, placing one arm behind my back and leading me to the hot tub pulling me in with him

“come sit on my lap baby boi”

I moved to the other side of the tub and sat across his lap, i felt so exposed yet secure at the same time, the hot water washing over my body i could feel his thick cock underneath my ass as he pulled my face in front of his and looked me in the eyes again.

“now you listen to me Eric, you feel this? you feel this connection we got? i knew it when i first laid eyes on you, you are the son and i am your Daddy you see, i want you, i want to see you, and we gonna have a time together you understand me?”

i nodded still looking away not knowing how to fully process this

Marcus huge hand landed on my cheek with enough force to shake my head, i grabbed my jaw while he held his hand up again as if he was going to do it again.

“you say Yes Daddy when i ask you a question Eric i wont tell you again do you understand?



“that isnt what i said is it Eric??”

“yyes Daddy”

“thats a good boy, you are a natural, i’m sorry i hit you baby you gotta know that but Daddy has rules and you need to learn them, i should be spanking your ass already for being late this morning”

“yes Daddy” i said meekly as i looked up at him. We locked eyes and he pulled me in for a kiss, his big hands fondling my body and squeezing my thighs as i could feel his cock growing türkçe bahis underneath me.

“i think it’s time we go inside baby boi wouldnt you agree? come, bring your wine.

we stood up and walked naked across the yard and into the house, i followed Marcus as he opened a door and led me down a flight of stairs which lead to a hallway. on the left he opened a door and waited for me to walk in. my eyes opened wide as i scanned across the windowless room, there was a fireplace against one wall and a leather bar on another, in the middle of the floor was a big bed and along the other wall were what looked like whips, dildos and other things i couldnt make out, there was an opened door against the far corner which i could see led to a washroom. Marcus put on some music and walked to the wall with the whips stopping at a piece of leather hanging loosely from a hook. He put his wine down and picked up the leather, stepping in to it i began to see it was a harness of some sort, the leather straps circling his thick thighs and shoulders and his cock slipping through another loop which he tied off like a shoe.
‘now get your ass on that bed Boi on your hands and knees and show me that sweet ass”

i didnt move, i was frozen what the hell was going on, Marcus began walking over to me and grabbing my arm he tossed me on to the bed with no effort.


SMACK! his big hand slapped me ass cheek with more force than he hit my face with, my ass immediatly felt hot and sore and i shot up on my hands and knees with my ass pointed towards Marcus.

“thats a good boi, look at that hole for Daddy – i told you yesterday you were too hairy, that all needs to go”

“wwhat do you mean Mar..Daddy”

“it means my pussy gonna be shaved and hairless baby boi, thats what makes Daddy happy and you know your priorities when it comes to making Daddy happy dont you baby boi?”

“yes Daddy”

“thats a good boi” Marcus smiled as he walked back to the wall with his back to me making it hard for me to see what was going on. I noticed one of the walls was mirrored and could see him sticking his hand in a jar of something while his other hand held something, he walked back over to me and without saying anything slid his middle finger into my asshole. my eyes welled up and i felt a stinging pain flash through my body and all i wanted to do was lurch forward but his other hand was now holding me from under my pelvis and he twisted his thick long finger in my now sloppy with lube asshole. i rocked back and forth fighting but only making it worse for myself as my breathing became heavier and heavier. I was now laying with my face against the bed, trying to fight through the pain while he worked his finger in güvenilir bahis siteleri and out of my hole. After what felt like forever i dont know if my ass relaxed or just became numb but the pain faded and i felt a warmth all through my body. Marcus was now fondling my dick and balls with one hand which made everything feel so tiny in his palm.

“Thats it Baby Boi, this doesnt feel so bad does it?”

I couldnt lie anymore, i felt so hot that i was doing this right now, even though i had essentially been cornered in to this i still wanted it and i bit my lip again

“yes Daddy”

“good boi, now you just stay right there for daddy, hold that position”

i stayed put with my face down and my ass up in the air, wet and warm from his thick finger and the gobs of lube he had just used on me, he walked back to the wall with the toys and returned with a small butt plug which he inserted in to me, it slid in easy and i felt myself tighten around it.

“thats it baby, hold that right there”

he walked around to the front of me and raised my head up so that i was now level with his hard cock, i leaped forward and hungrily sucked the head in my mouth, letting out a moan as i tasted his pre-cum in my mouth, sucking him while i felt my hole relax around my butt plug. Marcus threw his head back and with both hands on my head began to fuck my mouth, pushing his cock deeper with each thrust until i gagged then pulling it out and letting me catch my breath before sticking it back in and repeating.

“this is your first class Baby, you’re going to learn how to match your skill as a cock sucker with how much you love it, now open wide and suck this fucking cock”

he pushed his cock deep into my mouth and i felt my throat open up as his cock slid down, i struggled to breath through my nose while he held my head down on his dick before he pulled it out, letting me gag before he continued to fuck my mouth.

his long arms could reach my ass while his cock was down my throat and he began to jiggle and twist the plug inside me while i blew him, his hips bucking wildly until i felt him hot cum shooting down my throat. I swallowed every drop and he pulled it out, letting it flop in front of me.

“now Kiss Daddys dick and say thank you baby boi”

without thinking i started to kiss and lick his cock while i looked up at him. “thank you Daddy oh thank you Daddy”

“good boi, the night is young and im horny, let’s find out how much you really love what i’m going to do to you”

“yes Daddy”

Marcus again walked back to the wall stopping to have a drink of his wine, his thick legs and his heavy dick were mesmerizing as i watched him pick up the container of lube and several dildos of different sizes. He also picked up a small glass bottle and opened it, placing it under his nose and taking a deep breath. He put everything on a tray that had been sitting there and walked back towards me, his dick hard again and the smile still on his face.

This was only the beginning…

to be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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