Busted By Daddy

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Hatsune Miku

So Daddy walked in on me and his fiancée while she had just given me the orgasm of my life. He was not a happy man, to say the least and as I sat alone in my bedroom I felt very guilty. I also felt a bit horny still. I mean, I was all set to have my first taste of pussy, and a beautiful pussy at that when dad interrupted our morning. I wondered what the hell he was doing home so early anyway?

I went out into the hallway and listened in at their bedroom door but could hear nothing but the sound of the television. I went downstairs and looked out and saw Daddy’s car in the driveway but Cindy’s little convertible was gone. I suddenly felt terrible. What if I was the cause of the two of them splitting up? What if I stood in the way of their happiness? My earlier high was gone and I slumped my shoulders and thought to myself I had to fix this, to make everything okay.

I went back upstairs and stood outside Daddy’s door. I was going to change since all I was wearing was a long t-shirt that went almost to my knees. I hadn’t put panties back on since I was still so wet from Cindy’s masterful tongue work. I don’t know why I didn’t change. Then I heard a low moan coming from Daddy’s room and it sounded like a woman’s voice but not Cindy’s. I knocked and a moment later the moan stopped. “What?” I heard my fathers voice yell out.

“It’s me Daddy. I need to talk to you” I said sheepishly. Another minute went by, “Please Daddy, for a minute?” I tried the door but it was locked. I started to walk away dejected when I heard the door being unlocked. I went back and knocked again and this time dad told me to come in.

Dad looked warm, he was sitting up in bed with the covers to his waist, his hairy, muscular chest looked sexy and in less then a minute I found myself having those sexual thoughts again about my dad. I wondered if he was naked under those covers. I also caught him staring at my legs as I sat next to him on the bed. My nipples felt like pebbles and I knew Daddy would see them pressed against my t-shirt.

I explained to Daddy what had happened earlier and that it casino şirketleri was my fault that anything sexual happened. Cindy reluctantly shaved me since I saw her naked in Greece and wanted to look the same way. Daddy’s eyes shifted toward my crotch and I wondered how much he got to see earlier when he caught his fiancée with her tongue in my cookie jar. I told him I just couldn’t help myself, I had become so turned on.

“So you’re a lesbian?” dad asked. I shook my head no. I told him that was my first time. Did you pleasure her?” this time I saw his expression change, to soften slightly.

“No… but I would have. She’s so sexy. I was never attracted to another girl before but the thought of doing to her what she did to me made me crazy. It’s still making me crazy,” I said and blushed slightly.

We sat in total silence for what seemed like hours but was only about a minute or two. “I’m sorry that I interrupted the two of you,” he said. “If I had it to do all over I think I may have stood back quietly and watched.”

I leaned in when he said that and kissed him on the cheek. I let my hand brush over the covers and I could feel his erection. “Did a part of you like what you saw?” I was feeling a bit bolder now and more in control of the seduction that was unfolding. He told me he only saw my breasts but that they were quite lovely. I said “yeah right,” because I had felt inferior about my tits since I saw Cindy’s for the first time.

“Sweetheart, you have turned out to be a very sexy young lady and you have a hell of a sexy body. They don’t have to be as big as Cindy’s to be equally as appealing” he put his hand on my shoulder and smiled.

“Could you tell me if I’m as sexy down there? I mean, now that its shaved I would love a man’s opinion.” He shook his head and became a little unsettled. He cleared his throat and told me that he shouldn’t be talking to me like this, let alone having the thoughts that he was having. I knew I had him then, I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. “Just let me know what you think” I said and before he could casino firmaları protest again I stood and lifted my t-shirt over my head and was standing before my father naked for the first time since I was 6 or 7 – 13 or 14 years.

Now he blushed but he didn’t turn away. I opened my legs slightly and asked him what he thought of my new look. He just stared at my open pussy, still wet from earlier and juicing heavily again as I stood exposing myself. “Wow” was all dad finally said. “Look closer,” I said and stood up on the bed and before dad could get a word out I was lowering my pussy onto his face.

He was sitting up but he lay back quickly taking me with him and his tongue was soon dancing all over my wetness and I was having my first orgasm from my Daddy soon after that. I was moaning as loudly as earlier in the morning, telling him to lick his little girls pussy real good. He had a talented tongue as well and I wondered if their were a couple on earth that both ate pussy as well as dad and Cindy.

After the waves of my first orgasm passed I stood and tuned around, lowering myself back on Daddy’s face but this time I wanted to see his cock. I leaned forward and pulled the covers away and looked at him. He was hard as a rock. His cock was maybe half as long as Franklin’s but it was much thicker. Dad also had a huge, hairy set of balls that were hanging between his legs and that was sexy as hell to me. I nuzzled my face against his crotch and took his hard cock and rubbed it against my cheeks, over my chin, and against my lips. I was instantly in love with my Daddy’s nice cock.

I decided to lick his balls first. I’ve given more than a few blowjobs and never really paid much attention to a guys balls but then, I’d never had such a remarkable set. I licked his sac until they were soaked with my spit. Then I pointed his swollen, purple head towards my mouth and just as I took him in I was overcome with my second orgasm. I let his cock slip from my mouth for fear of biting him until the waves of my orgasm finally passed. My clit was so sensitive at that point that I güvenilir casino had to move away from my Daddy’s face and I got in a much better position to suck his cock. All I could think of now was that I wanted him to, no… needed him to cum in my mouth.

I was between his legs, which were spread and he was bending them at the knees and I had those perfect balls at my disposal again and decided to give them a little more attention. From this angle I was able to suck on his hairy sac which he seemed to really like. I wrapped my fist around his cock which was so thick that my fingers didn’t touch. I stroked him slowly and licked his balls thoroughly for at least ten minutes. Finally he spoke, “Suck Daddy’s cock…please honey” and I smiled up at him.

I ran my tongue from his balls up the shaft to the plum sized head and was rewarded with his delicious pre-cum which I quickly tasted and liked. He had no shortage there and as I sucked he kept leaking the clear, sweet stuff into my mouth. My Daddy had the most amazing cock in the world and I wanted to sit on it and have him fuck me, but before I got the chance he started lifting his hips and fucking my mouth rapidly. “I’m gonna cum baby,” he said and true to his word, a minute later he was blasting my tonsils with his warm, thick cum. As fast as I swallowed, there was just too much and some of it dripped from the corner of my mouth.

I didn’t want to let Daddy’s cock go but he was so sensitive after he came. I slid up his body and we kissed for the first time as man and woman and not father and daughter. I told him he would have to fuck me now but he said that would be so wrong. He said what we just shared was beautiful but that we couldn’t do it again and no one must ever know. I just agreed and nodded my head because I knew I would get to fuck him despite his uncertain feelings on the matter. I looked down and his cock had become soft, it looked so cute and in that state seemed as thick as it was long. His balls were still huge though and still hanging there looking so good.

“Daddy, are you going to fuck Cindy when she gets back?” I asked in a little girls voice and he said he definitely planned on it. “Good” I said, “you should leave the door unlocked this time so I can see.”

He looked down at me and he smiled. “If that’s what my little girl wants.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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