Cabin Hijinks

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Ashley Williams

I suppose it had to happen. We had been playing for a while. Then, away at a cabin by a lake, with the bikinis and drinking; well, it had to happen. But let’s start at the beginning.

Hollie is my daughter. She’s almost nineteen now and the spitting image of her mother. At five feet four and right around 100 pounds, she is also gorgeous. Besides that she’s sweet, funny and compassionate. Of course, being her father, I’m a bit biased.

Hollie’s mom died ten years ago and it almost destroyed both of us. We held each other and propped ourselves up until the hurt started to fade. After that, I devoted my life to making sure that hers was everything I could make it.

That meant a few sacrifices, including almost no dating. When she was fifteen, I brought a very nice woman back to the house. The next morning we were greeted by something in the kitchen burning and the fire department being called. The woman did the walk of shame in front of twenty firemen and a few police officers. She would not take my calls to even allow me to apologize. That ended my dating entirely.

The episode sent us into a difficult phase for Hollie, where she spent all her time at her second cousin’s house. Megan was my own cousin Kendra’s daughter. They had been BFFs since they were in kindergarten. They were only a few months apart in age. Megan’s black hair was a contrast to Hollie’s blonde, but both were slim and shapely. Hollie was also a few inches taller than Megan, who is 5′ 1″.

So for almost three years, Kendra basically took care of Hollie. She would come home for a night maybe once every two or three weeks. Kendra would keep me informed of how she was doing and I tried to connect with her whenever I got the chance. She was not interested in making amends and it put me into a funk. I started drinking. Kendra’s husband Matt worked with me at a cabinet maker so we were already friends. He would come over and we would sit around and complain about the bosses and how they did not know what they were doing while we put away beer after beer.

Finally, at eighteen Hollie started staying at the house again. It was over last summer and she came back when Matt, Kendra, and Megan went to their cabin for two weeks. I took a week off and spent it with Hollie. We went to a water park, an amusement park, and a movie every other night. She seemed to enjoy it and our relationship got much better after that. Hollie still spent a night or two with her cousin each week, but Megan would now stay with us once a week or so.

This went on and soon Megan was over two nights a week. I loved having Hollie back, and Megan was fun to be around as well. She seemed a little wilder than Hollie, but not overly so. Everything seemed rosy. But I was still drinking and Matt was over a lot. We would still complain and it affected my mood most of the time. I did the minimum of work each week as did Matt. I could see the disappointment in Hollie’s face when we sat around getting drunk and bitching, but could not seem to get myself out of the rut I was in.

Eventually Hollie approached me one day. She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra and had just returned from working out at some local gym. She said that the boys at the gym were hitting on her and she wondered if I would go with her. I agreed immediately and was ready to gun down these assholes in the parking lot. Hollie grinned at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips as a thank you. It lasted no more than a second, but it was the first since she was probably nine.

The next day we got ready to go to the gym. She had on more yoga pants and a tee shirt. She looked heavenly and I was so proud of my little girl and her work ethic for staying in shape. I drove her over and she spoke to me on the way.

“Dad, can I ask for a favor?” she began.

“Sure honey, what’s up?”

“Um, will you pretend you’re my boyfriend and not my dad when we get to the gym?” she asked.

I almost hit the car in front of us, “why would you want me to do that?”

She sighed before answering, “because if they know you’re my father, they’ll just bug me when you can’t see them. If they think you’re my boyfriend, they’ll leave me alone,” she said.

I felt bewildered hearing this. It seemed strange but who was I to argue?

When I did not respond she added, “please Dad?”

I could never say no to her, “of course sweetie, if that’s what you want.”

Her smile always kept me wrapped around her finger. We got to the gym a few minutes later and as we approached the door she wrapped my arm around her.

“Come on, Daddy,” she purred.

I felt REALLY weird as we walked in. Several people looked at us and one guy actually dropped a dumbbell he was using for curls. Here was this old man, in terrible shape; with this gorgeous blonde almost wrapped around him. Not sure what I was supposed to do, Hollie took control. She slid in front of me and kissed me again. This one was longer, and much more passionate. My head was spinning when she pulled away.

“I won’t be long baby, just wait over there,” she said pointing at a few chairs along one wall.

Her grin was devastating as she turned and moved to the casino şirketleri circuit weight machines. I sat down as she started on the first machine and watched her form as she executed the motions like she had been doing it for years. Maybe she had, I really did not know.

As Hollie finished her first set, I glanced around the room. There were a few other people there, and two guys were almost staring at me. I felt a rush of pride as if Hollie were my real girlfriend. I nodded at them and they both looked away.

I settled down and played with my phone until she walked up to me. She had an amazing sheen of sweat over the skin I could see and I was struck by her beauty. As I stood up she grabbed my arm with both of hers.

“I hope that wasn’t too long baby,” she said loudly.

I remembered the deal as she leaned in for another kiss and I returned this one. When she pulled away her smile reached her eyes and I could see her excitement. I wanted to say something, anything about her being mine, but did not know what. So I grabbed her hand and led her out of the gym.

In the car on the way home, she hugged my arm and said, “thanks again, Daddy.”

I felt a rush hearing her and we held hands all the way home.


Things changed in our relationship after that. We went to the gym every other day and I waited for her and started looking forward to her kisses. Otherwise, we watched movies at home and Hollie now snuggled up beside me. I sometimes thought about kissing her, but did not want to ruin it by acting inappropriate and pushing her away again.

My time with Hollie also cut into my drinking, especially with Matt. He asked about coming over almost every night, and even showed up a few times when we did not talk at work. But most nights I wanted to spend with my daughter. I invited him over to watch a movie with us, but he always declined with a disappointed look on his face.

A few weeks in, I was at the gym waiting for Hollie. Playing boyfriend now was almost second nature. At night I entertained fantasies of Hollie being my real girlfriend. Of course, I never acted on them beyond our kisses, which were plenty passionate now. I needed to use the restroom and as I came out I heard her talking to some guy.

“Come on Hollie, go out with me tonight.”

“I already have a boyfriend,” Hollie replied.

I smiled to myself.

“That old man? He looks like he’ll keel over any minute. I’d beat his ass but don’t want him to die if I hit him,” the asshole boy said.

“Leave him alone Steve. I’m not going out with you,” Hollie replied.

I rounded the corner and Steve backed away. He looked at me and then Hollie, made a face, and then stalked off.

“Ready to go, Jimmy?” Hollie asked.

It sounded so strange her using my first name rather than Dad. I nodded and she took my arm before we left.

In the car we were both silent for most of the way home.. I did not want to admit I had heard the conversation and that my fantasy girlfriend may be about to turn back into my daughter.

Finally she spoke, “how much did you hear?”


There was more silence.

“Sorry.” she almost whispered.

“It’s not your fault sweetie. I guess our plan isn’t working,” I said.

This emboldened her, “I thought that having you there would stop them, but all the guys still hit on me when you aren’t around, or I’m on the other side of the gym.”

I had seen a few boys talking to her, but hoped that it was about working out or something else innocuous.

“Um,” she started and then stopped.

We pulled into the driveway, “what is it honey?”

She turned and looked into my eyes, “maybe you could start working out with me? That would keep the guys away.”

“And you’ll like it, I’m sure,” she added quickly.

Wow, that sounded painful, and like a lot of work. I knew I should, even without her asking me to. I was overweight and flabby, everything a single man should not be.

“I’ll think about it,” I said and got out of the car.

Hollie did the same and followed me into the house. I went into the kitchen with the idea of grabbing a beer and then put it back without opening it. Hollie had gone up to shower and I went ahead and started the Foreman grill to make some chicken.

Before the meal was ready Hollie walked in wearing a tee shirt and short shorts. It was her normal evening attire. Her wet hair was down over her shoulders and she looked darling. I could see why the guys at the gym were hitting on her.

She pulled out some diced fruit from the fridge and spoke, “Dad, if you’ll work out with me this week, I’ll cook dinner every night.”

“For how long?” I asked. I hated cooking.

“The week,” she said quickly.

“The next month and you’ve got a deal,” I said and grinned.

“Okay, but you’ll work out for the next two weeks,” she countered.

“Deal,” I said and stuck out my hand.

We shook and both smiled at each other. It was so nice having my daughter back.

Dinner went quickly and I watched a baseball game while she stayed in her room texting with Megan. I had a few beers to get my last casino firmaları ones in before the gym wrung them out of me.


The first few workouts were difficult, as were the following days and the soreness. But after the two weeks I had to admit that I felt better. I had also lost almost ten pounds. So I kept going and soon a few months had gone by. Hollie looked like a model now. She was slim and muscular and absolutely stunning.

I had completely stopped drinking and had lost twenty-six pounds. I felt great and was working harder. And I getting noticed by management. Matt had also noticed and was resentful that I was getting my life together so quickly.

The gym was almost a pleasure now. I hit the weights hard and had noticed a change in most of the people at the gym. At first they all ignored me and focused on Holly. Now the women were talking to me and one had asked me out for coffee. I was about to accept when Hollie came storming up and slid her arms around me. She glared at Alexis and dared her to do anything more. Then on the way home she reminded me that I was her ‘boyfriend’ and that did not include going out with other women. I felt ashamed that I had forgotten this, the charade was usually second nature by now.

The nights with Hollie were, well, interesting. Our snuggling had gotten a bit more intense. She would now either rub my leg or sometimes lay down with her head in my lap. We never did anything sexual, but she would always get me hard enough that I had to go to the bathroom or my bedroom and jerk off. I would recover and come back and Hollie would just grin at me and hold me even tighter. She would also kiss me goodnight, always on the mouth. The kisses that began as a peck now lasted several seconds.

And even Megan joined in. A few weeks ago we were all watching a horror movie and out of habit, Hollie came back and sat with me instead of on the floor with Megan. The next scene was scary and Megan looked around, noticed Hollie, and jumped up beside me as well. She grabbed my arm for protection and hid her face into my chest. My dick was already at half mast with both of them wearing tank tops and panties and now it grew even more. It was sticking up in my shorts and I saw Megan notice. She started sharing her attention between the movie and my groin. Of course, this made it even worse and soon my cock was hurting from the blood flow and the strange angle. I was not going to adjust and make it more noticeable. I had done that one time with Hollie and she asked about why it got hard at different times. She insisted it was an innocent question as I started out of the room. I ended up telling her that just like lying on an arm or leg too long, it just needed shifting from time to time. This had placated her, although for the next week she asked if it needed adjustment every time I moved on the sofa.

So I was sitting with two teen goddesses that were clinging to me every time something happened on the TV. After a few more minutes, Megan was caressing my arm and Hollie my leg. I felt my resolve weakening and went to my room. I dropped a huge load of cum into a tissue within a minute of shutting the door and thought I heard giggling in the hall right after.

A few days later was when Megan invited us to vacation with her and her parents at their cabin by a lake. I called Kendra and she said she wanted me to make up with with Matt and maybe he would stop moping around the house. I accepted and Hollie was over the moon. She and Megan went shopping for new bathing suits the next day.

The packing was simple as we were not planning on much while there. Just some clothes, a few towels and food enough for a week. I threw in my fishing pole as Matt had boasted about how great the pier was for catching dinner every night.

Hollie was quiet for the days leading up to us leaving and I hoped that she was alright. I had heard Megan mention to her that her father was taking several cases of beer and I assumed Hollie was worried about me drinking every night and falling back to where I was before. I decided I would drink a few with Matt to make amends but would keep myself under control.

The drive to the cabin was a few hours and we met Matt, Megan, and Kendra there. They gave us a quick tour of the cabin and it had two bedrooms, a family room, kitchen, and one bathroom. Matt and Kendra had the master bedroom and the girls had the second bedroom. I was to sleep on a cot in a pantry off the kitchen.

The girls went off to their room the do whatever and I walked down to the pier. Kendra followed me down after a couple of minutes and apologized about the sleeping arrangements. She told me Matt was sure I would rather have my own bedroom rather than on a Futon in with the girls. They had bunk beds for themselves. I told her not to worry as the cot would be fine. Her smile was mesmerizing and she complimented me on my new physique. Kendra looked amazing; her button up shirt and shorts were formfitting and she looked like she could wear Hollie’s clothes if they wanted to trade. Except, of course, her chest was large where Hollie was a B-cup at most. Kendra’s smile grew even more when I complimented her güvenilir casino in return.

We heard Matt yelling for something and we went back to the cabin. Matt was already in the beer and asking Kendra when dinner would be ready. She rolled her eyes and replied that she would start on it soon. I followed her into the kitchen and asked if she needed any help. Kendra looked shocked that I would ask. She got me a beer and said to keep Matt company until we ate.

Dinner was grilled chicken and Matt had three beers while we ate. I had the one Kendra had given me and was not done with it. I poured out the last bit while Matt rolled his eyes at me and cracked yet another. After that I went back to the water with the girls while Kendra cleaned up and Matt turned on a baseball game. Megan showed us around and we all came back arm in arm. I watched the rest of the game with Matt and had another beer with him. The girls went to bed early and Hollie whispered that she wanted a normal goodnight like at home. I said I would come by later and she pouted as she went back to her room. By the time I remembered it was about two hours later. I knocked lightly and cracked the door. After looking in at the darkness, I pulled it shut again. As the door closed, I thought I heard a sniff, and hoped that it was not Hollie upset.

The next day I fished all morning. Matt put away a six-pack by himself while I had one. We caught several small bass and spent the afternoon cleaning and then grilling out. Matt was still downing beer after beer and I actually marvelled at how much he could drink and still be coherent. I wondered if I had been like that before. Dinner was terrific but Hollie was subdued like she had been all day. I wondered if she was still upset about not getting a kiss the night before.

The Braves were off so we turned on a Rambo movie. The ladies were all in the kitchen but Megan was bringing in beers for us regularly. I ended up drinking several and was pretty drunk by the time the girls said goodnight. Hollie gave me a look, pleading for me to come in and kiss her goodnight. I nodded while glancing at Matt. He burped while looking at the TV. I held up my hand with all fingers out, telling her that I would be in in five minutes. I saw her first smile of the day as she pranced back to their bedroom.

I finished my beer and stood up, announcing I needed to drain the weasel. Matt muttered ‘lightweight’ as I headed down the hall. My head was spinning from all the alcohol and I almost bumped the wall as I passed the kitchen. Kendra was reading a book and did not look up. I knocked lightly on the door and opened it. It was dark and I could not see a thing. Still, in my clouded head, I could not let Hollie down again. I went inside and shut the door behind me. Standing inside, the moon was shining in the window enough to provide a little light once my eyes adjusted. I whispered Hollie’s name and started toward the bunkbeds. I heard a whispered ‘here’ and felt reassured.

I stood by the bed and whispered ‘Hollie’ again. I heard rustling in the top bunk and leaned in to give her a kiss.

A hand slid around my head and pulled me forward. A pungent smell hit me and I wondered what was going on. My lips met something, but it was not Hollie’s mouth. The smell registered in my drunken brain and I inhaled the musky aroma. I hoped it was not Hollie and then realized my only other choice was my niece Megan.

It did not matter. The hand was holding me in place and I could not stop myself. I started licking up the moist pussy over and over and wrapped both hands around the spread thighs. I heard a sigh and sucked on the two lips before driving my tongue into the slit as far as I could. I felt like a cat drinking nectar as my tongue pulled out more and more flavor.

I moved up to the clit and tickled it with my tongue. The top girl (Megan I hoped) sighed and pulled my head in tighter to her shaved vagina. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked hard on the small nub. A groan came out of top girl and I shifted my weight to get a better angle.

Suddenly I felt my shorts being tugged down. Whoever was in the lower bunk was awake as well. I was not giving up my first pussy in years and decided to let bottom girl do whatever she wanted while I did my best to pleasure top girl.

A hand wrapped around my dick and started stroking it gingerly. Within seconds a pair of lips slid over my cock. Oh my god, bottom girl was giving me head now! An image of Megan with her lips around my dick filled my head. I pulled away from top girl’s pussy long enough to moan and she pulled me tight against her again. Her clit was in my mouth and I sucked hard. At the same time, bottom girl was bobbing her head on me, sucking hard as well. My inebriated brain tried to focus on the pussy in front of me so I did not blow my load so quickly. Luckily, top girl was almost there and started bucking against me. Her clit was rubbing across my tongue, top lip, and nose before going back down quickly. I stopped moving and let her pleasure herself as I came into bottom girl’s greedy mouth. I heard her squeal around my cock as I flooded her with my jism and took a hand down and into her hair. I felt her moan as well as heard it when she swallowed the first time. Top girl put herself over the edge and grunted as I tasted her cream. I clamped my lips around her cunny and drank everything she gave me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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