Camelot Apartments Ch. 01

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When Ron Morgan woke up the morning after his 65th birthday, he laid in bed thinking about the previous day. His birthday began when he received his Medicare Card in the mail. Then he plunged out two toilets (neither one was his), installed a ceiling fan, helped Mrs. Monroe carry in her groceries and replaced a light switch. Then a 24 year old woman in a bikini served him steak and beer for dinner and then sucked his cock and fucked him for the next two hours.

Ron actually worked for the woman in the bikini. He was the maintenance man for the Camelot Apartments and Candy Hayes was the owner. Candy’s father had purchased a ten acre tract of land and then built three 12 unit apartment buildings around the perimeter of the property. In the center courtyard, he built a one acre lake, a gazebo and picnic area and an area with outdoor seating with a fire pit. Two years later, Mr. Hayes died when Candy was 16 years old. His life insurance paid off the debt to the bank and left Candy and her mother Cheryl with a small nest egg.

Cheryl sold the family home and moved her and Candy into one of the apartments. Although the Hayes women were competent at managing the financial aspect of the units, they struggled with the day-to-day problems. After a year of working on minor repairs, Cheryl decided they needed a maintenance man. Ron Morgan, who had retired after 35 years working with a utility company, answered their ad and they hired him. He agreed to work for them in exchange for a free apartment and a small wage to supplement his retirement pension.

After being hired, Ron wondered if how long it would take him to get into Cheryl’s pants. Cheryl was a good looking 36 year-old woman who had retained her figure, had a beautiful smile and long blond hair. And if that chubby daughter with the big tits wasn’t underage, he would nail her too.

It took Ron almost six months before he finally fucked Cheryl Hayes. Ron finally wore her down, and after an alcohol fueled dinner at his house, he seduced her. He gently licked and fucked Cheryl for more than an hour. Then he refilled their drinks, kissed her and they did it again. Ron and Cheryl carried on a secretive relationship for the next seven years. During that time, Candy graduated from high school and obtained a degree from the state university in business and accounting. Cheryl passed away two years after Candy graduated from college. Candy inherited Camelot Apartments and took over its operation.

One of the first things she did was to meet with Ron to make sure he would remain as the maintenance man. Since they had known each other for years, the meeting was in Candy’s apartment and was casual. Candy wore a pair of short cut-offs and a university tee shirt that was being strained by her 38 D breasts. Ron was looking at Candy’s plump 38-28-40 body. She was 5’2″ tall and had a killer smile and an outgoing personality.

“Of course I’ll stay on Candy. I like it here and someone has to look after you,” Ron said.

Candy reached out and gave him a hug, and said, “Oh, thank you Mr. Morgan. My Mom always said that we were very fortunate that you came to work for us. And I’m glad you’ll be looking after me.” Ron enjoyed the feeling of those big tits against his chest as they hugged.

Over the next two bahis firmaları weeks, Ron worked on being alone with the young girl. Candy became more relaxed around him and tended to get a little excited by his touching and ogling her body. Frequently, when they passed, he would lift his hands, palm outwards, and brush her breasts. Candy would smile and secretly enjoy his touch.

On the third week, Ron invited her to dinner. Candy wore another pair of her short shorts and a tank top. As soon as Ron saw her when she entered his apartment, Ron was confident that he would nail the chubby little bitch that night.

He lightly brushed her breasts as he handed her a drink. He noticed that her nipples were hard. He patted her ass on the way to the table and she smiled back at him and wiggled her ass at him. So he patted it again. After dinner, they adjourned to the living room where they sat next to each other and watched a movie. As Candy seemed to get mellower, he put his hand on her thigh. She just smiled at him. He began moving his hand back and forth, she closed her eyes and moan, “Mmm mmm.”

He gradually moved his hand up her leg and she continued to moan. When he reached the hem of her shorts, he slipped his hand under, and felt her wet panties just a half inch further. He moved his finger back-and-forth over her wet pussy as she said, “Oh Mr. Morgan that feels good.” Ron liked her calling him Mr. Morgan. That shows respect.

He slid his fingers past the elastic of her panties and sunk two fingers into her pussy. “oh . . oh . . Mr. . . Mr. M- Morgan . . oh!” She felt herself coming on his fingers. She turned towards Ron and said, “That felt wonderful Mr. Morgan.” He smiled and kissed her, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. He reached down and slowly lifted her top over her head without any resistance. Candy put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her open lips. Their tongues wrestled for a few minutes and then Ron leaned back and removed her bra releasing those two huge tits. When he cupped her plump breasts with his hands, Candy breathed, “Mr. Morgan that’s so good.”

By now Ron’s hands were working on the snap on the front of her shorts. She lifted her ass off the seat to enable him to remove her shorts and panties. She leaned back and Ron feasted his eyes on that beautiful 24 year old body. Those massive, yet perky tits. Her big hips and partially shaved pussy. Ron thought that he was really going to enjoy this hot little bitch.

Ron took off his pants and sunk his mouth to kiss Candy’s inner thighs. When his tongue hit her pussy, she exploded in his face. Candy had never felt anything like that before. “Oh Mr. Morgan. That feels so good.” He slowly lifted himself and centered his cock above her pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock over her pussy and could tell that she was ready to cum again.

“Put it in,” he whispered.

“Oh yessss,” She reached down and stuck the head of his cock into her pussy. Ron lowered himself a couple of inches. “Oh, please fuck me Mr. Morgan.”

Ron smiled at her because he knew that this little bitch would soon be his. For the first few minutes, Ron gently fucked her into two more orgasms. After her second one, Ron increased his tempo and pounded her pussy for the next ten minutes leaving a kaçak iddaa screaming quivering female beneath him. After Ron finally came, he rolled off and lay beside her. They lay without speaking for a few minutes, and then Candy asked, “Mr. Morgan, can I suck your cock?”

Ron couldn’t believe it. This little bitch was even hotter and hornier than her mother. This job benefit is better than Blue Cross. He was already planning what he was going to do with her in the future. Sure Candy. Just make sure you swallow everything when I cum. OK?”

“Oh yes, Mr. Morgan, I’ll swallow all of your cum.” She licked and sucked his cock until he shot his load in her waiting mouth. And true to her word, she swallowed all of it. “Mmmm. That was good, Mr. Morgan. We’ll have to do this again.”

“You’re right Candy. If you don’t have a date Saturday, maybe you could come over here and we can do it again or try something new.”

“I can’t wait,” she said. She dressed and walked across to her apartment.

Over the next month, Ron and Candy linked up twice a week. Usually, Candy would track him down sometime during the day and ask if he wanted to get together and review tomorrow’s work list. Ron knew that meant that he would be pounding her pussy or ass and shooting his load down her throat in a few hours.

Ron’s 65th birthday was the following Tuesday. Candy invited herself over to Ron’s where she put on a skimpy bikini and served him steak and beer and then suck his cock and fucked him. During dinner, she asked, “Mr. Morgan, what would you really like for your birthday?”

“Well,” he slowly said, “I would like to have my friends over for Scotch and cigars and have a hot young girl be our server for the evening.”

“Oh,” Candy said as she sadly looked at the floor.

Ron smiled and said, “Candy, you are the hot young girl I want to be there.”

She looked up and smiled at him. “Really? I’ll do it.”

“Great,” he said

“So what do I have to do and what do I have ot wear?”

Ron said, “I’ll get an outfit for you that will show off your big ass and tits. And all you have to do is serve drinks and food to us, light our cigars and do a little flirting.

“That sounds like a lot of fun. When?”

“How about Saturday night?” Ron said.

“I’ll be here Mr. Morgan. And I won’t let you down.”

Candy was nervous all week. She was excited to be helping Mr. Morgan but she knew that she certainly wasn’t centerfold material. She knew her ass was too big and she was a little thick around the middle. But if he needed her, she would try not to mess it up. Ron invited Carl, Tom and Howard over for steak, Scotch, cigars and maybe something extra or Saturday night.

Candy arrived at 7:00, just as Ron was putting the steaks on the grill. She quickly changed into a thong and small vest held together by a single button. The outfit was completed by a small apron only six inches long. When the boys arrived, Candy was introduced to Mr. Johnson, Mr. Weston and Mr. Anderson. “Hello gentlemen,” Candy said.

Carl turned to the other Ron and asked, “Are you really fucking this bitch?” Ron just smiled at him and nodded his head. They all looked at Candy’s tits pushing against the small vest and smiled.

“Hi Candy,” they replied. All three kaçak bahis men were over 60 years old. Mr. Johnson was about 5’9″ tall with a slender body. Mr. Weston was about 5’11” and was slightly overweight. Mr. Anderson was 5’7″ and about 250 pounds. She served the four men a glass of Scotch and announced, “Dinner is ready gentlemen.” . Ron had his hand on her ass as she led them to the table.

After dinner, Candy kept their glasses full and their cigars lit. When the men had had a few drinks, they began rubbing her legs and as when she delivered their drinks. Ron said, “Candy, take off your apron.”

“OK Mr. Morgan.” She took off her apron and put it on the table leaving just her vest and thong. The men all nodded in approval. As the night wore on, Ron told her to come sit on his lap. He winked at his friends as she walked over to him. When she sat down, he reached up and unfastened her vest and slid it off her shoulders without any objection. He then began massaging her breasts. After a few seconds, she leaned her head back, closed her eyes and moaned. “Does that feel good, Baby?” he asked.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” she moaned. Her eyes were still close so he nodded to Tom to come over and take over kneading her breasts, which he promptly did. Ron then slid his hand down to her thong and slid his fingers under the elastic band. “OH . .Mmm. . .oh Mr. Morgan,” she moaned. He began fingering her pussy and she reached a climax in less than a minute.

Ron said, “Candy, you know we’re all going to fuck you, right?

Candy smiled at him and replied, “Mr. Morgan, you know that I love your cock, and if your friends are anything like you, then I’m in for a fun night.”

Ron said, “I told you fellas. She’s a hot little minx.. And she comes over a few times a week to get a ride on my cock. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes sir, it is, Mr. Morgan. I can’t go very long without your cock,”

“I know that Baby. Now take off your thong.”

After she removed her thong, Ron said, “She’s all ours for the evening. Help yourselves fellas.”

The four old men pounced on Candy. She dropped to her knees and sucked each of them until she was lifted onto one of the beds. Carl stuck his cock into her pussy and she continued to suck Howard’s cock. Tom was feeling left out so he told Carl to roll over and get under her, and then he slowly worked his cock into her big ass. Candy was screaming and coming like a whore. The three men were pounding her holes with everything they had while Ron sat in the recliner smoking a cigar, sipping scotch and listening to his bitch get royally fucked. The old men fucked Candy for almost two hours, switching holes and then starting over again and again. They all lost track how many times Candy screamed as she came on their cocks.

When they were finished, they all lay on the bed drenching the sheets in their sweat. Ron slowly walked over and said to Candy, “You made me proud, you little slut. Now it’s time for you to suck my cock and then go home.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Morgan.” She put his cock into her mouth and she sucked until blew his load down her throat.

Ron said, “You did that so well tonight that I may just call you my little slut all the time. Good night, Candy, my little slut.”

“Hmmm, good night Mr. Morgan. I had a really good time tonight. And you know that I always enjoy your cock.”

Candy put her jeans and tee shirt back on and went home while the four old men slowly recovered from some of the best sex they had ever had.

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