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It was just after midnight, June 5. I slipped in her room to give her a great birthday present. I slowly moved to her 18-year-old body, looking down to her bare 36c breasts and her sexy over weight body. Her hips and her big hot pussy were covered in a small pair of powder blue bikini panties. I could see a nice wet spot in the middle of her hot snatch.

I pulled her right arm to the bedpost and clicked the handcuff to her wrist then to the bed. Moving down to her leg I tied it to the bottom bedpost. Then I slipped around the bed and repeated binding up the left side of her body.

I covered her eyes with a blindfold and leaned to suck her fat tits. “OH YES!” Lisa woke up and moaned out load as I sucked her big nipple, giving it a soft but firm bite. “Daddy! It feels so good!”

“Happy Birthday!” I said running my hand down to her big wet pussy. I grabbed her hair and gave it a hard pull. “You need to shave this thing if you want Daddy to eat it next time.” I pulled one more time, making her moan with pain.

“I will Daddy, don’t hurt me anymore.” She said as she arched her back.

I went on sucking her big tits and started sliding my fingers into her wet cunt. She was soaking wet; my fingers went in her virgin hole with ease. “You’re a fucking horny bitch. All wet for Daddy. Maybe I’ll fuck you real hard, pop your cherry for you.”

“Oh yes! Please!” she begged pushing her wet pussy into my strong hand. Her soft moans filled the dark room as my fingers used her tight hole.

Faster and faster I fucked her tight little cunt with my fingers. I hadn’t had any snatch in months. My wife had turned into a big, fat cow and I couldn’t stand to even look at her let alone fuck her. So, my sexy daughter was going to be my whore from now on. She’s nice and young and ready to fuck.

She has soft brown eyes and brown hair just past her shoulders. When she dresses up I can’t help getting a hard cock. Many times I’d pull her into the bathroom and hold her in my arms, pushing my stiff cock between her chubby legs. Hell, one time she had a nice mini skirt and stockings on, I humped her so good and hard we both came together. It was great when I shot my hot cum all over her sexy cunt.

I smacked her right on her pussy; she jumped and yelled, “OUCH! Daddy, that hurt.” She tried to get away but there was no way in the word she could.

“What? You didn’t like that?” I asked then slapped her little, wet cunt again, hard. She cried out in pain. “You better just learn to like it and shut up or none of this nice hard, long cock for you.”

I rubbed my stiff cock on one of her tits; I heard a soft moan come from her mouth. “Yes, Daddy.” She softly purred. “Please put it in me. I’ve waited so long for you to fuck me. Please!”

“No way you whore, I’m going to fuck you and sexy little Nicole when we go camping tomorrow. I’m just giving you a taste of what’s to come.” I moved on top of her placing my cock to her lips. “Lick this whore. Then you’re going to let me fuck your whore mouth.”

Nicole was Lisa’s sexy friend from work. Nicole was a beautiful petite brown haired beauty with a wonderful sexy body. She had also just turned 22 and loved teasing the shit out of me by wearing the smallest shorts and skirts I’d ever seen in my life. Another thing she did was she’d always call me ‘Sir’ while waiting on me hand and foot. When she was around I felt like I had my own personal slave.

Lisa’s pink tongue licked my cock just like she’d been doing it for years. She teased it like nothing I had ever felt. I moved closer, ramming the head in her mouth and she sucked it like a baby nursing a bottle.

“Oh yes! That’s my sexy whore. Suck Daddy’s stiff cock. Suck it good my hot little whore.” I moaned pumping her hot mouth.

Soft sucking sounds and her moans of pleasure echoed in the quite room. I began to slowly fuck my daughters’ hot mouth. “Oh you’re going to make a good whore. My little sex slave will learn all the good things to do for Daddy.”

She moaned at my words and sucked harder and began to move her head to fuck my cock better. “Oh you whore, you want more cock? O.K., get ready bitch.” I pushed the whole shaft in her mouth and down her throat. She gagged and all most throw up. But I just kept ramming it down her throat. I was going to make her the best whore a man could have.

I was lying on her face with my entire cock rammed down her throat, humping her face as she sucked me off. “Suck bitch, I need to cum.” I reached to her cunt and grabbed a hand full of flesh and pulled hard. A moan of pain came from her mouth as she sucked me. “Suck bitch!” I gave another good hard pull on her pussy.

She started sucking it hard and I fucked her face faster. Driving my cock down her young throat as far as it would go. “Oh yes! Oh yes!” I moaned as cum shot from my cock and into her mouth and down into her throat. “Suck bitch!” I slapped her big tits as hard as I could. Her mouth locked on me and she sucked as hard as any I had ever had in my life.

I fell off casino şirketleri of her chunky body and rested next to her panting for air. “Not bad at all. You’re going to make a good little whore.” I looked down her body and between her legs. She was soaked; the poor girl was on fire. “You need to cum baby?” I asked running my hand down her drenched cunt slit.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m on fire.” She moaned moving her head towards me. She still had the blindfold on her eyes but I could feel her sexy eyes on me. She had the sexiest eyes I’d ever seen in my life. They were always filled with love.

I wanted to make her happy but I also had plans on fucking Lisa and Nicole at the same time. Then an idea came to mind. Her sexy ass she was always rubbing on me to get whatever she wanted. I’d roll her over and fuck her tight ass. It would be just like getting her cunt, maybe even better.

“Roll towards me. I’m going to fuck your ass. You’ll love it! I know I am.” I laughed jerking her on her stomach. I saw her round butt and the panties had gone up her crack.

She tried to fight turning over but I slapped her flabby ass hard. “TURN OVER, NOW!” I slapped her again shoving her on her stomach. “All good whores love it up the ass and you will too. Won’t you?” I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her neck and jerked her head up.

“YES! YES!” She screamed out in pain. “Fuck my ass, Daddy. Fuck it hard!”

Her arms and legs were twisted from being rolled over. “I have to untie your legs, whore. Don’t move an inch, understand?” I grabbed her cunt hair and pulled. “From now on when we’re getting it on, you call me ‘SIR’ understand?” I jerked her cunt hair again.

“Yes, Sir. I understand.” She whimpered as I untied her chubby legs and pulled her ass up in the air.

I ran to the bathroom and got a tube of sex jelly. I ripped off her little panties and squirted the jell on her tight little ass hole. “This is going to be so good.” I moaned pushing my fingers deep in her virgin ass hole. Her muscles squeezed my fingers. “Oh fuck this, get ready whore.”

I rubbed some jell on my cock head and lined it up to her tight ass. “Here goes bitch!” I rammed the head into her hole. Her muscles went wild squeezing it.

“OH IT HURTS! DADDY IT HURTS!” she screamed out with pain and tried to get away from me. Her ass moved all around trying to get my cock out but I held her hips. I pushed in more, she screamed again. I thrust more into her ass.

One more hard push and my 10-inch cock was completely buried in her ass. “How is it cunt? Do you like it my little whore?” she didn’t answer, so I slapped her chubby ass. “How is it whore!”

“It’s so good.” She moaned pushing back into my cock. Her muscles were softly squeezing my hard cock shaft. Her little moans sounded so good. I’d heard her before when we would play our teasing games but never like this.

I started moving my stiff shaft in and out of her tight ass hole. As I pulled out her gentle muscles held me inside it felt so good. “I love your ass! I’m going to live in this sexy thing.” I held her hips and started fucking her faster.

“Daddy, yes, yes!” she screamed out ramming her ass into my shaft.

Faster and faster I fucked my daughters sexy, tight ass hole. I used her like a ten-dollar whore. I didn’t care; she’d been teasing me for years. It was my turn to get even for the teasing.

“I’m so close to cumming in you. Should I pump it up your ass or spray it on your fat tits?” “I asked pumping her fat little ass. I held her hips tightly as my hard cock pleased it’s self in her bowels.

Lisa lay flat on the bed with her chubby ass lifted up to my cock. “Cum in my pussy. Give me your baby, Daddy.” She moaned as my cock continued fucking her tight ass. “Cum in me, fill me up!”

“OK, bitch! Get ready!” I began to slam in and out of her as hard as I could. I needed to cum in this sexy girl. She was a little overweight but she was the sweetest girl in the world, my daughter. “YES! YES! OH FUCK!” I yelled as my cock started shooting my hot cum into her bowels.

Lisa screamed with a mix of pain and pleasure. “DADDY! DADDY!” she fell flat on the bed as I continued pumping her ass full of cum. I lay flat on her body still pumping her tight ass.

“Damn, that was good.” Lisa hugged me. “Thank you, Daddy. What did you think when you saw my note?” she asked with a little giggle. She had wrote me a note telling me she wanted tied up and fucked like a whore. That would be my present to her.

I returned her hug and gave one of her big nipples a hard suck. “I’m glad you wrote it. I’ve been wanting you for a long, long time.” My cock started getting hard again. “I can’t wait to get that hot pussy of yours.” I rubbed it on her virgin pussy. “I’m going to fuck you and Nicole to death!”

“She’s looking forward to it. She loves you so much.” Lisa smiled. “We want you to do us at the same time.” Her hand found my cock and she gently stroked it. “Daddy, I can’t wait for this to be in me.” She moaned and kissed casino firmaları me on the lips.

I looked over to her clock on the dresser. “I guess we better get up and finish loading the truck.” I ran my finger up the crack of her pussy. “The faster we get there, the faster I can start fucking you two pretty girls.”


We loaded the truck and were on our way to pick up sexy, Nicole. I couldn’t wait to get my cock deep in her tiny body. I had wanted her for as long as I had known her. And, when she turned into a hot, sexy teen my cock went wild just thinking of her.

I pulled the fully loaded truck into the driveway of her house and saw her smiling face as she walked from the house. My truck was one of the super duty trucks with a crew cab; Lisa was sleeping in the back.

I opened the door and walked to help Nicole bring out her backpacks. I saw she was wearing a small spandex blouse that gave me a great view of her tiny 32b breasts. And her great 34-inch ass was rammed into a small pair of sorts that looked a size to small.

“Lord, you look so good!” I smiled at her as my eyes took in every inch of her little 5’2 body. Her tiny nipples were as hard as little pebbles in the cool morning air. Her little ass just looked so good in the shorts. I could see her white panties that covered her small pussy.

She gave me an innocent little girl look and said, “Thank you, Sir. I’m glad I can please you.”

She bent down to pick up a bag and rubbed her tiny ass on my cock. “Come here girl.” I pulled her into my arms and ran my hand between her legs grabbing her sexy pussy. And, my other hand went to her tight ass. “I hope you know I’m going to fuck you and Lisa day and night, all summer long.”

“OH YES, SIR! I can’t wait to please you, Sir!” she moaned in a sexy submissive voice that sent a hot rush of blood straight to my cock.

I pulled her tighter to me. “You’re going fix this while we drive.” I ordered as my cock pushed into her hot pussy.

“Oh, Sir, I would love to please you.” She moaned again as her small hand slid to my hard shaft. “Oh, Sir, this is going to fill my little pussy so full. It’s going to spilt me wide open.” Her tiny hand moved around my hard shaft.

I held her against me. “Let’s get going. I want you to suck my cock as I drive to the mountains.” My hand caressed her soft brown hair.

“Oh yes, Sir!” she moaned. “I want to please my Master!” she batted her seductive brown eyes at me.

Nicole lay across the truck seat with her mouth over my cock. She held the base with one hand while the other was around my back. Her tiny hand wouldn’t go around my thick shaft but her mouth took my large cock head with ease. Her hot tongue was dancing around the tip of it, teasing the shit out of me.

“Oh girl, that’s it!” I moaned grabbing a hand full of her soft hair pushing her head down to suck more of me. I heard a small gag but pushed her down more. I needed this sexy, little thing to suck me dry. “Suck it hard!” I ordered Nicole pulling her hair harder.

Her tiny mouth followed my command and started sucking me hard. I could feel the hot cum boiling in my heavy balls. It was only a matter of seconds before I’d be filling her mouth with cum.

Then it happened, I blew in the young girls’ wet mouth. “OH YES!”I yelled. She gagged at first as the massive load shot in her mouth. But, she managed to suck it all down her throat. “Keep sucking my sexy little Slave Girl.” I moaned as I caressed her beautiful face thinking what a wonderful young lady she had turned into.

She remained on my lap sucking me like a small baby nursing. My cock head in her warm mouth and her gently suckling it as I drove us on towards our camping spot high in the Rocky Mountains.


About 6 hours later we’d made it to our favorite spot high up the mountains and into a hidden valley. “Well, ladies let’s get our camp set up and get to some fun!” I said grabbing both their sexy asses giving them a good firm squeeze.

“Sounds fun to me. I can’t wait to get your big, fat cock in my pussy.” Lisa said running her hand down my shorts grabbing my hard cock. “How about you, Nicole? What do you want from, Daddy, the most?” Lisa asked her friend who was standing, looking at Lisa trying to jerk me off.

I pulled her tiny body next to mine and pushed her hand down my shorts to join Lisa’s. “What do you think of the most doing with me? Don’t be afraid.” I told her kissing the back of her little neck and slipping my hand on her tiny ass.

“OH! I remember one thing she likes!” Lisa said with excitement in her voice. “Daddy, she wants to be tied up and have things done to her by you. She told me one night when you turned her on.”

I hugged her little body. “I’d love to tie up my sexy Slave Girl and please you for awhile.” My other hand found her tiny, hard, pointed nipples and gave them a soft squeeze. “I can’t wait to be inside you.” I whispered in her ear.

I gave each of them a good, firm slap on the ass and said, “Let’s get güvenilir casino set up, so we can play.”

Later that afternoon I looked at my two beauties, sweat was running off them like a waterfall. “All right you two sexy bitches, come here and strip! But, leave on your panties.” I ordered my two sexy slaves.

They ran to me, standing in front of me, the two sexy girls pulled off everything except their panties. “Now strip me, and I’ll need help with my hard cock, who wants to help?”

Lisa jumped up and down just like a little girl in school. Her big tits bounced up and down with her body. Little Nicole stood with a red face but I could see her watching my cock pulse with blood.

“You like it sexy girl? You seen it in the truck when you sucked me dry.” I asked caressing her face. “Come, kneel in front of me.” She moved to me, sitting on her feet. Her little brown eyes looked up to my long cock with love in them. My hands held each side of her face. “Close your eyes.” She did it. “Now, lean forward and pretend we’re back in the truck.”

Her warm mouth moved to my throbbing shaft, her soft tongue licked my cock head. And, I could feel her hot breath on my cock as she panted with excitement. “Oh yes! That’s my baby.” I moaned out with pleasure.

I pulled Lisa to me and sucked her big tit in my mouth, sucking it like a wild animal. “YES! YES!” she screamed out with joy. She began rubbing her wet pussy on me and I reached for Nicole’s little hand and guided it between Lisa’s legs. They both moaned when it accrued to them what I had done.

Nicole sucked my hard cock as she fingered her best friends wet pussy. They were going nuts with pleasure. Nicole sure knew how to finger a girls pussy. Within just a minute, Lisa was exploding around Nicole’s tiny fingers.

“OH GOD! YES! YES Nicole! OH YES!” she screamed so loud it may have been heard ten miles away. She fell on me panting for air; Nicole was still driving her fingers in and out of her wet pussy hole. Lisa moaned on more time before collapsing on the ground.

I pulled Nicole by her hair making her look up to me. “You’re bad, doing that to Lisa.” I teased her pushing her mouth back down on my stiff cock. “Suck it, Bitch!” I stood up and began giving sweet Nicole a good mouth fuck. My hands held her face in place and off I went, fucking her hard as I could. “OH YES! THAT’S MY BITCH! SUCK MY COCK, WHORE!”

Nicole went crazy sucking me as hard as her mouth could. Slurping sounds filled my ears as I used her sexy mouth. “You fucking whore!” I yelled as I started pumping her sexy mouth full of my thick cum. Squirt after squirt, I filled her so full it ran from the sides of her mouth. I grabbed Lisa by her hair, pulling her to Nicole. “Lick her mouth clean!” I ordered her.

She started licking cum from Nicole. After just a few seconds I heard little moans coming from the girls. They had begun to kiss and tongue each other. “You horny bitches want o fuck each other?” Neither of them answered. ‘SLAP’ on both their sexy asses. “Do you two horny bitches want each other?”

“YES!” Lisa moaned out as she fell on Nicole, humping her pussy on Nicole’s wet fuck hole like a dog in heat. “I want to fuck you Nicole! I love you!” Lisa moaned as she slid down her body to her drenched pussy. Her mouth covered her and she was licking and slurping like there was no tomorrow.

Nicole went wild as Lisa ate her young, virgin fuck hole. Her hips bucked wildly under Lisa as her tongue moved inside her tender hole. Her hands held Lisa’s head to her burning cunt, making sure she didn’t stop.

“OH MY GOD! LISA! LISA!” Nicole screamed with joy as her tight hole orgasmed around Lisa’s slick tongue. Her slender legs wrapped around Lisa’s head like a vise, smashing her face into her exploding cunt.

I sat on my knees watching the two horny bitches fuck. I couldn’t believe Nicole going wild like this. And, my daughter eating cunt as good as I could. My cock got as hard as steel watching the two sluts.

When it was over I looked at them with shock. “Damn, you two whores should make movies of that. You’d be rich in no time at all.” I looked at their panting bodies, covered with sweat and each other’s cum. “Let’s go wash and get something for dinner.”


We on playing like this for a few weeks until one warm night. We were taking turns eating and sucking each other. “FUCK!” Lisa yelled. “Daddy! I want your hard, stiff cock up my cunt so bad I could scream.” She laughed looking at Nicole and I. “I need you to fuck me like a fuckin’ whore. Tie me up, beat my ass, hit me, anything but please fuck me!”

“Damn girl, all you had to do was say something.” I told her caressing her face. Then I grabbed her by the hair and throw her face down in the tent. “You want fucked like a whore do you?” I slapped her chubby ass hard and jerked her legs apart. “You want it any way?” I asked pulling off my pants letting my angry, hard cock loose. “I’m going to rape you. I’ve always wanted to do that to a hot bitch like you.”

I kicked her legs father apart, I spit down on my cock head. I lined it to her wet cunt and rammed it through her virgin shield. Tearing it apart with no mercy at all. “DADDY! OH GOD, NO! NO! NO!” She screamed before she passed out under me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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