Camping with Daughter Ch. 04

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Author’s note: I know it’s been a long time coming, but it is important to me that the story line flows properly. I’ve received a number of very complimentary remarks about my story so far, and I’m very concerned that following chapters will not meet the same level of quality and enjoyment. I have a full-time job, family, many extracurricular activities and very little time to write. After writing a story, I like it to sit for a while, and then I re-read it. Often the whole story line has to be modified to get it to flow properly. Sometimes I go overboard, and it becomes just too unrealistic (like any of this could be real).

Here is the next chapter in my on-going story of Jennifer and her dad camping. I have at least two more chapters started, but don’t expect them for a while. I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the previous three chapters. Harry Perry


As Jennifer and I walked the mile or so downstream and through the woods to meet the neighbors, I couldn’t help but think about the relationship that was developing between my daughter and me. It was a strange one, to say the least, and I wasn’t convinced it was healthy, though I couldn’t come up with a reason it was harmful. I’d been brought up in a traditional American conservative environment, which I’ve always felt was a bit extreme. Society in this country frowns on nudity and anything that can be remotely construed as sexual, but incest is punishable as a sex crime. If a man is convicted, he is branded for life in the legal system.

On the other hand, I hadn’t really committed incest; not yet, anyway, and from what I could gather, it certainly wouldn’t happen on this trip, if it happened at all. Jennifer wanted to remain a virgin, and I wasn’t about to force myself on my own daughter, but she seemed willing to do just about anything else, and that was immensely satisfying. Besides, how could any man deny someone as beautiful as my little girl even if he is her father.

That got me justifying in my mind the evil I had already performed. It made me wonder what constituted incest, anyway? I think a lot of people would say that just showing myself to my teen-aged daughter in an aroused state would be incestuous. Others might say vaginal penetration was required. I’m sure family members romping around naked together, not to mention masturbating together, might be pushing the envelope. Would oral sex be considered incest? Our president tried to claim it wasn’t really sex, but I never agreed with that.

Then I had to consider why society is against incest, if what we had done was actually incest. It’s usually unacceptable because it’s believed that a parent is forcing or seducing the child into something perverse and taking advantage of their position over the child. Quite the opposite had occurred here. My daughter was seducing me! From the way she acted, though, I don’t think she would consider it seduction or even incest. She just thought the human body was beautiful and sex was just a part of life that should be enjoyed by all. It really didn’t matter who was involved, just as long as they were both comfortable and enjoying the experience. The strange thing was, I liked her thinking a lot better than society’s, although I was feeling guilty. Was I just allowing my lust to justify my actions? Was the guilt because it truly was wrong? I couldn’t determine from where the guilt was coming except that society’s morals made me feel that way.

I was still going through some anxiety about masturbating in front of Jennifer, but her encouragement, her natural sense of it, and the thrill she seemed to get from it made me feel less like a pervert. It was almost as if it was a reward I was giving her. She was so comfortable with her body, and she had such a refreshing view on sex, that I felt compelled to agree with her, but those old taboos that were forced on me all my life kept nagging at my soul. Then again, the thought of her sexy body, watching her masturbate and her enthusiastic open-minded attitude really turned me on.

Again my daughter maintained a light-hearted conversation as we progressed downstream. She told me of how much being in the woods reminded her of some of her hikes with the Girl Scouts, except the scout hikes were usually all girls, and no boys accompanied them.

“My patrol was really cool because we were made up of self-confident, like-minded girls,” Jennifer explained. “We all loved camping out and nature. In general, Girl Scouts aren’t allowed to go camping alone, you know, without a chaperon, but the parents trusted me, and I made sure everyone was safe.

“We had a blast. We always try to set up a camp that is comfortable and has all the amenities of home, at least the best we can. It was our game to pretend we were the sole survivors of the world, and our campsite was going to be our home forever afterwards. We would play games and hike around to discover our surroundings; whatever struck our fancy during our trip.

“In our game, since we were alone in the world, we would spend the entire weekend naked; casino şirketleri all of us wearing only sneakers or hiking boots. We had nothing to fear, and it gave us a better sense of being with nature. Besides, it was kind of erotic exposing ourselves like that and being at risk of being caught. What was cool about our patrol was that there were no pretenses, no judgments, no criticisms and no reason to be embarrassed. The only concern we had was keeping it from our parents. Since we knew our parents would have a fit because of their overly conservative views, we would grind our clothes in the dirt and dunk them in water to make them look like we wore them. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to be free like that.”

“You never got caught by anyone else in the woods?” I asked, picturing a bunch of teen-aged girls running around in the woods au naturale and some guys discovering them on their own hike. The thought alone got me aroused, which only added to my normally aroused state around Jennifer.

“Oh, a few times,” Jennifer said, “but it was never a problem. The girls were all good girls, and our virginity status never changed during our nature weekends. Usually adults or other girls that would run into us would just smile and leave us alone.”

“What about guys? Did you ever run into boys or men hiking?”

“Oh, sure,” she said as if it was no big deal. “Most of the time they would follow us around, take pictures of us or beg us to let them touch us, but they never did anything to us without our permission. I think we intimidated them. With the more aggressive ones, the girls would demand that they strip, too, and that usually scared them off. It’s funny how modest boys are.”

“So, you never really had any problems?” I asked.

“Nope!” she replied. “We always had the best of times, and I think that’s why I want to enjoy this weekend with you in much the same way. I’m hoping our trip will be as much fun if not more than what I’m used to with a bunch of girls.”

What was she suggesting? She wanted a “nudist weekend” with me? That wouldn’t be a problem except that it would announce my constant arousal of her, and I wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Maybe she liked that.

As we maneuvered through the woods toward our neighbors, I found myself frequently enjoying the view of my daughter from a number of angles. It amazed me that she was just so beautiful. All of the girls I knew in high school that looked as good as she were stuck up and aloof. They wore clothing that was considered quite revealing in our day, though it wasn’t near as revealing as what Jennifer had been wearing or even what I believe was common for girls today. These girls in my high school would act offended if you looked at them or dared to say anything even remotely suggestive or even complimentary. I don’t know how my daughter was at school or around her peers, and I figured meeting the neighbors might give me some insight. As far as how she was around me, I didn’t see any hint of haughtiness or discomfort as I eyed her perfect body. She almost glowed when she would catch me staring. How she could expect anyone not to stare, especially when she pranced around in a half tee-shirt that barely came down far enough to cover her nipples, was beyond me. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t so well endowed, but she was. And then those short-shorts! Why she believed that they were even remotely acceptable in public was a wonder because the shorts didn’t hide anything.

“Knock, knock!” Jennifer called out as we got close to the neighbor’s campsite.

“Hello, who is that?” I heard a young man call back.

“It’s your neighbors upstream,” I replied. “We’re coming to introduce ourselves, if that’s okay.”

“Sure!” all three voices called out in unison.

Sitting on logs around a roaring campfire were two young women and a young man. The sun had already set, and it was starting to get dark out, but the remaining light and raging fire allowed us to see each other fairly well.

As I described before, the young ladies looked to be about Jennifer’s age and had to be twins. The boy was clearly a few years older, but could easily be their brother by his looks.

I extended my hand as I introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Dan,” the boy said as he grasped my hand in a firm handshake.

Simultaneously, Jennifer introduced herself to the girls, who were Tracy and Tammy, and we all exchanged handshakes.

Right away, I could see that Dan was taken by my daughter. Of course I couldn’t blame him; she was perfect, and what she was wearing could give a eunuch an erection. By the sudden blush in his face, I had to guess he was aroused and embarrassed by it in front of his sisters. He didn’t have to be embarrassed, though, because I know I was turned on by her, too, and she was my daughter.

We were invited to sit and offered beers. Jennifer took one and didn’t even bother to look over at me for permission. The drinking age in California is 21, but I figured we were out in the woods, and I wasn’t about to make a fuss.

We casino firmaları soon learned that the two girls were identical twins, and Dan was their older brother home from college. They decided to take a few days off away from their parents before school started again.

Dan was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and a loose-fitting tee-shirt. I could tell he was in pretty good shape by the thick legs and well-defined arm muscles, though he was very slender. Jennifer found out that he liked to race dirt bikes, so I guess that’s what kept him in shape.

Tammy and Tracy were both wearing a pair of denim cutoffs much like Jennifer had worn on the trip up but slightly more conservative. The twin’s shorts were at least covering the important parts, as minimal as that was, but they showed all of their well-toned legs. They were also wearing halter tops that appeared to be made of a thin cotton. They obviously didn’t mind looking alike as they seemed to like dressing the same.

Living with a bunch of men in a remote area left me a lot of time to read and think. I found myself getting interested in psychology and relationships. I’m nowhere near an expert, but there were a number of things I learned about human behavior, and I often found myself analyzing the interactions between people.

I was somewhat excluded from the conversation, not because no one spoke to me, but because I didn’t have much to contribute. There wasn’t much for me to add considering I was from an older generation and had been out of touch with the real world for a while, but my daughter did a fabulous job of keeping them all talking. I took the opportunity to watch my daughter with people her own age.

I couldn’t help but feel pride as I watched her with our new friends. It was obvious why Dan took to her immediately; she was practically naked, had a killer body, and showed no sense of modesty at all, but there was more. She seemed to be genuinely interested in everyone and asked each of them questions that kept them involved. She found out something for which each of them had a passion and worked it. No one was left out of the conversation, and her enthusiasm was infectious. It was like she controlled the various interactions, kept the conversations flowing and made everyone feel interesting and comfortable.

The two girls were as identical as they could be. Both had long, dark brown hair that was tied into a pony tail. It looked thick, soft and healthy, and considering they both styled it the same, they seemed to do everything to appear identical. Their faces were slender and extremely attractive with high cheekbones, thin eyebrows and slender noses. They had very sensuous lips that were neither thin nor especially fat. In my mind they looked perfect. Describing either of the girls would describe both of them. Both were small in stature and very slender. My guess would be they were about five foot two or less, and I doubted either was over 115 pounds.

All three siblings had olive-colored skin and dark brown eyes that looked almost black. Dan had a five-o’clock shadow on his strong, square jaw, and he gave off a comfortable yet confident air.

Although the girls’ breasts weren’t as big as Jennifer’s, they were still quite ample, especially considering the twins’ small stature. Their halters were filled nicely, and even in the firelight, I could tell that neither one was wearing a bra. Their dark areolas made clear shadows under the thin material, and their stiff nipples were quite obvious.

Throughout the evening, there were little teasing things that Jennifer did that kept both Dan and me entertained. Every now and then, all of the girls needed to stretch, and both Dan and I would watch with fascination as their tops would stretch over their bodies. When Jennifer stretched, though, her half tee-shirt would rise up over her breasts just to the point where I was sure her nipples would pop out. Just a hint of her pink areolas would appear below the torn bottom of the shirt, and her stiff nipples were clearly just a fraction of an inch from being exposed.

When she would relax after her stretch, she made no effort to pull her shirt down, and it would remain slightly wrinkled on the firm shelf formed by her breasts. Over time, it would finally drop down of its own accord, but until then, we all got to view the lower half of her sexy, bare, young tits. After the recent events, I had to believe that my daughter knew exactly what she was doing and was enjoying teasing us.

At one point, Dan and I were talking about his career. He was interested in photography, cinematography and journalism, and he enjoyed nature. His portfolio was filled with pictures and videos that he’d taken while on trips in various natural habitats. He was very enthusiastic about his chosen career, and he went on and on about the artistic attributes of various cameras, film, media and a number of other things of which I was only half interested.

While trying to be polite to Dan, I couldn’t help but overhear some things Jennifer was saying to the güvenilir casino twins. I only caught a sentence here and there and a few phrases, but it was Jennifer’s views on her sexuality. I couldn’t believe Dan wasn’t captivated by this conversation as well, but he was completely caught up in his career field.

What I gathered from the snippets I got was that Jennifer believes that our sexual nature is God-given. It is man who has labeled it sinful, and the Bible even says so in Genesis. All animals are sexual. This is how the species stays in existence. Man and woman were naked in the Garden of Eden, and the fact that they became embarrassed and covered themselves that God knew they’d done wrong. Prior to eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, neither Adam nor Eve considered sex or their bodies as bad, and it wasn’t in God’s mind. It is her belief that we should enjoy the love and intimacy that sex brings out in us, and this will bring us closer to what God had intended.

The twins had some arguments, each of which Jennifer seemed to be able to respond confidently. One argument was with respect to sodomy, and Jennifer said that any forcing of one’s self on another was very wrong. She also said that seducing of an innocent children through the advantage of authority, such as an adult’s authority over a child, was definitely evil.

Once again, I wasn’t fully comfortable with what she was saying or implying, but I didn’t have an argument at the moment. Since I wasn’t a part of the conversation, I just kept my mouth shut.

I did ask Dan if he had considered taking pictures of his sisters. I thought they were extremely beautiful, and either or both of them would be excellent models. He said he had thought a lot about it, but he was afraid to approach either of them because he didn’t want them thinking he was a pervert and trying to get them naked or anything.

It’s funny. I hadn’t mentioned anything about taking nude photos of his sisters. There were lots of models in department store catalogs that didn’t have to be naked, not to mention many other modeling situations. Apparently, that’s what he thought when considering pictures of his sisters.

After a couple of beers and a nice conversation, Jennifer and I said our goodbyes and prepared to leave. Out of courtesy, we both suggested they come by sometime if they were in our neck of the woods, and they all said they definitely would like to. Considering the way Jennifer usually dressed around our campsite, which was in her birthday suit, I wasn’t so sure I liked the idea of them dropping by unannounced, but what could I say?

Instead of heading back to our campsite, Jennifer pulled me off toward the river and convinced me to follow her. “Sorry, Daddy, but I’ve just got to pee,” she said. “I found this really great place that’s just perfect, especially for me.”

I told her that I had to go, too, so I followed her. Of course I could go anywhere, but I understood her need to find something more convenient for a lady.

What she had found was a small tree that was bent sharply about two feet from the ground so that it was almost horizontal, curving out over the river. The trunk split into two about halfway up before the bend, and the two trunks continued out over the river about six feet before hitting a big boulder and curving up and around the obstruction. The two trunks left about 8-12 inches of space between them, under which was the flowing river.

“This is so perfect,” my daughter said.

Jennifer quickly slipped her short-shorts off and handed them to me as she prepared to sit on her “toilet.”

There was very little light under the trees, but the moon reflected off the river, and I could barely make out her silhouette. In the dim light from the flowing river, I could see the shadow of my daughter as she backed up and straddled the two trunks of the tree. She only slid her butt out about a foot over the water before she settled down. Her legs were pulled fairly wide apart by the tree trunks, and I imagined the view of her if it were only light out.

Jennifer’s silhouette sat back, and she looked in my direction and said, “See, isn’t this just a perfect toilet?”

Before I could answer, I could hear her urine start to flow and splash into the river below. “It’s almost like being at home. No leaning on a tree or log, no worries about having your pee run down your leg. It’s just perfect.”

Now I have never been much of one to be fantasizing about watching someone else urinate, but I had this deep desire to watch Jennifer. Maybe it was her sexy body; maybe it was curiosity to watch a woman; maybe it was just a desire to see her boldly pee in front of me. Whatever it was, I was definitely aroused.

I have to admit that I was a bit stunned as I watched my little girl empty her bladder. She was just so bold and comfortable with herself. I was trying to force my eyes to grow more accustomed to the darkness in the hopes of getting a better look at my practically naked little girl, but it was to no avail. I was able to just barely make out a silhouette of her lips between her legs and the stream of liquid against the lighter background of the river, but not much else. Again I was surprised and impressed with how comfortable she was with her body.

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