Campus Sluts

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Faith smeared on the remainder of her lipstick as she tossed the slender silver tube into a nearby trash can. She sighed to herself, adjusting her hair in the mirror. She didn’t even want to go to this party. Switching colleges her senior year had been extremely hard for her, and she wasn’t so quick to make friends. The only girl who had befriended her was Amy. A drop dead gorgeous blonde who turned heads everywhere she went. Faith still didn’t understand why Amy talked to her. Amy was head of a popular sorority and Faith was a nobody. Faith glared at herself in the mirror. She was always told how outrageous her body was.

She slid her hand down her curves. She chose to wear a sexy slim fitting dress for the party. The dress cupped her voluptuous breasts and fit snuggly against her body. Her perky nipples poked through the deep rich red fabric. Her jet black hair spilled down her shoulders and back in luscious full curls. One of the main reasons Faith feared this party was because Tyler Gates would be there. He was a sexy jock in their college football team. She wondered if he would notice her at all today in this revealing dress. Faith sat down on her bed and crossed her legs, still gazing into the mirror. She tried to decipher which position made her look sexier. She wanted to catch Tyler’s eye at least once. Faith cooed softly, thinking about him.

She imagined what it would be like to be alone with him for only a few moments. She leaned back into the bed and slid her hand up her thigh. Her tiny hand slid underneath her dress as a moan escaped from her blood red lips. How she wanted to feel Tyler’s powerful cock deep inside her. Just the image of him made her wet. His short black hair that rested perfectly atop his innocent face. His deep brown eyes. His slim and slender body. She slid her hand within her lacy panties and pressed the top of her finger against her clit. Moving it faster, she began to move her hips rhythmically to the speed of her fingers. She felt her clit grow more sensitive as she plunged two fingers into her wet box. She fucked her pussy with her fingers, feeling how wet she was. She closed her eyes, imaging Tyler’s hard cock fucking her intensely.

“Yes.” She cried out suddenly as she heard a horn hocking impatiently outside. Faith flew up from her bed, quickly composing herself, and ran to the window. Amy was waiting in the parking lot, honking the horn loudly. “Shit!” cried Faith as she ran to the mirror to adjust herself and make last minute touch ups.

“Where have you been hun?” asked Amy as Faith hopped in the car.

“Um…I was making a few minor adjustments.” She fibbed. Amy was drop dead gorgeous. In fact, her simplistic name didn’t suit her looks at all. She was anything but simple. Her long strawberry blonde hair was flipped over to one side and fell loosely around her shoulders. Her deep sea green eyes were always piercing and almost blinding if you stared directly at them. Her sensuous lips complimented her fucking perfect body and long and slim legs. She was wearing a see through tight fitting white dress that made her body curve in all the right places.

“Killer dress, Faith.” Amy said as her tires screeched down the driveway and out towards the street. Amy sped around every corner as Faith held on to the door handle for dear life. “So, Tyler is going to be there.” Amy chuckled. Faith rolled her eyes, still feeling her wet pussy press against her lacy panties. She shifted in her seat as Amy placed a hand on her thigh. “Thinking about him too much, aren’t you?” Faith flicked her hand away and just shrugged her shoulders.

“I just don’t want to seem too eager.”

“Eager?!! doesn’t take that much to get into Tyler’s pants.” She laughed loudly. Faith turned her head and glared at Amy.

“Do you mean to tell me that you…you and Tyler…I mean….” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Relax hun, he’s an easy lay. I could get him for you if you wanted me to. It’s not difficult.” She watched Faith out of the corner of her eye, hoping she would be turned on by the idea.

“I’ll think about it.” Was all she could make out.

Amy found a spot closest to the frat house as they both smiled to the sound of blaring music.

“This party is going to be amazing!!” cried Amy, “Now I told all my friends you were coming with me, so I think that brings you one step closer into the in crowd.” Faith started at Amy, still puzzled by her kindness.

“Why are you always being so nice to me?” she asked. Amy slid her finger down Faith’s arm.

“Because I like you Faith. Now let’s go.” She cried running towards the house. Faith shrugged her shoulders, letting Amy’s odd behavior go. If she was here, she might as well enjoy herself. The party was completely what she had expected. A room filled with raging drunks and lunatics. Amy led her through the crowd into what looked as if it was the living room. It was hard to tell from the massive amounts of people and liquor bahis firmaları bottles all over the floor.

“Is this party great or what?” Amy shouted high atop the blaring music. Faith was shoved to a couch by a nearby boy who quickly apologized and ran off in the other direction. Faith glanced around for Amy, but she already appeared to be gone. She sighed as she began to stand up, but then she saw him. It was Tyler. She crashed back down in the couch, gazing at his fuckable body. He stood in the corner, with about 5 girls around him. His firm chest was pressing against the stretchy jet black fabric of his shirt. His muscular legs were hugged by khakis and fastened by a black belt. He ran his fingers through his black hair and smiled that smile that melted every girls hearts. Faith squirmed in her seat feeling how wet she was becoming just by looking at him. As he was talking to the girls, he suddenly seemed distracted by something. She saw him smile at the rest of the girls and then walk away, moving quickly down the hallway.

“I should follow him.” She said aloud to herself. Maybe she could have a chance to be alone with him. Standing up and sliding her hands down her sides to slim her dress she moved forward and towards the hallway. She overheard the other girls gawking and chuckling about how gorgeous Tyler was, but she just ignored their banter. Suddenly, one of the girls pulled her over to them. Faith shook away her thoughts of Tyler and gazed the girls in the eyes.

“What?” she said harshly.

“Are you here with Amy?” they asked. Faith nodded her head.

“Yeah I am,” she said. The girls all laughed in unison.

“We were just wondering who the new guinea pig was.” One of the girls said. Faith was puzzled by what they were saying. All but one girl seemed amused. She flung her hair over her shoulder and pouted.

“Well she’ll see if you’re worth it Newby.” she shouted and then stormed off.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s just got a case of jealousy. Well have fun….I believe Amy went in that direction.” They said, pointing down the hallway. Faith nodded, still with a puzzled look on her face as she made her way down the hallway. Guinea pig? What were they talking about? Her curiosity was definitely peeked as she moved, almost seductively down the hallway. She glanced into every room, but no luck. Where had he gone she wondered. Then she stopped by a closed door. She heard familiar giggling coming within the confines of the room. It sounded as if it was Amy’s laugh. Faith pressed her ear against the door to hear better. She decided to be bold and knocked on the door.

“Amy? Is that you?” she asked. Suddenly, the door opened, causing faith to stumble backwards a bit and almost loose her balance.

“Faith. We were waiting for you.” Amy said softly. Faith looked puzzled as she peeked inside the room.

“We? But there is no one else in…..” she choked on her words as she saw Tyler sitting on a nearby bed in the room. The room was gorgeous. Black satin sheets. Tan carpets. Black leather couches.

“Tyler.” She said surprised to see him here, especially with Amy. Amy was barely wearing anything. She had on a tight fitting bodice with a blood red g’string. Amy shoved faith down onto the bed. Faith was shocked by her outward behavior.

“I have been talking to Tyler about you. We know how much you want him Faith. You see, I’m well known on campus for my ‘hook ups’. And I think you and Tyler would make a perfect couple,” she said, adding moans in between her sentences. Tyler scanned Faith up and down and bit his lower lip. Faith almost lost her balance gazing into his eyes. Could this really be happening? Was her wish coming true?

“I do want, Tyler.” She admitted, finally giving into temptation.

“Well you shall have him, beautiful. On one condition. There are prices to pay little one. Nothing comes for free now a days.” Faith because distracted by Amy’s speech as she turned to look at her.

“A price?” she asked. Amy laughed as she placed her hands on Faith’s shoulders.

“Yes. You will do as I say. Once you disobey me, you will not like the outcome. Is that understood Faith?” she asked in a harsh fashion. Faith was astonished. She had no idea that innocent Amy was so forceful. Faith didn’t care much. She wanted Tyler’s body more than anything. She didn’t care what she had to do to get it. She would lick Amy’s cunt clean if that’s what she needed to do.

“Yes Amy. I understand,” she said obediently. Amy smiled as she told Faith to stand up.

“Take your clothes off,” she ordered. Faith slid her hands up to her spaghetti straps and slowly lowered each strap down her shoulders. She slid the dress to the floor, revealing lacy white underwear that curved at her hips and tight white bra that shoved up her luscious tits. She watched Tyler as she saw his hard cock push against his pants. He started to slide his hand up his thighs when Amy ran to him. She grabbed onto kaçak iddaa his hair and yanked it. “Tyler. It’s not your turn yet. Are you going to play nice or disobey??!!” she screamed.

“I’m sorry Amy. You’re right,” he said breathlessly, obviously liking the abuse. Amy let go of his hair and drew her attention back to Faith. She licked her lips as she scanned Faith’s luscious body.

“I want you to be completely naked for me,baby.” she cooed, circling Faith’s body with her eyes. Faith became completely turned on by Amy’s reaction. She could feel her pussy start to swell up as her clit pressed against her panties. She slowly slid off her bra and her panties, tossing them to the ground. Amy grabbed Faith’s waist and slid her tiny fingers up and down. “Do you like what you see, Tyler?” she asked him. Tyler nodded his head, wanting desperately to stroke his hard cock. He began to buck his hips against the bed. “Would you like to shove your hard cock up her wet and tight cunt?” she asked, teasing him more.

“Yes. Oh God yes.” A moan escaped from Faith’s lips. She couldn’t help it. She’d never been so turned on before, she almost lost her balance as Amy caught her in midfall.

“Careful there sweetie. You can’t quit on us yet. Now get down on the floor.” Faith did as she was told. She pressed her ass into the ground and stretched her legs out. Amy sat down on the bed, next to Tyler. Faith could tell that Amy was getting turned on by this too. “Mmm. You looks so beautiful sitting over there. Be a good girl and spread your legs for me. I want to see that wet pussy of yours.” Faith obeyed and stretched her legs as far as they could go. Her pussy lips were spread open and dripping wet. Amy slid off her panties and began to finger herself. She was sliding two of her long slender fingers in and out of her wet cunt. Faith started to squirm around watching Amy play with herself. It made her extremely hot. “Play with yourself, Faith. Fuck yourself with your fingers. Show Tyler what he’s going to get.” she chuckled. Without hesitation, Faith slid her fingers inside her wet pussy. Pumping her fingers in and out, always keeping her eyes on Tyler. He started to get breathless and dizzy as he leaned farther into the bed. “Yeah that’s it. Fuck that pussy. Mmm….yeah. Show us what a little slut you are. Yeah,” repeated Amy over and over again as she fucked her fingers in and out of her tight cunt. Faith started to feel her pussy tighten around her fingers as she imagined Tyler’s hard cock deep inside her. Amy could sense that Faith was ready to cum. “Cum for me slut. Yeah cum all over your fingers!” she cried out as she started to orgasm with such an intensity that it turned Faith on even more. Faith moaned loudly as her legs tightened around her hand and she started to quiver intensely. She felt her orgasm reach it’s peak as her cum slid all over her fingers and down her ass crack. She laid back into the carpet and tried to catch her breath. “Mmm..I love a pussy filled with hot fuck juice. Spread your legs wider for me Faith. We are going to give Tyler another show.” Amy got down on the floor next to Faith’s sweet pussy. She started to blow gently on her clit as she felt her whole body shiver. “Oh yeah. You’re dripping wet. I just love it. I’m going to eat you clean.” Amy slammed her tongue deep inside Faith’s cunt. She started sucking her lips, making smacking suck sounds as she ate her out.

“Oh God yes.” cried Faith as she bucked her hips against Amy’s face. She never had any one eat her out as great as Amy did it. Faith looked up and saw Tyler sitting on the bed. This time, his hand was rubbing his cock with a fast rhythmic motion. Faith smiled. Amy was too distracted by her pussy that she didn’t seem to notice Tyler disobeying the rules. But Faith decided she wanted to spice it up more, just to see how far Amy would go. “Amy! Someone is breaking the rules,” she said breathlessly, trying hard to let Amy stop her tongue fucking.

“What?!” she cried standing up and catching Tyler in the act. Tyler quickly jerked his hand away from his hard cock, glaring at Faith who couldn’t help but to smile. “Tyler. You know what happens when you break the rules. We’ve been through this before haven’t we? You don’t pleasure yourself until I say so!” she cried. She ran over to a white bag that was propped up against the couch. She slid her hand inside of it and took out four long black silk ropes. “Take your clothes off and lay down in the middle of the bed Tyler.” she ordered. A bit reluctantly, Tyler began to strip. Faith sighed as she watched his hard cock spring free as he slid off his tight pants. Tyler laid down in the middle of the bed. Raising his arms over his head and spreading his legs out. It seemed to Faith that this has happened before. Faith started to get aroused as she watched Tyler give in to Amy’s orders. Amy grabbed his hand and tied the rope around his wrist then tied it to the bed post. She did it to his other arm and then bound his legs. She tied them kaçak bahis as tight as possible as Tyler called out with slight pain. “That’s what you get, Tyler. Now be a good boy and stay there. You’ll have to wait a lot longer now. You like being teased like this Tyler? Do you like waiting to be fucked?” she asked. Amy jumped on top of him and started to slide her wet pussy up and down his stomach. “Do you want this Tyler? Do you want my cunt hugging your hard cock?” she screamed loudly.

“Yes. Yes!!!” he cried, struggling to free his hands from the tight ropes. She climbed off of him and walked over to Faith.

“Well not yet, Tyler.” she laughed, knowing how much pain he was in. His hard cock was standing straight in the air. God, how Faith wanted him. She hoped that Amy would get on with it, so she could fuck him. But she was still intrigued what Amy had planned for them. Amy made her way over to Faith. “Now Faith. Lay down on the ground again.” she said, pressing her foot against Faith’s tits. Faith pressed her back into the ground, her legs spread wide revealing her wet pussy. She heard a sharp moan escape from Tyler’s mouth. Amy climbed on top of Faith and shoved her cunt in her face. “Suck me off, Faith.” She cried out, grinding her hips into Faith’s face. Faith began to suck on Amy’s clit, hearing her moan with approval. Faster and faster she flicked her tongue up and down her clit. Amy began to buck her hips against Faith’s face, wanting to take her whole tongue into her pussy. “Slide your tongue inside me!!” she cried out. Faith pounded her tongue in between Amy’s pussy lips, fucking her with her tongue. Amy breathed harder as she started feeling her own tits. Tyler’s cock was harder than ever. He wriggled around in the bed, feeling constricted by the silk ropes. “Yes! Faster Faith. You’re going to make me cum baby!!” Amy shouted. There was giggling coming from outside the room, but Faith didn’t take any notice of it. She was too focused on sucking Amy’s sweet nectar. She grabbed onto Amy’s thighs, trying to force her whole tongue into her wet cunt. Faith could hardly breath, but she enjoyed the attention she got from Amy. She heard Tyler cry out from the bed as she tongue fucked Amy harder. “I’m cumming!!” Amy shouted. Faith drove her tongue into her pussy as Amy’s hot cum filled her mouth and dripped down her lips. Faith cooed softly as she began to lap at Amy’s cunt, eating every last drop. Amy almost lost her composure as she tried to stand up. She turned around and glanced at Tyler on the bed. His hard cock was standing straight up and the head was red and throbbing. He was sucking at his lips and wriggling around the bed. “Did you like that, Tyler?” she asked,approaching him.

“Mmmm….,” was all he could say. Amy began to laugh as she sat on the bed, very close to Tyler’s legs.

“I think we tortured him enough. Don’t you think so Faith?” Faith’s legs were spread wide. Her cunt was dripping wet and she needed something to fill it. She needed Tyler. She didn’t want Amy’s little game to be over, but she wanted to fuck Tyler with such a passion that she became dizzy and helpless. “Get up, Faith.” ordered Amy. Faith stood up slowly and made her way over to Tyler. Amy motioned for her to sit at the edge of the bed. “His cock looks nice and hard doesn’t it?” she asked

“Yes.” She smiled, staring at his erect fuck pole.

“Climb on top of him, Faith.”

“But what about the ropes?” asked Faith.

“He can suffer a little more. After all, he did break a rule.” she laughed. Faith spread her legs wide and climbed on top of Tyler. Her pussy gently brushing his hard cock. Tyler almost screamed as he bit his lip. “Mmm…you like that, don’t you Tyler? Tell her to fuck you, Tyler. Tell her!” she nearly shouted.

“Fuck me, Faith.” he said softly, barley able to get the words out. Faith was dumbfounded. She never thought that he would ever say that to her. He looked so fucking gorgeous just laying there helpless. Faith wanted so desperately to fuck him she was overwhelmed by this need. Yet, she held back, knowing if she did go for it right then and there she would have to suffer the consequences. Her pussy was overflowing with juices as she waited patiently on top of his hard body.

“Faith. I want you to listen very carefully to me. Slowly slide off his body.” Faith did as she was told. “Yeah that’s it baby. Slide that wet pussy of yours down his body. Now, I want you to blow his precious hard cock. Fuck him with your mouth, Faith.” she ordered. Faith bent down and pressed her lips firmly against Tyler’s hard cock. She thought he would explode right there from his intensified reaction. She began to lap at his tip with her tongue. Each brush of her tongue, sent his body into another convulsion, as he bucked his hips against her mouth. “Yeah. That’s it Faith. Tyler baby, tell us when you’re cumming.” she laughed seductively. Tyler just sucked in his breath and nodded. Faith began to fuck him with her mouth harder and harder. She moved her mouth rhythmically up and down his entire cock. Moving faster with each suck.

“Oh! Yeah baby! I’m cumming soon,” he said breathlessly. Amy grabbed Faith and pulled her off Tyler with great force.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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