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Finally, it was going to happen! For years, Candy had imagined planning an awesome pool party, but something always got in the way; family vacations, summer school, lack of friends, the weather; something. Now, however, everything seemed to be falling into place.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson had moved out near the desert in California with their only daughter, Candy, on account of their business. Candy hated having to move again, but she was finding new friends at school, the weather was always nice, and the property that her parents had acquired for the vineyard was seemingly endless. Of course, the best thing about the new place, according to Candy, was the large in-ground pool. It was L-shaped, with an underwater passage leading to a smaller indoor moon pool. She had claimed this as her Secret Place. She loved to swim through the narrow tunnel and fantasize about leading boys in there, out of her parent’s sight.

With graduation right around the corner, Candy knew that this was the time. All the planning and associated headaches paid off with the falling of the last hurdle; her mother. Marcy Emerson was the conservative, worry-wart type, and hopelessly protective of her only daughter, but the business always seemed to take priority, and she would be away all weekend. Candy sensed that her father was secretly welcoming the break from her, despite having to endure a bunch of graduates on his own.

The special night was slow to arrive, but finally it was Friday, and the party was off to a great start! Everyone that Candy had wanted to come was there. It turned out to be much more laid back than she had expected. A few guys were there for a while, but as the day drew into evening, it was just herself and few of her closest girlfriends, laying around in their swimsuits, listening to music, and talking about things that only girls can spend so much time talking about. They were even able to apply a little charm and convince her dad to make some mixed drinks for them. Out of the blue, one of Candy’s friends leaned over and said “You know, your dad is really dreamy”.

“What?!” Candy was shocked to hear someone say that about her father, even though she had thought the same thing to herself a few times. “I can’t believe you just said that!”

“Am i wrong?” Erica asked, as she flashed an evil grin.

“Well…” Candy wasn’t sure how to respond. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing, and risk ruining the great day that they had had. “I guess I never thought of him that way.”

“How could you not notice? He’s tall and tan and funny, and most importantly, he’s wrapped around your little finger. I but he’d do anything you asked, to keep you happy. Besides, he’s probably in his room right now, spying on us.” The other girls giggled at the thought, but Candy had mixed-up emotions about it all. She never expected that one of them would be jealousy. If her father were indeed spying on them, she was quite sure that it would be the other girls that he was interested in, but she couldn’t help the desire to be the center of his attention.

“He’s probably just doing more of his paperwork. That’s all he seems to do anymore.”

“Whatever…” Erica said, dismissively. Candy hoped that would be the end of that. ‘Damn her!’ she thought. ‘Now that’s all i can think about.’ The evening held a whole new interest to her now. Surprising even herself, she almost couldn’t wait for her friends to leave so that she could retreat to her secret place and be alone with her thoughts.

That time came soon enough, and after saying their respective good-byes, the girls lined up to Mr. Emerson a hug and thank him for having them over.

“Anytime. You are always welcome here. It’s nice to see Candy surrounding herself with such friendly, mature young ladies.” Candy thought she may have been imagining it, but some of their hugs seemed to linger a bit longer than necessary. One thing was for sure; she saw Erica give him a little peck on the cheek and whisper something in his ear before turning and bouncing her way out the front door after the others.


After she did some dishes and finished cleaning up a bit, Candy was back in the pool and heading off to you-know-where. ‘What a day!’ she thought, reflecting on the day’s events. She was laying on a towel at the edge of the pool. Her mind was spinning and she wondered if it was due to the drinks, or the seeds of wonder that had been placed inside her head. Probably a bit of both. ‘Is Erica really attracted to my father?’ she wondered. ‘Are the others? Am I?? Why was he letting us drink?! Had he been watching us all day? What should i do?’

The questions hounded her for a while, but eventually the tranquility of her little haven calmed her, and the imagination engine started up. She was going to do some research. Not the kind that you do in school, the kind you dread. This would be the fun kind. She had had a wonderful day, and she decided that it was too early for it to end.

Her father acted startled when she walked casino şirketleri back into the house from the back patio. She was dripping all over the carpet.

“Honey, I’ve asked a hundred times that you dry off before you come inside.” her father pleaded.

“Sorry, Dad, but i’m not finished yet.” was the only reply should could muster, wondering how she was going to proceed with this research of hers. She had always been quick on her feet, and she would have to rely on that ability now, and take cues from her father as he fed them to her – granted, this was uncharted territory!

“So… what are you doing in here then?” he asked.

“….was wondering if you’d mind making me another drink.”

“I don’t know, baby. You’ve had a couple already, and I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to have any more, and then go back into the pool.”

“Well, then why don’t you make one for yourself too, and you can come outside and watch over me for a while.” She was proud of herself for employing the parental instinct tactic. It usually carries a 50/50 chance of success, especially with her mom, but she was really hoping it would work this time.

“I guess that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I could go for some fresh air and some good company tonight.” her father said as he got up and headed into the kitchen and gathered the ingredients for one of his favorite drinks.


The night air was starting to feel cold compared to the water in the pool, and Gary couldn’t help notice the effect it had on Candy’s breasts, but he quickly tried to ignore it. Candy had let her long red hair down earlier, and now it flowed out in all directions when she went underwater. It kind of glowed like liquid fire when the underwater lights shown through it. Sometimes she swam close by him, even sliding up against him as she passed. He was reminded of sharks feeling out their prey.

Candy had a lot of thoughts racing around in her head. She had made up her mind as to what she wanted, but realized that she had no idea how to approach the subject. Her father broke the ice for her…

“Honey…?” he beckoned next time she came up for air.

“Yeah, Dad?”

“Erica said that you had something to ask me?”

“Uh…” Candy was trying hard to find the right words. “Yes, Dad.” she said, sounding suddenly confident. She spoke while continuing to swim in long, slow fluid movements around him. She was trying to let her body language do some of the talking for her. Arching her back, flipping her hair, shooting him over-the-shoulder glances, etc. Finally, she come to a stop, and stood up in the water in front of him.

“Would you say i’m attractive?” she asked him, with her heart in her throat.

“Of course i would” he responded reassuringly, “what father wouldn’t think so of his daughter?” He was trying hard to seem indifferent to what he thought she was really asking him, and still continue to be supportive.

“I mean, do you personally find me attractive?” This seemed to be the definitive question to her, and the answer would shape the rest of the evening, and possibly even her entire future.

“Well, i think you are very beautiful; yes.” he replied, feeling a little uneasy and intrigued at the same time. “You may know that i love long hair, and that it’s common for older men to be attracted to younger women, but you’re my daughter and I’d love you no matter how you looked.” He was still assuming that she was feeling self-conscious about her body compared to those of her friends.

“I want you to make me feel like a beautiful woman.” Candy said before she could stop herself, and she slowly waded closer to him.

“I’m telling you, honey; you are beautiful.” sounding almost confused.

Candy knew there was a difference between having this conversation, and putting it into action. She reached out for his hand, and guided him with her as she moved herself up against the side of the pool. The coolness of the tile was cold opposed to the relative warmth of the water, and it sent another chill through her. Goosebumps covered her otherwise smooth skin.

“No, Daddy…I want you to make me feel like a beautiful woman.” Looking straight into his eyes, she continued against rational judgment, “I want you to make love to me.” She reached behind her back with her free hand, found the end of the tie that held her bikini top closed, and pulled. The wet fabric loosened, but clung to the curves of her breasts. No turning back now….

Gary was stunned at the offer that she had just made; no less than her very self! He was shocked, and amazed. Not sure if he should respond like a angry parent, or a flattered recipient of such a request. His reaction was not lost on her. Still, she maintained her calm, seductive expression and tried to keep him from possibly backing away and ruining things.

“Put the world aside for now” she whispered, “Forget the rules, and what you think people would say. It’s just you and I; here; alone together.” She seemed casino firmaları to have him hooked for the time being. Lowering her head, she pulled the end of the second tie and let her top fall off into the water. The fact that her father didn’t look away this time was not lost on her. He didn’t hide the fact that he was drawn to her naturally round, firm breasts. Petite. Perfect. Her tan lines accentuated the curves. She still held one of his hands, and she pulled him into her so that their bodies were pressed together. The decision was made.

His daughter had obviously orchestrated this to the letter. He definitely would do anything for her. As he leaned forward to kiss her, she lifted her right leg up and wrapped it around him. Their lips touched ever-so-slightly at first; her eyes never looking away from his, until he pressed himself firmly against her. Candy moaned softly and put her arms around him, then parted her lips slightly, allowing him to explore her mouth. Her heart was pounding, and she could feel the rest of her body responding as well. Gary parted the kiss, and let his lips slide along her jaw, down to her neck, and then her shoulder. Both of his hands were free now, and he was totally helpless to stop himself. They began to roam down the length of her small frame. He noticed the bikini bottoms she was wearing were also tied on both sides.

Sensing his next move, Candy said “Hold that thought.” and then slipped out of his embrace and down under the water. Putting her feet against the side of the pool, she pushed off and slid through the water over to the other side. Gary spun around as she came to a stop and stood up again.

“Come with me” she said with an alluring grin and beckoned him with a crooked finger. With that, she submerged again and headed for the tunnel. He was right behind her. She was excited to realize that she leading not just a boy, but a man – her father – through the tunnel to her secret place. It was rather metaphorical, she thought.

Gary noticed a glow from under the water when he neared the end of the tunnel and then surfaced in the indoor room which she had prepared specifically for this occasion. Candles encircled the pool and filled almost every horizontal surface. Despite the warm glow given off by the candles, it was something else that took hold of his senses. It was probably the most beautiful thing he could remember seeing in a very long time.

Candy was sitting cross-legged on the side of the pool and leaning back on her hands, toes pointed, head back, and her long hair almost reaching the tile.

“Now, where were we?” she purred.

“Honey, i don’t know that I…er…we should be doin – “

“STOP right there, Mister!” she interrupted. “you’ve followed me into my secret place, and you can’t leave until we’ve finished what was started. There’s no one else around, and i promise that no word of this will ever leave this room. I would guess that you are in need of a little bit of fantasy in your life, no? I want to be the one thing that you’ve never had before. Something that you can’t get anywhere else. Now…I believe you were about to remove the rest of my swimsuit, but it looks like you need some more coaxing now, so…”

“No, wait” Gary heard himself say, “wrong as this is, i really, really do want to continue this.” Everything in his mind was telling him to stop and run away, but his desire was undeniable, and his daughter was growing more captivating by the minute as her looked her over from head to toe, basked in soft, warm light. It was an angelic sight to be sure, and he just couldn’t resist. She was the one who made the offer, right?

“So…?” Candy grinned.

Gary waded over to where she was sitting, and he placed his hands on her knees. He wondered why his wife never tried to seduce him this way. This is just the kind of passion and attention that he longed for. Candy uncrossed her legs, and keeping her toes pointed, she raised her right leg up and over his head and back down on his left side so that her legs were now open, allowing him to gaze at her glistening skin and the wet nylon fabric that clung to that most secret of places between her thighs.

“I’m going to make you feel beautiful, Baby” he said as he pulled the strings on both sides of her suit, and peeled it off her body. He could tell she was nervous, despite the sound of control in her voice, and the gleam in her eye. This would be a night that neither of them would ever forget. He knew that what they were about to do was unacceptable in almost every way that he could think of, and it was making it all the more exciting. His daughter’s body was now totally revealed to him for the first time in many years, and he marveled at the heavenly sight for a moment before picking her up and bringing her back down into the water. The spun around together so that he could sit on the underwater step, and she could sit on top and facing him.

Candy put her arms around his neck, closed her eyes, and laid back. In this position, güvenilir casino there was no doubt how turned on he was. She pressed herself against him and smiled. “Mmmm, Daddy, i can’t wait to feel that inside me!” The statement spoken aloud was almost more than he could bear.

Gary pulled her back up and started kissing her. he held on to her head as if to keep her from getting away. Her grinding was driving him crazy, but didn’t want to rush things. He really wanted this to last, and he was going to make it worth every moment. He laid her all the way back in the water, and lifted up her hips so that her pussy was right in his face. She had shaved so smooth that no one ever would have known that there had been any hair there. He literally felt hungry for her, and he wanted to devour her as though she were a sweet piece of fruit.

Candy let out a soft gasp as his tongue touched her swollen lips for the first time. She knew he could satisfy her longing. It was a fantasy coming true! It wasn’t the first time she’d been touched by a man, but she could tell that this would be better than anything else she had ever experienced before. She felt his tongue moving slowly up and down on her, and then in tiny circles. Her whole body was tingling from what he was doing, and she hoped that things would only get better.

Gary started sliding his tongue in and out of her. Even at this point, he was amazed how small and tight she was, and wondered if she’d be able to handle him. As anxious as he was to be inside her, it was important to him to please her first.

He didn’t have to wait long fo rthat. Her movements started small and her breathing seemed steady at first, but then her body began a small, rhythmic series of convulsions, and her soft whimpers grew steadily into louder moans and even excited requests. he could feel the tremors in her body and she was holding his head so tightly between her legs that he doubted he’d be able to hold his breath long enough to bring her to orgasm.

“Please, don’t stop – that feels sooo good!” she pleaded. “Oh…my…GOD!… that…feels…. so…. please don’t st….oh….my……..oh” getting louder and louder. “..I’m going to cum Daddy! I’m going….to…..!”

With that, all sounds stopped, save a high pitch squeal that was barely audible as her entire body went rigid in the water. The tremors lasted for just a short time, and then subsided into soft vibrations, and Gary could feel her thick, sweet juices covering his tongue and lips. He was all too eager to taste each and every drop. The mutual pleasure was beyond any words he had to describe it!


When Candy came down out of the clouds, she went limp in his arms, and he had to pull her back to him. Being close to him agian, they could feel each other’s heart beating. She was resting her head on his shoulder, which allowed him a wonderful view down the length of her back. Was she dreaming? Did all that really happen?! It was a feeling that she had never experienced before. She soon realized that it was not a dream when she felt her father’s hardened member. It was throbbing against her stomach. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes; lingering close to his face. She then closed her eyes and started to kiss him. Slowly and softly at first, but then becoming increasingly more passionate and deeper, working them into an almost animalistic state.

Not being able to wait any longer, Gary lifted his daughter up just enough so that he could lower her onto him. He wondered if she had even noticed that little move becasue she was so into the kissing, but the sudden wide-eyed look on her face as she sat up straight indicated that she was now fully aware of his large cock starting to push it’s way inside her. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. It was obvious to him that he wouldn’t be able to last long.

She was completed engorged by him, not believing how full she felt with him inside her. What an awesome feeling! She lowered herself slowly until he was totally buried in her, and then she stayed still for a bit to fully appreciate the sensation. Then a steady rhythm began, making the water slosh around them, and echo off the walls. “MMMM, i love this!” she cooed.

They continued in this position for a little while, but then Gary wanted to be able to see her body react to the treatment she was getting from him. From what he could tell, her senses were completely taken over by it. Gary stood up and turned them around, and layed her down on the towel she had been sitting on earlier, and pushed her back so that he could lay on top of her. he wanted her to feel his weight. His wife never liked this, but Candy seemed to get even more aroused with the knowledge that she was going to be pinned down and completely under his control. Actually, being in control is relative, as he would soon find out.

Gary was getting closer and closer to the point at which he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer, as he quickened his pace. Each of his thrusts were met with a girlish yelp of air being pushed from her lungs. He liked feeling her soft, firm body between him and the cold, hard tile floor. Each time he pushed himself into her, he penetrated a little deeper, and he knew he was about to cum.

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