Car Breakdown Encounter

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Air Hostess Car Breakdown

I am an air hostess for a well known airline flying from Heathrow. If I say so myself I am very attractive, especially in my uniform. Whether the airline would admit it or not, the uniforms were designed to be sexy, with a tight tailored skirt and jacket with a white blouse underneath. I’ve been working as an air hostess for nine years so I am used to men looking at me, mentally stripping me off. In fact I like the power my uniform has over male passengers.

For years I had been wearing stockings and a suspender belt as the feel of sexy undies under my uniform increased the feeling of sexuality, especially knowing what it would do to male passengers cocks if they knew. But the trouble with suspender belts was that they could rub or slide down a little. I never liked hold ups so wondered what I could do until I was walking passed a shop selling all sorts of undies including open bottom girdles with suspenders. As soon as I saw them I thought they wound be ideal, comfortable and also sexy. I bought two black lacy girdles made from a very fine see-through material. At first I wore my panties under the girdle but found it was more practical to wear panties over the top as it made getting them down easier.

On this particular day I was wearing white bikini panties over my black lacy girdle, and with my sexy uniform on I knew I looked very sexy. My vagina was clean shaven as usual, I enjoy the feeling of my bare vagina rubbing on my panties, especially when I am wet. The flight I had been working on was quite normal, the normal remarks from the male passengers, inviting me to spend time at their hotels, just a way to see if they could get into my knickers and I knew if I ever took up an offer, as soon as I got to the hotel, my panties would be down in a flash. Just imagining what these men would do always made me wet. Quite often when being chatted up and propositioned, I would be creaming my panties making them wet as they passed between my legs.

I was driving back to my flat from the airport when I heard the car start to make a noise. I pulled over realising the car was about to breakdown. I got out my mobile phone and of course being in the middle of the countryside, there was no signal. Cursing I started to walk. To make matters worse it then started to rain, I didn’t have a coat or umbrella so was soon getting quite wet when a car pulled up, the driver asked if he could help. I explained my dilemma, he told me he only lived around the corner, and that I could call the breakdown service and then wait for them to fix the car. I was suspicious, but the the man, who introduced himself as Ken, seemed respectable, older then me, looking very distinguished. He was also dressed in a smart suit and drove an expensive car so I thought, “why not”.

I jumped into his car, it was only a short journey to his house. The house was quite large and in its own grounds. As Ken showed me in he told me he owned a successful computer company so he bought this house as a weekend retreat. I asked if he was married but he said he never had been although he liked ladies, and giving me a smile said,

“and I’m quite successful with them.”

The look he gave me immediately turned me on, I could feel myself getting wet and knew if Ken had his way, my panties would be down in a flash and I would end the journey with my panties stained with his sperm. My thoughts were interrupted by Ken who suggested I had a shower while he dried my uniform. The breakdown company were going to be a least an hour and I didn’t fancy sitting around in a wet uniform so I agreed. Ken showed casino şirketleri me upstairs to a guest bedroom, bought some towels and told me to leave my wet uniform outside the door and he would pick it up and dry it. I took off the wet uniform skirt and jacket, I was glad that the rain had not soaked through to my blouse or undies. Placing the uniform outside the door I quickly removed my blouse and undies and went into the on-suite shower. I spent ages in the shower enjoying the hot water and was soon warmed up. As I showered I wondered how long it would be before Ken tried to get into my knickers, not long I thought. I also wonder how much I should resist, being honest I wanted to get my panties down and open my legs for Ken as soon as we had arrived at the house but I thought he was probably used to that, expecting his female guests to part their thighs for him, expecting as soon as he made a pass, their panties would be down in a flash.

As I thought about my next move I finished in the shower, wrapped myself in a towel and went to leave; but as I tried to open the door from the on-suite I realised it had jammed and try as I did, I couldn’t open it. It started banging on the door and shouting, soon I heard Ken outside the bedroom asking if I was OK, I replied,

“the shower door is stuck, I cannot get out.”

Ken told me to hang on, he would soon have the door open. I heard him come into the bedroom, then I remembered my undies, I had pulled down my panties, girdles and stockings all together, in too much of a hurry to get to the shower, they were in a tangled heap on the bedroom floor, he would see my undies, girdle included. I blushed knowing what he would see, but it was too late. Ken seemed an age in the bedroom, I wondered if he was examining my defenceless undies, examining the material of my panties the only minutes before had been between my legs, I though of the wet patch where I had been creaming my panties; I remembered the yellow patch of wee, the result of a busy flight, he would have access to my undies including my dirty panties, I blushed in embarrassment. My thoughts were interrupted by his voice be the shower door,

“I’ll soon have the door open, are you decent?”

I replied saying I was covered by the towel and to go ahead. As he fiddled with the door he said,

“I noticed your a girdle wearer, good, they are my favourites, not enough girls wear girdles now, I always encourage my girlfriends to wear a girdle, very feminine and sexy.”

It was strange listening him discussing my undies. I asked him why he liked girdles, he replied,

“deep down, girls still want to be dominated, girdles encourage that, they make a girl dressed ready to be dominated, you like to be dominated don’t you?”

It was true, he was correct, I blushed even more, he knew my secret, I wanted him to dominate me, make me get my panties down and open my legs for him, leave with my panties stained with his sperm. He added,

“I knew when I first spoke to you that you wanted to be dominated, I can always tell, now I know you wear a girdle, that confirms it, when you agreed to come back with me I thought I would be able to have you part your thighs.”

Before I had a chance to answer, the door creaked then opened allowing me to get back into the bedroom. Ken had gone back into the bedroom and had picked up my undies,

“what are you doing with my undies?”

I exclaimed, he replied almost nonchalantly,

“just untangling them for you.”

I could only blush furiously as he undid each stocking before laying them neatly on the bed, then casino firmaları he untangled my panties from my girdle, before laying them next to the stockings; the wet patch and yellow stain on my white panties clearly showing increasing my embarrassment and humiliation. Having sorted my undies he smiled and said he would leave me to get dressed adding,

“your uniform isn’t dry yet, I have left a dressing gown for you,”

sure enough there was a very sheer white see through dressing gown on the bed.

“don’t worry, it hasn’t been used, I bought it for a friend but never got to give it to her.”

With that he left. I dressed putting on my bra, blouse, girdle, stockings then finally my panties. I looked at myself in the mirror, the blouse was quite long but still revelled quite a lot of my girdle and panties, and of course my stockings. I put on the dressing gown, it was a perfect fit but very see through, the outline on my undies clearly showing.

I made my way down stairs and in to the lounge where Ken was waiting, Ken looked at me in a very sensuous way virtually stripping me with his eyes. Knowing how I looked and seeing his reaction instantly turned me on, I could feel myself start to get wet. As I stood before him, creaming my panties he broke the silence saying,

“sit down, I have got you a drink, your uniform won’t be dry for another ten minutes, here sit.”

He showed me to a seat then sat opposite me, my dressing gown opened revelling my legs and undies, I could see Ken’s eyes looking at my exposed undies, I could see a bulge in his trousers which he made no attempt to hid. Ken remarked,

“well you would never have an empty flight in that uniform,”


I agreed,

“and I would never finish a flight without my panties being down.”

We both laughed and sipped our drinks. Despite his obvious intentions, Ken was good company, very attentive and witty making me feel totally at ease. As I relaxed more I started to feel more naughty and part my thighs for Ken to get an eyeful of the vee of my panties, sitting knowing my panties are showing and a man can see the colour of my undies is a big turn on for me, it made me conscience on how wet I was.

Ken offered to show me around the house which I accepted. He showed me into the drawing room gesturing me to go in first so he could pat my bum as I went into the room, I have never had a man pat my bum, normally I would have slapped his face, but with Ken it felt; well right. The drawing room was wonderful, furnished with antique chairs, tables etc. On the wall above the fireplace was a large mirror, I looked at my reflection, the dressing gown was so see through, my undies were clearly showing, I knew Ken was getting an uninterrupted view of my undies, knowing what he could see only increased my arousal, I was conscience of how wet my panties were as they passed between my legs. Ken made no attempt to hide his bulging erection and he probably knew I was creaming my panties waiting for his to make his move; knowing my panties would be down in a flash. But Ken took his time, describing the room while taking the opportunity to slide his hand on my thigh, feeling the top of my stockings and suspenders through the fine material of my dressing gown.

The next room was the study, this time as we entered Ken rested his hand on my bum. Once in the room, Ken stood behind me and put his hand under my dressing gown a started to feel the inside of my thighs whilst rubbing his erection into my bum, it felt so sexy, him describing the room décor while taking liberties with my body; blatantly güvenilir casino feeling me up. His touch was so very sensuous, turning me on, making me wet. The conversation soon got around to my undies. Ken told me how much he liked girdles saying it was a shame they weren’t so popular now, describing how as a young man, he had affairs with a lot of office girls who all wore girdles and who all liked to be dominated adding,

“once you got to a girl’s girdle, you knew her knickers would be down.”

I explained why I wore a girdle in preference to a suspender belt but I think we both knew, I wanted to be dominated, taken in hand, made to get my panties down and open my legs.

As we continued to chat, Ken undid the dressing gown, he now had full access to my undies. His hand went to explore between my legs, I was standing with my thighs pressed together restricting his access. I knew that if I parted my thighs even a little, his hand would go between my legs and explore my most intimate parts, he would feel my wetness, and that would be it, my panties would be down in a flash. But by now all my resistance had gone, I resigned myself to the inevitable and parted my thighs; his hand did go straight between my legs and immediately started to feel my open wet vagina through the thin material of my panties. His touch sent shock waves of pleasure through me as he teased my vagina with his fingers, I felt very ashamed knowing he had discovered how wet I was, he could feel my wetness soaking my panties as they passed between my legs. His touch got more intense, more sensuous, I was soon quietly gasping with pleasure as his fingers continued to explore and tease me. I shifted position slightly, just enough to reach around and feel his bulging erection through his trousers. His cock felt rock hard and quite big, I couldn’t wait too feel it inside me, fucking me. As I massaged his cock through his trousers, I felt his fingers go under the leg of my panties, he then started to stimulate my clean shaven vagina, his sensuous touch making me unable to stop myself gasping with pleasure. We stood there caressing each other for a little longer then Ken stopped, took me by the hand and led me from the study, up the stairs to the master bedroom where he picked me up and carried me in gently laying me on the large bed; I was so turned on I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. After he lay me on the bed Ken told me,

“its time for me to give you the fucking you deserve.”

I felt Ken’s fingers reach for the waistband of my panties which he proceeded to ease down my legs until they reached the tops of my stockings.

Instinctively opened my legs as far as my panties stretched between my thighs would allow hoping I would feel his cock penetrate me, I was not disappointed, I soon felt his cock at the entrance of my open hole, he then pushed it gently in until with one final thrust, he fully penetrated me. His cock was huge and rock hard, each trust made me cry out with pleasure. I could feel his cock get harder and harder until finally it exploded which triggered my own orgasm. His cock pumped for what seems an age with me gasping with my orgasm. Finally he pulled out his cock, still pumping; covering the mound of my vagina with his sperm. He then used my panties still stretched around my thighs to dry the sperm and vagina cream from his cock as if to complete my sense of being dominated.

Ken left the room so I pulled up my panties and straightened my clothes. Ken returned with my uniform so I finished dressing before joining him again in the lounge. As we spoke I could feel his sperm leaking from my vagina staining my panties! It wasn’t long before the car breakdown people called, my car was fixed. Ken drove me back to my car so I continue home. As he left, he told me to drop in and “drop em” again, an offer I don’t intent to refuse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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