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I was 36 when I started grad school. I was older because I had spent a lot of years in the military and also on starting a family. I got into a pretty good school and four years later I was writing my thesis. My area of concentration was U.S. History and in particular 19th century reform movements. This meant I spent a lot of time in the school archives as well as other archives and libraries. My advisor told me the more original source material I used the better. I was an excellent researcher so I was more than up to the challenge.

It was early May and I was in the bowels of Widener Library hunting down a book. I was going to go from there through the tunnel to the archives. It wasn’t at all unusual to be the only one back in the stacks and quite honestly I preferred it that way. A couple of times while hunting the book I needed I thought I heard someone else in the stacks with me but didn’t see them. I didn’t think much of it but it did pique my curiosity a bit. I remember looking at my watch and seeing it was just a little after six which gave me another full three hours before the library closed. It wasn’t unusual for students to get trapped in Widener as big as it is. Graduate students would get the customary “you know better” whereas undergrads were threatened with a loss of privileges. Being allowed in the stacks was unusual for undergrads so holding that over their heads provided a bit of leverage.

I was walking down one of the aisles towards the rear of the building when I saw a stunning young woman standing on a stool to reach a book on the top shelf. When first seeing her I guessed she couldn’t have been more than 19 or 20. She had auburn hair that was tied up behind her head. She wore a long dress that pinched at her waist and fell to her ankles. Back then we weren’t far removed from the hippie years so I figured her to be a bit of a throwback although punk style was coming in so it was a bit unusual.

I continued walking down the aisle. I needed to go to the other side of where she was standing. Just as I reached her she went to take a step off the stool and lost her balance. Being rather agile I was able to catch her before she fell to the floor.

The woman looked a bit shocked and then said, “Thank you.” She blushed although for the life of me I couldn’t understand why.

Being recently divorced and lacking in female companionship I quickly decided to take advantage of the opportunity afforded me. “It’s my pleasure.” I smiled and nodded to her. “People have been known to die from falling off these stools and then not be discovered for weeks down here.” I lied of course but it was an attempt at a bit of light humor.

“Is that so?” She responded with a serious look on her face.

I couldn’t believe she was taking me seriously. “No, of course not, I was just joking.” My attempt at humor having failed I tried another tact. “So what are you looking for down here?”

“A book on Josiah Quincy, do you know of him?”

“Actually I do. I wrote a paper on him last year. He was the 2nd lay president of the college 1839 to 1845.”

“Well, I’m impressed.” She said finally breaking a smile. “I’m sorry but I shouldn’t be talking to you as we haven’t been formally introduced. My father would truly disapprove.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name’s Henry Everett. My friends call me Hank.”

“I’m Caroline Stevens and my friends call me Caroline.”

“Isn’t that just a bit formal?” I asked her. I thought I was heading down a road I didn’t want to be on so I quickly changed the subject to something I consider more controllable. “So maybe I can help you with your research my having already done it.”

Caroline looked at me pensively and then said, “Well maybe you can.” She then proceeded to ask me questions about where to find certain facts. They were all pretty basic questions that I answered easily. Finally she asked, “So you teach in the history department I take it.” Before I could disabuse her of the idea she continued. “I’m surprised I haven’t seen you around here but then you know we Cliffies are reigned in pretty tightly.”

“I don’t teach here,” I said almost laughing, “I’m a student here just like you. I’m doing my thesis work now.”

“Fascinating.” She replied. I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic but decided to take it at face value. As we continued to talk whole demeanor seemed to change in a way that is difficult casino şirketleri to explain save to say that she was more warm and bubbly. She had transformed from this very serious woman to a happy and free spirit.

Caroline carried the conversation and then suddenly said, “Listen to me, I’m gong on and on. What about you?”

Her question confused me. I had no idea where it was coming from. So instead of querying her I asked, “Do you mind if I call you Carrie?”

“No actually, I’d love it. My best friend calls me that and I really like it.” She was off to the races again chattering about everything. Finally she said, “Listen, I know a room over there” she was pointing through the stacks toward the side of the library “that one of the professors always leaves unlocked. Let’s go in there so we can sit down and be more comfortable.”

I told her I thought that’d be a good idea. Carrie led the way and as she said there was an unlocked door to one of the offices. Just as we walked through the door Carrie turned around and said, “See what I mean.” I verbally agreed and nodded my head but as I nodded I took notice of her dress’s loose neckline. I could see the soft swell of her breasts. “Men!” Carrie said sternly. I was about to apologize when she said, “But I’m glad you like them.” Carrie through her arms around me and kissed me dead on the lips. The first kiss was a fun sort of kiss. As she broke that kiss Carrie looked up into my eyes with her emerald green eyes, a real bedroom look. Then she kissed me again only this time there was a passion about it. She would kiss me and then lightly brush her lips against mine and kiss me again. When she brushed our lips it sent a tingling sensation up and down my spine.

As she kissed me Carrie had pressed her body firmly against mine and was moving it ever so slightly back and forth against me. We continued to kiss and as we did my hand moved from her back to her side and up to her breast. The moment I touched her breast Carrie stepped back. I was certain I was about to be reprimanded. Instead she turned around and said, “Get the buttons.”

I was a little taken aback but more than willing. I fumbled through the buttons and as the dress fell from her shoulders a slip and petticoat came into view. “Wow, look at that.” I said indicating her underclothing. Carrie gave me a puzzled look but said nothing. When she stepped out of the slip she was wearing she was in just a pair of panties. I thought they looked a bit large but considering the rest of her dress I wasn’t surprised. I was looking upon what seemed to be 36D breasts, a small waist but broad hips. I’d say she was 38 or even 40 around the hips. Still, she looked absolutely stunning standing there in all her glory.

“Well?’ Carrie said finally and pointedly.

“Ooops, sorry, I was just taking you in. You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh you don’t have to say that. I know I’ve got a big bottom.”

As I stripped off my clothes I decided not to challenge her perception and instead said, “You know you have the most gorgeous eyes. I’ll bet you’ve caught lots of guys with just a look of your eyes.”

“Oh heavens no,” Carrie said, “I’ve never had a beau. I’ve never even . . .” Carrie’s quick paced speech suddenly stopped as she seemed to be looking for the right words but she didn’t continue.

“You’ve never even what?” I asked finally.

“You know.” She said showing her embarrassment.

I thought about it for a second and then said, “You mean you’ve never . . .” I didn’t want to say the word fuck or even the phrase make love. It was apparent to me that such talk embarrassed her. Carrie looked down and shook her head no.

I looked around the room and was happy this professor had a smallish sofa in his office. I motioned Carrie to sit there and I sat next to her. As I went to kiss her neck Carrie seemed to suddenly stiffen up. “Are you all right?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied nervously, “I want this.” I reached out and gently caressed her breasts. They were firm with pebble stiff nipples. The areola surrounding them was very light in color. Her skin was silky soft and very pale. As I first touched her nipple it raised goose bumps on her flesh very noticeably. Then I placed a hand on each breast and fondled them, caressed them, made love to them with my hands. As I took one hand away I let the other trace its way down her belly to her pussy. She had casino firmaları a fair amount of pussy hair which was a little darker than the hair on her head. When my finger touched the lips of her pussy she shuddered. I pressed her back on the sofa so she was in a semi-reclining position. I quickly kissed her lips and then gently sucked first on one nipple and then the other.

I continued kissing my way down her body but just as I was about to kiss her pussy she said, “No, don’t. That’s dirty!”

Carrie had opened her eyes and was looking at me when I said, “Yeah, that’s the point.” Her expression changed quickly to one of confusion.

Finally she said, “But good girls don’t let a gentleman do that.”

I was really taken back by what I saw as some confused moralistic ideals. Finally I said, “But that’s what makes it fun.” I kissed her lips then her neck and then said, “Okay?” Before she answered I was kissing her breasts again, sucking on her nipples and then kissing between her breasts and down her belly.

“Okay,” she said hesitantly. Feeling I had the green light from her I quickly kissed my way down to her pussy and pressed my tongue again her pussy lips. “Oh!” She said in a sort of half surprise half sigh. The taste of her pussy was light and her scent quite delicate. I could feel her relax a bit and her legs spread apart a little more. I lifted my head up just enough so I could look at her beautiful pussy and the pressed my face back down into it. As I ran my tongue down her pussy the tip of my tongue flicked over her harden clit. She let go of a very pronounced “Oh!” as my tongue went over her clit and then followed than with a very satisfied sort of “mmmmm”. I continued sucking on her clit and running my tongue up and down her pussy and as I did she began to squirm beneath me. I could also hear little “ohs” escape from her lips each time my tongue touched a sensitive point which seemed to be just about everywhere.

My cock was so hard and begging for attention I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I moved myself up on the sofa and between Carrie’s legs. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the tip of it up and down her pussy. Carrie looked up at me and said, “Please be gentle, I’ve never done this before.” Even though she had previously said in so many words that she was a virgin hearing her say it now was incredibly erotic. I wanted to plunge my cock into her pussy hard and take her that way. She did look so innocent laying there even naked as she was. I didn’t want to hurt her though as I went through her hymen. I knew it was inevitable that it might hurt a little bit so I told her that and she said it was all right and gave me a nervous smile.

I pressed my cock slowly into her pussy. In my mind was the thought that my cock was the first to enter her pussy. As her pussy began to surround my cock I thought of how this sensation was a first for her and I was doing it for her. As I went deeper I readied for the backpressure of her maidenhead. Finally I was all the way in her and there had been no hymen to break through. I knew there were a dozen reasons this could be so but I did feel a twinge of disappointment. I wanted to feel my cock breaking through and then I realized it was my good fortune that hadn’t happened. Hopefully it meant no blood and where we hadn’t put a towel or anything beneath her there’d be no mess to deal with, hopefully.

As I pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed it back into her I said, “Oh your pussy feels so good.”

Carrie’s eyes opened upon hearing my words and whispered, “Don’t say that.” I couldn’t believe her request but her innocence was such a turn on it actually made me feel like my cock suddenly swelled inside her. Now it felt like her pussy was wrapped very tightly around my cock and that it was resisting me effort to pull it out and then pulling me back in as I entered her again. Each time I entered her Carrie said an increasingly pronounced, “oooh!” As my rhythm picked up so did her saying “oh” and then as my cock was going quickly in and out of her, my balls slapping noisily against her ass she said, “Yes, fuck me Hank!”

I couldn’t believe what I heard escape her lips and it pushed me right over the top. The cum quickly swelled up from my balls and into my cock and my cock swelled in her pussy. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna come!” I almost yelled. Seconds later I could feel my cock exploding inside Carrie’s pussy güvenilir casino and Carrie responded by saying “Oh yes, I’m coming!” Carrie seemed to change right there beneath me and as my orgasm started to subside she yelled, “Fuck me more!” She kept saying it and saying it. It wasn’t long before sweat was rolling down my face and falling on her body. Carrie was glistening with sweat as well. I can only guess that it was a combination of the strength of her words and her newly lost innocence that kept me hard inside of her.

We continued to fuck and Carrie came several times more and I came once again as well which surprised me. The male multiple orgasm, who knew? Finally we collapsed in each other’s arms and lay there curled up on the sofa, slightly panting and slowly cooling down. I didn’t know what to say and decided saying nothing was all right. I playfully touched Carrie’s breasts. She smiled back at me and closed her eyes. I felt like I could fall asleep right there just like that. It was then I noticed a clock. It was 15 minutes before closing time.

“Quick!” I said, “We’ve gotta get dressed and get out of here or we’re gonna get locked in her. It’s getting late.” I stood up and looked down at Carrie. She smiled back at me and slowly stood and started to dress herself.

As soon as I had buttoned up her dress for her she said to me, “Wait here a minute, I’ve got to get something.” She didn’t wait for a response from me quickly disappearing into the stacks. I waited five minutes and when she didn’t return I went out into the stacks and called her name. There was no response. I called a little louder and still no response. I repeated this several more times walking through the stacks looking for Carrie and calling her name and getting no response. I looked at my watch. It was five minutes to close. I ran up the stairs and out to the library entrance. I told the guard there I was waiting for someone to come out and he said it’d be all right for me to wait there. At five minutes past the hour a librarian came down the steps just beyond the door to where I stood.

The librarian looked at the guard and said, “You can go now Jerry, everyone’s out.”

“What about the stacks?” I questioned him.

“Everyone’s gone sir, we did our checks.”

I was confused and didn’t know what to say. The guard ushered me out the doors so he could lock up. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind from Carrie ditching me to her being in the stacks still and not being detected. I waited outside on the library steps for 15 minutes. Students who found themselves locked in the library always got out by that time and still there was no Carrie.

I wandered around the side of the library and out into the street. I decided I needed a drink and went to a nearby pub. As I entered I saw a friend of mine, Sam. He greeted me and I joined him and told him about meeting Carrie with giving him the part about the sex we’d just had.

Sam was actually an undergrad at the school and I was a TA in one of his classes. We’d become friendly and then friends because we’d graduated from the same high school. “So what’s your mystery girl’s name Hank?” Sam finally asked me.

“Carrie,” I said, “Caroline Stevens.”

Sam laughed and said, “Yeah good one, so don’t tell me her name.”

“That’s her name.” I said defensively.

Sam could see I was serious and said, “So you’re telling me you talked to the Widener ghost?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked sharply.

“The Widener ghost, don’t you know?” I think he could see from the expression on my face that I didn’t know so he continued, “The story goes that one of the Cliffies, Caroline Stevens, was murdered in the stacks back at the turn of the century and her ghost roams the stacks seeking revenge.”

“Well the woman I met wasn’t a ghost and she was very nice, not looking for revenge so it must be another Caroline Stevens.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Sam said.

As the days and weeks passed I kept looking for Caroline but found no trace of her. Then one day I had to go to the president’s office to get permission to look at a journal of one of his ancestors. His secretary had me sit until he was ready. As I looked up at the wall I saw a painting of Caroline hanging there with a much older man. I got up and looked more closely at it search out a plate saying who was in the painting. “Do you know who this painting is of?” I asked the secretary.

“Ah yes,” she replied a little hesitantly. “That’s Noah Stevens and his daughter Caroline. He was some big wig on the board of directors here way back around 1910 I think.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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