Carried Away

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When they decided to start a new business, one of Steve and Zoe’s first priorities was to get their new premises sorted. Unfortunately their limited funds made this a major problem. That was until, in the course of a casual conversation, John and Helen offered to lend them the money, on more or less commercial terms, but with a repayment schedule to suit their cash flow. Now that everything was finished, with the exception of office furniture, they decided to have a bit of a celebratory bash.

Not only did they invite John and Helen, but also the builders who had done such a fantastic job, both in terms of quality and speed of getting the job done. It seemed fitting to hold the do at the offices, and so they laid on plenty of booze and a few snacks and invited them all round. The evening went very well, and the beer and wine flowed. Inevitably the two women were the centre of attraction and as inhibitions were dulled by the alcohol the flirting got more obvious and more suggestive.

When Helen was asked whether she was wearing a bra under her blouse she told the guy that she wasn’t with a grin. He immediately challenged her to prove it. Her grin became even more mischievous as she asked Zoe to help her out. Taking Zoe’s hands she guided them to the buttons on her blouse. After a moment’s hesitation Zoe began to undo them with shaking hands. She had often admired Helen’s figure, and secretly wondered what she would look like without her clothes. And now she was about to find out, at least partially.

Each button that she undid revealed a bit more of Helen’s body, and Zoe had the best seat in the house, her eyes fixed on the curve of Helen’s breasts as they came into partial view. Finally she got to the last button, and unfastened it to leave the blouse fully open. Helen turned to face the builder who had challenged her and opened her blouse completely to flash her firm breasts at him. This drew a cheer from the builders, while John and Steve stood there looking slightly awkward.

Emboldened by the response Helen turned to Zoe “Your turn”. Zoe looked to Steve who gave a non-committal shrug. Emboldened by the champagne and Helen’s cajoling, Zoe reached down and pulled the bottom of her top up over her head, revealing a white lacy bra. Helen stood close up in front of her and reached round to undo the bra, letting it fall to the floor. The tips of their breasts brushed against each other fleetingly, causing them to look up at each other.

“Snog. Snog. Snog.” Came the chant casino şirketleri from the builders. Still looking into each other’s eyes their open mouths hesitantly closed in until their lips made gentle contact. The kiss started off very tender with their soft, moist lips pressing gently together. The sexual tension soon increased the passion and they kissed harder, their tongues exploring and probing. The builders were cheering louder now. The husband’s were looking less awkward and more excited, the growing bulges in their trousers matched by the widening of their eyes.

Helen whispered into Zoe’s ear, and the two women turned to their husbands and simultaneously started to unbutton their shirts. Initially the two men resisted, less keen on becoming participants than they were on being spectators. The ladies persisted though, and soon all four of them were standing there topless. The builders had become a bit quieter now, clearly uncertain where this was heading, and not wanting to break the mood.

It became clearer where it was heading when Zoe’s fingers started to work at Steve’s belt. Helen planted a big kiss on John’s lips and went over to help Zoe. In no time the two of them had Steve stepping out of his trousers. Zoe squeezed the bulge in his boxers and Helen put her hand on top of Zoe’s. Releasing her grip on Steve, Zoe took Helen’s hand and guided it down inside the waistband of his underwear. Helen’s hand instinctively closed around his shaft leaving Zoe free to pull his boxers down over his thighs. As he stepped out of them she helped him remove his socks and shoes as well, leaving him standing there completely naked, his hard cock in Helen’s hand and Zoe kneeling in front of him. Without releasing her grip Helen fed the tip of his cock into his wife’s waiting mouth, letting her tease the sensitive tip with her lips and tongue.

With her free hand Helen gestured John to join them. As he got to her side she started to try and undo his belt one handed. Glancing up Zoe so that she was struggling, and left Steve in Helen’s capable hand, to help undo John’s trousers. As they fell to the floor she helped him out of his shoes and socks as well, leaving him standing there in just his briefs. Reaching up Zoe started to slowly pull his briefs down, letting out a small gasp as his erection sprang into view. As soon as it was released from the restraint Helen made a grab for it, so that she was now standing between both men, wanking them simultaneously. Not wanting to leave casino firmaları her friend out she guided Steve’s cock to his wife’s mouth once more.

Zoe was so focused on sucking her husband that she didn’t notice Helen manoeuvring John round until she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her cheek. As she turned to look Helen pressed the tip against her mouth. Without even thinking about what she was doing Zoe parted her lips to allow him to slide inside. Responding to the motion generated by Helen’s hand she began to move her head back and forwards, at the same time using her tongue to tease the sensitive underside of his cock.

The builders were now watching in total silence, and all of them had their hands in their pockets touching themselves as they watched. Meanwhile Helen had influenced Zoe to switch back to giving Steve a blow job. She was now clearly taking control of the situation as she fed first one and then the other cock into Zoe’s mouth. Deep down Zoe knew she shouldn’t be doing this but there was no doubting the sexual stimulation she was deriving from the sheer naughtiness of it. Curiously she felt a pang of jealousy when she looked up to see Helen taking it in turns to kiss both of the men. However this didn’t stop her from taking John into her mouth again when Helen decided it was his turn.

Deciding it was time to move on, Helen told Steve to lie down on his back, which he did. She then took Zoe by the hand and guided her so that she was standing directly over his face, before helping her to slowly lower herself until she was squatting with her pussy pressing against his suddenly eager tongue. His tongue licked and probed at her, further increasing her already heightened state of arousal.

At the same time as John reached down to start tweaking at her nipples she heard the sound of Helen starting to suck on Steve’s erection, which was pointing straight at the ceiling, as hard as it had ever been. John’s fingers were now verging on the rough side of firm as he continued to play with her nipples, but this only helped to turn her on more, and she was soon groaning with pleasure as she ground her pussy against Steve’s mouth until her orgasm subsided.

She now turned to watch as his cock slid in and out of Helen’s mouth as she expertly took him almost all the way in on each downward movement of her head. Exciting though this sight was she now wanted Steve inside her. She took Helen’s head in her hands and eased it up away from Steve. Still güvenilir casino holding her head gently she leaned forward to kiss her, using her tongue to taste Steve on her lips and in her mouth. Breaking off from the kiss she straddled her husband, lowering herself slowly and seductively onto his eager shaft.

While she started to ride him she watched Helen lower her own pussy onto Steve’s ever willing tongue. Helen had made sure she was facing Zoe and as John moved to stand between them they both leaned slightly forwards until they were kissing across the swollen end of his cock.

Sensing a movement they both looked up momentarily to see that all of the builders now had their cocks poking out of their flies and were openly wanking while they watched the show. Not only that but they were walking round so that they formed a loose circle around the two couples. Deciding that the point of no return had long ago been reached they both returned their attentions to their husbands. They were now taking it in turns to let John fuck their mouths, his hips thrusting harder as his excitement mounted.

Both women were starting to breathe harder now as they started to build towards climax. It was Helen who came first, throwing her head back and moaning loudly as her orgasm convulsed through her body. At the same time Zoe felt cum spurting onto her arm and breasts as one of the builders climaxed himself. The other four were not far behind and the sight and sensation of all of these men shooting cum over the two couples tipped Zoe over into her own orgasm. In turn the tightening of her pussy and grinding of her hips caused Adam to thrust upwards as he shot his own cum deep inside her.

That only left John, but it was only a matter of moments before he was coming inside Helen’s mouth. As his shuddering finally subsided Helen leaned forwards to kiss Zoe. At first Zoe was shocked to find that Helen had kept most of John’s cum inside her mouth and was now sharing it with her, but the shock was soon replaced with further naughty excitement. This was heightened as she watched Helen start to rub the huge amounts of cum that had been deposited onto her all over her body. She was amazed to find that she was close to another orgasm, and with Steve’s cock still inside her she reached down to rub her clit, her fingers working furiously for the few seconds it took to deliver another climax.

There now followed the inevitable awkward silence until, as one, the builders started to clap and cheer. This broke the ice completely and the silence was filled with raucous conversation and laughter as the four of them got dressed.

When everyone else had finally gone Zoe and Steve agreed that they hoped business would be as successful as the evening had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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