Catching up with Connor

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Sophie tapped on the table, her fingernails drumming against the metal top as she glanced at her watch. Shifting in her seat, she realized she hated waiting for anyone. Where is he? She wondered, glancing at her watch again as she wondered what was keeping her brother. Connor had called her out of the blue, had asked if they could get together for lunch today. I wonder what’s up, Sophie wondered, her hand smoothing down the skirt of her light summer dress as a warm breeze whistled around the patio causing the other patrons to scramble to grab their menus, to cover their drinks. Why does he want to see me? She mused, her hand holding her skirt in place as the persistent wind tried to push it up her thigh.

“Sophie!” A voice called out, causing her to look up, a smile crossing her face as she sees her older brother waving to her, moving purposefully across the crowded patio towards her table. “It’s good to see you! You look great!” He assured her as she stood up, the two siblings embracing tight.

“Thanks,” Sophie smiles, obviously pleased by her brother’s compliment. She’d never admitted it to anyone but she’d always had a bit of a crush on Connor, had fancied her older brother in ways that still brought a shameful blush to her cheeks. “You look good too,” she assured her, trying not to think about how good he looked to her. “So what’s up?” She asked as Connor took the seat opposite her.

“Nothing. I was thinking about you today and wanted to see you,” her brother shrugged with a smile. “I’m glad you could make it. How’s the family?”

“Gone to Windsor,” Sophie tells him. “The girls wanted to do some shopping and their dad agreed to take them. I think he realized I needed some time alone,” she laughs as the waiter suddenly appears beside their table, politely waiting for the drink order. Sophie is surprised when her brother orders a beer, thinking that it’s a bit early in the day, but finds herself following suit and ordering a glass of wine. They are soon chatting away, talking about anything and everything as they sip their drinks, quickly finishing the first round, a second round appearing on the table almost before either one of them had realized their glass was empty.

As she sipped at her second glass of wine, Sophie found herself looking at her brother, seeing him once more as a man, a rather desirable man who just so happened to be related to her. Her conversation became friendlier, flirtier as she sipped at the wine, finishing her second glass before their lunch even arrived. Why hadn’t she ever acted on her fantasies, her desire for him? Was it what she really wanted or was it the alcohol talking? Maybe she should make a move, see how he reacts?

Connor noticed the change in his sister, seeing how the wine was effecting her, how she was looking at him, and it brought a smile to his face. He’d always known that Sophie fancied him, not that she’d ever admit it nor done anything that might have shown her interest, but he’d known. And sometimes he’d wonder what would happen if he instigated something, if he’d made the first move. That was why he’d called her today, why he’d invited her out to lunch. After all these years he was determined to see if he was right, if his sister was interested in him as more than a brother. Now he just had to figure out how to make the first move.

It was another strong gust of wind, a capricious breeze, that was the catalyst they needed. The warm summer wind suddenly whipping up again, catching the hem of Sophie’s light summer dress and causing it to billow up, pushing it up to her narrow hips, exposing her legs and just a hint of her black lace panties. Connor turned his head, shielding his eyes from the wind and discovered that he could peer down through the metal grate work of the table top at one of the most enticing sites he’d seen. He found himself staring, his eyes running up his sister’s legs, tracing over the lacy edge of her underwear. Those look nice. Very sexy. Expensive, he found himself thinking, his tongue licking his lips instinctively as he ogled his sister.

Sophie gasped as the wind kicked up, her hand going to push her skirt down when she noticed where Connor was looking, a small shock of excitement running through her as she realized he was staring at her legs, at her panties! Could he be interested? Sophie wondered to herself, biting her lip in nervousness as she wondered whether she could tease more of a response out of her brother. Only one way to find out, she thought to herself, slowly spreading her legs slightly, her hand gripping the hem of her skirt, making it look like she was trying to straighten her dress when she was really pulling it out of the way, trying to give Connor a better view.

Connor’s mouth twitched into a smile as he stared at his sister’s panties, glad that the wind was wreaking havoc on her wardrobe, giving him this opportunity to admire her lace black panties as she struggled to fix her dress. Very nice, Connor nodded casino şirketleri to himself, his eyes running over the black lace, the slightly see through fabric as Sophie’s legs opened slightly, treating him to a lovely view between her thighs, his eyes running over the mound of her sex, tracing along the shape of her sex outlined by her panties.

He’s definitely interested, Sophie exclaimed happily in her head, watching her brother’s gaze as he stared at her crotch, watching the change in his eyes as she spread her legs a little wider. I know you like what you see, Connor, the wife and mother thought towards her brother, now come and get it. Take what you want, she willed her brother, feeling a rush of excitement wash down through her body, the warm pleasant eagerness centering in her sex. Christ, I’m getting wet just from him looking at me, she marveled, shifting in her seat a little, slumping down in the chair to push her panty covered sex closer to her brother’s ogling eyes.

God, I want to pull those panties off of her and lick that lovely mound for days, Connor thought to himself, wondering how she’d taste as his lips licked his lips once more. I need to know, I need to find out, he assured himself, knowing that no matter what he was going to have her, that he was going take her even if she didn’t want him. “We should… we should get going,” Connor suggests even though neither one of them has finished their meal. “It’s getting late. I’ll… I’ll walk you to your car,” he offers, hoping that there’s some quiet corner, an alley or doorway, along the way where he can satiate his lust for her. Or maybe he could convince her to go someplace else, someplace more secluded.

“Oh, yeah,” Sophie agrees, smoothing her skirt back down, hiding her panties from her brother once more. Would this be the time? Will he really do it? Sophie wondered to herself. If he doesn’t, I’ll make a move, she promised herself as she stood up, paying the tab, waiting for her brother to walk her to her car.

“This was fun,” Sophie assured her brother as they winded their way across the patio, Connor letting her proceed him as they navigated between the crowded tables.

“Yes, it was,” Connor agrees, his eyes tracing down his sister’s back, focusing on her small but perfectly shaped bum, watching it move as she walks in front of him. “We should have done this ages ago,” he assures her as they step out onto the sidewalk, both of them pausing, unsure what to do next. He didn’t want this to end, wanted to prolong his time with Sophie, give himself time to make a pass at her, to see if she was interested… but how do I do it without being too obvious? Connor wondered as he stood there, facing his sister somewhat awkwardly.

“I’m parked this way,” Sophie says, motioning down the street, wondering what she could do, what signal she could give her older brother that might prompt him into action.

“I’ll walk you to your car,” Connor volunteered eagerly, falling into step beside her. It was a pretty crowded sidewalk, numerous people jostling him as they walked past, bumping into his arm as groups of people squeezed past each other on the narrow sidewalk. To avoid the people, Connor moved closer to Sophie, his shoulder rubbing against hers with every step. The siblings kept talking, chatting together eagerly, their tipsy state causing their words to flow more freely. As Connor laughed at something his sister had said, his arm moved out, his hand caressing her shoulder, feeling her slender muscled back through her thin summer dress.

Sophie felt a thrill run through her as her brother put his hand on her back, feeling the firmness of his touch, the warmth of his hand at his unaccustomed contact. She felt a smile flicker across her lips as his hand lingered there, wishing that he’d move it down, that he’d slide his fingers down her back to her hip. Maybe even lower, she found herself thinking naughtily, enjoying the exciting closeness of his body to hers as they walked towards her car. Yes, just like that, Sophie found herself silently encouraging Connor as his hand lingered on her back, slowly sliding downwards, caressing the length of her spine until his fingers came to rest in the small of her back.

Connor watched his sister carefully out of the corner of his eye, trying to judge her reaction to his touch, the subtle caress as his hand caressed down her back, his palm pressing possessively into the hollow of her back as they walked. It was a very un-brotherly touch, hinting at an intimacy that they hadn’t experienced yet. Yet, Connor assured himself, feeling confident as he notices the small smile on Sophie’s lips, wondering if it was just his imagination or if she were walking with more of a seductive sway in her hips now.

“This… this is me,” Sophie announces reluctantly as they come up beside her car, wishing now that she’d parked further away, somewhere more secluded where her brother might be more emboldened to make a move. casino firmaları Maybe I should invite him over, she wondered, reluctantly digging her keys out of her purse. But what if the girls are back from shopping? I want to be alone with him, she thought in frustration, wondering if they’d missed their chance, that now that they were at her car they’d part, go their separate ways…

“Oh,” Connor sighs, frowning in disappointment as they stop, Sophie already digging in her purse for her keys. He didn’t want her to leave, knew that if he didn’t take a chance now he probably never would. “It was great seeing you again,” he assured her as she found her keys, both of them sort of dawdling, neither one wanting to say goodbye but unable to come up with something that’d keep them together.

“Yeah, you too,” Sophie says with a smile, moving to hug him. “It’s been too long,” she assures him softly, unsure if she’s talking about the time elapsed since she’d seen him or how long the tension between had been there.

“It has,” Connor agrees, taking her slender form into his arms, hugging her tight. He feels her petite body press against his, the warmth of her, the soft subtle scent of her filling his nose as he squeezes her. His face is so close to hers, his lips could brush against hers with just the slightest tilt of his head, his hand still resting in the small of her back…

Do it, Connor, Sophie wished, silently urging her brother on as she hugged him, feeling his body hard against hers, a shameful flush of excitement washing through her as she felt his cheek brush against hers, the light scrape of his stubble. Just turn your head, kiss me, Sophie thought towards him, her body trembling with excitement as he held her, her stomach filled with butterflies as she prayed for him to kiss her. Please.

Sophie stood there in his arms for what seemed like an eternity, her heart beating fast, his warm body pressed to hers. She wanted to wrap herself inside of him and become his, feel his arms crush the breath out of her. It was summer, broad daylight in a London street but, right there and then she wanted him.

Kiss me, she begged, in her head, in among these tangled thoughts.

Yet still he made no move. Lest it get awkward, although, to be honest, she could have stood like that all afternoon, Sophie eventually pulled away gently. Tilting her head up towards his, since he was almost a foot taller, she faced into his eyes, knowing full well how cute this pose was. She had used it to good effect on men before. It would have been so easy to kiss. To step across the invisible line.

Connor held her, his breath caught in his chest as he felt her slender form against his, felt the heat of her body through their clothes as he looked down at her. God, she’s cute like that, he marveled as she leaved back slightly, her head tilting up towards him. Like she wants to be kissed, Connor noted, no longer caring how public they were, how crowded the street around them was. Nothing else mattered to him right then, not the crowded sidewalk, the bustling traffic, not even the fact that she was his sister… the only thing Connor could think of was the feel of her in his arms and how badly he wanted to feel her lips against his. He moved without being conscious of it, his primal instinct, his desire taking over, causing his head to bend down, his mouth brushing softly against hers, tentatively at first but with growing confidence as he feels her respond to his kiss.

Sophie let out a soft gasp as her brother’s lips met hers, her body tensing in shock for a few heartbeats as she wondered if this was really happening, if after all those years of fantasizing about him, Connor was finally hers. She kissed him back, gently at first, tenderly, but then as the kiss lengthened, as he hugged her tighter, the kiss grew more passionate, more demanding. Sophie knew she was snogging her brother in the middle of the street, knew there were probably people pausing and gaping at this passionate display, but she didn’t care. This was what she’d wanted all those years and now, now she was going to have it.

Connor was shocked at the ferocity of Sophie’s kiss, the raw passion in her mouth as she kissed him, the illicit nature of this act adding to his desire, his boldness as his mouth opened, his tongue meeting hers in a tangled lustful dance. His hand slid down her back, onto her delightfully rounded bum, his fingers spreading wide, squeezing her ass hard as he pressed himself against her, letting her feel the hardness of his desire against her stomach.

“We… we should…shouldn’t we…” Sophie gasped as she pulled her mouth off his, her breath coming in short hard gasps, her eyes wide and shining with shocked excitement, her cheeks flushed.

“We should go to my place,” Connor insisted gently, still holding her tight, reluctant to let her out of his embrace, as if afraid that if he released her everything would revert back to güvenilir casino the way it was, that they’d fall back into their normal pattern as if that kiss never happened.

“We should go to my place.” The words echoed in Sophie’s mind, repeating over and over again as she stood there, looking up at him in a pleased daze, feeling his arms still around her, holding her tight, holding her close.

“Yes, we should,” Sophie agrees slightly breathlessly, her heart racing in her chest, beating loudly in her ears as she wondered if this was really happening, if after all the years of dreaming of this, of fantasizing about being with Connor, could it really be happening? She staggered slightly as Connor released her, feeling suddenly unsteady on her feet as she smiled up at him, feeling bashful as she noticed several people glancing at them as they passed on the crowded sidewalk.

Can it be? Is this really happening?, she pondered as the central locking kicked in and she slid into the car, not caring how much her dress slid up now. Such a lovely day, she beamed inwardly with happiness, her stomach fluttering in anticipation as she let the sunroof of her Mini wind back, positioned her sunglasses and prepared to drive off.

She glanced over at Connor as he climbed into the car, a smile like the Cheshire Cat on her face as she noted his eyes on her exposed thighs. She let her legs drift apart slightly as she gave his thigh a playful squeeze, asking him unnecessarily, “Where to?”

“Anywhere you’ll take me,” Connor replied with a flirtatious smile, a smile that caused his sister to flush an even brighter red, her hand lingering on his thigh as she maneuvered the car out into traffic. He smiled at her, watching Sophie carefully as she drove, her hand returning to his leg whenever it could, whenever it wasn’t needed on the wheel, her small fingers gently massaging his thigh through his pants. He let his eyes run over his sister’s slender petite frame, admiring her small form, the bare expanse of her thighs as she drove, leaning over slightly to peer down the top of her dress. She’s not wearing a bra, he assured himself, his gaze glancing across the smooth curves of her small breasts, catching just a hint of the pink tips as she drove through the crowded London streets.

“You can park here,” he instructed her, motioning towards a car park a few blocks from his building. It was further away than he’d normally park but he was impatient, he didn’t want to wait anymore, couldn’t wait any longer to feel her in his arms again, to taste her lips. He barely waited until she’d maneuvered the Mini into a space, the parking brake just applied when he reached for her, grabbing her, pulling her needfully to him once more.

Sophie let out a soft gasp of surprise as her brother grabbed her, his arms encircling her broad swimmer’s shoulders, pulling her to him as his mouth covered her’s once more. This time there was no hesitation, no shocked inaction, as his lips met hers, Sophie kissing him eagerly, passionately. As her tongue darted and teased his, she let her hands roam over his shoulders, his chest, his stomach, her fingers drifting down with lustful intent.

Connor moaned into her mouth as her hand found the hardness in his pants, her fingers stroking him through his trousers as their tongues slid and twisted around each other.

Sophie couldn’t wait, didn’t want to wait. She’d waited too long, too many years. She pulled her mouth off his, looking into her brother’s face as her fingers moved to his zipper, working it down, her small hand slipping inside to feel the hot hard flesh of her cock. “Connor,” she whispered in the silence of the car, her hand moving back and forth in his pants, feeling his length, learning the feel, the shape, of his erection.

“Sophie,” he murmured, a low moan escaping him as her fingers moved over the sensitive underside of his cock, his hips rocking up against her stroking hand. “Please,” he begged her, looking deep into her eyes, smiling at her as his hand gently cupped the back of her neck, guiding her head down towards his lap.

Sophie smiled at the need in her brother’s voice, letting him push her head lower, her face in his lap as her hand continued to move up and down his length. She shifted in her seat, looking up at him, holding his gaze as she pulled his shaft out of his pants, freeing his erection. She smiled at the pure lust she saw in his face, the need in his eyes sending a thrill of excitement through her before she turned her attention to his naked cock. She studied the naked hard shaft in front of her face, her eyes slowly tracing over every inch, every curve as she studied it. It was a nice cock, Sophie thought to herself with a pleased smile, a very nice cock. It was long and smooth, hairless as her hand moved up and down it’s length. Her small hand couldn’t quite close around the shaft, his girth sending a curious tremor through her sex as she wondered how he’d feel in her. The head was wet, glistening with his arousal, and Sophie leaned forward, kissing the swollen tip, tasting him. He was sweeter than her husband, she smiled, her lips wrapping around the swollen mushroom shaped end, sucking on it intently.

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