Caught! Ch. 01

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Part 1: Mom walks in on us

Getting caught fucking by your mom is bad. But getting caught by your mom, while fucking her sister, can get you killed! This is the story of what happened, when I got caught fucking my Aunt Delia by my mom!

“Just what the fuck do the two of you think you’re doing?”

What I was doing was fucking the shit out of my aunt! Aunt Delia was my mother’s younger sister. And at the time that mom walked into my bedroom, Aunt Delia was on her hands and knees, with her head resting on my pillow as I plowed into her hot pussy.

My first thought was, “Oh shit!” My second thought was, “Just how long had mom been standing there and how much had she heard?” Pulling my fast softening dick from Aunt Delia’s pussy, I began to stammer.

“Mom! Look! It’s not what you think…” That was about as far as I got before she started shouting.

“Not what I think? I walk in to find my son fucking the shit out of my own sister! His own auntie! And you tell me it’s not what I think! Well! Now this is gonna be damn good! The both of you come into the living room. I will give you both a chance to tell me exactly what this is!”

I picked up my clothes but mom shook her head. “Oh no big man! You were naked when I caught you! You will remain naked while you tell me just what it is that I just saw!”

Mom looked at Delia, who was sobbing into my pillow. “And you, you no good piece of shit, you get your ass in there too! Don’t bother with clothes, evidently you’re more comfortable without them!”

Mom walked before us into the living room. I wished that there had been a hole for me to climb into. Behind me, I could hear Delia’s soft crying. Mom sat on the sofa in the middle and made Delia and I stand before her.

Mom eyed me up and down. And I didn’t fail to notice that she took a few more seconds longer than necessary to look at my shrinking dick. I couldn’t help it when my dick twitched. A gob of cum dropped from the tip of my dick to the hard wood floor.

Mom’s eyes went to the floor and back up to my dick. Having her stare at me as intently as she did didn’t help matters any. I could feel my dick begin to come back to life. I wanted to die! Please! Not now! Anytime but now with my mom looking directly at me! But it was as if my dick had a life of it’s own and it wanted to show mom how it looked full of life.

Mom looked up into my face. The look on her face froze me still. I have seen her mad a few times, but never as mad as she was at this moment. She looked at my now hard dick, then took her eyes off me and looked over at her sister.

“Delia you no good bitch! I should whip your black ass! I told you that you were never to touch my son! I know how much of a slut you are! Shit! Half the guys I know claim to have fucked you at some time or other. Even my no good piece of shit husband had his dick in your holes! Is there anyone you won’t fuck?”

Aunt Delia looked at mom. Then she began to sob even louder. “Anna! I didn’t mean for this to happen! It wasn’t even my fault! I happened to walk into Tim’s room without knocking and he was lying on his bed stroking his dick!”

“So that was an invitation for you to fuck him?” Mom shouted so loud, Delia cowered. “Hell! I’ve walked in on him a few times. You don’t see me fucking him do you? He’s 19 for fucks sake! Jerking off is as natural as breathing for him!”

Delia opened her mouth to say something when mom put her hand up! “Don’t say a fuckin word! Don’t either of you move! Don’t move a fuckin inch! I want the two of you to stand there while I change out of my work clothes. Then the two of you are gonna tell me exactly what took place! I think that having to talk about it in front of me will begin your punishment! But I warn you! If I hear a fuckin peep out of either of you while I’m changing, I will beat the shit out of both of you! Do I make my self clear?”

“Yes Anna!”…. “Yes mom!”….

I could hear Delia’s soft crying. I watched as mom got up from the sofa and walked into the hallway. I couldn’t help but notice the way her hips swayed as she walked. I had always thought that my mom was sexy. Hell! I had beat my meat fantasizing about her since I was 17 and had seen her naked lying on her bed!

Let me tell you something about my mom. At 54, she is still a very stunning woman. She is 5’6″ and weighs about 165. She doesn’t work out, but keeps casino şirketleri herself fit. Fit enough to still have a figure that men turn their heads to admire. She has full round tits with big nipples that often poke out against her blouses and shirts. Her ass is round and fits into all her clothes in such a way, you want to just go to it and touch it. And she has the smoothest, sexiest looking legs that you ever wanted to feel!

Aunt Delia is 13 years younger. She is built similar to mom! But her tits are a lot smaller. Her nipples are nowhere near as big as mom’s are! But her ass is just as big, round and soft looking. Her body screams “fuck me anyway you want”!

Thinking about the two of them did nothing to help soften my hard dick. And to my dismay, it was throbbing and bobbing when mom walked back into the room. She had changed into one of her housecoats. Mom sat down and crossed her ankles. Her housecoat parted, to reveal most of her soft chocolate thighs.

She caught me looking at her legs. “I would think that you are in enough trouble, without sticking your foot further into a bear trap by looking at my legs young man!”

I gulped! Looking at her, she was staring directly into my eyes. I turned my face in embarrassment. Mom looked over at Delia. Then she looked down at the floor between Delia’s legs.

“Why you little slut! You’re dropping gobs of cum all over my floor! Look! Look at what you’ve done!”

I turned and looked down between Delia’s feet. And as I looked, another big gob of our mixed cum dropped to the floor with a soft plop! Delia began to sob all over again.

“Can the fuckin dramatics! Now start at the beginning and tell me just how you landed on your hands and knees with my son fucking you like the bitch in heat dog you are!”

Delia looked at her sister. I looked from my aunt to my mom. Mom’s face was set and I knew that look! She was not in a mood to take no shit! If Aunt Delia tried to lie, and mom caught her in it, she would probably do exactly as she had warned and beat the shit out of her. Aunt Delia must have known it too! She sucked in a big gulp of air and looked down at the floor.

“I was out with Marcus. We were at a motel when he got a phone call. Suddenly, he got up, got dressed and told me he had to leave. He said that he would call me during the week maybe!”

Mom laughed! “Probably his wife telling him to get his white ass home! That woman has that man pussy whipped for sure! Go ahead! Keep talking! So he had you hot and horny and left you that way!”

Aunt Delia looked from mom to me. Then she looked back at the floor. “Look at me when you’re talking to me! I want to look in your face and tell when you’re lying or not telling me the whole story! And you know that I will know if you don’t!”

Aunt Delia looked at mom! Mom’s words must have gotten to her. Suddenly she seemed to straighten her back and stare at mom. “Ok Anna! You want to know! I’ll tell you everything! Yes he had me hot and horny! He had just finished eating my pussy and making me cum twice!

He was shoving his fingers up my ass, telling me how hard he was gonna fuck me there! Then the bastard ups and leaves me lying on the bed. I tried to bring myself off, but I was too mad! So I came home. I didn’t expect Tim to come in so I was lying on the couch fingering my cunt.

When I came, I knew that I had screamed out loud! You know how much I like to talk while I’m getting fucked! Well I do the same thing when I fuck myself! I guess Tim must have heard me. When I opened my eyes, I was looking directly at him. And he had this big bulge in his pants.

Tim ran to his room. I guessed that he was going to jerk off thinking about me, so I got up and walked in without knocking. Sure enough, he was standing by the bed, his pants down around his ankles, stroking his dick nice and slow.

He looked up at me, as I walked into his room. I was so horny, all I could think about was that he had a nice sized dick for a boy his age! Damn Anna! His dick must be about 8 inches long and fat! I couldn’t take m eyes off it!

I walked to him and dropped to my knees. I didn’t say a word, as I moved his hand and took him in my mouth. He was leaking pre-cum and I could taste it! It was so sweet! I used my tongue to lick all around the head Tim started to moan as I took the swollen head in between my lips.

I could feel casino firmaları him trembling. All the time I had his dick in my mouth, I was looking directly up at him. I took my mouth off and licked the head moaning as my tongue bathed that sweet dick. I took my mouth off and told him that he had one sweet tasting dick! That I was gonna suck him but he couldn’t cum. I wanted him to cum in my hot tight pussy!

I sucked him until he started telling me that he was close! Each time I would deep-throat his dick he would shake and tremble! Damn but I wanted to feel his cum shot down my throat so bad! But I needed to feel him fill my pussy even more!

I got up and lay on my back on the edge of his bed. I told him that he had to fuck me real slow! Tim wasted no time placing his dick at the lips of my pussy. But he didn’t shove it in me like I thought he would. Instead, he rubbed it up and down my slit.

Every time I felt that big head rub my clit I moaned. Tim told me that if I wanted it, I would have to tell him exactly what I wanted. He pushed just the head in and I groaned, feeling him open me up. Then he pulled out!

Tim grabbed his dick and began to spank my clit with the head. He told me to tell him what I wanted! He told me to tell him in nasty dirty words what I wanted him to do! Tim is not as innocent as you think he is!”

Delia looked over at me. I hated her at that moment. Even as I felt my dick throb at the thought of how sweet she felt, I hated her for telling mom everything!

“Tim kept spanking my clit with the head of his dick. He told me that I was a hot nasty whore! He said that if I wanted to feel his dick filling my juicy cunt, I would have to act like a whore for him! Then he pushed his dick all the way in my cunt. Damn! He may be 19, but his dick filled my cunt completely!

I began to act like the whore he wanted me to be. I begged for it! I told him that I would do anything for his dick! That I needed him to fuck me! Fuck me hard! Make me scream! Use my pussy! I used every word I could to make him hot for me! But instead of fucking me, he just kept spanking my clit with the head of his dick. It was driving me insane!

Tim looked down at me. Then without warning, he slammed his entire dick up my cunt! I know I screamed! Shit! It felt like he was ripping me open! But he just kept slamming his dick in me then pulling it out and slamming it in again.

He had my legs bent and pushed up to my tits. He told me to hold my legs that way. He grabbed my tits and pulled and pinched my nipples. I swear Anna! The boy knows how to fuck! He made me cum about three times and he hadn’t even broken a sweat yet.

Suddenly, he pulled out! I didn’t want him to stop and begged him to keep fucking me! The next thing I knew, his mouth was on my pussy. But even there, he showed that he knew what he was doing! He ate me slow, teasing my pussy lips. He would lick my clit, then suck on it making loud slurping noises. Then he would fuck me with his tongue. Fuck! He eats pussy even better than most women do! Every time I would get close to Cumming, he would stop and make me beg him to continue!

Tim told me that from now on, I was his whore! That he would fuck me whenever or wherever he wanted! He said that I would have to tell him every time I let someone fuck me! He had me so crazy that I agreed to everything! I would have fucked the devil to keep him eating me the way he was!

He teased me until I was whimpering for him to let me cum! Then he attached his mouth to my clit. While he sucked me, he bit down hard. I screamed! I know I screamed! And I could feel my cum shooting from my cunt into his mouth. But he only sucked me even harder! Then I felt him shove a finger up my ass. I swear I ejaculated as I came!

He didn’t even give me a chance to rest! Flipping me over, he pulled me up on my knees. I was able to grab a pillow to put under my head. Then I felt him slide in my cunt! He went slowly at first, making me talk nasty! Then he started to ride me! Oh fuck how he rode me!

I could feel him hit bottom each time he plunged in! It was starting to hurt. I hadn’t been fucked like that in such a long time! I was about to beg him to stop when you caught us! I know that if you hadn’t he would have hurt me. His dick is just that big!”

I turned from Aunt Delia to look at mom. Hearing her tell how we had ended up fucking had me so hard, güvenilir casino my dick hurt! Mom’s legs were opening and closing. Her breathing had grown ragged and her nipples were poking out hard against her housecoat.

Seeing her this way made my dick even harder! But the way her jaw was clenched let me know that she was still as mad as ever. Mom got up from the couch and walked to Aunt Delia. Delia cowered back, putting her hands up in front of her face. But mom didn’t try to hit her.

“Delia! You’re nothing but a nasty little slut whore! You fucked your mother’s husband! You fucked my husband! I don’t know! Did you fuck dad too? Is that why he upped and left us? I’m all you have left in this world! If I throw you out, you know me! It will be forever! So what the fuck am I suppose to do with you? I already know that given a chance the two of you will fuck again!”

Delia was crying again. “Please Anna! You ARE all I have in this world! I’ll do anything to make this up to you! I promise! I won’t touch Tim or let him fuck me no matter what! You’re my big sister! My only sister! I don’t have anywhere else to go! I’ll do whatever you say! Please don’t throw me out?”

Aunt Delia stood there crying her eyes out. And from the look on mom’s face, those tears did nothing to soften her mood! When she started talking, her voice was cold and hard.

“Anything Delia? I beat your ass when I found out you were fucking my husband! Fucking my son calls for far more drastic measures! Do you promise to do anything? I want to hear you say it! And you know that if you go back on your word, I will beat you like dog!”

I had never heard mom talk like this. It was like she had become someone I didn’t know. But looking at her, seeing the cold burning in her eyes, I knew that no matter what she had in store for Delia, what she would do to me would be far worse.

Delia looked at mom. “Anything! Oh Anna, I’m so sorry! I’ll do anything to make it up to you! I’ll never touch Tim again! I’ll never let him touch me! Tell me what you want from me? I’ll do it! I swear I will!”

Mom placed her fingertips beneath Aunt Delia’s chin and lifted her head up to look directly in her eyes. “Ok Delia! I’ll give you one last chance! From now on, you will do what I say, when I say it! Since you want to act like a common gutter street whore, I will treat you like one! Since you are nothing but a nasty cum slut, I will make sure that you are reminded of it each and every day! Do you agree to this?”

Aunt Delia looked at mom. Then she dropped her head. “Yes Anna! I’ll do whatever you tell me to! I’m sorry!”

Mom laughed! But it was a laughter that I had never heard from her. “Sorry! Oh you stupid slut bitch! You don’t know what sorry is! When I finish with you, you’re gonna know what being sorry is all about! The first thing you’re gonna do, is get down on your knees and lick your cum from my floor! And while you do it, you had better not take your eyes off me!”

Mom turned and sat back down on the couch. But her eyes never left Aunt Delia’s face. Crying, Aunt Delia got down on her knees. I watched as she slowly licked out her tongue. Never taking her eyes off mom, she licked until she had cleaned up every drop. She was about to get up, when mom placed her foot on Aunt Delia’s shoulder.

“Don’t get up! You look rather good down on your knees! I think that from now on, whenever you come before me, you will get on your knees. You’re nothing but a common gutter slut! A cheap whore that will do anything for some dick or pussy! Well cunt! You’re gonna pay for fucking my son! You may be my sister, but I’m gonna treat you like the dirty cum slut you are! Is that clear?”

Aunt Delia looked up at mom. I could see some of the crème from the floor on her chin. “Yes Anna!” That was all she said! Then she just sat there! She didn’t try to get up or anything! She just waited for what mom would tell her next.

Seeing Aunt Delia down on her knees had me so hot! All I wanted to do was stroke my dick until I came! But I dare not move. So far, mom had not turned her wrath on me! I wanted to stall that for as long as I could. But she turned her cold smile on me. I felt my hard dick begin to wilt. All I could think of was, “Oh shit! I’m gonna die!”

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