Charity begins at home (Part 1)

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Charity begins at home (Part 1)

I had lost count how many times I nearly tripped up as I raced back home, but when I reached the gate and swung it open, I paused and began to reflect on the events of the last 24hrs and what Auntie had done to me.
Suddenly fear gripped me as I thought what if Mother discovers our secret because I blurt something out or she accidentally see’s my shaved tuft of pubic hair.
Oh what a mess, and I started to panic, sweating and shivering, not just from running home.

I let myself in and called, “Mother are you home?” there was silence, so I went to the back of the house and looked around, she didn’t appear to be in, I raced upstairs and looked in every room.
I was alone; I remembered Auntie had said that Mother was going to Avery Market today.
Excellent, I’m going to have time to compose myself and decide what to do next.
Bathroom first, ablutions time, then I went and checked my room, fresh clothes were on the bed ready for college on Monday.
I went downstairs and watched some television until lunch, Phew, I thought, so far so good.
About 12.45 I heard the door lock and keys rattling, and Mother came in, calling “Brian, are you home? “Yes Mother”, in here.
She entered the living room and offered me a parcel, here you are dear I’ve treated you, after Auntie Sheila told me about yesterday and your sleepover.
I was curious as to what she had said, but took the parcel and unwrapped it to reveal 2 pairs of boxer shorts with football emblems on, very nice I thought, “thank you mother”.

“If they don’t fit let me know and I can change them at the next market day”.
I started to feel flushed, as I thought, if I try them now she may see my shaved legs, and worse still my tuft.
“Are you alright Brian you look a bit red, you’re not coming down with something”, as she felt my forehead, “mmm you are quite hot to the touch, maybe you should take a powder”, I’m fine mother don’t fuss, I will try these on later to see if they fit.
I tried not to appear too eager and left the room, my chest was thumping and I could see flashing in front of my eyes, I thought please don’t faint, she is bound to call the doctor if I do, and then who knows what will come of that.

I reached my room and took off my trousers and “Y” fronts and tried on the first pair of boxers, they were very comfortable, I removed those and tried on the second pair, suddenly I heard a footstep behind me, in a flash I pulled them up and turned around, Mother was standing there and she said, “Briiiaan”, are you up to no good?”

“Nnoo Mother” I said stammering, why? “Well laddie, you covered up pretty sharpish, and looking at you I could probably fry an egg or your cherry red cheeks, I know you only too well”.
I tried to compose myself and started “Mother! I am 16 and I think its about time you gave me a little more privacy, and not to labour the point, you made me jump, creeping up behind me like that”.
She looked at me frowning in a suspicious way, not noticing my legs, and said wagging her finger at me, “If I think for one minute Brian Fellowes, you are fiddling with yourself or worse, then I will be very cross”, and with that she turned and went downstairs, calling back, “I will have your powder ready when you come down, chop chop”.

I changed my shorts back to my ‘Y’ fronts, looking down at my penis, and, devoid of hair it looked small, and the tuft only appeared to make it smaller.
I dressed and went down, Mother was in the kitchen and offered me my powder mixture which I drank, even though there was nothing wrong, just to keep her happy.

Tea time came and went and after reading the local paper for a while I decide to retire to bed, “Mother I’m tired and it is college tomorrow, so I’m off to bed”, I kissed her goodnight, “goodnight son”, she said, and I went up.

I awoke in the morning, all to soon, and it was off to college, in fact the days flew by, and that Saturday sleepover with Auntie was becoming a distant memory and my body hair was starting kaçak iddaa to regrow.

It was Thursday afternoon in town and trying to catch a bus was a nightmare, as I queued I heard a voice calling my name, “Brian! Brian! And I turned to see Auntie Sheila, striding towards me.
She joined me in the queue and said, “There you are “Sally”, I have really missed you and would love to have you round again”.
“Shhhh”, I said, “my names Brian! not Sally, I whispered, especially in public, keep your voice down pleease!
Oh fiddlesticks she replied, I’m glad I bumped into you as I’ve been thinking, ‘if you came over this Friday evening we could make a long weekend of it, what do you say’?
“Look!, Mother will start to question the sudden interest in my Aunt and what am I going to give as an excuse, eh?
“Easy, she said, I’ve got the perfect response”, “oh yes”, I said, “and what would that be”?

“Well you know those clothes and things that Phillipa brought round last week, for the charity shop, “Yes”, I said,
” I’ve sorted things out, and I’m having a charity event at my house, for the local ladies coffee morning group, and I would love it if you come along and help with stalls”.
Luckily, just then the bus arrived, and I thought, saved by the bell, and stepped aboard, I said my goodbyes, with Aunties words echoing in my ears as she shouted, “Remember our little Promise dear, and what you shouted when you ran off”, I knew what she meant, but dismissed it, thinking it would go away.

Later in the evening, I was sat watching a nature programme, when the phone rang, I picked up, and a familiar voice buzzed into my ear like an electric shock, “Ah hello “Sally” can I speak to your mother please, and it went quiet, “who’s that on the phone our Brian, shouted Mother, I paused and stammered erm erm, its Auntie Sheila I think.” Shit I thought she is calling me “Sally” all the time now”
Mother came into the lounge and I handed her the phone, “here I’m just going to the toilet”, I said, my stomach was now about to release its contents, as I felt physically sick…

I reached the toilet and wretched, nothing, and so I flushed and went to my room, I could here mother saying, “Why yes of course, Brian would be delighted to help, what was the charity you said? Oh yes the church guild, that’s fine I will tell him, and it’s nice to hear from you, goodbye dear, goodbye.
“Brian, Brian”, I could hear mother calling, “yes mother” I shouted, as I trotted down stairs.

“Auntie has asked if you would help her this weekend with a charity thingy for the Church, it would be a good chance to meet some of her friends and expand your social circle”,’I said yes of course, but it will mean you staying over again, an extra day this time, from Friday evening, are you ok with that?

I gulped, as I grasped what mother had said, and resignedly replied, “No problem, it would be a pleasure”,

Mother replied, “Of course it would mean an overnight bag with a couple of changes of clothes, you could even take your new boxer shorts, eh what do you say”? And with that she went back into the kitchen, and left me to ponder.
I sat for a while in a daze not really watching the television, I couldn’t get out of my head the thought of Auntie, excitedly flouncing round fussing and pampering me as “Sally” and I was sure she’d had this all worked out even before she met me at the bus stop, the scheming bitch..
But it dawned on me my fate was now indeed sealed, short of telling Mother, and that was a definite non-starter.

I went upstairs, leaving the television on, washed and got into bed, momentarily glancing at my penis, and it stirred, briefly, as I recalled the shaving session at Aunties and the excitement of dressing, I rubbed my penis and felt more aroused but I must have been too tired and fell asleep.
It was now 6.45 Friday morning and I needed to get ready for college. I dressed hurriedly.
As I got down for breakfast mother greeted me with a cup of coffee and said, “I took the perabet liberty of packing a small bag for you, it’s by the front door in the hall”.
Thank you Mother and I made to leave, wait a minute “Brian you haven’t finished your coffee and where’s my goodbye kiss”?
“Sorry Mother my mind was elsewhere”, “yes, she replied, I bet you are looking forward to helping your Aunt and meeting some of her friends”.
Little did she know, that was exactly what I was thinking, but indeed, not looking forward to it, I was dreading it.
I pecked her cheek, said “Goodbye see you on Sunday evening”, turned and left.

The day passed quickly and I found myself trudging towards Aunts front door in the late afternoon sun, I was about to ring the bell, when the door swung open, and there she stood, in a Yellow negligee, stockings and stilettoes, her ample breasts straining to escape the front of her corselette, Oh “Sally I thought you wouldn’t turn up, I am sooo pleased to see you, Come in! Come in! I have a perfect evening planned for us.
I almost fell into the hall, and the smell of perfume was overpowering and made me feel lightheaded, “Now, “Sally”, she said, you are not going to faint on me again are you”?
“No Auntie, but your perfume is very strong”, as I walked into the lounge.
“All part of the plan dear, now give me your bag and pop up stairs, get out of those dirty boy clothes, everything is on the bed waiting for you”, and as if in a trance I wandered upstairs.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the bedroom door, it was completely different and I could smell fresh paint, mixed with a heady smell of sweet Lavender.
Everywhere I looked it was decorated with pink, white and yellow, all things girly and pretty, the duvet was a bright yellow gingham pattern with lacy trimmed pillows, and a heart shaped pink cushion in the middle, and on one pillow was a note pinned with a small white carnation, the curtains had a rose motif, and there were cute little soft toys on the floor.
I opened the note and read:
Dearest “Sally”, remembering what you said when you left last week, I have prepared myself in anticipation and I’m sure you will approve.
xx Auntie xx
I swallowed hard, oh my word I muttered, what is going on!!
I looked back to the bed and on top of the duvet was a ‘floral blue’ swing dress with a full bodice and white petticoat, several items of underwear and what looked like a hat box with a pink ribbon tied around it.
At the foot of the bed was another box, and yet another pink ribbon around that, it seemed that every detail had been meticulously planned.
I turned and called out to Auntie, “Is this all for me”? And she shouted, “yes dear, I will be up in a minute”.
I stood trembling awe at the sight before me, and started to remove my clothes, just as I removed my boxer shorts, Auntie came up behind me and playfully pinched my bottom, “tee hee” she cried, do you like it? Do you?
Wow I said I can’t believe you’ve gone to so much trouble for me.
“Oh my dear, it’s no trouble at all, and besides I remembered what you blurted as you left last week, and with that she opened wide her negligee to reveal a magnificent figure and a freshly shaven front bottom, which appeared to be moist and dripping, and at the top of her cleft was a piece of jewellery, my “Dolly” twitched violently.
“Now shall we get started on our journey, come, follow me into the bathroom”.
There were candles lit on every shelf and the bath was half filled with water and bath salts, and rose petals were floating on top.
Climb in dear and we will begin.

I did as I was told, and sank into the hot water, and laid back, as I did Auntie said, “wash all over and one at a time lift your legs out, so I can shave you”.
When she had finished my legs, she said, “Now stand up I will shave your “Dolly”, and pom pom’s, again I obeyed, and then she said, Ok, turn around, bend over, and spread your bottom cheeks
“What for Auntie”, I said, “Just do as I say dear!”
She shaved perabet güvenilir mi around my bottom and my anus and then said; “Now dear stand perfectly still, lean forward, your hands against the wall and relax”.

As I stood there I started to get aroused and “Dolly” was now stood to attention, and my pom pom’s were tight, all of a sudden I could feel Auntie probing my anus with her fingers and I protested, excuse me Auntie what do you think you are doing? But she ignored me and carried on, each time going a little further inside, and I heard her say, “There, just a little more lubrication and you will be ready”. Suddenly there was this pushing sensation into my bottom, and then a plop, I jumped, and I could feel something inside me.

“Auntie! Auntie! What was that”, I squealed, my anus smarting!

“That my dear is something you’re going to be getting used to from now on”, she said, “now here dry yourself on this towel and we can get you dressed for this evening, I’ve arranged something special for us after dinner”.
I stepped out of the bath onto the mat and could feel this large object up my bottom and a slight burning sensation down there as I dried off.
Auntie, please tell me what have you done to my bottom, “Sally dear, I have given you your first piece of jewellery, which will show off your Rosebud”, here look in the mirror.
She passed me a small hand mirror and I waved it underneath me and saw a deep red diamond in the middle of my ‘Anus, “what on earth is that I asked”. “That ,dearest “Sally is you’re very own diamanté butt plug!”
By now my “Dolly” was throbbing and I could feel myself getting very aroused, the sensations in my bottom and groin were conflicting, as each time I started to push out the invading butt plug, my “Dolly” shivered and a few drips of pre cum oozed out, and, as I walked into the bedroom, naked, I was aware that I was swinging my hips in a feminine sort of way.
“Oh Sally”, Auntie purred, “I can see a difference already, your posture is much better”.

“Oops I nearly forgot, she exclaimed, “lift your arms, I need to shave your pits, no lady of note has hairy pits”.

When she had finished she produced some baby powder and sprinkled it all over my body and proceeded to massage it into my skin paying attention to detail around my “Dolly” which was still dripping and pulsing, as well as my bottom, which was now contracting to the feel of the plug, I still kept getting the urge to push it out, but as “Dolly” relaxed I clenched again and immediately I sprang to attention, indeed I think I’m going to like this I thought…
“Now my dear we need to dress you, here put these on”, as she handed me a black long-line bra, a black, ‘high waist’, long leg control girdle, with eight suspenders.

I started to whimper and say, “Auntie this is going to get messy you know”, ‘Not if I spank your bottom like this gurly’, and “Smack!” she cracked me with a table tennis bat that she had produced from nowhere, ‘Owwooooh!’ I squealed, that hurts, and she hit me again on the other side, “Smack!” ‘Owwooooh!’ I cried, and she whispered in my ear, ‘listen to me very carefully, if you don’t behave yourself you will get 10 more of these either side’, and I shuddered as the pain and the heat coursed through me, and the contractions in my bottom increased and my “Dolly” pulsed again.

As the pain subsided I began to feel more excited as I was dressing and I said, Auntie this underwear is quite hard to put on are you sure you have got me the right sizes, “Smack! Smack!” another 2 resounding hits on my bottom, ‘Owwooooh!’ I cried, and she replied, “Are you feeling the restriction”, yes Auntie, I said.
By now my bottom was on fire but strangely pleasurable, “here put these stockings on carefully, they are the finest silk and very delicate, and when you have fastened them up put on these blue stilettoes I want to see you mince and the effect your butt plug has on your posture, as you walk in heels.”
I looked in the mirror and could see a wet patch appearing from my “Dolly” and Auntie said Mmmm we will have to sort that out, but nonetheless I can see you’re beginning to enjoy this, “now let me see you walk”, little lady…

Next Time: Charity begins at home (Part 2)

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