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I might tend to be colorful in my recounting, but this is a true story – and a damn good song.

Earlier this summer I got a letter from my Uncle saying my cousin Frank was in trouble. We’d been like brothers once so Uncle John thought I might be of some help. After he told me Frank was recently arrested for drugs, I knew I’d have to pay him a visit. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Frank lives in northern California.

I wrapped up some business in town and hit the road. Early the second day, about eighty miles outside Las Vegas, my Jeep threw a rod. The mechanic in a little town called Beatty told me it would take “three or five” days to fix it. Faced with a spell in Beatty, which featured two stoplights and a bar called “Last Chance”, I decided to hitch it to the nearest bus or train station, head north, then rope Frank into coming back with me to tow my Jeep out of there. We’d fix it together and that would give me some time with my cousin. I paid the garage to store my vehicle in their back lot, took my pack and my guitar.

The sun was up high and the roadside was hot and dusty, so when I saw the convertible flying by, I stood up, held my thumb in the air and smiled my biggest smile. I must have been a sight, a dusty cowboy sweating in the heat, my shirt unbuttoned to the raggedy undershirt beneath. I figured some truck driver might give me a lift, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when these two ladies pulled over. They had a pearl grey 1966 Lincoln convertible. I grabbed my gear, trotted up to where they’d pulled over, and gave them a tip of my hat and a howdy. They looked me over for a minute, then the driver lowered her sunglasses and leveled a nice pair of baby blues at me. “Hop in, cowboy,” she said.

In the introductions that followed I learned I was riding with Jill and Victoria, driver and passenger, respectively. Jill looked to be about 25, sandy-haired, wearing a simple white shirt and denims. She was probably driving some guy wild I thought as I let my eyes drift down to take in her generous breasts. Victoria was a little older, and I liked what her tits were doing to the state of Texas imprinted on her t-shirt. The appraisals were mutual, because the ladies took turns turning around to look me over. Victoria propped her sunglasses in her blonde curls and a pair of startling emerald green eyes met mine. She seemed to use her eyes the way other people might use their hands, I mean it almost tickled the way she sized me up.

I explained my predicament and thanked them kindly for the ride. Jill informed me they were headed near my destination. She was going to a job interview, and Victoria was “just along for the ride”. I didn’t pry, but there seemed to be a lot unsaid about the nature of their travels. Jill talked a lot, confident, brash, flirtatious, while Victoria just looked a lot.

Before long, Jill reaches down between her legs and pulls out a bottle of Canadian Club. I took a swig, passed it to Victoria and watched her tilt it back for a deep long drink. She seemed nervous, edgy. I asked her if she liked to sing. The smile I got in return would have lit a moonless night. I unpacked my guitar casino şirketleri and we sang “T for Texas” into the wind. That loosened her up some. Then I did my hound dog rendition of a Stevie Ray Vaughn piece called “Good Texan”. Both of the ladies howled on that one. We passed the bottle around and by the time we cruised through Tonopah, life was feeling pretty good.

A bit later, I stashed my guitar, and leaned back. The ladies were talking up front between themselves, low and confidential. Presently Jill pipes up, eyeing me in the rear view mirror.

“Charlie,” she says, “my friend wants to ask you a question. Are you married?”

I laughed. “No, ma’am, why you asking and not her?”

Victoria got embarrassed, I could tell, when I said that. Jill just shrugs her shoulder and says, “‘Cause she’s shy. And right now she’s hornier than the state of Texas on a Saturday night.” Well, Victoria whaps her friend’s arm and screams. I’m laughing in the backseat. Victoria’s staring straight ahead, looking very self conscious.

I leaned all the way forward, put my chin on her soft shoulder and whispered, “What do you say, Victoria?” Well, she downs a long swig of the Club, takes off her sunglasses, turns around, throws my hat on the floorboards, and locks her lips on mine, shoving her tongue half way down my throat. I reached around in an awkward hug from the back seat, and I felt her trembling all over. Without unlocking lips she pulled her feet beneath her and pushed herself into the back seat, right on top of me.

She was on fire, thrashing and writhing over every part of me. She wrapped her legs around my jeans, a low, insistent moan coming from deep inside her. Finally she broke the grip and sat up, straddling me. Her eyes burned, Texas undulated with each panting breath. She ran her long fingernails over my chest, then ripped my t-shirt completely off. I responded in kind by splitting the state of Texas right up the middle to reveal her snowy white mounds capped with hard red peaks. Our shirts went out the back of the car. Jill whooped and hit the accelerator. Her blond hair whipping in her face, Victoria reached down and started unbuttoning my jeans.

I cupped her breasts in my hands and pinched her straining nipples lightly. She took my hands in hers, pinched my fingers together even harder on her nipples, then she threw her head back and groaned, her whole body shivering. In a frenzy, she tugged off my jeans, then stood up to pull her shorts off, real slow. The vision of her standing there, hair flying, hot wind against white flesh, wiggling out of her shorts, will be one I’ll die with. My heart beats faster to tell it. One foot on either side of me, she lowered herself down until the head of my aching cock pushed against her wet, clinging pussy lips. She paused there, savoring the sweet tension of the moment, her hungry green eyes searching mine. Then, she came down all at once, burying me inside her in one fluid movement.

I involuntarily jerked my hips up and she rode me like a champion rodeo rider, heels dug into my thighs. She clutched her hands on my chest and began rocking her hips, riding my casino firmaları shaft all the way up, then pounding down to grind her clit against my pelvis. I was thrusting up to meet her, and when we collided, her pussy would slurp. Each stroke was an exquisite explosion of sensations. She’d slam down on me, hear her own pussy slurping, grab a handful of my chest and shudder. For a moment there was nothing else in the world but the warm wind and our two bodies.

She suddenly started to shiver violently, and stopped, with me as far inside her as I could go. A look of intense joy and surprise swept over her face, then she looked down at me as though I’d just given her a million dollars. She squeezed her legs together on my thighs, mashed her lips against mine, and, after one last desperate lunge, her whole body went into spasms, shuddering up and down its length, like guitar strings vibrating in a sustained open E. Gradually the tremors subsided to small convulsive aftershocks that shimmered through her like waves on water. I kissed her and came. I felt like I was giving this woman everything I had, from the furthest reaches of my cowboy heart I poured myself into her. She shuddered sweetly and began to cry.

I carefully rolled her over and rocked ever so gently inside her. I didn’t want her to cry. In a few moments her hips began twitching again, and I started moving slow and easy. She cried anyway, but I couldn’t tell if it was joy or sorrow, maybe both, maybe more. When she came again, so tenderly, she wrapped me up tight in her arms and legs. She fell asleep like that. Some time later, I carefully extricated myself. She moaned a little when I did, but didn’t wake up. I covered her with a blanket I found on the floor, and crawled up into the front seat. That first sip of whiskey tasted really good.

“She’s been needing that for a long time,” Jill said. I pulled on my jeans and put on my hat. The sun was getting low. The warm wind brushing over my sweaty torso had me glowing. “She’s been stuck with a jerk of a husband for the past five years,” she continued, “and this is the first time she’s been away from him. How do you feel, Cowboy? Because I think you’re going to have to take care of me too.” I looked at her squirming in her blue jeans and told her I felt pretty good.

Jill was very matter of fact about it. She found a spot away from the highway in the flat open country. Victoria slept as Jill parked the car between two large boulders. Then Jill slugged some whiskey and climbed out over the windshield onto the hood of the Lincoln. Totally unselfconscious, as naturally as if she were going swimming, she stripped. She put her boots back on, though, then stood there with her hands on her hips. looking at me. “C’mon, Charlie, fuck me. You two ’bout drove me crazy back there on the highway.” She leaned forward, caught herself on the top of the windshield and stuck her face up to mine. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” she smiled devilishly as she spoke, “so you better jump me before I start thinking about it.” I stood on the seat and tasted her red lips. “I was just trying to get to Tonopah,” I muttered.

Jill took her sex güvenilir casino seriously. She lay back on the hood, propped back against the slant of the windshield, with her legs spread and two fingers in the triangle of her bush. “Get down there, cowboy, do tricks for me like a cowboy should.” She held her pink lips open with one hand and grabbed a handful of my hair with the other. I ran my tongue all around the inside of her cunt, tasting her salty juice. “Yes,” she murmured, “Yes, suck up my clit, Cowboy, feel it on your tongue.” She pulled my hair to direct my head. I caught her alert little sentry in my lips then washed it up and down with my tongue.

“Mmmm,” she groaned, low and gutteral, “You’re gonna fuck me silly. I wanna feel that gun shootin’ inside me. C’mere.” She pulled my head up and mashed my lips on one of her breasts. “Bite it, Charlie, make me scream.” I teased her taut nipple with my teeth for a second, then bit down. “Yes!” she screamed. I fumbled open the buttons of my fly, she used her feet to push my jeans down.

I kicked them off. Her free hand grasped my cock and pulled it down to her cunt. Through gritted teeth, she panted “Now fuck me, ride me hard, Cowpoke.” She yanked my head up and sucked my lips to hers. I balanced myself with one hand on the windshield, and used my other hand to lift her ass up to me. I slowly eased my cock into the suction of her pulsing cunt. “Now,” she moaned, “all the way,” and I plunged in the full length of my rippled cock. “Yes! Just like that!” she yelled, “Now, Cowboy, fuck me hard!” And away we went. Jill gripped my ass with both hands as our hips slapped together. A sheen of sweat soon covered our bodies, droplets flying each time we smacked together. I was slamming her so hard, her breasts would quiver like Jello with the impact.

She stared wide-eyed at my cock pounding in and out of her swollen pussy and let out a breathy moan. We were so sweaty, I could slide her up the glass with the upstroke and she’d slide back down on the downstroke. She reached up and licked the sweat off my nipples. She kept urging me, coaxing me on, “C’mon, baby, that’s it, yes, yes, a little more, yes, oh, you fuck me so nice.” I had both hands on the top of the windshield, my feet clawing on the hood for a foot hold, and was pumping fast and hard.

“C’mon, Cowboy, I want you to come with me. Yes, it’s coming, now, you’re making me wild, I can feel my toes starting to curl, I’m going off, I’m, I’m, yes, I’m gonna come pussy juice all over your long, hard cock!” Then she was humping and thrashing like a wild horse below me and I felt a warm gush of liquid splash out of her cunt and trickle over my balls. I came and it felt like the top of my head blew away in a shower of fireworks. Jill screamed and dug her fingernails into my ass.

We collapsed in a messy heap on the hood. When I opened my eyes again I saw the sun was just setting. A sleepy voice behind us said, “Is anybody hungry?” There was Victoria, blond hair tousled, blanket slung over one creamy shoulder, peeking over the back seat.

We had dinner at a nearby restaurant and I think Victoria laughed the whole time. I ended up singing in the backseat of a 1966 pearl-gray Lincoln Continental all the way to Auburn. I never saw either woman again. Frank’s alright now. If you ladies are out there, I’ve got a song for you. I’m singing it most nights at a bar in Taos.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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