Cheer You Up

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When Dad died my mother went into a depression that nothing seemed able to break her out of, gone was the happy go lucky woman that I had loved for the past eighteen years to be replaced by a woman I did not know. Doctors, psychiatrists, clerics, they all tried and failed to ease her depression, six months worth of treatments of one form or another and all for nothing.

Not that she neglected me or anything, it was just that the sparkle, the life had gone out of her and I was desperate for some way to cheer her up. I’d racked my brain for months trying to figure out something that I could do, taking her out was not an option, a priest had suggested it and she had tried it with no success, but I knew there had to be something. Then something my father had said before he had fallen ill came back to me, he’d laughingly told me that no matter how low mum was feeling a good seeing to always cheered her up. I grinned as I had the thought, sex had not been a taboo subject, hell I’d already lost my virginity to the mother of a friend of mine, but how the hell was I supposed to find a man for my mother? About the only thing she had shown any interest in since dad’s death had been me and that had been in a sad, distracted way, but I couldn’t do the deed.

I’d been going around in circles for about half an hour trying to figure out how to get my mother laid, time and again I kept coming back to the fact that she was only interested in me and time and again I rejected this. Then I discovered that I was getting turned on by the thoughts of doing it with my mother, so much so that my cock had begun to swell. It was a silly idea, for one thing my mother would never let it happen, but I kept coming back to it until finally I decided to at least think about it seriously.

For ten minutes I thought about it. My mother was a very attractive woman so there was no problem on that score as far as I was concerned, she was also easy to turn on, or so dad had hinted, a couple of drinks and she was away, he had reckoned, the problem was how she would react. Not only that, how would I set about getting to the stage where I could fuck her, ignoring the discomfort of my cock I thought about this factor for a while before the answer hit me. It was then that I reached my decision, I would attempt to seduce my mother, if nothing else the attempt might make her laugh and that was all it needed.

Anxiously I waited for the weekend to come, the time dragged by, but at last it was Friday afternoon and I was free until Monday. Rushing home I raced up to my room, rushed through some paperwork I’d brought home and then put my plan into effect. It started with me going downstairs to the living room, pouring a glass of mum’s favourite tipple and taking it to her in the kitchen.

“Thank you Chris,” she half smiled as I handed her the glass, “how sweet of you.”

I stood and watched her sip her drink while preparing our evening meal, before long her glass was empty and she put it aside. As soon as she looked away I grabbed the glass, went back to the living room and refilled it. Back in the kitchen I handed the full glass to my mother ignoring her puzzled frown and smiling innocently at her, by the time she had drained the glass dinner was ready. As usual we ate our dinner off trays in the living room, this let me refill my mother’s glass again without it seeming too odd and I sat down to eat with half an eye on my mother looking for the first signs that the drink was having an effect. Half an hour later our plates were empty and as usual I went out to the kitchen with my mother to help with the washing-up, I was feeling a bit disappointed as she was showing no signs of being affected by the drink and I began to wonder if my father had been pulling my leg. We were half way through the washing-up when mum showed the signs I had been waiting for, taking a hand from the washing up bowl she wiped her forehead bahis firmaları on her wrist.

“I feel a little warm.” She said as she got back to the washing-up.

Smiling to myself I finished drying the plate I held then reached for another, soon the job was done and we went back to the living room to pass the time until bed time in the usual manner, watching telly or reading. As I followed my mother out of the kitchen I reached over and switched on the heating, as it was already a warm evening this would make things even warmer. My mother sat herself on the couch while I turned on the telly, then, while she flicked through the channels, I poured us both a drink and sat down beside her, all of which was quite normal so would rouse no suspicions in her. She found a program that she liked the look of and sat back to watch it, soon her glass was empty and the room was warming up nicely, beside me mum wiped her brow then looked at me.

“I really do feel warm,” she said in a puzzled tone, “how do you feel?”

“I’m comfortable.” I lied sweltering in the heat, “Maybe your jumper is too thick, taking it off might help.”

She nodded at what was after all a sensible suggestion, pulling her jumper off over her head I took advantage of the short period her head was caught in the material to have an ogle at her boobs nestling in her bra. My mother threw the jumper across the room into one of the armchairs then got back to watching the programme while I got up to refill her glass, sitting down again I gave my mother her full glass even as she sighed. Putting the glass to one side she stood up and took off her jeans then sat down again, the jeans joined her jumper in the chair then she picked up her glass while I stole secret glances at her. Her body was almost naked; all she had on were her bra, panties and knee-highs. The next task was to somehow remove those articles, an easy task compared to what I was planning for afterwards. After a decent interval I sighed, stood up and took off my shirt and trousers, they joined my mother’s clothes as I sat down again.

“I’m glad it’s not just me.” Mum commented looking at me.

I smiled as I noted that her eyes lingered over long on my bare chest, it was a good sign as far as I was concerned and I prepared to continue my seduction of my mother. The program we were watching was a comedy and I used this to my advantage, a punch-line was issued that was genuinely funny and I burst into laughter at the same time smacking my hand down gently on my mother’s thigh. To my pleasure she smiled which was the first time she had done so at a telly program for ages, even better was the fact that she didn’t do anything about my hand.

“You know,” I grinned at her, “you look really pretty when you smile.”

She looked at me in surprise then smiled almost shyly, her face blushing a little as she did so.

“I love you mum.” I said giving her thigh a gentle squeeze.

“Oh Chris,” mum smiled at me, “what would I have done without you these past few months.”

She put an arm around my shoulder and gave me a cuddle that pulled me close to her side, it was exactly what I had wanted and I made no effort to move away from her. Gently I began to rub the inside of her thigh, not hard enough to attract her attention, but firmly enough to affect the erogenous zone that was supposed to be there, and thankfully it was. After a while I noticed that my mother’s breathing was a little faster, the comedy program finished and a film came on and my heart soared, I knew the film and also knew that it was quite racy.

“Let’s watch it mum.” I said as she reached for the remote.

“Okay.” She agreed giving my shoulders a squeeze.

I couldn’t have done better if I had planned it; the film was a sort of spoof where the heroine spent most of her time losing her clothes. Between cuts and camera angles the most you ever saw of her kaçak iddaa was brief flashes of her tits, but it was enough. With my head leaning on my mother’s shoulder I breathed down on her boobs, I knew that my warm breath occasionally wafting across her nipples every now and then would help to turn her on and after a while my mother gave a soft sigh.

It was time to move on to the next stage, gently I slid my hand up her thigh until my thumb touched her panties, a thin material’s width away lay her pussy and I was pleased to feel the first traces of dampness on the material. Keeping all my movements slow and so gentle as to be feather light I rubbed my thumb over the outline of her pussy while pretending to watch the film. Mum’s breathing got quicker and there was no mistaking the fact that she was getting excited. At one point my mother sighed and pulled me closer to her, grinning I planted a gentle kiss on the swell of her boob where it came clear of the bra. Either she noticed and didn’t mind or she didn’t notice because she made no comment at my caress. Meanwhile my thumb was still moving softly over her panties, the damp patch grew and my cock grew with it until I was fully erect and at risk of my cock forcing its way into the open. Time passed, the film was half over and the heroine was still losing her clothes, my mother was showing all the signs I had learnt that meant she was near to an orgasm, it was time to move on. Tilting my head back I looked at my mother’s face, she turned her head towards me and I leant forward to kiss her, as our lips met I felt an electric thrill and mum seemed to relax even more.

For a moment I parted our lips and looked at her, she had her eyes closed, her lips were slightly parted and I knew that for the moment I could go on with my plan; gently I kissed her again, this time drawing out the kiss. Slowly I moved my hand from her leg and placed it on her boob, my palm brushed on her flesh and the fabric of the bra. Silently I thanked whatever God there was that my mother preferred front fastening bras for it made it easy for me to flick open the clasp. Gently I pushed the material aside and stroked her bare flesh, her nipples were hard and pressed at the palm of my hand, the pleasure this gave me was immense. I could only imagine how my mother was feeling, but she made no protest so I let my movements become a little firmer. Taking one of her nipples between my fingers I teased it and my mother gave a low moan that gave me even more encouragement. Her lips pressed tightly to mine as she returned my kiss and a moment later I felt her tongue worm its way between our lips into my mouth.

For a long while I kissed her and played with her boobs, but then I parted our lips and moved my mouth down to suckle on one of her nipples while my hand slid softly down over her stomach then into her panties. The waistband of her panties cut at the back of my hand as I gently rubbed her clit, at any moment I expected my mother to come to her senses and was amazed when a few minutes later she raised her bottom and pushed her panties down. Amazed, excited and determined to make the most I could of it. With my new freedom of movement I slid my fingers down to her pussy while leaving my thumb on her clit, gently I pushed two fingers into her at the same time rubbing her clit. My mother gave a quiet gasp and her body pushed down onto my fingers as her boob pushed up into my mouth, had I not been so busy sucking on her nipple I would have smiled. Once again I played with her for a while, my fingers sliding in her wet pussy, my thumb pressing on her clit and my mouth sucking on her hard nipple. In response my mother sighed and squirmed then gave a shudder and I knew that she had climaxed.

Carefully I moved off the couch, my mouth releasing her nipple, my hand leaving her pussy as I pushed open her legs, got between them and lowered my head to her groin. The kaçak bahis heady scent of her juices rose to meet me as I flicked my tongue across her slit. To be honest I was both amazed and pleased that I had got as far as I had and as I began to lap at my mother’s hole I prayed that she would not stop me at all. Her juices coated my tongue and filled my mouth as I licked her pussy, I raised a hand to her boobs to play with her nipples while my other hand paid attention to her clit. After a few minutes my mother shuddered again, this time more violently, it was all I could do to keep my tongue pressed into her pussy and I knew that I could not delay the moment when I would take her much longer. Kneeling up I leant forward over my mother’s body and kissed her on the lips again, in this position my cock brushed lightly against her pussy and I gently pushed forward so that my knob parted her pussy lips then pushed a little way into her. Leaning back I looked at my mother, her face seemed to be glowing with excitement, her eyes suddenly flicked open and she looked at me in surprise.

“Chris?” she breathed in a low voice.

Smiling I pushed a little more of my cock into her, her eyes widened, then her body shuddered and her eyelids drooped half shut. Continuing to push into her with a steady pressure I watched her face, what I saw encouraged me even more. Her lips parted as she gave a low groan, her eyes opened again and stared into mine, I could see the desire and uncertainty written there, the desire growing as more of my cock penetrated her until our groins met. My mother gasped as my groin pressed against her clit, slowly I moved back, pulling my cock from her until only the tip was still inside then I pushed forward again. Five times I did this, each movement slow and tender, on the sixth push forward my mother’s hips moved and her pussy rose to meet me.

“Chris,” she gasped, “what are you doing to me?”

I made no reply as her body started to move in time to mine, gradually I let my movements get faster adding my own gasps to hers as my pleasure began to mount. Still moving in time with me my mother reached out to touch my cheek.

“I shouldn’t be letting you do this.” She whispered.

“Hush and enjoy it.” I whispered back kissing her fingers.

She shuddered as a climax ran through her, her pussy tightening on my flesh making me groan with growing ecstasy until I could not hold back any longer. As I thrust deep into her my mother’s legs wrapped themselves around my back, pulled me even deeper, her body shook, and her voice rose in a cry that I echoed a second later as my seed burst hotly into her body. For a moment we lay locked together sharing orgasmic bliss, then my peak faded and I began to move in her again. Time seemed to stand still as I began to fuck my mother in earnest, my strokes hard and fast as I drove myself towards another climax. To my joy my mother matched my pace, her gasps, sighs, moans, groans and cries filling my ears to excite me even more.

Once again I thrust into her as I felt the rush of my climax and filled her with my hot seed. As my sperm erupted within her my mother gave a loud squeal and nearly shook us both off the couch. I lay still inside her for a moment, savouring the joy I was feeling, but then I pulled my glistening, shrinking cock from her body and sat back on my heels to watch her.

“God,” mum gasped a few minutes later, “you knew exactly what I needed you darling boy. Why I let you do it I don’t know, but I am so glad that I did, you’ve cheered me up no end.”

To my joy the life had come back into her eyes, her lips were curled in a broad smile the likes of which I had not seen since before my father had become ill. It was also a relief that she did not seem to feel obligated to talk about my incestuous act, I felt no guilt at all about what I had done and from the looks of my mother neither did she.

“I’m glad,” I responded softly, “it was what I was trying to do.”

“Well you did” she laughed, “and you can cheer me up some more later.”

I was elated by her words as I moved onto the couch beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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