Cherry Popper

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All the participants in his little tale are eighteen or older.

I lay there in the lower bunk listening to the rain softly patter off the window. My older brother, Cliff, was in the top bunk. We got along very well and I had agreed to come along on this trip because at last, I was eighteen and would be able to leave the family soon to go to college. This would be the last of my summer adventures with my family.

It was early evening and very dark. Only the reflected light from a far off camp lantern filtered through the rain and into the room. Mom and dad were in a bedroom on the other side of the big cabin.

I felt the frame of the bunk bed shift as Cliff climbed down.

“What now?” I asked.

“I’ve got to take a piss. You don’t mind do you?”


“Do you want to watch?”

“Eww! Go away!”

Even in the dim light I could see that he was nude as he made his way to the bathroom. When he came back his cock was sticking right straight out. I heard him snicker as he waved it at me.

“I’m your sister for goodness sake. Don’t be waving your dick at me.”

“I’ll bet you want to touch it, don’t you?”

That jarred me because that is exactly what I had been thinking. I was a virgin and had never touched one of those things before but I was entirely curious.

Cliff stood by my bed. As if by its own volition my hand reached out and touched his cock.

“You can’t tell much just by touching it. Why don’t you wrap your fingers around it?”

Involuntarily my fingers closed around his member. It was hard and soft at the same time. I was amazed. I ran my hand up and down it. It had a big purple head with a dribble of something coming out.

“Eww, you didn’t get it dry when you took a leak,” I remarked.

“That’s casino şirketleri not piss, that’s precum,” he said.

“Just what the hell is precum?” I asked.

“It’s the stuff that comes down the pipe when boys get ready for sex.”

“Oh no! Does that mean you’re ready for sex?”

“Yup. Would you like to try it?”

“Oh no I’m a virgin. It would hurt and I want to give it to somebody I love.”

“Well I love you. Do you love me? What are you saving it for? Most girls get it popped in high school. Are you going to be an old maid?”

“No I’m not. Besides, you’re my brother. It’s not legal. I don’t want to.”

“If you don’t want to, why are you still squeezing it? Take a little taste. I’m sure your girlfriends have told you a bunch of lies about sucking it.”

I didn’t want to do it but I pulled his cock closer to me and touched it with my tongue. The precum didn’t taste bad. My girlfriends had told me I wouldn’t like it. I wondered how many other lies they had told me. I sucked the end of it into my mouth. It was soft and kind of meaty feeling. I rubbed it with my tongue and Cliff moaned and straightened out. A feeling of power surged through me and I suddenly realized that he was totally in my power. I could make him do anything I wanted.

I pulled his cock from my mouth. “Lick my pussy,” I ordered as I slid off my pajama bottoms.

He crawled between my quivering thighs and started licking my pussy. I gave a little scream. Nothing had ever felt this good before, not even when I rubbed myself to orgasm.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop Cliff! More, more lick it harder!”

That’s when I felt his lips close over my clit. He sucked it as far in as he could and then rubbed it with his tongued. My mind exploded casino firmaları into a thousand horny little pieces and at that moment I knew that Cliff would take my cherry tonight. I came on his mouth. My juices seeped into his lips as he continued to pummel my pussy with his tongue.

“Let me suck you Cliff. Get up here and let me suck your dick!”

Cliff lay down on his back on my bunk. His cock was sticking up. I put my lips on the end of it and slowly sucked as much of him as I could into my mouth. I felt him hit the back of my throat. My head bobbed up and down as I blew him to climax. He bucked his hips up. His cock swelled up even larger and I tasted my first cum as he delivered a huge wad of it into my mouth. My girlfriends had told me that it tasted real bad, but that turned out to be another lie! I loved the stuff. I made sure I sucked out all that he had. When it was over he held me in his arms and kissed me. It wasn’t a sibling kiss; it was a full French kiss.

It had quit raining and moonlight seeped into the room. I felt warm and safe in his arms.

“I wish we had started this years ago,” I moaned.

“You were too young. You know I’m going to pop your cherry tonight, don’t you?”

“I can’t wait. All the other girls I know have been sexually active for years. But I’ll bet none of them have done it with their brothers.”

“Don’t be too sure about that. Where do you think I got the idea to do you? Your friend Nancy has been fucking her brother.”

“I really liked it when you came in my mouth it tasted so good. How did I taste?”

“I would drink from your flower anytime.”

“I can feel your cock getting hard again. This time put it in me.”

“It may hurt a little.”

“I don’t care. I want to know what güvenilir casino this fucking stuff is all about. Make me cum. Shoot me full.”

He tenderly parted my legs and crawled up to my center. His breath was hot and sweet against my neck. I could feel his cock pressing at my entrance. I felt a twinge as my cherry was destroyed almost as soon as he entered me. It hurt a little but it felt really good as he plunged into my core. I could feel all the little bumps and ridges on his pecker as it dominated my being. He started a slow rhythmic motion that increased in tempo, gradually at first but with increasing speed as we got closer to the final reward.

“Oh god, keep fucking me. Don’t stop. Give me your juice I want to feel it inside me.”

I could feel my climax building as we pounded into each other. My pussy clamped down on him as I started my orgasm. His cock swelled within me and he shot me full of sperm. Even after he had expended himself he stroked on until his cock softened. I gave a little moan when his soft dick popped out of me.

I had an unusual kind of squishy feeling inside me. It was the cum that used to be his but now was mine. I got up and got a paper towel, slapped it between my legs and lay back down with him.

“I want to fuck you again as soon as it gets hard,” he mumbled

“Okay. We have to do this every day until camping is done. Then we’ll figure out a way to do it at home,” I answered.

“You’ve got the tastiest, tightest, cutest pussy I have ever had. I could just eat you all day and all night.”

“That eating stuff is great, but I want as much of your cock in me as I can get. See what you did? You turned me into a sex maniac.”

“That’s great! I always wanted my own, personal sex maniac. We’re gonna have lots of fun all summer.”

We did have fun all summer and when I got to college, I learned to have lots more fun. I have my sweet brother to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of sex. I can’t wait to get home on vacation!

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