Chieftain Discipline

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Magic user Iwyn meeting the (orc) chieftain Zarlakk Slave Defacer.

Iwyn steps into the underground chamber, staff in hand.

The chieftain sits up a bit straighter. “You’re that one, Iwyn, correct?”

“Yes?” Iwyn sits on the opposite side of the small table. “What were you needing?”

“Would you like for me to adopt you into our village?”

“Wh- What do you mean? You know I’m already in my 20s, right?”

Zarlakk shakes his head. “But from what I understand, you have no village, town or city to call home.”

“That… Is correct.”

“Then what are you aiming at?” Zarlakk takes a drink out of his canteen, keeping his eyes fixated on Iwyn.

“I don’t quite get what you mean, sir.”

“Are you just intending on traveling for your entire life?”

“I mean, yes.”

“Do you not like our village?”

“Oh, no. I’ve liked most places I traveled to. I’ve actually had a few other villages like yours make this offer to me before.”

As Zarlakk crosses his arms, Iwyn leans back away from him. Despite being on the opposite sides of the table, he still feels threatened.

After a long moment, Zarlakk stands up and walks around the table to him.

“I think we need to have a talk,” he sits in the chair directly next to him, and grabs his wrist. He lightly pulls, but Iwyn pulls back, prompting him to pull harder. “I’m just going to explain something to you, stop pulling away.”

Iwyn considers pointing his staff at him, but decides to just keep pulling against him instead. After a few more seconds of Iwyn refusing to come closer, Zarlakk shakes his head and stands up.

“Okay, I was just going to pull you next to me so I could have my arm around you, but you’re forcing my hand.”

Zarlakk pulls harder this time, and with his free hand pushes Iwyn down onto the table. Iwyn’s heart races as Zarlakk yanks his staff out of his hand and sets it aside, before grabbing him by his legs and pushing his entire upper body onto the table.

He lifts up Iwyn’s robe, exposing his backside, before spanking it.

“Ouch- Hey!” He tries to push himself upright, but Zarlakk is pressing him into the table with one hand.

Ignoring him, Zarlakk gives his rear another smack, making him jump again. He continues to smack him for a few seconds, before pulling him off the table and onto his lap.

Zarlakk pulls Iwyn in for a hug, thankfully in this motion his robe has fallen back down to keep Iwyn covered.

“Good, you’re compliant now. Sorry, but you weren’t giving me any chance.”

Iwyn disagreed, since Zarlakk did not make it clear what he was wanting to do to him when he grabbed his wrist.

“I can only assume two things,” Zarlakk secures one arm around Iwyn, keeping him pressed against his chest, and with his right hand touches his cheek. “Either you are a criminal on the run, which I doubt.”

“Or?” Iwyn blushes, not used to this treatment.

“Or you simply have never known safety. You’re spending the night with me, and tomorrow you can decide again if you want me for father.”

“Uh what?”

“Oh right.” Zarlakk chuckles. “In a village setting, the chieftain casino siteleri is considered the villages father, or mother in specific cases. Everyone in my village refers to me as father, including the ambassadors. Although those had a rough time becoming accustomed to that.”

Zarlakk pats Iwyn’s chest. “Come on, let’s go retire for the night.”

“Are, you uh-“

Before he can finish, Iwyn is thrown over Zarlakk’s shoulder.

“No buts. Come on. I think you need to be cleaned too.”

“I can clean myself perfectly fine.”

“No arguing will get you out of this.”

“I…” Iwyn stops barely after he starts. That spanking, however brief it was, did something to him. And hearing that he’s going to be spending the night with this man is making him think other things.

When they get into Zarlakk’s house, he sets Iwyn onto the side of his bath.

“Are you seriously going to do this?” Iwyn asks as Zarlakk lifts his robe up and off him, leaving him in just his shoes, which are immediately taken off too.

“Oh my god you’re- OH JESUS IT’S COLD.” Iwyn is dropped into the bath.

“Yes,” Zarlakk dumps water over his head, and reaches for the shampoo.

Iwyn grumbles but doesn’t move when the bigger orc starts to rub shampoo into his head.

“Your hair is filthy. Might have to wash it twice to be sure.”


“Yes. Does this feel good?”



He hates to admit it, but he is enjoying this attention. So much that when Zarlakk starts to soap up his body, he gets lost in his thoughts until he moves down to his nether regions.

“HEY HEY HEY-” Iwyn bats his hand away. “I can do that myself.”

Iwyn reaches for the soap, but Zarlakk just moves his hand further away and looks at him.

“You’re not leaving until you’re clean.”

“Ugh, fine.” Iwyn sits still and lets Zarlakk wash over his genitals and behind. Zarlakk ignores his growing boner, and finishes washing it up before moving down to his legs and feet.

When he’s finished rinsing off, Zarlakk insists on drying off Iwyn, who’s still silent and not maintaining any eye contact.

Zarlakk moves to then wash Iwyn’s robe. Iwyn sighs and just sits next to him and watches. After spending several minutes scrubbing each inch of it, Zarlakk hangs it up outside. Iwyn sits inside, not wanting to go out in his naked state.

Iwyn jumps a bit when Zarlakk comes back inside, and gets really close to smell him.

“Yes, you smell much better. Come now. Let’s get to bed son.”

“Okay sir.” Iwyn follows him.

Zarlakk pulls off his loincloth and drops it onto the floor before getting in bed. He pats the spot next to him and opens up his arms. Iwyn blushes as he gets in between his arms and gets snuggled close to him.

“You’re still so tense.” Zarlakk puts a hand to his face. “Until tomorrow night, you’re to refer to me as father.”

Iwyn resists the urge to ask him why and just nods.

Zarlakk pats Iwyn on the chest. “Good, good. You’re going to stay with me tomorrow as I go about my normal business.”

Iwyn nods again.

“Are you okay? You’re still slot oyna not opening up much. Are you still embarrassed maybe?” Zarlakk hugs him tighter. “Never shared a bed with a man before? Or never been near one naked?”

“Both.” Iwyn looks away.

“You know the only way you’re going to stop being awkward about it is if you just get a good look.”


Zarlakk lets go of him and sits up, knocking the blanket off of both of them. He crosses his legs, leaving his entire front visible.

“I uh-“

“Look. Look until you’ve looked at it so long you no longer care.”

“Okay, fine.”

Lwyn sits up and crosses his legs to match Zarlakk. It takes him a few moments, but he forces himself to look at Zarlakk’s massive manhood.

“Good. Now just keep looking until it stops being uncomfortable.”

“Okay sir.”


“Okay, father.”

Lwyn keeps looking at his dick, and notices more stuff than he has before. There’s three big veins spanning across his shaft, and his testicles a bit less swollen than before.

It’s awkward for him, but eventually he does get used to looking at it.

“So I’m used to seeing you naked, but now I’m not used to you seeing me naked.”

Zarlakk laughs. “That will come in time, here. Sit on my lap.” He pats his left leg.

Iwyn feels a hard on developing as he sits on Zarlakk’s large leg.

“Hey, don’t be nervous. Everyone has that happen.” He gestures to iwyn’s genitals. “It’s nothing to be awkward about.”

Noticing that Lwyn is still trying to look away, Zarlakk pulls him into a bear hug again. “Come on. Maybe you’re worried it’s not big enough?”

“No, not that.”

“Then what is it?”

“Just not used to this. And something else.”

“Something else?”

“It’s not directly related to this.”

“What is it?”

Iwyn shakes his head.

“Too embarrassed to tell me?”

“Maybe. I don’t know what you’d think of it.”

“Now I’m really curious,” Zarlakk’s face suddenly goes dark. “Wait, did something happen?”

“What? Oh no nothing like that.”

“Then what?”

“Ugh, fine. For a few years now I’ve known about those people called… Eunuchs? They chop off their dick and balls, leaving just a hole. I kind of want that, but it’s not why I don’t like being naked near people.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t think I like having a dick?”

“And how long have you felt this way?”

“A few years? I still haven’t saved enough money to actually get a surgeon to try that.”

“Hmmm,” Zarlakk pats Iwyn’s stomach, which makes his legs jerk a bit. “Relax. I’m not going to touch you down there unless there’s a reason to. And you know you can touch me back, right? Oh well. So are you wanting a woman’s parts, or just how smooth it is like one?”

“Uh, no. I don’t care for… Women’s parts. I just want this… Stuff off. Nice and smooth, just a hole there.”

“I see. Well, maybe we can work something out.”

“Wait what?”

“I know someone in our village who can do that.”

“But if I actually end up wanting to live here, I’m going to have to be naked canlı casino siteleri around other people at some point.”

“You shouldn’t get any trouble. And if you do, just straight a fight with ’em.”

Zarlakk pinches him on the leg. “Are you saying you might want to live here?”

“I don’t know yet. Give me time.”

“Uh huh.”

They spend a few minutes just sitting there. Eventually Zarlakk speaks back up.

“I can tell something else is on your mind.”


“Maybe you’ll feel better if you tell me about it.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Hmmm? Oh I see, haha.” Zarlakk notices Iwyn’s hardon getting bigger. “I get it now.”

“No,” Iwyn shakies his head and turns away. “Not like that.”

“So what are you thinking of then that’s making you get hard?”


Iwyn takes a deep breath. “When you… Spanked me earlier, for like half a minute.”

“Ohhhhh, did I end up getting your attention in a different way than I intended?”

“I’m not sure. It doesn’t feel like I liked it, but…”

“Do you want me to spank you again, maybe? I’ll be happy to you know.”

“Uh…” Iwyn blushes.

“Zarlakk extends his right leg out and pats it. “I’m offering.”

Iwyn takes a deep breath, begins to move, but then stops. “Are you going to tell this to anyone?”

“No, but I can’t promise they won’t see your bottom at some point if you end up naked.”

“Okay, fine.” Iwyn bends over Zarlakk’s knee.

“You ready son?” Zarlakk rests a hand over Iwyn’s bare bottom.

“Go ahead. Ouch, jeez.”

Zarlakk doesn’t hold back as he spanks Iwyn.

“Ouch, were you holding back on me earlier?”

“Just your imagination,” Zarlakk continues to spank his bottom.

With how big his hands are, there isn’t even any need to alternate between cheeks, since his palm is big enough to cover most of his behind. When Iwyn starts to squirm, he speaks up again.

“Are you doing okay?”

Iwyn grips the bedsheets. “Uh, not really.”

“Well let go of my sheets. You’re going to pull them off at this rate.”

“Yes father.”

For the next few minutes, Iwyn struggles to sit still. Eventually the spankings stop when Zarlakk take a moment to rub Iwyn’s behind.

“I think you’re good for tonight.” Zarlakk pats his rear.

“Okay,” Iwyn takes a deep breath. “Thanks father.”

“No problem. How are you feeling?”


“Do you think you know why?”

“I’m still not sure. It hurt like hell, but I do feel better now that’s it’s over.”

Iwyn sits up, and sits over Zarlakk’s leg, leaning into him again. Zarlakk responds by hugging him with both arms.

“There you go,” Zarlakk pats his back. “There’s a lot that goes into a spanking, so it could be any number of reasons you felt different after getting one. Luckily we have time to get you more acquainted to it.”

“Oh no,” Iwyn mutters.

“Oh yes. I think it’s just what you need.”

The next morning, Iwyn sits next to Zarlakk at his meeting table when the rest of his party enters in.

“I heard there was work today?” The cleric asks.

“There is,” Zarlakk nods. “To the north a village we are allied with is in need of assistance. Grant it to them and we’ll pay you.”

“Ok then, let’s get going.”

Zarlakk hands Iwyn a letter. “Take this to their chieftain.”

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