Chloe and Allen Ch. 08

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Chapter 08 (The day after the party and several revelations.)

This is entirely fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Note there are heavy exhibitionist elements in this series and always will be. Sometimes more than the other stuff. This is filed under Incest/Taboo because the central love story is between a daughter and her father. Hope you enjoy the whole combination as much as I do!

I recommend reading all the previous chapters first. I’m happy you’re still here!

The morning after

Chloe woke to bright sunlight. She kept her eyes closed and assessed the damage. The light did seem a little extra bright, even with her eyes closed. She moved her head slowly back and forth on her pillow. Not too bad, considering, but her brain did feel a little…thick. She had a headache, but it wasn’t pounding. Three drinks had certainly made her much more than tipsy, but she didn’t know what to expect in terms of hangover. First assessment was she was probably getting off easy, but she certainly felt the effects.

Knowing she didn’t have to get up for school, Chloe lazed in bed, eyes still closed. She allowed herself the wonderful luxury of reliving her dreams of her Daddy. Her nights lately had been filled with erotic dreams with him. She could still almost feel his big Daddy cock inside her, an echo of their loving coupling as she slept. Every time, it was perfect. He was gentle when gentle was just what she needed, including her first time. But they also had pretty wild sex, and it was thrilling and exciting and all the more fulfilling because it was with him, her best love, her only love.

Chloe’s hands started to wander over her bare skin. She once again reflected how amazing it felt to sleep naked and was really happy she’d stumbled onto that new norm this week!

She tickled her breasts and tweaked her nipples as she thought back to her night of dreams. Chloe especially loved the long, vivid dream of her Daddy undressing her and getting her ready for bed. She still felt his eyes all over her naked body as he stripped her, one piece of clothing at a time. She would never get tired of exposing herself to his appreciative gaze, but in this dream, he was close enough to have kissed (and licked and sucked and fucked) all of her.

Chloe snaked one hand down to her already-wet pussy, as she remembered the part where he slowly pulled off her panties, stretching a thick wall of her delicious juices still stuck between her and the crotch of her lacy underwear.

They both peed for each other, which was oddly erotic for both of them. Her Daddy praised her whole body with declarations of love as she simply brushed her teeth, a stupid grin on her face, because she was so deliriously happy.

And the dream ended with her Daddy kissing her from head to toe. Or actually, toe to head. His soft, loving lips caressing her entire body. She drifted off to sleep when he finally reached her eyelids and kissed them closed.

Wait. Drifted off to sleep…in her dream?

Chloe squeezed her hands on her breast and pussy and breathed in sharply, opening her eyes. OMG! That was all real. It was her best dream, but it was not a dream! She sat up, her wet hand trailing up from her pussy to laze at her free breast. She now cupped both idly as the realization sank in.

Chloe frantically tried to remember everything that had happened. Her brain was moving more slowly than usual, more slowly than she needed it to right now. What had she said? What had she done? What had they done? It felt like she was only remembering fragments, like it was through a bit of a haze, but then again, it did seem like she had a pretty complete movie playing in her head. As far as she could tell. It was just like it was on old film, poorly stored, so the colors were less clear and dialogue a bit fuddled.

But there was no denying her Daddy had stripped her, and she had let him. Chloe pinched her nipple before sending her hand back to her pussy, which had started running more freely with the memory of her Daddy’s eyes on her, his hands on her. He really did pull her panties down and see her stretching grool. She could see his face as he marveled at the sight. She followed his eyes as he then stared straight into her open, wet pussy, wet for him, open for him. Only for him. He was so close to her naked pussy!

Did they…? Did he…? She tried to remember any sex or even fondling of her. But she couldn’t. She could even hear herself asking him to, begging him to. Calling him a poopiehead and stupidhead for declining.

He had refused. Of course he had refused. And then, as if it were even possible to love her Daddy more, Chloe fell even more deeply for him. The feeling washed over her like a wave, a warm, flowing, loving wave of pure emotion that sank deeply through her heart and into her soul.

Her Daddy didn’t do anything. casino şirketleri Because she was drunk. She had begged him, and he had refused. He even gently, lovingly explained why. Chloe never felt more safe. She never felt more loved. She lifted her hand from her breast to wipe the tears of joy and love that had leaked from her eyes. She found she was smiling, probably that same stupid grin she had when brushing, as her Daddy held her up from behind, while they both admired her nude form in the mirror.

Then reality started settling in, and Chloe realized she had to pee. Pretty urgently. She jumped out of bed and trotted to the hall bathroom. As she closed the bathroom door and turned on the light, it dawned on her. She had just done that completely naked, without even thinking. A thrill washed through her, but she also realized that was probably pretty dumb. It was Saturday. She hadn’t even looked at what time, yet. She had no idea where her Daddy…or more embarrassing, her Mommy…were right now and who might have seen her. Or might see her on the way back.

But first things first! Chloe sat. As she did, she reflected back to last night, when her Daddy was with her for this most intimate act, and she oddly felt alone without him there. She usually paid little attention, of course, but this time she looked down. She leaned back and pulled her legs wider and lifted herself with her fingers, one hand on her mons, to get a good view of herself peeing.

It was pretty cool. Very cool. Who knew? She had no idea why it struck her that way. She then remembered watching her Daddy do the same, and she felt an erotic jolt at that memory. Her Daddy had expressed the same thrill. What was that all about? She decided it didn’t matter why she liked it. She just knew she did and hoped to explore it further at some point. Time for more research, heehee!

After she was done, while washing her hands, Chloe looked at herself in the bathroom mirror and smiled. She stepped up on the stool she had used last night to see all of herself. She truly did like her own body, so she had that going for her. And recently–was it really only a week ago this had all started?–she was very happy to share it with her Daddy. Every time she thought of him looking at her bare flesh, she got excited. She had soaked countless pairs of panties this week! (And drank most of the results…yum!!!)

It was time to head back to her room. Here we go! Nobody saw her on the way, so chances were good the path would be clear now, as well. Part of her hoped her Daddy would be out there to see her. One of the things she foggily remembered admitting to him was how much she enjoyed walking around upstairs naked.

She turned off the light and boldly opened the bathroom door. As she walked towards her room, she heard her parents’ bedroom door open behind her. Daddy? An electric charge ran through her.

“Hi, sweetie.”

Shit! Shitshitshit! “Uh…hi, Mommy. Um…sorry about this,” Chloe shyly indicated her nudity, turning hesitantly toward her Mommy. “I had to pee so badly. I was…uh…I’m a little foggy. I didn’t think…um…”

“Chloe, hush,” her Mommy gently chided, an amused smirk crossing her pretty features. “It’s OK, sweetheart. You might want to be a little more careful with your father around, though.”

“Is Daddy here?” Chloe tried not to sound excited, though the pulse in her pussy would have betrayed her if her Mommy could have detected it.

Her Mommy raised an eyebrow. Her smirk widened. “Well, yes. He’s downstairs eating a late lunch.”

“Lunch? Wait, late lunch? What time is it?”

“It’s 2:30, dear.”

Chloe just stared at her Mommy, a bit stunned. She temporarily forgot about her extreme state of undress and processed that new information. “Wow…”

“Ha, yes, dear. Good afternoon. Your father told me all about your adventures last night.”

All about? Surely not all about. Chloe suddenly felt very naked again. But she was still rooted in her spot.

Her Mommy continued, “Seems you went a bit over your limit, yes? Good thing your father was awake to drive you home. Good thing Amanda called. I don’t expect you would have driven home on your own–you’re too smart for that–but it was fortunate there were other options.”

Chloe understood and agreed with everything her Mommy was saying. But she mostly was processing the fact that they were having this conversation in the hallway, with her completely naked, and neither of them was freaking out about it. Well, on the outside, anyway. Chloe was definitely freaking out a little bit on the inside!

“Yeah, Mommy. I didn’t make all good choices last night, but even if it was with help, I did make that one decision right!”

Her Mommy’s smirk was an adoring one. She stood with her daughter a little longer, and somehow it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it should have been. Her Mommy casino firmaları was seeming to think about something, making some decision. But then she just nodded. “Well, OK. You…you should probably take care of your current…situation. See you downstairs?” And with that, she headed down, leaving Chloe to wonder how she was standing in the hallway naked and not in trouble for it.

Allen was finishing his lunch as Kathy entered the kitchen.

“Your daughter is awake,” his wife declared with a smirk that looked like she had carried it downstairs.

“Risen from the dead?” he replied with a chuckle. He tried not to think too deeply right now about his amazing evening together with his precious baby girl. He hoped Chloe wasn’t too hungover, though she might deserve to be.

“Yes, and apparently quite…perky.” Kathy stated. She couldn’t help but laugh, a pretty cross between a giggle and a chuckle.

Allen just looked at her, questioning.

“Don’t ask me,” Kathy still smirked, seemingly mischievously.

A few minutes later, Chloe came down the back stairs into the kitchen. Allen was still there, hanging out in anticipation of her arrival. Kathy and he were sipping coffee. He’d made a fresh pot, thinking Chloe might need, or at least want, some.

He wasn’t prepared for the reaction he’d have when he saw his young daughter. She was simply breathtaking. She had always been and likely always would be. But even shading her eyes, a little pale, walking gingerly, she was the most beautiful creature on this planet. Mostly because of the fabulous person on the inside.

But this time was different for some reason. Just seeing her made his love for her wash over him in a wave that almost felt physical, a torrent of pure emotion that left him speechless and with tears forming in his eyes.

“Hi, Daddy,” his little girl offered quietly. She tiptoed over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He felt a lot of meaning in that kiss. “Thanks for taking care of me last night. Sorry you had to.”

Allen’s breath caught, but he found his voice. Wiping a tear away, he told her, “It was truly…uh…not any problem. How do you feel? Um…Coffee? Maybe some toast?”

“Yes to both, please. I’m gonna lie down on the couch a bit, if that’s OK.”

“Of course, sweetheart. I’ll bring it out once the toast is ready.”

“You’re the best, Daddy. For real.”

Allen watched her as she walked into the next room and almost got choked up all over again. He looked over at Kathy, hoping his emotions weren’t too raw on his face. He didn’t know how to explain what she’d just seen. Fortunately, she didn’t force him to make anything up.

“You really love her, don’t you?” Kathy asked, her eyes warm, her voice gentle.

Allen thought that was the understatement of the century but merely replied, “Yes. Well…uh…of course. Our daughter’s an amazing young woman.” He stood up to start making some toast. But Kathy caught his hand.

Kathy looked up at him a few moments longer, her face unreadable. Then she stood up, still holding his hand. She put her other hand on his cheek and kissed him. It was a really nice kiss, tender, loving, her soft lips always amazing on his. Speaking of women he loved!

“Wow!” Allen whispered, gazing into his wife’s eyes, one arm now around her back. “What was that for?”

“Because you deserve it,” she replied, simply. “I think I’ll go up and read a bit.” She kissed him once more, placing a hand on his chest. “You’re a good man,” she told him with a smile before heading up the back stairs.

Allen brought his baby girl her toast and coffee. She was lying on the couch on her side, eyes closed. His breath caught. She was in the same loose shorts she had worn a week ago, the shorts that had started everything, with the same result. She was wearing sexy, light pink, lacy panties, and the shorts leg fell aside for him to have a clear view of much of them. The entire week of erotic passion between him and his young daughter flooded into him, and he almost dropped the coffee and toast. He placed them carefully on the end table above her head.

It was truly only a week ago this had all started. Only one week. He couldn’t believe it. It felt like they had lived a full, loving lifetime together in that period, and he very much looked forward to how things might continue.

Allen knelt on the floor beside his little girl’s head and kissed her gently on the cheek. Her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled widely when she saw him there. She turned onto her back and looked up at him.

“Daddy, I–“

He kissed her. Allen was so full of emotion right now, he felt he might burst. So he pushed all of it into his kiss. And Chloe immediately returned the favor. He felt she was doing the same, and her love for him flooded back through their lips.

He pulled back and gazed into his young güvenilir casino love’s eyes. “Chloe, my heart. I…I don’t…I can’t…I just…love you. I just truly, deeply, love you so much I feel like I’m going to burst.”

“I know, Daddy. I feel the same, maybe more. I think I have loved you like that for longer than you felt that way about me.”

“It feels good.” He tried not to think about what others would think. What “society” would think. He couldn’t care about that right now.

She giggled. The sound of angels. “Yeah, it does.”

“Let me get my coffee. Let’s talk about last night a little. Then we need to go get your car.”

They sat on the couch, Chloe against the arm of the couch and Allen snuggled up next to her this time. When she wasn’t sipping coffee or eating her toast, his little girl’s head was on his shoulder. His left hand rested on her bare leg, his coffee in his right.

They chatted, relived last night together. Allen filled in a few gaps that Chloe didn’t remember as clearly as he. Of course, the entire night was vivid to him, burned into his memories forever.

“Not that I’m promoting underage drinking or anything, but you were a pretty delightful little drunk.”

She giggled. His heart loved that sound. His baby girl expressed that she was pretty embarrassed about all the secrets she’d spilled. Allen assured her it was all completely fine. He loved that she was so open and really loved what he learned.

“Daddy? I have another secret to tell.”

“Oh, really? What’s that, precious?”

“I woke up to pee overnight, and when I got back to my bed, I found my panties next to my pillow. They were still soaked, Daddy. Because of you. Daddy…thank you for that. I had a pretty delicious midnight snack, heehee!”

“Ha, you are very, very welcome. I really enjoyed everything that led to them being so wet.”

“Me, too, Daddy.” His baby girl giggled again. She then looked up into his eyes, “Daddy? What about you? You were…uh…pretty worked up last night. I was happy to make you so excited. I always am. But did you…um…were you OK…to…”

Allen reached his arm around his daughter and hugged her to his side. “Hmmm, yeah. Don’t you worry about that, my dear. Let’s just say I gave firearms, fireworks, and firehoses all a run for their money.”

“Heehee, I’m glad, Daddy. I love to make you feel good like that.”

They had finished their toast and coffee. They kissed. Then again. Her lips, as always, were perfect on his. He would never, ever get tired of kissing this young woman. Finally, Allen stood up and reached for his daughter’s hand. “Shall we?”

“We shall.”

Allen called upstairs to let Kathy know they were heading out to get Chloe’s car. Once they were in his car and Allen started the engine, Chloe reached over and put a hand on his leg.


“Yes, precious?”

She smiled widely, her lively green eyes sparkling. “Lessgo, bub.”

Chloe called Amanda from her car (hands free). Her Daddy had just brought her to the party house, and they were on the way back in their separate vehicles. He had reminded Chloe that Amanda had asked her to call.

Amanda picked up on the second ring. “Chloe, sweetie, how are you? Are you OK? How do you feel today? When did you wake up? Are you in trouble? Was your Daddy mad? He said he wouldn’t be but I hope he wasn’t and he seemed pretty cool about everything and all handsome standing there holding you up and you almost made us kiss and we didn’t but we almost did and you almost made us–“

“Amanda? Amanda, sweetie?”

Amanda stopped talking a second. “Yes?”

“Take a breath, honey.”

“Heehee, yeah. Sorry. Let me try that again. Chloe, sweetie, how are you?”

“I’m fine, actually. I woke up foggy and feeling out of sorts, but Daddy made me coffee and some toast. I feel mostly normal now.” She paused. “Hey, sorry for doing that to you. I told you I wouldn’t drink. Then I said I’d only have one. Sorry you had to take care of me.”

“It’s OK, Chloe. You’d do the same for me; I know it. And as I told your Daddy, you were pretty hilarious. There was of course also no stopping you from having the other two drinks, not that I pushed too hard. You were having fun, and I knew I’d be there to take care of you when it was time to go home.”

“I love you; you know that?”

“Same, sweetie. Was your Daddy OK about it?”

“He was more than OK. Way more. And no, I’m not in any trouble. Even Mommy didn’t seem mad this morning. That part I understand even less. But Daddy…he was…perfect. Like always.”

“Sounds like there’s more to that story. I will, of course, want all the details.”

“Heehee, maybe. But that is definitely an in-person conversation. We’re still good for tomorrow, right?”

“Even if there are earthquakes and tornadoes in my way, I’ll be there.” Then her tone changed a little. “Um, Chloe? Do you remember?…um…you almost made me kiss your Daddy.”

Chloe searched back through the fog. She and her Daddy had only revisited the evening’s exciting events at home. This was a new memory to try to pick out.

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