Christmas with My Love

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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author does not condone or endorse incest in any way, shape or form!

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.

Copyright © 2006 L.A.Wicker. All rights reserved.

Ok, this is a long one. If you want something to jerk off to, better look someplace other than this.

I already know my spelling and grammar sucks, so don’t bother telling me. I’m still looking for an editor. I’d like a lady that loves incest and romance type stories. Anyone up for helping?

* * * * *

He sat looking out the window of the cab, knowing this was a bad idea. ‘Why in the holy hell did I come back here?’ he asked himself as the cab rolled down the snow-covered streets toward the one place and person he never wanted to see again. ‘I could go back to the airport!’ he laughed, wishing he could, but as he left, he heard that all flights in and out were canceled. ‘Fuck it!” he thought, hoping things didn’t get crazy, like the last time he was here.

The cab pulled into the drive of the million dollar home and stopped by the front door. “Here we are sir. That’ll be twenty-seven even,” the worn down man said.

The cab left quickly, leaving him with no means of escape. “Well, here goes nothing!” he said with a long, drawn out sigh, praying all went well as he made his way up the three steps to the home he hated so much and the person that broke his heart into a million pieces. He reached to knock on the door when it flew open and there she stood with a warm and very loving smile.

“Hey!” she said as tears of joy flowed from her eyes, splashed on a white, silk blouse and on her full C cup breasts. “I thought you changed your mind,” she sobbed wanting to hug him to her, like she did when he was a small boy, but she thought better of it, not knowing if he still hated her.

“I told you I’d be here,” he replied in a cool voice, trying not to look at her beautiful face or the body that he’d lusted after most of his teenage years.

“I’m so glad,” she said trying to wipe the tears from her eyes without screwing up her makeup. She knew how much he loved it when she wore this color eye shadow and she wanted everything the way it was before.

“Whatever,” he said walking past her and tossed his bags on the floor. “Where is everyone?” he asked wondering where the maid and butler were.

“I sent them home. The storm is going to be very bad and I thought we’d spend the weekend alone,” she said watching his face winkle. “I thought we needed time to talk. I do not want to loose you for another ten years! I’m not getting any younger,” she said feeling her heart breaking.

He looked her over and couldn’t see that she looked any different, if anything, she looked better than ever. “You don’t look it,” he said watching her pretty face turning a warm shade of pink. He always loved complementing her on her looks and loved the ‘little’ girl look that she always got.

She smiled, hoping they’d get over the past and get on living. “You could always make me blush and feel so good about myself,” she said wishing she could hug him close to her body, but she knew better, for now at least. “I’m cooking your favorite for dinner,” she added with a loving smile, hoping he’d warm up to her.

He felt his stomach growl at her words. “Oh cool! I haven’t had a good, juicy meatloaf in years!” he said trying to stop a grin, but it was too late.

“I’m glad! Why don’t you go pick us a nice bottle of wine and meet me in the kitchen,” she said turning, making her way to the kitchen, wondering if he was watching her, like before this mess happened. She loved his dark, handsome eyes on her and always did, but things just went to fast and much too far.

He couldn’t help looking at her wonderful body as she strolled away. She always looked so good and tempting in tight jeans and today, she seemed to look all the better. ‘Damn!’ he thought watching her tiny butt in the skin-tight jeans, figuring that she had to be working out or something. She looked better now than she did ten years ago.

He ran down to the wine cellar, grabbed the first bottle he saw and joined her in the large kitchen. “Here,” he said putting it on the counter, grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat across from her at the table.

He looked at her face and couldn’t believe that she’d be forty-five that spring. She didn’t look a day over thirty. Her body was tall, slender and any man’s dream come true. Her full C cup breasts, her slender waist and the part of her he loved so much, her hips and great looking ass.

“How’s your job?” she asked reaching to light a cigarette and was a bit taken when he lit it and held it to her lips. “Thank you,” she bahis firmaları whispered with a hint of joy, hoping the love they once shared would somehow find its way back.

He took a deep draw from the cigarette, enjoying the taste of her sexy lips. “It’s ok. After the New Year, I’m looking for a new one,” he said reaching the smoke back to her lips, the same way he did so long ago.

She gentle sucked, pulling some warm smoke into her mouth and deep in her lungs. “That’s too bad,” she replied slowly blowing it out and across the room, remembering one time when they’d sat at this very table, getting high with each other. “Remember that night you got me stoned?” she asked with a sheepish grin and when he laughed, her heart jumped with joy.

“That cute, little ass of yours was loaded!” he laughed remembering how sweet and sexy she looked that night.

“I always liked it when you spent time with me and that was one of our best times,” she said feeling the tears starting to fill her eyes again.

“Maybe we can do it again tonight!” he said giving her a wink, thinking of the killer pot he had.

“You have some with you?”

“I don’t leave home without it! And, this shit is good too!”

“Cool!” she said standing up to check the potatoes that were boiling in a large pot and again, she wondered if he was looking at her butt. She wore her most seductive pair of jeans and her tiniest pair of panties just for him.

He looked at her, hoping he could resist, but she turned him on, even after ten years of being away from her. “Having you been working out?” he asked before thinking and now she knew.

“You checking out my butt?” she asked turning to see his big, dark eyes on her very, very toned ass and felt her clit tingle.

He just looked up like a small boy that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “Hell yes! That thing looks better than my girlfriend’s” he said giving her a wink and like before, her pretty face turned such a beautiful shade of pink.

“No way!”

“Yes way! You always did look better than any girl I brought home. They hated being around you!” he laughed watching a shocked look covering her face.

“You’re fucking kidding me?”

“Nope! They didn’t like you at all. They said you didn’t act or dress ‘your’ age!”

“How was I supposed to dress, like some old granny?”

“I guess, but you never, ever heard me complaining about anything you wore,” he smiled remembering a few of the things she’d wear just for him.

She just smiled, knowing she had a chance to win back his love. “I still have a few of them. I put them away…after you left,” she said watching his eyes widen.


“Yep, maybe, I mean if it’s ok with you. I’ll pick one to wear later, when we get stoned!”

“Maybe, if I can see what you put away.”

“I want to surprise you.”

“I’m way past the age of being surprised and the way my sex life’s been, we might just pass on it.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve been having major problems.”

“What is it?” she asked moving back to the table and like before, he held the cigarette up to her lips. Their eyes met and she was sure he wanted to tell her that he loved her and never stopped, but they just looked at each other, not a word was spoken.

“I can’t keep it up,” he said feeling as if he was going to die right there on the spot. ‘Why did I tell ‘her’ that?’ he thought watching concern fill her pretty face.

“You’re still a young man. Is it that girl? Maybe you don’t love her or she doesn’t turn you on.”

“I don’t know. We used to fuck like little rabbits, but now…nothing.”

“Damn baby! You’re too young for um…um…it not to work,” she said and remembered that she’d just called him baby. ‘Oh darn it!’ she thought, hoping he wouldn’t get mad at her.

“Tell me about it! My balls feel like they could explode at any time and drown me!” he laughed and she did too. So hard in fact, he forgot he was so mad at her.

“It’s so good to be with you again!” she said as tears filled her eyes, wishing that horrible day that fucked up their love never happened.

“It is kinda nice,” he said wanting to hold her, but he thought better of it. “How much longer till its ready? Maybe I’ll roll us up a big fat one and we can smoke it before dinner!” he said with a big smile, watching her laughing at him.

“We’ll eat ourselves to death!” she giggled thinking of having a buzz and how bad she always got the munchies after smoking with him. “Let’s wait ok? I’d rather do it later, after dinner and you can come up and pick out one of the outfits for me to wear. Oh, do you remember these?” she smiled standing up, rubbing her hands over the tight jeans and couldn’t help but smiling.

“Are you kidding me?” he said looking at her great lower body and felt something. For the first time in so long, he felt his cock growing. “Are those the jeans you used to…um…wear all the time?” he asked looking at her nice, small ass wrapped so tight in the jeans. She always wore them when she was kaçak iddaa horny and wanted to mess around.

She smiled at his surprised face and the fact that he was really looking her over. “I only wear the once a year and put them away,” she said in her normal low and very calming voice.

“One day a year?”

“Yep, one day and away they go back in my trunk.”

“What day?” he asked hoping she say a day that used to mean so much to him.

She looked at him, his eyes still looking at her bottom and she said, “Your birthday,” she smiled watching his eyes light up just the way they would when he’d see her in them so long ago.

“You’re a nut case!” he laughed with a big smile, remembering how she could always get him so hard with the jeans and some of her other very wonderful and sexy outfits.

“I may be, but I could always get you…um…well, you know,” she smiled sitting back down at the table, hoping so much that the weather men were right and they would get the three foot of snow. She wanted him back in her life and having him alone for a few extra days, just may help.

‘Yes, you always made me hard as a fuckin’ rock,’ he thought watching her pretty face. She had Swedish ancestors and it showed. Her face was right out of a travel guide for the country. She had pale-white skin, nice high cheekbones, a firm chin and her long and very thin blonde hair was out of this world. He just looked at her and didn’t say a single word. She knew what she did to him and he was happy to leave it at that.

“What else you been up to?” he asked lighting another smoke, hoping he’d relax.

She watched him, trying to figure him out. He looked so tired and ran down, it broke her heart. “I workout four days a week and sometimes five,” she said with pride in her soft voice. “Tell me more about this girl you’re with. Is she helping with your…um…problem?”

He had to laugh at her. “Shit! She’s nothing but a bitch! All she does is complain about it and I’m pretty sure she’s been fuckin’ around on me. So…when I get back I’m ending it with her too.”

“Damn, quitting your job and dumping your girl! You’ll have a new life.”

“She was fun when we first met. Like I said before, all we did was fuck, so it was fun.”

“Sounds good!” she smiled remembering the last time she had a good hard one in her, his. Her late husband was nice and long, but he couldn’t get it hard the way she liked it. He was much older than her when they married.

He watched her face and wondered if she was seeing anyone. “Are you with anyone now?”

“Nah, I’ve had a few offers, but it’s hard to find someone that wants me and not my money.”

“I guess so. A single and sexy lady that’s worth millions, you gotta be careful,” he said knowing there had to be a few men that just wanted to hump her sexy five-foot ten inch body.

“I just keep to myself. I work out at the gym in town, do a little shopping now and then, but that’s about it.”

“You need to get out more.”

“I like staying home. I feel safe and…I got me a computer now! I love the internet, it’s so fun!”

“Cool, I’ll have to get your email address before I go. Maybe we can write each other,” he said before thinking. He wasn’t sure if he really wanted to write her or keep in touch.

She looked at him and hoped so much that he’d forgive her, but for now, she was just happy to have him here. “I’d like that,” she said returning to the stove and pulled out the large pan from the oven. “Come and look!” she said lifting the pan of meat on the stove, knowing it would most likely be gone by tomorrow night.

He walked to her and loved what he saw. “Oh hell yeah!” he said leaning to get a good long whiff of his favorite food and didn’t realize his half erect cock was pressed against her slender hip. Once he did realize, he just stood there, looking at the meat and enjoyed the feel of her warm body against him. ‘It figures. She could get me hard if I was dead!’ he laughed to himself and quickly moved back to the table.

She watched his smile and was so happy. It was a sight she loved and hoped she’d see him smiling lots more. But then, she felt him. His cock was so hard and it made her tiny clit ache for more. ‘Oh my God!’ she moaned to herself, praying she’d get to feel him again, like before.

“I’m fucking starving! I was running late this morning and didn’t have a chance to get anything. I wasn’t about to eat shit they serve on planes…yuck!” he laughed watching her peeling the boiled potatoes, knowing it wasn’t going to be much longer. ‘Damn, you have a sweet ass!’ he thought watching it moving and flexing under to tight jeans and he also saw that she had on a tiny pair of bikini panties. ‘I wonder what color they are?’ he thought looking more, hoping like hell she didn’t see him. ‘I bet a dollar, they’re blue,’ he said to himself, having good idea she remembered what he always loved seeing her in.

She knew his eyes were on her, just like always. He was a horny guy and it was such a shame that he was having a hard time keeping kaçak bahis it up. ‘I bet I’d get you up in a second and it would last all night!’ she thought with pride, knowing he always got hard for her and could keep it going and going all day or all night.

“Do you have any ‘hot’ prospects for girls’?” she asked turning just enough to see his dark eyes staring at her ass.

“Not really. I might just play around a little. I don’t wanta jump into another relationship after this one,” he said looking up her slender body, remembering all the times he’d touched, kissed and licked every, single inch of her.

“Don’t wait too long. It’s not good to be alone…like me,” she said as the last words broke her heart. She was so lonely and would hate to think of him leading the same kind of life she did.

“I haven’t been happy in a long time. After Joanne and I got together, I just never felt right,” he said leaving out a big part. The part when he found out her husband died and she was living here all by herself.

“It sounds like she messed up your life or something. Let me mix these and then we can finish talking about it,” she said turning on the mixer and went to work on the potatoes, wanting them smooth and creamy. After a good five minutes, she turned it off and smiled. “Dinner time!”

“Good, I’m ready to treat myself to some good home cooking!”

“Get some plates and a big bowl and we’re ready,” she smiled looking over the pan of creamy potatoes, hoping they would be ok. She wanted everything perfect.


After overeating, he leaned back and couldn’t help but smile at the pretty woman. “As good as you cook and can fu…um…well, you know, there’s no reason you should be here by yourself,” he said in a firm voice, watching a faint smile fill her seductive lips.

“Thank you,” she whispered returning his smile, wondering if she might get him again. He remembered a wonderful thing about her and she couldn’t have been happier. ‘I’d be more than happy to please you. I bet I can get that big, long thing of yours nice and hard for you!’ she thought, an idea that he was hard right now. If not, she knew he would be after he looked through the things she’d kept just for him. “I’ll do the dishes and would you mind making us a ‘big’ fire in the sitting room?” she asked with a big grin, hoping he would. She sucked at making fires.

“Sure, is the wood in there or out on the porch?” he asked, hoping that she’d put up all the things she used to tease him with. He knew it would be hard as hell to resist her, but he wanted to see this sexy woman and her great body again.

“I’m not sure if there’s enough. The news has been saying we might loose power tonight and for the next few days,” she said winkling her face with pain, hoping he wouldn’t get mad for being stuck here with her.

“Oh well. As long as we have food and wood, who gives a shit!” he laughed going to the back porch for wood. “You have enough for a week or so, but when this shit clears up, you should call and get a few loads. You don’t want to be stuck out here with nothing.” He said in a very firm voice, not wanting her to do without anything.

“I will,” she replied leaning against the doorjamb, enjoying him taking command of her and her life. “You always made sure I was taken care of and I miss that,” she said putting out her lower lip, hoping he’d look to her, but he didn’t.

“Somebody needs to! It looks like your help is lacking the skills to do things right! You should never be without wood! You’re too far out. Nobody could even get out here to check on you.”

“I’m going to fire the gardener when he comes back. He’s nothing but a pervert. I think that he sneaks in the house and goes through my undies,” she said making a bitter face as thoughts of him touching her private things filled her mind.

He looked up at her and smiled. “I can’t blame him. I used to do that all the time!” he winked at her, watching her beautiful face turning red.

“That wasn’t the same and you know it. I liked when you did it! You’d lay out a pair for me to wear and it always made me feel so sexy, knowing it’s what you wanted,” she said feeling her clit start to tingle worse than ever.

He tried concentrating on building a fire, but she was really making it and him very hard. He remembered like it was just yesterday. Every morning he’d hear her in the shower; he’d go in her room, find a sexy pair of panties, and lay them on her bed. He’d go through the day thinking of her sweet ass covered in the panties that he’d picked out for her and he always got so hard thinking about it.

“I remember,” he said fighting to hold back a smile and a raging hard-on. “That was always the highlight of my day,” he added, laughing, thinking of all the times she teased and tormented him, but in the end, she always helped him ‘fix’ his problem.

“I liked it too. Knowing I was wearing what turned you on and wanted me in,” she said putting out her lower lip again, but this time she really was sad. She always loved the way he told her what to wear or how to fix her makeup, it turned her on so much thinking of him being in charge of her and she wanted him to do it again. She wasn’t into BDSM or anything; she was just the kind of woman that loved her man being in charge.

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