Christy Ch. 03

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“It was going to happen,” Tina thought as she pads down the hall. She could hear her parent’s voices; angry and too loud. Closed doors and distance muffle the words. Mom sounds hysterical and Dad sounds exasperated. Tina peeks around the corner to look down the stairs. Seeing no one, she scoots past the top of the stair and slides up to her sisters closed door. Tina takes a deep breath and sighs. “When was the last time I got sent to my room? When was the last time Mom and Dad had a fight. Why are they fighting when it’s Christy they’re mad at?”

Tina raps lightly on Christy’s door. She’d been warned to go to her room and stay there. They both had been. Everything happened so fast. She was sitting at the diner table with her parents. Christy was running late and Mom wouldn’t say grace until everyone was sitting down. Christy came to the table wearing a tight T-shirt and the trouble started. Mom first noticed that Christy wasn’t wearing a bra and started lecturing her on what the neighbors will think. Then Mom noticed the telltale lumps of Christy’s nipple rings and the volcano erupted!

Tina tapped a little louder on her sister’s door. Christy opened the door a crack, saw it was Tina and rushed her in.

Christy looked miserable. Her eyes were red and puffy. Her make up was smeared and trails of tears crossed her cheeks. Christy slumped down on her bed looking like a beaten puppy. Tina sat next to her, took her hand and asked, “You hanging in there, Sis?”

Christy cleared her throat. When her words came, they were thick and raspy, like they didn’t want to leave the safety of her throat. “I knew they’d be mad. I knew they’d be mad if they found out about the piercings. I had no idea how mad.”

Tina squeezed her sister’s hand. The first thing Mom did was send her to her room. She waited for Christy to say something else, not wanting to push her.

“You know the what-will-the-neighbors-think lecture?” Christy finally asked. She didn’t have to wait for Tina’s nod. It was Mom’s favorite lecture. “Well… Mom won’t be able to go to the store now because the whole town knows that her daughter is a sick tramp.” Tears welled in Christy’s eyes again as she choked out, “I’m a diseased and depraved harlot. A slut in the service of Satan…” Christy pausing to suppress a sob, then whispered, “I never thought any of that stuff would hurt, but she really, really meant it.”

Tina hugged her sister and whispered, “All that over pierced titties? What would she do if she knew what you were doing in your spare time?”

Christy coughed a dispirited laugh. “Gee, I don’t know. She already wants to lock me away in a convent. If she knew that I like to fuck…?”

Tina had been stroking Christy’s hair absent mindedly. Now, she leaned over and kissed her sister’s forehead. Then she kissed Christy’s nose and then her lips. Tina felt Christy’s lips part as their lips came together. Her tongue probed tenderly to find Christy’s. It felt nice to be kissing her sister. The erotic charge might help ease the pain.

Tina drew back slightly and whispered, “The whore of Babylon is a good kisser. I casino şirketleri still love you, you stinky cunt.”

Christy laughed a real laugh this time. “Is that how you sweet talk all the ladies?”

Somewhere down stairs a door slammed. A few moments later, a car engine fired up. Headlights played across the room and the car was gone.

“They’re gone,” Tina sighed.

“It’s quiet.” Christy agreed

Tina kisses her sister again, this time with more passion, more probing and play. It’s a long, lingering, wet kiss. While she plays tag with she sister’s tongue, her hard slides under the too tight T-shirt to play with the offending pierced nipple. Tina finally comes up for air and asks, “can I try to make you feel better?”

Christy leaned back to dramatically pull her T-shirt off.

Boom, boom, boom; Three heavy raps on the door. Tina and Christy jump apart like the sound was an electric current. The door slowly creeks open. The girls stare at it with dread. Freddy Krueger dread playing through their heads.

“There you are Tina,” their Father said with a sigh. “Your room was empty.”

Silence hangs over the room. No one is really looking at anyone. Christy finally looks up to see her father standing at her dresser, idly inspecting the girly flotsam that accumulates there. She felt a sudden wave of sorrow. Dad looked old. A dejected mask of misery hid the usually animated features of the man she’d grown up with. She usually thought of her Dad as a strong, stubborn, sort of good looking for an old guy man. Standing there, he looked utterly defeated.

“Umm, I’ll just be going,” Tina said as she scurried out of the room. “Thanks for the help on the homework…”

Dad closed the door gently after Tina left. He turned to face Christy and ran a hand through his salt and pepper hair. “I don’t really know where to begin,” he sighed. Christy braced for another round of berating. “Your mother is a very strong willed women” he said. “She really does mean well… I don’t know where to start…”

He sat down heavily at the foot of her bed. He stared at his hands, which were clasped as if in prayer. He continued staring at his hands, “I probably should have cut her off earlier. She said things down there that were simply mean, vicious and untrue.” He paused again, working hard to form the next sentence. “I don’t know how to begin to apologize…”

The word bounced around Christy’s head like a ricocheting bullet. Apologize? Christy’s head swam in a river of relief, anger and confusion. “You mean you’re not mad at me?”

“For getting your nipples pierced?” he asked. Without waiting for an answer he continued, “I’m not mad about that. I was hoping you wouldn’t, but I knew you might.”

“Daddy!” Christy squealed in shock. “How did you know I might get my nipples pierced?”

Dad laughed at that. He smiled and replied, “I didn’t really. I read magazines. I go to movies. I work at the Community College. I have some idea of what’s going on in the world.”

“Are you disappointed in me?” Christy asked.

“Not really,” he said. “They can look pretty sexy casino firmaları actually.”

“DAD!” Christy shrieked, then laughed.

Dad turned to look at her laughing. “I’m your Father. I’m not dead!”

“So why did Mom go nuts?” Christy asked.

“Your mother has some strong convictions,” Dad sighed. “I don’t understand her sometimes. I haven’t really understood her for years.”

“Daddy,” Christy asked tentatively. “Was Mom always such an uptight prude?”

Christy’s Dad slowly shook his head. “Would you believe that I met your mother on a nude beach in California?”


“She was a free spirit back then,” Dad said. “I don’t know what happened to that girl. About a year after Tina was born,… it’s like she became another person.”

Christy hesitated, afraid she was going too far, “Daddy?” she said very quietly. “When was the last time you had sex?”

Dad was quiet for a long time. He blushed, clearly embarrassed by the question, then said, “July 24th at the conference in Philadelphia. If you mean with Mom, I think I’d have to get out my day planners and do some research.”

“Daddy?” Christy asked again. “Would you like to see my piercings?”

Another long pause. Then Dad sighed and said, “I really shouldn’t.”

Christy hadn’t waited. She’d pealed off her shirt and was sitting in front of her Father topless.

“I have a beautiful daughter,” he said after a long, long pause. “Did it hurt too much?”

“A little,” Christy said. “Not as much as you’d think.”

“How do they feel?”

“Nice,” Christy said giving her rings a little tug. “And that’s not all!” Feeling brazen and reckless, Christy quickly shed her jeans and panties. She sat with her legs spread proudly showing her shaved pubes and pierced clit hood. “This one gently rubs on my clit all the time. It’s like always being a little horny.”

“Damn…” Dad said dumbfounded. “Maybe your Mom needs one of those.”

“It feels really good,” Christy said rubbing her clit. “I like to masturbate two or three times a day.”

“Mom really needs one of those,” Dad said. Christy noticed a bulge growing in her Father’s pants. Christy made up her mind right there. “Oh well, I’m going to hell anyway,” she murmered.

Christy slid over to her Dad and kissed him full on the mouth. As she teased her Dad’s lips with her tongue, she unfastened his belt and tugged down the zipper on his pants. She tugged down the briefs and freed the now fully erect cock.

“This is wrong,” Dad said more to himself than to Christy. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Christy wasn’t listening. She quickly swooped down on her Dad’s cock. She put all she learned in Holland into making it the best, most mind blowing blow job her Dad ever had. She played her tongue along the shaft, then back up to the head. She licked around the head and probed the slit with her tongue. Then, she dove down taking the cock all the way into her throat. With her lips at the base of his cock, she stuck out her tongue to lick at his balls. She felt the cock swelling and throbbing in her mouth. She knew her Dad would cum soon. güvenilir casino She stepped up her sucking, sliding rapidly up and down the shaft. She heard her Dad moan. She felt his hand sliding over her ass. When his finger slid in her wet slot, her mouth filled with hot spunk. It was the biggest load of cum she’d ever taken. A humongous load that almost made her gag. She slurped it down greedily and kept sucking until her Dad’s cock started to droop.

Dad fell back on her bed spent. “Wow. Where did you learn to do that?” he said. Christy gave him a sloppy wet kiss that tasted of cum, and said, “In Holland. Thank you for sending me to broaden my horizons.”

“Well, let’s not tell Mom.”

“I’m glad you liked that, Daddy,” Christy said mischievously. “But you know, I’m still horny. Would you eat my pussy?”

“It’s only fair,” he said. “We’ve gone this far already.”

Christy lay back on her bed and spread her legs. Dad kissed her thighs and moved down toward her pussy. “I’ve never eaten a bald pussy,” he said. Christy was disappointed at first. Her Dad’s licking was clumsy and off the mark. She was afraid Dad was going to be a dud, but then he found the groove. He wasn’t a dud, just out of practice. Dad’s tongue found her clit and quickly figured out how to use the clit ring to his advantage. Christy moaned and played with her tits. Dad slid a finger, then two into her slot and fingered her while he sucked on her clit.

“Oh that’s nice,” she sighed. “Oh give me more, Daddy!”

Dad slid four fingers up Christy’s sopping pussy and pumped away. Christy thrust her hips as she got closer to an orgasm. Dad’s tongue and lips worked her clit furiously while his fingers hit that special place deep inside. Christy wrapped her legs over Dad’s back and held him tight.

“Oh Daddy!” Christy cried. “I’m cumming!”

Christy’s body jerked as the electric pulse of her orgasm flowed through her body. She grabbed her Dad’s head and ground it into her pussy. She felt she pussy throb around his fingers still deep in her cunt. She felt her girl goo squirting all over Daddy’s hand and face. His tongue lapped it up as it sprayed out. Waves of pleasure washed and ebbed over her for what seemed like forever.

It passed. Christy wished she could ride her orgasms forever, but they always pass. She looked down at her Dad’s wet face with post cloital glow. “And Mommy doesn’t like that?” she asked in disbelief.

“She did,” Dad said “A long time ago she loved it.”

Christy kissed her Dad deeply, with a lot of tongue, tasting her pussy juice in his mouth. Then she said, “I squirt Daddy. I didn’t pee on you.”

“I know,” Dad chuckled. “I can taste the difference between cum and pee.”

Christy was over being shocked by now. “Do tell?”

Dad laughed again and said, “I used to make your Mom pee when she came. I never complained. I kind of liked it.”

“My Daddy’s a closet pee freak,” Christy sang like a schoolyard chant. ” My Daddy’s a closet pee freak. Daddy, will you give me a golden shower and then fuck me?”

Before Dad had a chance to answer, they herd Tina hissing, “Guys, guys!”

They looked over to see Tina crouched in the doorway with her pants off. “Where you watching us and jilling off?” Christy hissed back.

“Yeah,” Tina said. “But I just heard a car pull up. We gotta get dressed!”

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