Christy Gets Pimped Out

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Christy Gets Pimped Out
Christy Gets Pimped Out

Around 2006, my girlfriend and I had been broken up for almost a year. We had remained friends even though we had broken up. She calls me one day and says she needs some money. I asked her how much. She says she needed 875 for rent and another 1050 for her car payments. I said thats a lot of money, and I asked her what or how can she repay me. She said she fuck me whenever I wanted her. I laughed and said I didnt need to pay for pussy but thanks. She asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted to video her fuck a black man. I could tell she did not like that.

She said no, I cant do that. I said okay then. She asked was there anything else. I said no. After some bickering back and forth she finally said bye.
She calls back later and says she cannot believe I asked her to fuck a black man. I said well, your asking for a lot of money, and I knew she could never repay me, so thats what it would take if I give her the money. There was a long pause, she said, I’ll call you back.

She calls me back the next morning, she was upset, crying, she asked me again if there was anything else she could do for the money. I said no. She got a little angry and said, ok, I’ll do it! I guess….She asked could she do it today. I said yes, I’d set it up and call her back. I asked her if I set this up was she going to do it for sure. She said yes.

I called a black friend of mine and told him the situation and asked him if he wanted to fuck her. He said hell yeah! I told him to come to my house and we’d go to her house. He asked why was she doing this and I told him she needed the money. “How much she need?” he asked. About 2000 I said. “Dam, that’s a lot of money!” “I know, that’s why I’m pimping her ass out. I’m going to video this too and sell it around town.” “Good idea man, illegal bahis i’ll help you.”

I called Christy and told her me and a friend would be there soon. She asked if I’d have her money. I said yes. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, this is so nasty.” she remarked. I said well it’s up to you but I need to know now for sure because we’d be coming there soon. “I have no choice, I can’t lose my apartment and my car.” “Okay. we will be there soon.”

We arrived at her house and she hurriedly let us in. She was wearing only a tshirt and white fullback panties. She wouldn’t look at us directly as she led us to her bedroom. Once in her bedroom, I looked at her face and she looked like she had been crying. I asked her if she was okay. She said she was stressed and hadn’t gotten much sleep. She then asked, “Okay, now what.” I told her to sit on the side of her bed. The black guy stood in front of her, his crotch in her face. She had a look of dread on her face. She looked at me with a “now what” look. I instructed her to push his shorts down. She pushed down his shorts, uncovering his long dick. It almost hung to his knees. Christy got up and said, “Ill be right back.” She told me to come to the bathroom with her. In the bathroom, she closed the door. “I HAVE NEVER HAD A DICK THAT BIG!” her voice low but stern. “I told her my friend will go easy.”

Christy pushed down her panties and sat on toilet and peed, her face in her hands. “Okay, okay, I can’t believe I’m fucking some black guy with a big dick, a black dick” “i am such a slut, a whore.” I said, “Look, fuck all that, do this and get paid, and try to enjoy it.” She wiped her pussy and we went back to her bedroom and looked at me like, “now what.” I told her to sit back on bed and start sucking his dick.

Christy grabbed his long dick and put canlı casino what she could of his dick in her mouth. Christy’s mouth is small and she basically could only get the head of his dick in her mouth.
My black friend moaned, “dam her mouth feels hot”, “suck my black dick baby” Watching her suck back and forth his dick, her face squinty and grimaced, made me hard immediately. His dick now hard and even bigger. “Awww shit, suck that dick you lil white racist ho.” Christy moaned like she wanted to say something, but he held her head and mouth in place, “don’t talk ho, keep suckin that black dick” “I know yo white mouth is hurtin, but this shit is feelin so fuckin good ho”

Christy jerked her head back, “give me a sec, hold on”, drool hanging from her sore mouth, his black dick shining from Christy’s spit. Christy coughed and caught her breath, he put his hand on her head and put his hard dick back to her mouth, “open you mouth”, Christy did, her eyes closed, his dick stretching her small mouth open again. Holding her head in place he began fucking her mouth. “ooooooooooooooooooooo shit, your mouth feels so could!” Christy’s mouth had never had a dick this big moving this fast, her jaws hurting, her eyes closed, tears running from her eyes. Struggling to breath, more spittle drooling from her fucked mouth. She jerked back again, breathing heavy, her tshirt now wet from her saliva. Coughed again, wiped her wet mouth, still breathing heavy. Black guy pulled her tshirt off leaving her on side of bed still in just panties. He then had her suck his dick again, he had her hold his big nuts in her hand. “Play with my nuts while you suck me.” “Oh yea, thats it, you stirring up my nut shit.” He then pulled out her mouth. Had her lay back and removed her panties.

“Dayum, that is a nice white girl pussy!” kaçak casino “Yo pussy ain’t gon look like that when I’m done.” He pulled her body close to side of bed, held her legs behind his arms. His black cock stood out hard and strong. He bent slightly putting the head of his huge cock to her tight white pussy. Christy gripped his muscular arms, closing her eyes waiting to feel a big black dick enter her pussy.

Christy had only ever been with white guys, none of them over average size. She had never orgasmed from a white guy fucking her. She had to use vibrators or be ate out to cum.

He pushed the tip of his dick in, Christy’s legs wide, resting on his arms. He moved his dick in/out a little, trying to loosen her, make her more wet. It looked like a veiny black pole trying to get inside her. After a little more pushing her pussy gave way some and his cock slid in a few inches. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!” “FUCK! You are the tightest pussy I’ve EVER fucked!” Christy sill had her eyes closed, legs spread very wide. He held his dick in place allowing her pussy to open and accomodate his size. She began slowly moving her body, her pussy back and forth with short thrusts, she actually was moaning now. He stayed in place and let her feel or first orgasm from being fucked. Christy arched her back moving up and down, back and forth til she let her orgasm burn through her body and moaning so loud until she collapse back. He pulled her body back to the edge of the bed, this time pushing in deep, fucking her hard til he was all the way in, his big balls slapping her anus. “OH FUCK, THIS WHITE PUSSY IS THE BEST SHIT!” “I”M CLOSE, MMMMMMMMMMM, I can feel my shit wanting to come out!”
“Oh FUCK!” He fell on top of her, his body on top of her body, his dick all the way in, ejaculating…”OHH, OHH, OHH, FUCK, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” FUCK!” Dam, I aint cum that hard in a long time.”

He pushed his body up off Christy, his long dick fell out her fucked pussy. Christy laid there, legs spread, her pussy gaped and sperm streaming out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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