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Megan’s 22 year old face turned bright red when she saw herself on her uncle’s computer screen. There was one of many pictures that she had posted of herself on the nude web site. Lying spread eagle on the bed in only her stockings, garter belt, and heals was her Uncle Jimmy’s favorite pose. He had jacked off to that picture several times since he found his young niece on the web site.

He wondered how to bring up what he found to her or if he should bring it up at all. Part of him thought that he should just leave it alone. Then he decided that he needed to say something with the off chance that the oversexed college student would fuck his 42 year old body. After deciding that he would confront her, the next decision was how. That was when he decided to just leave her picture up on the computer when she came over to use it.

Jimmy stood behind Megan for what seemed like an eternity to the young woman. She knew she had to turn around to confront her mother’s brother eventually. So turning on the tears, she turned around and leaned her head on his shoulder grabbing him tight. He wrapped his hands around her body squeezing her tits into his chest.

This seamed like a good start thought Jimmy as he started to get turned on by the college aged girl. He looked down at her curly reddish brown hair and smelled the sweet aroma of her perfume. He couldn’t see her face but the picture of her blue eyes and round face was locked into his memory.

She continued to cry for a few minutes until she got herself together. Looking up at her uncle with her tear drenched face, all she said was “I am sorry” before breaking out in tears again.

“It’s OK, Meagan. I just wanted to confront you before your Aunt found out.” Jimmy told her.

Stopping her crying for a moment, she looked up at Jimmy.

“Please don’t tell her,” she begged.

“Oh, I am not going to tell her but I am sure she will see the pictures when she gets home.” Jimmy replied.

Jimmy then proceeded to explain to Megan that her Aunt Barbara and Uncle Jimmy have pictures posted on that same site. She was amazed and wanted to see them, so they headed over to the computer and Jimmy showed her the pictures. The first pictures were of her Aunt and she commented how beautiful and sexy she was. Next, Jimmy showed her the pictures of himself. Meagan didn’t say casino şirketleri a word and just starred at her uncle’s great body and huge cock. She was getting turned on and started to feel a tingle between her legs.

They got to the end and Jimmy asked “so what do you think?
Meagan was speechless at first and then she started to stutter, “nnniiiccceee.”

“I am glad you liked them because I have really enjoyed yours” Jimmy replied.

“Really?” she questioned “You really think I am sexy?”

That just surprised her because she has never thought of herself as sexy. Being overweight and a little on the thick side made her feel ugly and undesirable. On the contrary, Jimmy assured her that not all guys want rail stick models. He admitted he was one of the guys that like chubby girls and that was one of things that attracted him to her aunt.

“So, would you, well if you could, fuck me” asked Megan.

“Oh, yes I could fuck your body all night long” replied Jimmy. He then added “What do you mean if I could?”

“Well for one thing you’re married” stated Meagan.

“Yeah married in an open relationship” said Jimmy.

He explained how he and her aunt have an understanding to sleep with other people. He used the example that her aunt was probably fucking her boss at this very moment while she is on her “business trip.” That intrigued Megan and was also keeping her turned on.

Jimmy finished explaining and Megan asked “will you fuck me?”

“Oh I thought you would never ask” Jimmy replied as he pulled his niece tightly into his arms. Leaning over he moved his lips towards hers. The sensation of her soft lips sent a burst of energy through Jimmy’s loins. After lightly kissing for a second they opened their mouths and engaged in a passionate kiss. There tongues played with each other as they held each other tight.

Megan felt the juices flow in her now throbbing pussy. Jimmy’s erect cock wanted to be free. Their hands roamed each others body. Excitement raced through their bodies. For Megan the anticipation of having an older lover was what she wanted. She hoped that her release would explode through her body, which was something she never experienced with the young men that she usually had. Jimmy, on the other hand, was looking forward to the soft young flesh of Megan’s body. He wanted her to experience things casino firmaları for the first time and experiment to make his experience memorable.

They stopped kissing only for a moment to head into one of the bedrooms. It was the master bedroom where they fell onto the bed. Ripping and tugging at each others cloths like wild animals on the hunt, soon their cloths were scattered on the floor.

Lying side by side facing each other they kissed passionately as their hands explored each others bodies. Jimmy’s hand explored the soft skin of Megan’s side. Making his way to her breast, he gently squeezed the plump flesh of her huge tits. Sensation shot throughout Megan’s body. Reaching down she found his erect cock and played with it in between her fingers. Jimmy sliding his hand to between her legs, found her pussy after she spread her legs open for easier access. His fingers got wet from the lubrication the horny young woman was producing.

Pushing her onto her back, Jimmy got between her spread legs. She begged to be fucked as she felt his cock rub slightly over her waiting hole. She ached to be fucked but Jimmy wanted to eat her sweet nectar before pumping it full of his juices.

Sliding down he spread her legs. Kissing lightly on her inner thigh, Megan became aroused form the sexual anticipation. Soon, he was lapping up her juices as she moaned from the orgasm she was receiving. She squeezed her tits as the waves of pleasure overtook her trembling body. Her orgasm subsided but her sexual desires still raged on.

It was now Jimmy’s turn. With Jimmy on his knees, she leaned over to take his cock into her mouth. The huge boner filled her mouth as she slid it in. Sliding as much as she could in and out of her mouth, she moved her tongue around the head. In no time Jimmy was shooting globs of his white fluid into her mouth. Being the first time she had a man cum in her mouth, she gagged a little but ate it up liking the taste.

Falling onto the bed they entered into another passionate kiss. Megan was begging to be fucked and she grabbed at Jimmy’s cock trying to give it a second life. Jimmy reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a pink vibrator. Turning it on first, he placed it between Megan’s legs. Sliding it in and out of her drenching hole, she started to cum with the toy inside her. Waves of pleasure shot güvenilir casino all through her body as Jimmy continued ramming the toy in and out of her pussy.

Soon his cock was erect and she begged for him to fuck her. Not needing any convincing, he positioned the girl on her knees and entered her from behind. Reaching around, he fondled her tits as he slid his cock in and out of her tight slot. Oh, she was tight and the pressure was trying to milk Jimmy’s cock.

Jimmy grabbed some lubricant from the drawer, putting some on his finger; he placed his finger on her asshole. She moaned with pleasure as Jimmy spread the tight hole getting his finger inside. It was a sensation Megan never experienced and even though it was slightly painful, it also felt really good.

With his cock still buried in her snatch, he reached over and grabbed the dildo from the bed. He placed the tip on her rear hole and slid the toy ever so gently into her tight hole. Once he got it in as far as he thought he could, he turned it on high and Megan started to explode with an intense orgasm.

Ramming his cock as deep as he could in the young woman, he felt her pulsating vagina walls squeeze his cock. There was no turning back as he felt his sperm flow from his balls and through his penis into his niece.

Rolling exhausted onto the bed, the two snuggled a moment before Megan made a comment about the sensation of the dildo in her ass. She wanted Jimmy’s cock in her ass and that made Jimmy so glad he took Cialis before confronting the college whore.

Megan sucked his cock bringing it back to life. Lying on her belly with her legs spread a little, Jimmy got on top and forced his erect member into her ass. Oh it was tight as he drove the hard thing in and out. Meagan had her hand on her clit massaging it while her uncle filled her rear hole. She screamed in pleasure as his huge cock slid in and out of her tight ass.

“OH GOD! Uncle Jimmy that hurts so good!” She yelled as Jimmy’s came close to his orgasm.

Soon, his cock was exploding in the tight ass of his niece. He was so into his orgasm that he didn’t realize that she was cumming as well. He rammed it in until it went soft and limp and filled her ass with his cum.

Lying down alongside his niece, he kissed her on her cheek. She thanked him for the wonderful experience as she got dressed in a hurry to get to her class. This was the best fuck of her life and hoped that her aunt was willing to let her have Jimmy a few more times before she graduated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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