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“Check out those tits!” Charlie Davis was saying.

Traci paused on the stairway, with the laundry basket in her arms, and listened carefully. She could hear magazine pages turning and quiet exclamations from the guys. Her brother Jack and two friends from college were in the basement.

“Oh yeah!” she heard the heavy masculine voice of Todd Martin. “Christ, that makes my cock hard!”

Traci knew the boys well enough; The three had been friends throughout high school, and were now teammates on the Wisconsin State University baseball team. Jack, Charlie and Todd looked great, and were always hanging out together.

“rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiippp”, Tracis’ jaw dropped as she heard the distinct sound of a zipper being lowered; followed by two more quick, “zzzziiiiiiiiiip”, “zzzziiiiiiiiip”. Then a chorus of “ohhhhs” and “yaaaahhhhs.”

Very carefully she peeked around the corner. The basement was finished with paneling and furnished with a couch, chair and a old plush oriental rug. On the couch Jack and Charlie had their cocks out and were taking turns looking at a magazine on the cushion between them. Todd Martins’ face was hidden behind a magazine, legs spread and his penis sprouting thick and hard from his jeans. Charlie Davis stroked himself with a hand, while her brother Jack had both hands wrapped around his long hard-on, his eyes closed and his mouth open.

Traci moved silently down the remaining stairs and walked nonchalantly into the room carrying the laundry basket.

“Whooaaa!” she heard three voices in chorus as the boys scrambled to conceal their cocks.

As she stepped through the doorway into the laundry room she looked back at her brother trying to stuff his obscenely swollen penis into his pants, it wasn’t working. Jack looked up and their eyes met for a long second. He saw his sister glance back down at his thick rod, and a blush colored her cheeks, before she disappeared.

“Oh shit,” said Jack.

“Christ, she saw us!” panicked Charlie.

The boys quickly stashed the magazines, had zipped up their pants and were trying to look innocent, when they heard the washer start its’ rhythmic whirring, and then Traci came back into the room.

“What were you guys doing?” she smiled. Jack was silent.

“Nothin,” protested Todd. Traci looked at the thick bulge in the handsome boys’ pants. She went to the couch and pulled a magazine from beneath a cushion where her brother sat. It was open to the foldout where a stunning young lady was drilling two fingers into her pussy.

“Wouldn’t you rather look at a live girl” she teased, “than a magazine?” The boys were stunned when Traci stationed herself in the middle of the room and began twirling around slowly, displaying her ripe eighteen year old curves to the boys.

“You were masturbating weren’t you,” she looked at the handsome Charlie Davis and then down to the thick ridge along his thigh, hidden beneath his pants. Charlie, the youngest of the trio at 22, came from a wealthy family in an adjacent neighborhood: full dark hair, deep set black eyes, a strong, slender athlete.

She had dreamed of him often in her innocent pre-pubescent years. The dashing handsome boy who would waltz with her across a moonlit balcony.

Now he looked nervous.

Sexual tension filled the room as Traci felt the eyes of the three aroused men on her body.

Todd Martins’ penis gave a lurch when he saw Jacks’ sexy sister Traci turn around and pose in her stretch pants. The twin half-moons of her ass curved invitingly into a deep crease, that ran down, and under.

Jack was stunned. His beautiful sister had the sexiest smile on her face! As she spun around the overhead light flashed reflections from the long waves of her golden hair. It was also apparent she was braless; the white shirt tight across her grapefruit sized breasts. There was no doubt that she had blossomed into a woman. “We were just looking at some pictures,” said Jack defensively. The magazine with the girl was in plain sight.

“Oh Yah,” she laughed, “like this?” Traci made a motion in the air; jacking-off an imaginary penis.

The guys laughed at her silly imitation and Charlie seemed to relax, lounging back into the comfortable couch.

“No, like this,” said Todd. He pulled out the magazine he had stuffed into the cushion and flashed a picture to Jack and Charlie, then began to study it carefully.

“Can’t I see?” whined Traci; and in two steps she was at his chair. Todd turned the picture away, so Traci leaned in very close putting her hand on his thigh, the warmth of her full chest two bahis firmaları inches from his face. The photo was a petite buxom blonde with clenched teeth and a big vibrating dildo sunk deep up her gash.

“You like that?” she whispered in Todds’ ear, though everyone could hear, “hhmmmmm?” Todd was the star pitcher on the baseball team; tall, broad shouldered, and a very short military haircut. As Traci pulled back she let her fingers drift down to contact the long pole outlined through his jeans. Her deep blue eyes questioning his; and her long index slid the length of his bone.

On the couch, Charlie’s’ head was pounding. He was watching Jacks’ undeniably gorgeous sister rub his buddy’s’ prick, her big sexy jugs wagging in his face. The result was that Charlies’ penis was rock hard, completely tenting his boxer shorts and slacks. He scooted back on the couch a bit to relieve the pressure of his constricting shorts.

Traci saw him squirming.

“What are you looking at Charlie?” she smiled.

“You.” he answered sullenly.

“Me?” She stood in erect profile in front of him. “You don’t look very happy to see me.”

Charlie edged backward again, trying to loosen more fabric to hide his bulging erection.

“Why don’t you let it out?” she said.

Jack stared open mouthed at his sister.

Todd caught Charlies’ eye, and grinned.

Charlie glared at Traci and slowly began to loosen his belt.

Traci stared into Charlie’s’ passive face while his fingers worked. Then she heard the steady zzziiiiiiiiiiip sound again and Charlie was shucking his slacks down over his knees, where they formed a grey puddle around his ankles.

With a twist of his wrist and a breathy gasp Charlie’s’ stiff penis popped out through the opening in his boxer shorts.

Tracis’ eyes widened at the sight of his powerful erection. The ruddy phallus curved upward fiercely. She glanced nervously at her brother, his muscular bare chest was covered with little blonde curls and below his rippled abdomen a large bunch filled the basket of his blue jeans. His blue eyes were boring into her own.

“Will you pose for us Traci?” came Todd’s’ deep voice.

Looking back into her brothers eyes, she went to the wall, and switched off the light. “Okay,” she said softly.


“No fair.”

“Aawwwwwww…” came the chorus of voices.

The room went black suddenly, but as their eyes adjusted the boys could see the dark shadow of Traci Williams in the middle of the room.

A dim glow, from the water heater in the laundry, began to diffuse across the knotty-pine.

“Stay there,” she said, and began unbuttoning her shirt.

The crisp whisper of starched cotton sliding from smooth shoulders breathed softly in the dead quiet air.

Traci removed her shirt carefully. She was very proud of her breasts, and very pleased with the admiring glances she had been receiving from boys; and men. She stood in profile to Charlie Davis: a faint trace of starlight caressed the luxurious swell of her cleavage; the full pointy cones springing like succulent fruit from her breast. She dropped her shirt carelessly to the floor.

“Oh my god,” moaned Todd.

She heard each sound magnified as he removed his pants. The top button being worked open, the zipper coming down, and then the loud clank of his belt buckle hitting the floor.

In the shadow Traci saw a long thick pole of flesh jutting from between his solid thighs; then his hand covered the tip, he made a ring with his thumb and finger, sliding it down the length of his shaft. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” he sighed.

“Does that feel nice Todd?” she teased.

Traci’s pink nipples popped out stiffly as a flush of sexual arousal flooded through her eager young body. She looked at Charlie then, and went over to the couch.

Using her palms she pressed her breasts together; and slid two fingertips out to tweak at her stiff nipples.

“Are you gonna play with yours’ too Charlie?” her voice was low, husky.

Traci was thrilled when Charlie stood up to slip out of his boxers. Her handsome teenage crush had a big pair of balls hanging below his long saber curved probe. She could almost feel it rooting around in her womb.

A faint trace of starlight had found its’ way into the room from the high window around by the stairs.

“Oh wow,” she gasped.

She walked right up to Charlie, so that the spongy tip of his erect penis tapped against her curvy naked navel, put her hands on his smooth chest and pushed him back onto the couch.

She felt the warm spot kaçak iddaa on her tummy where Charlie’s’ cock had branded her.

“Stay there.” she repeated.

In the shadows she could clearly see Todd’s’ big frame, and the long thick meat he hefted in his hand. Two large nuts huddling together at its’ base.

Standing directly in front of her brother Traci slid two fingers beneath the band of her stretch pants. She caught her brothers’ eyes watching her, and moving her hips side to side, began to fold the stretchy material inch by inch down her sleek torso.

When a few sparse blonde hairs of her pubis appeared, she stopped. Her panties had folded down with the pants and formed a tight band across the twin pink bubbles of her derriere.

She smiled over her shoulder at Todd, who was ogling her ass and masturbating steadily; and slowly slid her finger down into the bulging crease between her cheeks. When Todd looked up she nodded her head and repeated the motion, wiggling the finger deep into her crack and bending over so that her whole ass was exposed and Todd could see the digit teasing her asshole.

When Traci straightened, the pants had lowered themselves to the tops of her thighs. A soft downy vee of blonde curls covered her vagina.

Charlie Davis squeezed his penis and moaned. Traci watched as he began to massage his testicles with his free hand.

“Take ’em off Trace.” The voice was Jacks’. In the semi-dark she saw her brother rubbing his penis through his jeans.

“Why don’t you?” she retorted. It wouldn’t be the first time she had seen her brothers’ penis. She had watched him nail Lucy Cardozzo; on the grass in the back yard last summer. His long stick slicing again and again into the pretty girls’ willing wet cunt; until she screamed; and then he had covered her mouth with his, pounding out his orgasm deep into her womb.

Jack leaned back, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and his thick blood engorged cock bounced heavily into view; he wasn’t wearing underwear, and she was surprised.

Traci turned toward Charlie and watched him massage his balls: slowly lowering her pants, a vivid image of his cock filling her mouth, crowded out more rational thoughts, and she stepped free of the garments, standing nude before the three men.

She cupped a hand under one firm thrusting breast and leaned over Charlie; offering her pretty pink nipple for his lips. She was straddling his muscular leg and again his erect penis bounced naughtily against her abdomen. This time she shifted her body back and forth, letting the silky knob skate a warm figure eight across the soft flesh above her golden fleece.

But when Charlie captured her nipple in his mouth and sucked gently, she stepped away.

“Look but don’t touch,” she said.

She stood back in the center of the room, looking at the masturbating men.

“Now isn’t this better than a magazine?” she whispered.

Traci laid down on the soft carpet in front of the men and began a gentle rocking of her hips, simulating intercourse. She used both hands to massage her breasts, smiling when she caught Todd’s’ eye. She turned over and showed him the crack in her ass. Again she slid a finger along the crease and smiling warmly into his eyes, snuck the tip just inside her tight pink sphincter. When he gasped and stroked his meat faster, Traci poked her finger in farther and pressed her clitoris into the floor.

“Oh, yyyuuuuummmmmmmm,” she groaned. The plush fibers of the oriental rug teased and scraped her nipples: she buried the finger deep in her asshole, while she squirmed her mons down into the hand knotted pile.

She had never had a cock in her ass, but was looking forward to it, and was hoping to date an adventurous boy someday.

Todd yelped and Traci felt a string of wet heat on the backs of her thighs, then another heavier one splatted across her buns. Todd was moaning and Traci knew he had cum. Some of his thick sperm oozed into her crack, surrounding her slowly pistoning finger and she tensed with pleasure as the warm slime entered her anus.

Then she turned over and Charlie was standing above her. She was looking up between his legs at the heavy balls and thick soaring phallus. Her womb leaped at the certain knowledge that the man wanted to fuck her. She bent her knees and opened her thighs.

“Right here Charlie,” she crooned. She slid a hand down across her belly and with two fingers spread her pink muffin. Her clitoris glistened wetly above the small pink hole that opened and closed reflexively as he watched. She put a long middle digit to kaçak bahis the entrance, and with a deep moan closed her eyes; and the finger disappeared.

She rocked her hips in harmony to the lovely music filling her cunt. Then remembering the magazine photo, she tried it with two fingers; but the second one didn’t want to fit right away. She looked at her handsome brother watching her, and at the lovely penis that throbbed in his hand. She tried again, opening her legs wider; and then with a low moan sunk both fingers deep into her wet pussy.

Charlie stiffened above her; and she saw the big nuts jumping in their sac; long jets of semen shot from the tiny slit at the end of his hard prick, arcing down onto her breasts and belly. One stream landed across her face, and while he watched she licked her lips, tasting his cum.

“Oh my god,” mumbled Charlie. He staggered around the room in a daze, his nuts thoroughly drained. He put his pants on very carefully.

“I hafta go,” he said.

When he was halfway up the stairs Todd called out. “Wait up.” Then both men were clambering up the wooden staircase.

“See-ya Jack,” they called back.

“Bye Charlie,” piped Traci.

The siblings were quiet for a minute.

“Well, that was unexpected,” exclaimed Jack. His penis still rose proudly above his muscular thighs and he casually rubbed his sac. “You didn’t cum.”

“Almost,” whispered Traci. Her eyes drank in the strong sinewy ridges across his hairy chest; and the thick muscle of his cock. “Almost.”

Looking into his eyes she parted her legs and slipping her hand down, began to gently rub her clitoris.

Jack knelt down beside her and lifted her other hand to his stiff penis.

Traci immediately gripped the warm organ and began sliding her hand back and forth, moving from the soft nest of his black pubic hair to the large swollen helmet at its’ tip.

When Jack reached down to touch his sisters’ clitoris, she pulled her own busy fingers away, and thrilled as her brothers’ strong touch rhythmically massaged her sensitive pea.

“Oh, yyeeesssssss,” the sexy blonde hissed. She moved her hips in small tight circles against his grinding finger, and felt his penis swelling hot in her hand.

“I; I’m going to: cum,” she moaned. Jack dropped his hand and jammed two fingers deep into his sisters’ spasming hole. He ground the heel of his palm onto her mons, putting a crushing pleasure onto her discharging clitoris. Electric like jolts of ecstasy slamming through her body, Traci lifted her head, and sucked her brothers’ penis into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmfffff.” “Mmmmmmmmmmffff!” Jack felt his sisters’ tight clam gripping his fingers as she orgasmed. Her muffled screams felt wonderful on his penile pacifier. She twisted and moaned in the cum, keeping his cock in her mouth all the while.

She released him from her lips. “Oh! that was nice,” she groaned.

Jack slowly removed the fingers from his sisters horny pussy. She gasped when the relatively cool air replaced the warmth of his hand, and closed her legs together.

Through the mind numbing after-glow of orgasm she became aware of her brother’s body lowering onto hers.

“We can’t Jack,” she whined.

“I know baby,” he responded confidently.

Jack lay gently on top of his sister. He let his chest crush against her full boobs, and let his lips linger warm and moist on her neck. He raised his buttocks; and then his hot prick was slicing between her thighs.

“Oh, yeeeaaaahh,” Traci moaned. She kept her legs tight together and her brothers’ hot probe melted through the soft flesh; rubbing deliciously along her pussy lips.

“Oh baby,” Jack whispered hotly into her ear.

Traci wrapped her arms around her brothers’ strong back and let him fuck between her sexy thighs. A fresh dribble of lubrication coated her pussy lips and made the sliding sensation delightful. She lifted his head and looked into his eyes, while his penis slid along her greasy slit. Her stiff nipples danced in the curly heather of his chest hair.

“I love you,” she said.

“Awwwwwww.” Jack said abruptly. He levered the tip of his penis directly onto her slick clit, and then jammed down, the swollen mushroom head poking into the tight inviting ring at her center: and then he was cumming.

The penis jerked and lurched between her thighs, his thick goo coating her pussy with a warm glaze as it spurted.

Traci gripped his ass, pulling him into her. Some of his semen had doubtless entered her vagina, but she wasn’t worried about getting pregnant. Thank God for the pill!

When Jack raised himself off his sister, she sat up and lifted his soft limp penis in her hand. She lowered her head and kissed his cock, tasting his sperm.

“Thank-you,” she whispered. “Thank-you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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