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Claire was contemplating the activities and socialising events she might partake in that would fill her college break at home, she was looking forward to meeting her long time friends and relaxing following the end of a stressful college semester. She drove her car home on the day following the end of her second semester, she was keen to see her parents and brother whom she had missed terribly.

She had purposefully not driven home in her previous break so that she may become accustomed to her new life at college and find and maintain friendships with the other girls he shared her living facilities with, also she knowingly felt that had she driven home she would have had some reluctance to leave to resume a busy academic schedule as opposed to being pampered by her parents, being able to relax in the all too familiar environment of home and of course spending time with her friends.

Although Claire had established some good relationships with her fellow students and was getting along great with Evie her roommate, Although now she was excited to see her old friends whom she had known since childhood, her heart skipped a beat as she thought about the previous summer where she had briefly dated Dan the eldest son of her parent friends and close neighbours.

Dan had also gone to college but his younger brother Robert had remained in the Martin household and worked the small ranch and taken care their family’s horses and cattle, including Claire’s horse Zeus. Claire’s parents maintained a busy agricultural business from the rear of her family home and had little time to take care of Zeus for her, so it had been decided before Claire left for college that the Martin’s would take care of him and work him alongside their own stock.

As Claire took the last turn that led onto the ranch road and further beyond that her own family residence she took time to glance sideways to admire the Martin’s horses all out to graze in the bottom pasture. Her eyes cast to the familiar athletic form of her black gelding, as her little car turned meandered the winding track Zeus let out a little snicker and started toward the railings dividing the road from the pasture, obviously excited to see her as she was him. He followed her car at a steady pace as far as he could and halted at the gate to the next pasture.

She could clearly make out Robert waving at her from the entrance to their horse barn, Claire stopped the car, got out to opened the gate to allow Zeus access to the adjoining pasture, before doing so greeting him with strokes and nuzzling against his muzzle. Returning to her car she drove up the track to the Martin residence, stepping out of her car and greeting Robert with a huge hug and kiss to the cheek. They were long time childhood friends and their actions produce nothing more than chatter about their time apart.

Claire swiftly glanced around searching the yard for Dan, but was disappointed to find he was not there. Rob wandered over to Zeus as he reached the yard gate and was haltered and led to where she stood, her disappointment that Dan was not home did not go unnoticed by Rob.

“Dan won’t be home until tomorrow”, Rob explained ‘but we are all invited to your house for supper on Friday so I guess you will see him then”. Rob asked if she would like Zeus to be put in her own pasture so that she may ride him that evening and she nodded as she climbed back in the seat of her car, waving a cheery goodbye she set off back on her way bahis firmaları home.

Claire was warmly welcomed home by all the family including her grandparents who were all keen to hear about college life, her friends and her journey home, after many hours talking and eating supper Claire retired to her familiar room and bed exhausted by it all.

She awoke with a lazy reluctance listening to the household moving and realised she had fallen asleep the previous evening naked on her bed, she now languished in a supine position. Sleepily her hands trailed across her breasts causing her nipples to slightly harden, as she trailed her fingers over her abdomen she gently parted her legs and considered arousing her nipples further and softly slipping her fingers between her already wet womanly folds and finding the much needed sexual release that she seemed to increasingly need. However the increasing arousal soon ceased when Claire heard steps in the hall way and her mother call through her door to say breakfast was ready in ten minutes.

As she rose from bed she glanced out of the window down to the Martins yard to see Dan’s truck already stationed there and although she could not see Dan she knew he would be keen to get into the saddle, Robert was expertly round penning one of the horses and had just greeted Dan home.

Claire showered quickly and dressed in her riding clothes and boots intent on riding Zeus down to the Martins and joining one or both on one of their familiar morning rides as she had done regularly for the past nine years.

Her mother over breakfast was intent on finding out her plans for the holidays and questioned her to the extent that Claire found herself becoming slightly irritated, explaining that she wanted to ride Zeus out and up into the hills early each morning, then take care of him so that she could have the whole day time to spend with family, friends and basically chilling out in the evenings, her explanations seemed to pacify her mother.

Once she had breakfasted she went out to the barn to find her father had already fed Zeus early that morning and positioned his saddle and bridle ready to be fit.

As she rode from the yard she could feel the familiar excitement increase as she rode down the slight incline to the Martins, She cussed to see that Dan and Robert were already astride their horses and mounting the steep incline at a steady pace toward the track that led up onto the first hillside and through the small wooded area at the rear of the Martin property.

Claire was a little disappointed that they had not waited on her or called the house to say they were setting off. She wasn’t too phased by that thought because she knew if she quickened Zeus’s pace a little she would soon catch them up.

As she started her ascent of the hillside she could just see the brothers enter the wooded area, knowing that they would keep to their usual routine and rest the horses in the sunny wooded glade before setting off, she didn’t speed up any because their actions would allow her to catch up just in time to set off further up into the hills she kept Zeus at a steady canter.

As she approached the first clump of trees Claire slowed her horse to a walk and negotiated the trees slowly. Upon hearing the boys voices only a few yards away Claire thought to call out their names but something in her stopped her and she decided to dismount, tie Zeus loosely to a tree and sneak up to surprise them. She kaçak iddaa suspected that they would have the horses drinking from the pond fed by the soft clear spring water winding its way through the hills side as they sometimes did in hot weather, but slowed when she heard a lot more splashing around.

As she approached closer she could make out the figures of both brothers bobbing around in the pond, oblivious to her presence. They climbed from the pond after a few minutes and both lay naked on the horse blanket strewn on the grass aside the pond.

Claire looked intently upon their naked, muscular bodies intently waiting for the moment she would see them dress and she could safely approach. However they did not dress. Claire grew nervous and as she neared she found herself an almost apprehensive but didn’t understand why.

Claire’s apprehension was justified at the very second that she heard Rob tell Dan how much he had missed him. Rob tentatively leaned forward and kissed Dan’s chest and reached for his already hardening cock. Claire froze and awaited Dan to rebuff the advances of Robert, but he did not.

Instead Dan threw back his head and moaned slightly as Roberts fingers gently stroked at his balls. Claire was stunned, she knew she should make a hasty retreat but found that she could not move, she didn’t want to alert either boy of her presence by making an exit and although she would never admit it she found the incestuous scene between two brothers very erotic. She watched the way that Dan held his lips and contorted his face as Robert stroked along the length of his cock and felt aroused herself . Up to now Claire’s experience of sexual contact had been self arousal and masturbation and of course the handful of times that she and Dan had been alone when they had kissed and had offered each other only a little inexperienced foreplay.

She was recalled how it felt when Dan had first circled her nipples with his tongue and she felt her pussy twitch and wetness immediately pool there.

She was brought back to the moment sharply when she heard Dan ask Rob to suck on his cock and pushed his head almost forcibly towards his protruding erection, as Rob circled his tongue around the tip of Dan’s cock and collected the moisture that Claire clearly saw collecting there, Rob again threw his head back and groaned.

Robs mouth seemed to work Dan into some kind of frenzy because his ass raised from the ground and his groin pumped at Roberts face, Claire tried to reposition herself comfortably on the grass so that she could see without being seen, as she did so she found her panties were wet between her legs and she was getting more turned on.

She wanted to masturbate herself to an orgasm but thought not to for fear of discovery, she also wanted to watch the two brothers making out.

Now laid on her stomach with her head raised she was slightly and above looking down on the naked boys she had a good clear view of both their bodies and erections, so much so that when Dan took Rob’s hard cock in his own mouth she could see it slide in and out and the movements between them both clearly, she heard each sigh and moan which aroused her greatly, at times both boys would mimic each other’s movements and pump their cocks hard and fast into each other’s mouth but then would slow again, Claire found herself circling her finger around her protruding clit when she witnessed both boys knelt facing each other and could see their swollen kaçak bahis purple cock heads.

Opening her jeans she could no longer resist her need and thrust her hand into her pussy and vigorously rubbed her eager clit, then she saw the most erotic thing she had ever seen, both boys kissing each other’s mouth had clasped their hands together and entwined them around both their hard and throbbing cocks feigning fucking by stroking their cock encircled by their hands in unison.

The sight of each boy pumping their cocks together into their hands and moaning into each other’s mouth made Claire cream her panties with an inordinate amount of cum trying not to moan herself and alert them, she knew she was hot for some cock herself, when she had her orgasm she knew it would be so intense and almost breathtaking that she would need to depart the scene.

She heard Rob begging Dan to take him in his mouth, Dan responded as Rob stood up and gently squeezed Robs balls as he tongued the head of his cock before he sucked the whole length of Robs cock down to the back of his throat, Rob cried out as the warmth of his brothers mouth and throat clamped around his swollen cock and instantly started rocking his hips fucked Dan’s face slowly whilst holding the back of his head. ” Suck that cock Dan” ,”make me cum good” Claire saw Dan encouraged by Rob’s words tighten his lips around Robs rock hard cock and stick his finger in Rob’s ass and suck hard, instantaneously Rob thrust forward and threw back his head emptying himself of cum into Dan’s warm and wet mouth whilst moaning his brother’s name.

Claire could see Dan swallowing Robs cum and felt her own desire to have Dan suck her clit like that but something told her if she stepped forward into this private scene she would not be welcomed. Dan stood up and pushed Rob down onto the floor onto his knees and licked his balls. Claire was now rolling around on her hand trying to prevent her own pending orgasm. Dan rubbed his cock against the entrance to Rob’s ass and pushed his way in, Claire was stunned at this action, almost disgusted but was so turned on and curious that she could not take her eyes away.

She had seen a man take a woman’s ass before in a movie but watching her two friends fucking this way just sent her over the top sexually bringing on a huge and delicious orgasm when Dan came hard and fast into his brother’s ass he cried out the same time as she luckily covering her sounds as if choreographed that way, she orgasmed with such intensity that she saw stars and appeared to shake for a few minutes.

Conscious that she needed to depart quickly to prevent being discovered watching Claire unsteadily got to her feet wiped herself clean with her tissue, pulled up her panties and jeans and crept away, locating Zeus she hauled herself into the saddle with difficulty and rode hard to the edge of the woods, she rested in the pasture for a few minutes before riding back into the woods and shouting the brothers by name as if coming across them for the first time that day, she jumped down from her horse and greeted the two just dressed and flushed boys as they led their horses from the clearing in the woods by the pond.

Hugging both of the Martin brothers in the friendly way they were accustomed to, Claire thought that none would be the wiser that she had cum as hard as they by watching the erotic scene. “Hi Claire,” Dan greeted, “where did you spring up from we felt sure you would be sleeping late today?” Claire explained her holiday intentions as she remounted Zeus and rode further into the valley with the boys on their horses at her side. Somehow she knew that things between them would never quite be the same.

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