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All persons in this story were at least eighteen years of age at all times cited in the story.


Claire was a little bit ahead of Ethan as they came out of the woods at the end of his street. She could have ridden her bicycle faster on the asphalt than she had on the rocky dirt trail behind her but she slowed instead. Ethan blew by her as he came out of the woods and furiously pedaled for home. It was only a few houses down the street to Ethan’s house, and although she tried to catch him he won the impromptu race.

“I win,” he said.

“Not fair,” she said, “nobody said we were racing.”

Nobody had, but she had known exactly what he was going to do. She had intentionally paused, that way he could win, but she could give a good show of trying. He could honestly say he won. She could honestly say that she had tried really hard to win, and that she honestly believed that she would have won had they started simultaneously.

Honesty was very important to Claire, both her father and her oldest sister were ministers. But while dad had gone to a real seminary, Eva had merely answered a multiple choice test given by mail. Or something like that, Claire thought. At least that gave her some ammunition, she teased her big sister about missing “Question number three, who is Saint Thomas’ step-son?” She loved Eva, but felt totally intimidated by her.

Claire loved Ethan too. He never made her feel small or unworthy, he just took his time and explained things. People said that she was a “gearhead” or a “tomboy,” but they didn’t get it. What it really was… It was the fact than Ethan made whatever he was doing seem interesting to her, and he was always happy to have her along for the trip.

“Do I get a prize?” he asked.

“Whaddya want?”

He reached over and kissed kissed her on the lips. To do so he had to pull down her kerchief, exposing her lips. It was about the only part of her that was not filthy. The rains had just ended and the trails were muddy, but the temperature was nice. In a couple months when they both graduated from “Billy Goat High,” and summer began they would be really dusty, and hot.

They learned their bikes against the galvanized pipe railing on the basement steps and walked down the concrete stairs. The first room inside was a huge work space but straight back was a bathroom with a shower. Hot water, soft towels and the dress she had worn to school today were there. Ever the gentleman, Ethan let her go first. He even picked up the clothes she threw on the floor, putting them in her tiny gym bag.

As she lathered, rinsed and repeated washing the mud and sweat from her body she wondered what it would be like to have him lathering her naked body. Maybe she would find out when he took her to College Station casino şirketleri with him in the fall. He had promised to take her. Actually it was just about seven years ago that he promised to take her with him whenever he left the little plateau town of Edwards Texas.

She would have invited him in the shower with her today, but his parents were upstairs right now. She didn’t know if they would come down. They never had before, but Claire really worried about what everyone else thought. She knew it was obsessive and unhealthy, but she couldn’t help herself. Ethan was really the only person who had never asked her to be different than she was.

She turned off the water and drew back the curtain. She reached out, grabbed a soft fluffy towel and began to dry herself. Ethan was standing, facing away from her holding her mostly red print summer dress on a hanger. Holding it far out from his body to keep it clean. She took it from him and she said,

“Ethan Saunders, you are still planning on marrying me, aren’t you?”

“You know the answer to that question,” he said.

“Then turn around. Unless you don’t want to.”

He turned to face her, she was naked holding her dress in one hand. She smiled as he told her that she was the most beautiful woman on earth. Claire thought that statement either proved that kindness was more important than honesty to Ethan, or that maybe he needed glasses.

She made a little show out of putting it on in front of him. It was going to feel quite naughty going upstairs and having dinner with his family sans bra and panties. But her dress was not too short, and she was not so endowed. Besides, her underwear were far too dirty to put back on.

“Get a shower so I can kiss you,” she said.

Ethan took his shower. Claire did not look away as he opened the shower curtain and took his towel. Although she had, obsessively opened the bathroom door to make sure nobody was in the adjoining room. She gave him a quick kiss after he was dry, and before he put his clothes on. He got dressed, and they went upstairs for dinner.

There were always lots of people at Katherine and Gabe’s house, besides Ethan’s older brother and sisters, Claire’s two older sisters were often there, as were a couple other friends. Ethan’s parents didn’t have money, but they never turned anyone away. Claire understood why her father said that they were “truly rich.”

As she sat with Ethan across the table from Katherine and Gabe, she felt a little naughty knowing that she had no underwear on. Knowing that she had just had sex with Ethan, and hoping that nothing was leaking from within her as she sat at the table. She thought about how well her future mother-in-law had prepared her son for life. Teaching him so many very casino firmaları important things. Even teaching him how to teach her about her.

As Claire passed the plates and bowls to others at the table, she thought about how they had ridden to “their rock” earlier. It was a huge boulder on a hillside in the woods. They often had sex at “thier rock.” Today they had been covered in mud when they reached it. Leaning their bikes against nearby trees, they walked to their most holy of places, and Ethan pulled her shorts off, then she pulled his off.

Claire began to eat dinner, savoring the Huevos Shakshukos, and thinking of an hour ago when Ethan buggered her as she held “their rock.” She smiled across the table at Katherine and thought of how she had taught Ethan that his lover was his responsibility. To care for and respect her and to not “knock her up” until they were both ready to care for her grandchildren.

Katherine had told Ethan how there were multiple avenues to bliss. An hour ago she was holding “their rock,” while Ethan took “the road less traveled.” He had fondled her little breasts through her shirt; well actually his old gym shirt, as he slid his beautiful penis into and out of her ass. They were both covered in dirt and sweat, and creating more sweat that dripped into the dirt.

Ethan had told her that there were better choices than the Vaseline that they were using. But Claire loved the greasy stuff. It made her feel so naughty. A shower didn’t remove it. She felt it inside of her for a whole day after they “did it.” Most of the time she would have Ethan back inside of her again before it was all gone. Her ass was basically permanently lubed and she loved it.

Ethan just went along at first. But after she told him why she loved it… It was hard talking about it, well about most things actually. But Ethan never rushed her, he really cared what she thought. What she thought about petroleum jelly was that it was a tangible reminder of his presence within her body. Once he heard that, he got into it too.

Claire smiled at Katherine again as she passed a requested item. Her son was so hot. He got excited about something that he had never considered simply because he could empathise, and try to feel what she felt. That’s why they had been good friends for a decade. That was why their marriage would last a lifetime.

Claire didn’t masturbate, much… Hardly ever… Eva said she could, that it was natural. That it wasn’t a sin unless it was part of a pagan fertility ritual. Claire believed her, but it was selfish. Selfish because it was just for her. If Ethan was willing, she let him “do her,” whenever possible. Then it was for both of them. He always made sure it was for both of them, together.

It was so nice feeling güvenilir casino him inside of her that way. The first time he had “done it” he went slow and he told her exactly what he was doing and how her body was reacting to what he was doing. It was funny when she thought about it. Her lover knew what her body would do before she knew, because his mother, who didn’t know they were “doing it” had told him.

He had pulled her sweatpants down and kissed her buttocks. He removed her pants from her ankles, and ran his hands across her belly. He told her that the blood was rushing “right here” as he gently stroked her tingly sex with the back of his hand. He told her to hold onto “their rock,” as the blood filled her genitals, and her blood pressure dropped. He told her she might become euphoric and light headed.

He described in detail exactly what that blood was doing. It was making her vagina expand and push out from her, spreading her open. How spongy bulbs beneath her nether lips filled up making her crotch tight and tingly. How her mostly hidden wishbone shaped clitoris would fill and become tight.

How her tens of thousands of nerves would become more sensitive to touch and thousands of neurons would fire releasing dopamine. That thousands of electrical signals would be sent to her brain. That her brain would release chemicals to literally make her high.

Ethan said that he would go slowly, and he did. He told her that as he pushed into her, her pituitary gland would release endorphins and any pain she felt would be temporary. It was… She felt a quick sharp pain as he entered her and it quickly dissipated.

Then all she felt was the glorious tightness that he was causing. His penis in her ass pushed on the bulbs behind her lips and on the legs of her clit. That pressure in turn pushed the tip of her clit out in the open, and that caused it to make contact with other tissue.

His shaft pushed and pulled on her sphincter and bumped the ridges in her colon. Her body transmitted all of that motion to her clitoris, and its thousands of nerve endings. The first few times he “did her,” he used a free hand to play with her hair and her mound and her lips. But she found that she was able to come without that extra stimulation “down there.” Unless they were in a hurry slower was much better, because she built up slower and came harder.

Claire loved having Ethan’s penis in her ass. She had never had him in her “front door,” and he could not imagine that it could possibly be any better. Maybe they would give the other way a try after the wedding. If Ethan really wanted to, she was happy as they were. Eventually they would have to in order to have children, but that was at least a few years down the road.


Claire is the nomme de guerre of my sister-in-law. Years ago she told me she had only had vaginal intercourse five times in her life. Solely in the interest of getting pregnant. But she “gives herself” to her husband every single night that “he desires it.” They seem pretty happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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