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He was just explaining how he could make multiple versions of himself. He had built a machine that, when he stepped inside, would allow him to create multiple versions of himself with pure thought. They would be fully him, and in fact they would act from a sort of hive mind, with his mind controlling each of them. Yet they would have their own sensations and perspectives. And best of all, when a copy returned to the machine, it disappeared just as suddenly as it had come, but his mind retained all the memories of each self simultaneously.

She wasn’t sure she understood, so he decided to give her a demonstration. Stepping into a small chamber that closed around him, he quickly emerged from another chamber connected to the machine; at least, what looked like him. It was exactly like him in every way, and to prove it, he walked over and kissed her passionately on the lips. It was him all right.

They kept kissing for a few minutes, and when he could tell she was starting to get turned on, another copy emerged from the machine. He came up behind her while she had her tongue down the other one’s throat, and he started kissing her neck and rubbing her arms. He could feel her tense up before relaxing completely and kissing all the more passionately. The sexual tension started to build, and they began undressing her. One pulled off her shirt while the other unbuttoned her pants. One unfastened her bra while the other one kissed her all the way down her bare legs. And while one fondled and licked her breasts, the other pulled off her thong and slowly started fingering her.

One at a time they stripped, too, and they were now both completely naked without leaving her alone for a moment. Their cocks were hard, and the one fingering her pussy could feel that she was very wet at the prospect of having sex with both of them at the same time. Walking her over to a low bed they laid her face down, stretched out and vulnerable as they started massaging her at the same time all over her body. She felt one pair of hands on each of her arms and legs, and another pair on her back, as well as one pair on her ass and a pair on her head. There were at least seven of them now, and their massage soothed and pleasured her. While they were feeling her all over, she could feel a dick in each hand, as well as one on each foot, and on her forehead, back, and ass. Her hands closed around the cocks and she lay back to enjoy the massage that relaxed her and subjugated her.

She was now equally relaxed and aroused, and she could feel them position her on the bed with her hands on one edge and her knees on the other. Stepping in front and behind her, one rubbed his hard dick on her face while another rubbed his thick cock on her pussy and ass. Simultaneously, they pressed their heads up against both sets of her lips and slowly pushed through into her wet holes. They synchronized movements and bottomed out at the same time, then pulled out and pushed back in in perfect rhythm. She could feel one pair of hands on her hips and ass, another pair on her shoulders and neck, and a third pair stroking her back and starting to fondle her torso and grope her bare breasts. A quick look around told her that there were several others stroking their hard cocks, masturbating as they watched these three taking her.

Now the two fucking her were slowly building tempo, gaining speed as their hard cocks penetrated her pussy and mouth, opposing forces allowing them to go deep. She pulled her hand up and held onto the dick in her mouth so that it wouldn’t make her gag, and she felt the balls tighten as the cock swelled and came all down her throat. She sucked his dick like a lollipop and drank down all the cum he had to give her, pumping his manhood for more with her hand. When he was dry he pulled out of her and went back to the machine to be unmade. But as soon as he left her, another one took his place and started fucking her mouth that was still wet with cum. His cock was as hard as ever, and she grabbed his ass with both hands and supported herself by placing her elbows on his thighs as she bobbed on his cock and rubbed her tongue along the underside of his head and shaft.

Just then she felt the one at her ass swell and start to shoot his load into her. He pressed his engorged member hard and deep inside of her as she wavered in sucking on the dick in her mouth and felt the other manhood gushing warm sex juices into her pussy. She was tight around his cock and it felt good to fell him enjoying casino oyna her so much. When he was finished with her he pulled out and went back to the machine. Scarcely had his dick left her womanhood when the one fondling her back and chest slid under her, between her legs, and slid his rock hard cock into her still-gaping hole while he licked and groped her tits with his hands. And still a third one, with some sort of lubricant on his long, hard dick, pressed himself up against her asshole and slowly, carefully, slid his head and shaft balls-deep in her ass.

Now she was so filled she was almost paralyzed with sensation, and collapsed slightly onto the one under her. This only added sensation as her breasts brushed his chest and pressed her hardened nipples against his own. Two more cocks were pressed into her hands on either side of her head, but she found she could rest her elbows on the bed so she just wrapped her hands around them and let herself hold them as they jacked themselves off while the sensations of being fucked by five cocks at once washed over her and built her to the brink of a climax. The dick buried deep in her ass just stayed there, swelling and throbbing in pleasure, and the cock in her mouth slowly rubbed its head on her tongue; her focus, however, was on her pussy.

She could feel the one under her building his pace, making sure to run the length of his shaft completely in and out of her each time so she could feel the head penetrate her on every stroke. The sensation of all five cocks coupled with the building pleasure of the bulging head and shaft in her pussy trilled her on the edge of her own climax, and when she tightened around his dick and let out a muffled scream on the cock in her mouth, she felt a swelling in her pussy and a load of hot cum filling her sopping wet sex hole.

The dick pumped her dozens of times, riding her climax and his own, then pulled out and slid away. But before her climax had subsided, another raging member was slipping into her, and all five dicks began to pump her again. Her climax swelled, and rolled on and on for a few minutes as she lay there, practically collapsed yet being helplessly fucked by more cocks than she would have thought possible only a short while ago. Another load shot into her mouth, but she was too tired to swallow and it came out around her lips, dripping down her chin all over his balls. Still he milked himself dry in her before pulling out, and as soon as he was gone another one came up and started rubbing his enlarged head and shaft all over her face.

While he was dominating her, she felt the cock in her ass start its pumping rhythm. Steadily it pulled mostly out and pushed completely in, not stopping mid-stroke but evenly fucking her tight ass and slowly building momentum. His shaft steadily swelled and stretched her until her asshole had completely relinquished its grasp on him and was stretched to its limits. The dick was ready to burst and she felt it pump a few quick times before cumming inside her, filling her ass with its warm sex juices, and relinquishing its place of dominance.

For the first time yet, she felt a hard cock slide out of her before cumming. It was from her pussy, and when there were no dicks at all near her lower half she thought it might be over. She felt so wonderful and had cum more amazingly than she had ever cum before, so she was content to be done now. But that was not her fate. She looked around tentatively and saw about ten of them lining up behind her, and she knew what was going to happen.

Just then, a pair of hands guided her face frontwards again, the cock at her mouth slid into her and she just covered her teeth with her lips and let him fuck her face. Then she felt hands at her hips and a cock at her asshole which was still gaping wide from the last one. It slid into her and began stroking, stroking, stroking, not too fast but building up and cumming into her with strong satisfaction. He milked himself inside her and as soon as he was out another cock was in her pussy, ramming into her like a freight train. Both her pussy and ass were stretched wide at this point, but this cock must have been more swollen than the rest, because it still filled her pussy and stretched her tight. She felt it build up to a climax and cum deep inside her without hesitation, and before she knew it she was being fucked by another cock.

She had almost forgotten about the two cocks in her hands. They had been building slowly and their silky slot oyna heads were now ripe for the plucking. Shooting warm strands of milky cum, they dowsed her cheeks in their shower of domination. The dick she was sucking on came, too, and after shooting once inside her he pulled it out and jacked himself off all over her forehead, covering her with the appeasement of his domination. Soon her face was wet with cum, and she lay her head and shoulders on the bed with her pussy and ass high in the air, still being ravaged incessantly by the lusty string of men behind her.

One after another, the line of men fucked her ass and pussy, pussy and ass, whichever one they fancied in the moment, fucking her hard and fast as she tried to brace against the pillows at her face and tits. Each one’s dick seemed larger than the last, and she was wondering if he was making alterations to himself with that machine. Needless to say, after being fucked by so many wanton manhoods, her pussy and ass were simply drenched in cum that poured down her inner thighs and onto her calves. Opening her eyes, she saw that the one inside her seemed to be the second to last one in line, but the last one in line had two cocks, one above the other, and his balls were the size of lemons. Now she felt a pair of hands at each arm and leg as she was raised off the bed and held immobilized with her head at cock-level and her pussy and ass in perfect position for fucking by these strong, sexy men.

At her face she felt two dicks, and opened her eyes to discover that they were attached to one man. They were side by side and he ran them against her face and on either side of her neck. She was able to get her hands free and reached up to stroke them both while they accosted her face, and when she wrapped her hands around them she found they were so big that she could barely touch her thumb to her forefinger around the shaft.

Just then she felt two more cocks at her pussy and ass, and the over-engorged heads pushed slowly into her as she felt herself stretch again and shiver with pleasure. These cocks were so large that he bottomed out when they were only two-thirds of the way in. This didn’t keep them from ravaging her pussy though, and she came again, partly because of the deliciously large cocks all around her, and partly because it thrilled her to be held down and fucked by a room full of men who all wanted only to be inside her.

Finally the cocks in her pussy and ass, as well as those in her hands, swelled and came all at the same time. She could feel them all swell in pleasure, and she reached forward to feel the balls at her face tighten and release their warm, creamy pleasure all over her neck and shoulders, running down onto her naked tits as the heads in her pussy and ass exploded, her tight holes squirting the load out all over the man behind her. Everything below her waist was now drenched in cum from the dozen or more cocks that had just erupted into her one after another, using her ass, thighs, and pussy as the object of their gratification. All four cocks now pulled out and she felt more cum squirting onto her back. Looking around she saw a circle of men around the bed, all jacking off to the scene and dowsing her in their satisfaction.

Then she felt the men holding her down turn her over and spread her legs. Looking past her tits, legs, and pussy, she saw a giant approaching with a bigger cock than she had ever imagined. It was at least three feet around and he had to sit on the floor to get it down to her level. At the thought of him trying to put that monster inside her, she let out a startled half-scream, but was relieved when he laid it along her body. The head was as big as her face, and lay above her head.

She felt her arms and legs released, and instinctively wrapped them around this impossibly large member, kissing the underside of the head as best she could for its size. It was more like a leg than a cock, but feeling it slide along her pussy lips was incredibly sexy and she grabbed, caressed, and stroked the head with both of her hands, making out with it like a face and french-kissing its cum hole. She could feel the balls behind her, each one the size of an ass cheek, pressing up against her out of sheer desire to dump their contents all over her body.

Suddenly she felt him begin, and she wrapped her hands back around his shaft as she held his manhood to her cheek. He pumped his member up and down along her entire body, throbbing and silky, tapping canlı casino siteleri his wrecking balls against her ass with every stroke. Unwrapping her legs, she slid her feet down his shaft to his huge balls and massaged them, feeling every inch that she could reach of the massive scrotum and felt him tighten under her instigation.

The cum that covered her acted as a lubricant and she could feel him sliding smoothly against her as his cock lips budded with precum. He slowed his pace, and she slurped down the mouthful of precum and licked the underside of his enormous head, stroking the delicate rim of his swollen, velvety member with her hands as if it were some ferocious pet that she was trying to placate before it consumed her. Running her hands up and down his shaft, she jacked him off as best she could, feeling his skin tighten and throb in response to her affection.

He slowly started thrusting again, and she wrapped her arms and legs around his shaft and hugged it close, running her hands along its topside in a passionate, intimate embrace. She could feel his pleasure as he dominated her body, and she let him stroke her with his cock as she lay naked and helpless, enjoying every sensation. When he slowed again, she sat up with some effort and held the shaft on her shoulder against her neck while she reached down to caress the balls. They were like bowling balls and one at a time she was able to bring them up and set them on her lap.

They rolled past, on either side of her torso, and came to rest beside her ass on the bed. She stroked and caressed them with each hand, and ran her fingers up the ballsack that was now covering her waist and thighs, rubbing her tits on it and everything else of his that she could find within reach. Now the balls started to tighten and pull away from her, and she lay back down on the bed preparing avail her intimacy, now laid bare, to the satiation of this sexual tyrant imposing himself upon her; but she didn’t mind. She was enjoying herself immensely. She was past being afraid of being befouled with cum, since she was practically swimming in it already, and so she gripped him tighter to gratify his enormous lusts.

The treetrunk of a cock starting fucking her whole body again, this time with no indication that it was going to stop. She could feel its head slide past her cheek with each stroke, the tight skin of its cum canal between her breasts and against her pussy as she held her womanhood against its massive exterior while its pace quickened. The head was now deep purple and stretched to almost bursting, the veins forcing the shaft to swell to its limits. Building to a throbbing, shaking climax, he pressed hard into her and she felt his stones shudder and release while his shaft bobbed and jerked in rhythm.

His first shot missed her completely, but he pulled back and landed the second one squarely on her chin. His load was so big that one squirt covered her whole face and neck. The next one came lower and hit right between her tits, covering them and her shoulders and arms in his rich, creamy relief. She moved her feet up to the base of his shaft and her legs stretched out along him to accommodate him shooting her pussy. This ejaculation covered her stomach from her pussy up to her bare breasts that were already covered in his velvet spray. Putting his cock lips up to her pussy he shot a load inside of her for good measure, and then proceeded to walk around her spurting his issue all over her in a fountain of domination.

After a couple of bursts she felt herself being manhandled into a kneeling position with her knees spread and arms joint-locked into facing him as he shot another splash onto her tits. Pressing his dick against her mouth, he spewed shot after shot into her mouth. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, but most of it either missed her mouth to begin with or overflowed her lips and gushed down all over her. It sprayed over her forehead into her hair, ran down her chin and neck, covered her shoulders and back, and swept over her in wave after wave of a dominating erotic shower. Creamy man juices flowed freely over her and she freed her hands and rubbed it all over her tits and body, smearing his emissions across her skin as they jetted over her by the gallon. Seeing her rubbing his cum all over her body only made this huge cock praise her more, showering her with spurt after lustful spurt of uncontrollable adoration for her overwhelming beauty and apex sexuality.

When he was finally empty, she collapsed onto the steaming, cum-soaked bed and lay there, exhausted, never having been so dominated or so satisfied in her whole life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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