Close Shave

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I left work a little early Tuesday, knowing my daughter had come home from college for the summer, and was expected that morning. She had a key of course, but was coming home to an empty house; Lisa, my wife, was away on business. I hadn’t seen Maggie for some months, and was anxious to hear about how her life was going, and didn’t want her to be alone when she came home. When I let myself in I didn’t see her around; I knew she was there, her car was in the driveway, and some of her stuff was in the doorway, more in the living room. I didn’t hear the television or her music, though, and assumed she might be napping as I followed the trail of debris through the house. I got to her bedroom (it’s still hers, even though she is only home a few months a year) and saw the door closed. I knocked gently and got no answer, confirming, in my head, that she had taken a nap after her drive. I made my way down the hall to the bedroom I shared with my wife, planning to change, keeping quiet to as not to disturb her slumber.

I guess it was my consideration for her nap that set the events into motion. If I had called out, or knocked harder, or made more noise, she would have known I was home, I think. But I didn’t, and she didn’t. And since she had her back to me in the open bathroom door, she didn’t see me when my eye caught movement as I passed the partially open doorway, and heard music playing low.

I have to say I was confused at first, as I didn’t recognize her. Her hair, besides being wet, was longer than it had been. It also had some streaks of light and dark in it. And I couldn’t see her face; as I said, her back was turned.

And she was naked.

Not realizing it was her, thinking maybe she had brought a friend home, I ducked a little out of the doorway and sneaked a longer look, thinking hey, it’s not my daughter, so it’s only wrong if I get caught looking. And I immediately assessed that whoever it was was worth taking a gander at – long slim legs led up to firm, tight, rounded ass cheeks, dimples at the top where her back started, up a slim and fit torso, long arm hiding a hint of side breast, wet hair spilled down her shoulders and back. Very pleasant to see. She had a one foot up on the closed toilet seat, the thigh muscles taut.

And just as I thought I had seen enough to fantasize about and should duck out of there before I pushed my luck and got caught, I realized what she was doing. Her leg, as I said, was up, knee pointing off to the side. Her shoulders were hunched and her head was down. Her arms busy, one moving the other still, hands down low in front. Then the busy hand extended from her to the side, and rinsed a razor in the hot water running in the sink.

She was shaving her pussy.

So of course, I looked longer. I mean, it’s not like I could see anything but her near-perfect ass with her back turned, and she wasn’t acting all sexy like a web cam show, but fuck, there was a naked girl shaving her pubes in my guest bathroom, just a few feet from me. How could I not watch, at least a little. So I did. I watched a few more strokes, another rinse. I saw her check the smoothness by swiping her hand across the finished area, take another stroke, rinse again. Check again. It struck me that she was rubbing her fingers across her shaved pussy, and my cock swelled. Naked pubic grooming is just hot.

I jerked away when she moved her leg off the toilet, sneaking out of the doorway in case she turned. I could act surprised. I waited a few seconds and pretended to be walking by, preparing my shocked act in case whoever it was noticed me. My eyes darted to the side to glance.

I froze.

She had the other foot up now, and had turned a little to the side. She had switched hands with the razor, doing the other side now. Head still down, intent in her duties. When her arms moved I could see her breasts, young and full, hanging a little as she hunched, perfect small pink nipples upon rounded globes. I could make out the mound between her legs when she pulled the skin tight from the side, as she worked diligently to remove the stubble and shave cream. Her wet hair hid her face. My cock grew more, and I adjusted it. I was fully hard.

And then she sang a little bit with the song that güvenilir bahis was playing softly. The voice hit me like a slap. It wasn’t a friend of Maggie’s. It was Maggie, my daughter. Guilt wracked me suddenly and my cock, the bastard, got harder. My daughter, home from school, was a fully grown and gorgeous woman and was shaving her pussy! And I was harder than I had ever been watching her.

When had she grown into such a delectable beauty? When did the little girl I taught to ride a bike turn supple and smooth and rounded? When did she turn hot? And when did she start shaving her pussy?

I had stopped even thinking about getting caught, enraptured by the vision of her naked body, grooming herself (for – what? – for sex?). The vision of her combined with the subtle knowledge that what I was doing was wrong possessed me so that I almost didn’t realize she’d finished. She was splashing water from the sink onto her pussy, wiping away the remains of the shave cream, then took a small hand towel and dried it. And then she stood there, sideways to me, looking straight ahead.

She took a deep breath.

“Did you get a good look?” she asked the room aloud. And in a heartbeat she was at the door, pulling it wide and startling me, freezing me to the spot in a panic. “Well?” she asked accusingly, eyebrows lifted as my mouth opened wordlessly. “Did you? Did you see enough, Dad?” She stepped into the doorway, only a step from me. She looked me up and down. “Or do you need a closer look, so you can go jerk off thinking about your own daughter?”

“You…you…” I stammered foolishly, embarrassed to sound like such and idiot in front of my little girl. My no longer little, naked and confronting and shocking daughter. “You shaved your…self,” I uttered dumbly.

“I shaved my cunt,” she postured arrogantly. Her language hit me like a slap and I startled. “So? You watched. Did you get a good look?” she repeated. Her hand went to my chest and her chin jutted defiantly. “Or do you need to see it close up?”


“You’re staring at my naked body and shaved pussy, and YOU ask ME why?”

“I… I….”

“I like it this way,” she said. Her lip lifted in a sneer, and her hand slipped to the front of my pants. She felt my erection. “I guess you do, too. Never seen a girl shave before?” she sneered. “Lots of girls do, now,” she stated plainly. “Or have you just never seen a young shaved cunt before, live and in person?” She squeezed my cock, and the blood rushed from my head and extremities making me go numb all over except where her hand grasped me. “Whatsamatter, Mom doesn’t shave hers? Never seen one except on the computer?” She closed the remaining distance between us until I felt her hot breath on my face. “Wanna see it up close and personal?” she accused. “Dad?” Her tone was a once nonchalant, derisive and cajoling.

I felt my head move, not believing I was nodding. She released my cock and grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling my near-lifeless body into the bathroom. I followed on shuffling feet until she reached the sink counter. She turned to face me, her expression filled with disdain and pity. I stepped back from her, just a step and she pulled me back.

“Oh, no you don’t, Dad. You fucking perv on me from the doorway? And now you’re scared?” She released my shirt and quickly lifted her butt up onto the counter. I was staring at her face, afraid to move my eyes, wanting to but resisting; knowing it was wrong, trying to turn away, failing. Her lip curled in amused entertainment at my obvious discomfort. “Look,” she told me. In the lower range of my vision I detected movement. I tried to concentrate only on her face, lost the battle, and my vision drifted down. Her neck; muscles pulsing. A red blush across her upper chest, her breasts, rising, falling. Her nipples, darker, erect. Was she excited by this? Her stomach, thin skin folded over as she sat.

And her pussy. Her shaved and naked pussy at the juncture of her slightly parted thighs. Her bare pubic mound, her tight, thin labia, crowned by her clit hood. I was breathing through my mouth.

“Like what you see? Like looking at you naked daughter’s shaved cunt, Dad?” She spread her thighs wider. “Go ahead. Get a good look, it’s türkçe bahis okay.” Her voice lowered. “You’re not the first to see it.” Wider still. Her bare foot moved, stroked across the front of my pants, pressing my hard cock. “You like it. Everyone does.” She picked her feet up and rested her heels on the edge of the counter, knees up, parted shoulder width. “Everyone likes it. You know how many guys have seen my shaved pussy?” Her knees fell open. “Girls, too, Dad.” As her thighs parted wide her labia parted, giving a hint of glistening pink wetness inside. “They all love it. Just like you.”

Her words registered in my numb brain. “You show it…to…a lot..”

“Whoever I want. They all love it.”

“You’re a…slut in college?”

“If you like. I have a healthy sexual appetite,” she stated plainly. “And I get what I want.” Her fingers dropped to her pussy, stroking the smooth hairless skin lightly, then parting her lips. “Go ahead, take a closer look. You know you want to. You can’t help it.” Her other hand reached to my hair, pulled, and I felt myself falling to my knees. And then my face was inches from her fingers, pulling her lips open. I could feel her body heat emanating from her, I smelled her pussy. Fuck, it was incredible.

“Do it,” she hissed. “All the boys and girls do. Go ahead. You know you can’t stop yourself.” Her voice dropped to a whisper, saying each word slowly. “Lick your slut daughter’s shaved cunt.”

My last shred of resistance evaporated and so help me, I leaned in and planted a tender, loving kiss at the base of her opening, then trailed a series of them up her slit, smelling her, absorbing her, worshipping as the kisses moved up her cunt to her clit. I was enthralled. My chest tightened. My cock swelled, painfully hard. I dropped my mouth back to the bottom of her slit and my tongue emerged, touching her exposed hairless taint, and took a long, languorous journey up one side, down the other, dallying at her seeping wetness, her peeking inner lips, her swelling bud. I heard her satisfied cooing above me, felt her hands in my hair. I pointed my tongue and speared it into her wet hole, tasting the flood of sweet nectar rushing to greet me, caressed her opening, licking the slick walls at the entrance of her delightful pussy. My nose brushed her clit, and she pulsed against my face. I took several long slow licks up her full glory with my tongue flattened, avoiding her clit, then danced around her button, teasing the sides. She adjusted. I avoided. I went back to her opening, sucking the juices, licking and drinking from her, delirious. I suckled her labia. I licked her pee hole. And then I attacked her clit.

“Oh, that’s it daddy,” she sighed, “lick my sweet cunt. Worship my slut hole like a dirty boy.” She blew out a breath and her hips twitched as I flicked her swollen button. “Oh, yeah, you do that as good as the girls do.” I sucked her button into pursed lips and pressed my pointed tongue at it. “Oh, yeah, make my pussy cum, Daddy, make me cum in your face.” I slipped two fingers into her wet channel, palm up under my chin, and stroked her firmly and stepped up my tongue attack. “Fuck, yeah, I’m close! Lick my fucking cunt, dirty Daddy, lick your daughter’s slut cunt!” Her voice lowered. “Do you know how many cocks have fucked the hole you’re enjoying? Oh! Fuck! Yeah, lick my fuck hole!”

I fingered her harder, and licked faster, and she screamed and her hands grabbed my head and pressed me into her, smothering me, and then my face was splashed with warmth; she released me and I pulled back, fingers still inside, and as I gasped a breath my mouth was filled as a stream of fluid shot from her, splashing my face and open mouth. I sputtered for breath as she cried out and jerked her hips, several smaller squirts fountaining from her cunt. I eased my fingers from her slowly, caressing her silky walls, reveling in her ecstatic climax.

She eased, and exhaled, and relaxed. I stood, looking at her, seeing her satisfied and manipulative expression. She eyed me slyly.

“Take your cock out, you perv.” My face was dripping, but I didn’t stop to wipe. I tasted her as I unzipped, opened, dropped my pants and pulled my boxer briefs down. My erection, harder than I could ever remember, güvenilir bahis siteleri swelled painfully, jutting from my body, inches from my little Maggie’s swollen cunt. I looked up at her.

“Will you suck it?”

“Are you joking?” she asked derisively. “I don’t GIVE head, you idiot. I GET it,”


“What are you waiting for? Fuck me!” I panted, panicked. My mouth was dry and my heart pounded. And then I was inside her, my cock sliding easily into her heat. I grunted. She laughed.

“You fucking pervert,” she derided, “fucking your daughter. Look at you! You have less self-restraint than the boys at school!” I flushed with shame as she admonished me, but my guilt and internal retribution heightened my excitement. I flushed with frantic energy, thrusting madly into her, embarrassed at my awful surrender and wallowing in guilt and erotic horror. She laughed again.

“What a piece of shit you are. Fucking your own daughter. Losing yourself because you saw some shaved twat! Fuck! You’re not even good at it! You lick cunt better than you fuck! Come on!” Her hand reached up and pinched my face, making me see her derision, plain on her face. “Fuck me! Harder! Give me some man cock!”

I grabbed at her thighs, slammed my body into her, wanting to hurt her, hurting myself. I felt my balls slapping her ass, our bodies crashing brutally against each other. She started to fuck me back.

“Yeah! Finally! You lick like a girl, but you fuck like one, too! Give it to me! Be a man, Daddy! Fuck your slut!” I smashed into her, hurting myself against her, not caring about her, feeling the head of my cock impacting the back of her pussy. She screeched. I snarled. She clawed me. I gripped her thighs, probably bruising. My jaw clenched, teeth showing, gritted. She grabbed my old ass, dug in her nails, leaned back and pulled me in harder, and came. Her squirt shot up between us, soaking my shirt, splashing up into my face.

I shouted unintelligibly and jerked uncontrollably and exploded inside her, my hips pulsing in spasms as my cum jetted from my cock, filling her, turning her tight pussy hot and slick. I finished while she was still twitching and panting. I struggled to regain my breath and my sense. Her eyes opened, saw reason return to my eyes, and smashed it down.

“You think that’s it, you perverted old man?” she taunted. She grabbed my wet shirt, pulled me to her, and bit my lip. “Like that was good enough for me? You fucking owe me for that shitty fuck!” She grabbed my hair, pushed my chest, thrusting me out of her while pulling my head down. “I had a beautiful sexy cunt! Look what you did to it!”

I looked down, saw her lips gaping open, red and swollen, oozing my cum and hers, awful and brutalized. Used, fucked hard. “Clean that fucking mess up! Lick it out! Make it nice again, the way you found it!” She pulled my face between her legs and I didn’t even resist, lost in her command of me, her use of me as a fuck toy. Her father. My once-innocent daughter. She pushed my mouth to her pussy and I licked and sucked my cum out, tasting my pungent load, swallowing it down, hoping she would be satisfied when I was done, wouldn’t despise me. I was her dog, a terrible evil man who had lusted for his own daughter, licked her pussy, and fucked her. I needed to make it right, and she told me how.

“That’s it, get all that cum out, you fucking perv. God, Dad, I can’t believe you fucked your own daughter. Get it all. Swallow it. And make it all pretty. Clean my slut cunt and leave it the way you found it.” I didn’t think it would ever be the beautiful pristine shaved mound of paradise I had seen earlier, the gorgeous swollen peach that had enraptured me.

But I did my best.

When she’d had enough she shoved me away. There was no cum left in her, but she was still swollen and plundered, a gaping raw open wound of our illicit joining. “Get away,” she sneered. “You corrupted me, you filth.” I doubted that, but hung my head in silent agreement, shamed by her accusation and my behavior.

“I’m sorry, Maggie,” I pleaded.

“You better do better next time, you piece of shit,” she snarled, and jumped down. “And if any of your nasty cum drips out of me later, if you left any behind, I swear, you’ll be sorry,” she threatened.

But all I had heard was ‘next time’.

“I promise,” I implored. “I’ll do better, I swear.”

“Yes,” she said, angling her head at me. “I think you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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