Co-worker’s Man Ch. 36

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With my cock still rock-hard in my shorts, I followed my mother into my bedroom. As I entered, I saw her drop her purse next to the bed and switch on the lamp on the bedside table. The light showed off her lush curvy form in silhouette. Her huge tits and round lush ass were caught in profile and I felt a further rush of blood go through me as I ogled her. Her large body atop her long legs in sky high heels gave her a commanding presence and I felt weak-kneed before her.

“So the date you talked about having tonight…’s with me?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course it is,” she said as she walked towards me. “Once I found out from Claudia how good my own son is with his tongue, I knew I just had to make use of it myself.” As she said this she traced her crimson red fingernail around my pouting lips and then slid her finger deep into my mouth.

“You’re very much like your father, Jon,” she said as she continued to slide her finger back and forth between my sucking lips. I could barely remember my father, he had left when I was very small and my mother had raised me pretty much on her own.

“He was about your size and build. You were of course too young to realize the nature of our relationship. But under the present circumstances, I guess it’s time you knew,” she said as she pulled her finger from my mouth and sidled back over towards the bed. “I kept your father around basically to service me whenever I wanted. That man could eat pussy like nobody I’d ever met before. And…..he loved to do it all night long. He never got tired of it.” She paused and looked at me with smoldering sensuality. “From what I’ve seen so far tonight, I think you might have the same talent he had that way, Jon.”

“So what happened between you two?” I asked. I think I knew I had never been given the full story on why my father had left.

“Well, he developed a taste for cock. And I think at the time, I was too young to realize the possibilities in sharing him and getting some big cock for myself. So, I ended up throwing him out after catching him with one big black cock down his throat and another one buried in his ass in our bed. I guess you’re a lot like him that way too, from what Claudia has told me.”

“So how long have you known Claudia?”

“We’ve been good friends for a long time. She called me Saturday after you and Frank had been to her store and told me about what had happened. When she described what you looked like, it actually sounded like you. I told her to come over and when I showed her some pictures of you….well…..that cinched it.”

“I’m…..I’m sorry Mom,” I said and looked down in embarrassment.

“Oh don’t be sorry at all, son,” she said with a pleased tone to her voice. “To be quite honest, I always thought you were gay, and when Claudia told me how enthusiastically you were when you were eating her out, I was thrilled to find out you liked women too. When she called me to tell me you were coming to see her the other night, I talked to her about referring to herself as your mother to see how you’d respond. She told me your cock just seemed ready to explode!” She paused and looked down at my tented shorts. “Just like now,” she said as she nodded towards my crotch and smiled.

“I miss those days with your father and I haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement that can satisfy me.” She looked at me intently with lust-filled eyes. “Do you think you’d like me to “interview” you for the job, son?”

“Aaaaaahhhh” I felt myself moaning out loud after hearing her words. “Oh yes, Mom. Please. I’ll do whatever you like for as long as you like.”

“That’s good son. Because if you want “the job”, you will do whatever I want, whenever I want” she said sternly. “Now let’s get started,” she said as she turned towards the night table and took off her watch. “Now…what have we here?” she said as she picked up one of the photos I’d left there when I had unpacked. They were the ones Mr. Wolfe had taken of me servicing his cock that Derek had seen too.

“Uh…..uh…..” I stammered.

“Is this Frank?” she said as she picked up the other photos in the pile and looked thru them.


“Well who is it, Jon? C’mon and tell me. No secrets now,” she said as she raised her eyes to mine.

“Umm…that’s Mr. Wolfe. My landlord here. I’ve been sucking his cock as well since the weekend.”

She looked back at the pictures. “He’s got a big cock. I can see why you look so happy in these pictures. Do you know how big it is?” she asked.

“It’s 9 ¾” long. And he likes women too. And…..ummm…..”

“Yes, son. What is it?”

“Well, he uh…..he kind of likes to be serviced a lot,” I said sheepishly.

“A lot. Like how often?” bahis firmaları she said with a keen look of interest on her face.

“About four or five times a day. And he can go for a long time before he cums.”

“Hmmmm….9 ¾” would fill me pretty good. And four or five times a day, eh?” A broad smile grew on her beautiful face. “Maybe you can introduce me to this Mr. Wolfe some day,” she said as she dropped the pictures back onto the table and turned to me.

“Uh….sure Mom. Any time you want. I think he’d like that too.”

“Excellent. But right now, I want to feel that tongue of yours again,” she said as she reached down to the hem of her dress and drew it up and over her head. I stared in awe as she threw her dress over the back of the chair and then raised her arms to fluff out her dark red locks.

“Oh fuck!” I thought to myself. My Mom looked incredible! Her huge figure was poured into a black satin corset that barely contained her huge tits. It had two thin spaghetti straps at the shoulders running to the tops of what must have been reinforced bra cups! The underwire was pushing those tremendous breasts up and out until they were almost spilling out. She had a classic hourglass figure and the satin panels nipped in nicely at her trim waist and ended at her wide spread hips. Garters reached down to the top of her sheer black stockings, framing her succulent womanhood. Her large round ass was supported on her long legs, made even longer by her stiletto heels. All together, she was a dream come true for an amazon lover like me.

She caught me staring wide-eyed and posed seductively with her feet about shoulder width apart and her hands on her hips. “C’mere, son,” she said. I walked towards her as if in a trance until I stood just in front of her towering form, my face inches away from those bulging tits. My eyes were drawn to the huge expanse of creamy flesh rising from the cups of her corset. The deep line of cleavage was pulling me in like a magnet.

“Do you like my tits, son?” she asked in a purring voice.

“Yu….yu….yes! They’re beautiful,” I said with my eyes glued to her expansive chest.

“Well, you’ve got a little work to do before you earn the right to touch those,” she said as she put her hands solidly on my shoulders. “Now, on your knees,” she said, pushing down. I dropped to my knees with my faces inches from her steaming womanhood. I breathed deep and her warm sensual scent invaded my senses. I could see the glistening juices on her swollen lips beckoning me.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moaned out loud as I was almost reeling from her powerful womanly display. I leaned forwards and planted a soft kiss on her protruding clit.

“That’s a good boy, now give Mama what she needs,” she said as she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her. I eagerly slid my tongue between her slick outer lips and probed between her moist inner ones. She was soaked and my face quickly became a shining mess of her juices. I ran my tongue along the full length of her fleshy labia and drew them into my mouth. I heard her moaning above me as I reached up with my hands and gripped her lush round ass. It felt full, smooth and warm in my hands as I pulled her even harder onto my face. I slid my tongue further into her steaming trench as I pulled her towards me.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Get that tongue way in there…….yeah….just like that…..oh fuck….yeah….keep it good and deep, son,” she hissed between moans. I twirled my tongue around and around her inner walls as I probed deeply. Her juices were covering my face as I moved my tongue deep within her, drawing her essence onto my waiting tongue. I felt my cock surging in my shorts as I blissfully ate out my mother. I looked up and saw her leaning over me, her dark red hair swirling around her lust-filled face above her heaving chest. Her eyes were closed with rapture as her pleasure escalated under my lips and tongue. She was panting like a steam engine as I drew my tongue from deep within her and wrapped it around her swollen hot clit.

“Oh fuck……that’s it,” she said in a trembling voice as I swirled my tongue around and around that erect little spire as I sucked on it with my lips at the same time.

“OH YEAH…….RIGHT THERE……JUST…..OH FUCK…….OOOOOOOOHHHH,” she moaned as the onslaught of her orgasm shook her. I held tightly onto her as her body was trembling and flexing against my searching tongue. I felt a wash of her released nectar coating my lower face and chin as I continued sucking at her throbbing clitoris. Her climax had her shaking and convulsing as the ecstasy radiated throughout her body. I licked and licked as her tremors continued until she finally took a kaçak iddaa firm grip on my head and held me still. I softly licked at her pouting lips, savoring the womanly flavor of her discharge.

“Oh fuck….that was so good, son,” she said as she moved back a step and sat on the edge of my bed. She leaned back slightly with her arms supporting her, her huge tits heaving as she struggled to regain her breath. Her eyes were half-closed and her face had a blissful serenity that made me feel very proud for satisfactorily pleasuring my mother. I remained kneeling before her, my eyes feasting on her gorgeous body on display before me.

“Stand up, son,” she commanded.

I rose to my feet, my cock protruding against the front of my shorts.

“Get those clothes off.” I instantly took off my t-shirt and then dropped my shorts to the ground and stepped out them. My cock was pointing straight up and a drop of pre-cum surged out of the swollen eye and started to run down the underside.

“Yes, you’re very much like your father, only your cock’s a little bigger. That’s good. Now come closer,” she said as she sat up and motioned me towards her. I stepped closer until my throbbing cock was inches away from her.

“Well, I think we better take care of this for you or you might be too frustrated the rest of the evening,” she said as she took her crimson fingernail and drew it over the purple head of my pulsing cock. She slid her fingertip up the underside and across the gaping eye as she gathered up some precum.

“Here you go,” she said as she reached up and rubbed her shiny fingertip across my lips. I opened them slightly and she slid her finger into my mouth. I closed my lips around it and sucked up some of my own juices.

“That’s a good boy,” she said with a smile as I suckled at her finger. “I’m glad you like the taste of your own cum. Now, let’s see if we can find some more for you.” She withdrew her finger from my mouth and placed her hand around my surging cock.

“Mmmmmmm.” I moaned as her soft hand felt wonderful running along the length of my erection. She formed a gripping corridor with her hand and started slowly but firmly jerking my cock.

“Mmmmmm, nice and hard,” she said as she pumped her hand back and forth. “But it seems a little dry.” She leaned forward and I watched mesmerized as she opened her mouth and drooled a big gob of saliva onto the top of my cock and into the palm of her hand.

“That’s better,” she said as she sat back and wrapped her slick hand back around my cock and started pumping.

“OH FUCK!” I exclaimed as her slick hand felt heavenly sliding along my pulsating cock. I had been so turned on just by eating her that I knew I was seconds away from exploding! I was standing right between her spread legs and as she sensed my impending orgasm, she drew my cock downwards and pointed it at her shaven crotch. As soon as I realized her intention, that was all it took. I felt my balls quickly drawing up and the semen start to enter the base of my shaft.

“I’M GONNA CUM!” I shouted and she pumped furiously at my throbbing cock. I watched as the first blast of white creamy cum burst forth to splash against her labia. A second and third shot quickly followed and she artfully directed my shooting cock all over her exposed pussy.

“Thataboy, give Mama your cum,” she encouraged as her warm hand pumped rope after thick creamy rope of semen out of me and onto her body. I was convulsing and groaning as my climax had me spewing wad upon wad of my seed onto my mother’s body. I finally stopped twitching and she instinctively slowed the movement of her hand. I watched as she masterfully pumped one final gob of cum up the shaft of my cock and she touched the tip right onto her clitoris to deposit the last drop there.

“There now,” she said as she released my deflating cock. “Feel better, son.”

“Yes, Mom,” I said as I drew in large gulps of cool air.

“Good. Now get down there and clean up that mess,” she said sternly as she leaned back and let her legs drift further apart. I dropped to my knees and stared wide-eyed at the ribbons of semen covering her. Her whole crotch was coated with streaks of my white cum!

As I moved forwards I let my hands slide up the smooth expanse of her nylon-clad legs. The cool sheer material felt incredibly sensual under my fingertips. I slid them up my mother’s fabulously soft and smooth inner thighs as I coaxed her to spread her thighs even wider apart. She eased them further apart and I watched her clinging inner lips separate slightly, revealing a hint of darkness leading to her deep trench.

I watched as my cum started to slowly run downwards over her exposed flesh. I extended my tongue kaçak bahis and speared a wad of cum about to drip from one side of her swollen outer lips. I swiped upwards and cleaned one side of her. I tasted the salty flavor of my own cum and quickly switched to her other side and with loving swipes, cleaned up the trails of spent cum clinging to her outer lips.

“That’s my boy, do a good job now, son,” she said as she watched me move higher and drag my tongue from side to side on her abdomen. I licked and sucked up every drop of my warm cream until her stomach was shining with a thin coating of my drying saliva. I sat back slightly and looked intently at her beautiful pouting pussy. Gobs of my cum were still adhered to her pink inner lips and covered the area of her protruding clit. I could smell the rich fragrance of my cum mixing with her warm womanly scent.

“Come on now, son,” she said as she reached forward, ran her fingers thru my hair and then with her hands on the back of my head, pulled me forwards towards her. “Get the rest………and then keep going until I tell you to stop.”

I readily allowed her to pull my face fully into her soaked twat. She moaned as I spread my tongue flat against her steaming inner lips and swiped upward. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth coated with my own cum. I gulped down the musky mixture of our combined juices and eagerly returned in search of more. I swirled my tongue over and all around her cum-covered clit until I had every drop of my spent semen inside me.

“I love your enthusiasm, son,” she said as used her hands to push my face lower. “Now get that tongue back deep inside me.” I felt myself glowing under her praise and probed my tongue deep within her inner sheath. Her inner walls were incredibly hot and I pressed and licked insistently at the tender membranes.

“Oh fuck yeah….nice and deep….just like that,” she said as she pushed harder on the back of my head. My face was pressed hard into her steaming trench as I extended my tongue as far into her as I could. My face was covered with her juices and sweat as I worshipped at her hot cunt. I darted my tongue in and out again and again as she continued to moan above me. I kept my tongue deep with her but I slowed down and took long slow swirls from the bottom of her slot, slowly up one side, then, I would push against the soft folds of flesh beneath her clit, and then slowly drag it down the other side of her inner walls. I repeated this again and again as I heard her gasping and panting.

“Oh shit…….that’s perfect,” she said as she rotated her hips slightly against my face. “Just keep doing it nice and slow and deep like that.” With my hands caressing her creamy inner thighs, I resumed my long slow swirls deep within her clinging pussy. I watched as she took one hand off the back of my head and slid her fingers over her protruding clit and started rubbing. She started slowly and as her excitement continued to rise, her speed increased until she was panting and rubbing furiously at the swollen nodule of flesh.

“Put that tongue on the underside of my clit,” she instructed as her fingers worked insistently over her sensitive organ. I kept my tongue deep within her but concentrated probing against the upper folds separating her clit from her steaming slot.

“Oh fuck…..that’s it…..right there…..just keep doing that,” she said between ragged pants. I slid my tongue in and out, pushing constantly upwards against the underside of her clit.

“OH YEAH……SO GOOD…..SO FUCKING GOO………AAAAAAAAAAHHH.” Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks and she started shaking frantically. I gripped her thighs tightly with my hands and held on as she convulsed and bucked through a shattering climax.

“OH SHIT….OH FUCK….OOOOOOOOHHHH,” she was a shaking writhing wild thing as she rode my tongue while her orgasm shook her from head to toe. A wave of her womanly nectar gushed from her sodden slot and washed over my face. I kept my tongue sliding against her quivering hot flesh as she continued to rub her fiery clit. Her twitching continued for a long time before she finally slowed her hand and her body settled down. I looked upwards past her heaving chest and saw her face aglow with rapture. I instinctively slowed my probing tongue and softly licked at her swollen pink labia. She finally opened her eyes and looked down at me, my face covered with her glistening juices.

“Well,” she said with a coy smile. “I think the first part of the interview went well. Are you ready for more, son?”

I nodded enthusiastically as she reached forward and ran her fingers over my shining face. As she slipped a slick finger between me lips, I was only too eager to spend the night worshipping her….wondering what my mother had in store for me next……


P.S.- If you are liking my story, feel free to send a photo or video clip of you jerking off to the story. Thanks for reading….rmdexter

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