Coast to Coast

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I was trying to make sure everything was ready for my evening on the Internet. The dogs were feed and let out. I had already gone to the bathroom and I had something next to my computer to drink. I was ready!

I made sure I didn’t have to leave my screen!

I had become addicted to this man I had met by mistake online over a year ago.

Kyle was completely absorbed in me as I was in him.

I had planned my whole evening around this sexy, brown-eyed man who knew everything about me, except how hot and excited he got me even when I wasn’t typing to him. I had visions of fucking him in so many different ways!

It all began one day at college when a friend gave me his screen nickname. That night I instant messaged him.

“Hello,” I typed.

He responded with, “Who is this?”

“Darlene from school.” I pecked back.

“I don’t know any Darlene.”

From that moment on we became message buddies typing for hours, spilling out our feelings about everything from parents to sex and all topics in between.

We would type for hours. There was such an attraction it was hard to keep it from him. We were chatting about sex when I told Kyle I had given and received oral sex from a boyfriend who had just been transferred to Hawaii. I shared with Kyle that for the most part I was still a virgin.

We were on different coasts, me in Connecticut and he in California.

Little did he know my body was aching for his touch… his tongue all over me and my tongue all over him… How wet he made me. I couldn’t wait to self medicate myself thinking of kneeling in front of him unbuckling his belt taking his zipper down and finally taking out his dick.

I loved a semi-hard dick, feeling it getting hard in my mouth, growing to its maximum length. Makes my mouth water with anticipation! Kyle would be the first to experience my new tongue bar, feeling my soft wet flesh behind the hard metal ball as it caressed his shaft, making him flinch.

He would grab handfuls of my long hair, pulling my head back so he could get the perfect view of his long, hard dick as I licked up and down, stopping to suck its spongy head before teasing the rim with my tongue ring.

I’d look up at him knowing he was enjoying every lick and flick.

With a sultry look, I puffed warm air around his moist head.

“Tell me what you like, baby.” I whispered. “Talk dirty to me.”

I felt like his little slut and it was what I wanted to be.

“Lick my balls. Tease them with your lips while you dig your beautiful nails into my ass!” He moaned.

I casino şirketleri knew I was doing it right because his knees started to buckle.

I took his tightening left ball inside my mouth and gently sucked. Kyle’s stomach muscles were getting hard. His dick was even harder and I knew he is ready to cum but I was not!

I stood up and start kissing his mouth, sucking his tongue.

I remembered he typed liking his nipple being twisted while the other was being bitten.

Slowly I worked my mouth down his torso to his inner thighs, smelling that sexy scent of man sweat that I couldn’t wait to taste. I licked his inner thigh until the salty taste was gone.

I felt his hands push up under my shirt, under my bra pinching at my nipples.

Kyle didn’t seem to mind that I was only a B cup. He fondled my firm breasts until I thought I would burst. My nipples stayed aroused for days after that. Then he reached slowly up my skirt to my soaked panties, feeling the heat of my wet pussy through the thin material.

My entire body was quivering under his touch.

“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?” he whispered.

I was speechless as he peeled my wet panties down my hips, my legs, my feet… until they were off. He admired my neatly trimmed bush, spreading my pussy lips open to get a better look at my love button. Gently he touched me there, making me squirm.

I was pressing down on his hand. I wanted him to rub me to orgasm but he had some teasing in store for me first.

Startling me he stood up, jerking my skirt off before bending me over his knee.

Oh, my God he remembered I mentioned liking my ass spanked! He remembered to lick his fingers first for that extra sting.

The first slap felt so good I couldn’t wait for the second and then the third. He spanked me perfectly… just enough sting.

God I could feel the juice from my pussy running down my clenched thighs.

Seven more slaps came before he would rub my pussy until I was trembling, ready to explode. I begged him to let me cum, “Rub harder, please Kyle, make me cum.” I cried.

Kyle let out a silent chuckle at his horney little friend.

Letting out a muffled scream of relief, warm milky liquid gurgled out from between my thighs. To my surprise, Kyle started at my toes and licked all the way up to my pussy, licking up all my sweet woman juices.

His dick was still rock-hard. I wanted to finish sucking his dick but he wanted to eat me out so we decided to 69.

Taking our positions, I wiggled to get my pussy lined up casino firmaları to his tongue so he could dig in. My pussy was still sensitive after my orgasm so he took it easy. I didn’t want to cum again to fast. He knew this from all the conversation we shared about our most intimate secrets.

I was really giving his dick a good sucking when I felt his body start to tremble.

Taking a quick breath I whispered, “You ready to come baby?”

He moaned a definite yes but I knew he wanted to be teased a bit longer. I nibbled and sucked on just the tip slowly, then faster… licked up then down his throbbing shaft… teasing him with my tongue bar.

His cock was getting huge! I knew he was going to explode in my mouth and I was ready to swallow everything he had for me.

Pushing my head into his lap I felt his hot, creamy load release inside my mouth as I continued flicking my tongue over the head of his dick. I swallowed twice handling his tasty salty with a slight hint of sweetness load. I cleaned his dick with my tongue making sure I got all his man juices as my crotch began to tingle.

Kyle was flicking my sensitive little button to orgasm while his finger slipped slowly into my pussy. I was grinding on his finger still trying to lick his dick.

I came so hard colored lights were flashing in front of my eyes.

He sucked my spasming bud as I tried to leave his face. He wouldn’t let go he had me cumming again!

As my convulsions subsided, Kyle released me, leaving me breathless…

When I tried to stand my legs felt like rubber. I had to hold onto the headboard for balance. I knew my inexperience was showing.

Kyle‘s voice shocked me.

“Are you ready to lose your cherry?”

Half-embarrassed I answered. ”God yes… I’ve wanted to be with you for a year now. I am not going back to Connecticut still a virgin.”

Kyle looked at me with that beautiful smile before drawing me close. He started kissing me passionately as his smooth hands caressed my trembling flesh. Gently he laid me down on the bed.

“Bend your legs at the knees and spread them open Darlene.” He whispered into the nape of my neck.

My pussy was gushing juices I was so ready to feel his cock inside of me!

Kyle nestled between my open thighs, inching his stiff cock towards my virgin pussy.

I jerked involuntarily as his wet head touched my swollen lips.

He was so gentle pushing himself in a little at a time, asking if I was ok after each push. I was hesitant but I wanted him in all the way!

A final güvenilir casino heave and I was stuffed with dick. It felt tight but heavenly!

Kyle slowly pumped in and out, not knowing how good this was feeling as his dick massaged my warm, slippery inner walls.

It wasn’t long before his thrusts grew harder and faster bringing me to yet another orgasm. This climax felt different, it was long and not as intense as the ones from my clit but it was a feeling I liked and I wanted more!

I started talking dirty to him.

“Come on baby. Fuck me like you mean it.”

The more I talked the harder he fucked me so I kept on talking.

“Yeah baby. Fuck that little cunt. Shoot your cum deep inside her!”

Kyle was excited all right! Before I knew what was happening he rolled me over onto all fours and was fucking me doggie style!

“You like this baby girl?” He moaned jamming his hard cock deep inside my loins.

It wasn’t long before I was humping him back, making my ass jiggle.

“Yes Kyle. I like it! I like it! Keep fucking me! ” I panted rocking back and forth against him.

Kyle was reaching under me now, playing with my nipples. My whole body was alive with electricity!

My pussy was grasping tightly around his dick. I just couldn’t get enough of him!

Kyle enjoyed teasing me…slowing down, pulling out and then pushing hard back in. He was driving me wild.

I wanted to look into Kyle’s eyes as he filled me with his love juice so we switched again and I was on top looking down at him, bobbing up and down on his dick while he pinched my nipples.

To my surprise, he gave me a few swift slaps on my ass making me fuck him deeper and harder.

“Oh yes baby. Yes.” I moaned rocking back and forth on his stiff rod.

Grasping my hips, he pumped me up and down. I felt his grip tighten.

“I’m gunna cum Darlene!” He screamed out as his face grimaced.

“Yes Kyle. Shoot your hot load deep inside my virgin pussy!”

I could feel his cum shooting up inside my clenching pussy. It felt so good, so warm.

Kyle kept on pumping into me even after his release. He wanted me to cum one more time. A time I would always remember.

I felt his semi-hard shaft rubbing my tender walls… in and out…in and out. His dick felt like it was made for me, just the perfect fit.

I wanted his dick to be mine forever. I felt an orgasm coming on. I was getting ready to cum again. My pussy was tightening up around his dick again, making a wet sloshy sound. I threw my head back, dug my nails into his chest and exploded!

“You’re beautiful when you come baby.” He teased.

After a minute or so I collapsed onto his chest. I was exhausted. His sate dick was still clenched inside my spasming little pussy as we kissed…. before drifting off to sleep ….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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