College Days

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I would like to thank Jjohnr3 and Grania2 for editing and helpful suggestions during the development of this story.


The college I attended was a well-respected engineering school on the east coast. The problem was it attracted a majority of male students. For the most part the females in school had some kind of issue to prove, like “I’m just as good as any man.” They had the attitudes to go with it. This really put a crimp in the sex life of a college kid.

I was originally from a mid-western city, and I was used to partying every weekend. This college town was really short on friendly females. Parties were mostly for the fraternity members, and even they were still light on girls.

The college town was decent size. It had a central business area and an out-lying residential area. Employment opportunities in this area mostly revolved around the college. Professors, administrators and support staff did all right, but there were few good local jobs. A lot of students had trouble and fought over the few burger joint opportunities.

Through some contacts at school, I learned about a local woman who could be had at a price. She lived on the south end of town. She was highly recommended by some guys I knew. They gave me her phone number and said she was available most days. She preferred that a guy call first.

On my first couple of visits to her house, she and I hit it off real well. She was divorced, and had kids to feed.

Her name was Theresa. She was probably in her late thirties. She had honey colored skin, and coal black curly hair. She was attractive in the face, but her body was starting to show some middle-age spread. She did have a great set of tits!

Theresa was struggling to make ends meet. She worked at a place cleaning-up after closing. Her job didn’t quite support her. She had taken to whoring during the day for the extra money.

Theresa was a sweet person. It seemed life had dealt her some bad cards along the way. Her husband had left her with mouths to feed and went out west, promising to send for her. It seemed that he found someone younger, and just abandoned her and the kids.

I started going to her for a weekly blow-job. I was kind of afraid to actually fuck her. I was worried about catching some kind of disease. I didn’t want to deal with that.

She was an excellent cock-sucker though. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner. She could draw the load out of me, and almost hurt you from the suction. The taste of cum didn’t offend her like many girls I had been with. Theresa always let me cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

I’d pay twenty dollars for a blowjob. For an extra five dollars she’d strip off her top and rub her melon sized tits all over my dick. When I came, she’d hose her tits down with cum and rub it in. If not, she’d swallow my load, and lick my dick clean.

I had been going to see her at least weekly, and we had begun to talk friendly with each other. I think that the fact that I was not rough and didn’t cuss had put her at ease with me.

Usually on Wednesdays, I’d catch the bus to the south side of town. The area she lived in was mostly slum-type houses. Her place was not really dirty or anything, but the furniture was really old and broken down. The house always reeked of some strong food smell that she was preparing for supper that day. The couch in the living room where we usually did it was covered with throw type covers. I imagined the couch fabric underneath was either stained or ripped beyond repair. You could tell there had been no steady man around.

I’d always call first before leaving school. It took about 15 minutes to get to her place. I always felt the money was well worth it. If I could get a date with some girl, I’d probably have to take her to dinner and a movie. And then, I might just get a peck on the cheek, and just a “good night”…if I was lucky! This way, I was guaranteed to get exactly what I really wanted, and probably spent about the same.

Theresa and I got to be a regular thing. She seemed to prefer to stay with regular customers. She got to count on my donation for food and rent.

Theresa was a real pro at making a guy come. Her lips would work the end of a guy’s boner like she’d been born to it. I guess she had lots of practice over the years. I’d usually drop my pants, and let her have at it while I sat on the ratty couch. She’d curl up on the floor at my feet and bring me off.

I usually paid the extra five bucks to watch her tits jiggle as she blew me. Her tits felt so warm pressed up against my inner thighs.

Theresa’s face was delicately featured, beautiful lips, high cheek bones and a narrow nose. Her dark eyebrows matched her coal black hair. I could usually shoot part of my jizz up into her hairline if she didn’t get her mouth over the end of my cock quick enough.

One day I was getting a terrific dick flushing when her oldest daughter walked in on us. This girl was my age, cute, but skinny as hell.

Her name was Corina. She had casino şirketleri gotten off work early. She said the manager didn’t need her again today and she was sent home. Anyway, this girl comes barging in the front door and here I am splayed out on the couch with her mom doing a tonsil-tango with my hard-on. I tried to let Theresa know, but the girl was already in the room. I tapped Theresa on the shoulder, and motioned to the girl.

Theresa sort of surprised me when she just paused, still holding my dick up straight in plain view.

I was pretty nervous and my dick started to wilt. Theresa noticed, and shook it by the base where she had a couple fingers grip on it.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,” Theresa said to me, “she’d seen many dicks before.”

That helped somewhat, but I was still unnerved by having her daughter in the room with us. Theresa told her to go to the kitchen to get a snack. The girl walked right by us and flashed me a friendly smile. Theresa had resumed her work on my boner even before the girl had left the room.

It didn’t seem but a few minutes before the Corina came back into the room carrying an apple. She walked over to an old beat-up lazy-boy chair right across from us, and sat down. She folded one leg up under her butt, and was swinging the other leg, kinda nervously. She was still chomping on the apple.

She was probably the spitting image of her mother at that age. Attractive in the face, but her slight frame needed some curves to it. She had black shoulder length hair, kind of a little unkempt, but it could be fixed. She didn’t have much in the tits department either yet, but she had the whitest teeth, and a sweet smile.

Theresa paused for a minute, and asked me if it bothered me having her there? I was kind of unsure at first, but figured, what the hell, if it didn’t bother them, who was I to complain.

“It’s ok,” I muttered.

Theresa went back to work, and even started to exaggerate her movements. She swept her hair aside a couple of times, giving her daughter a clearer view of what was going on. I began to think maybe that Mom was actually training her.

I tried to close my eyes and just enjoy the sensations. I glanced over to the girl. She was really watching us intently now. She had finished the apple, and just sat staring at her mom working on my cock.

She flashed me a little smile when our eyes met. I tried to be cool and sophisticated, but how could I. It wasn’t long before Theresa had me on the edge of blowing my load. Theresa knew the signs that a guy was close. Unexpectedly, she stopped, and still holding me by the base of my cock, she squeezed real hard.

She asked if Corina could come closer and see my orgasm. I sort of shrugged my shoulders as if not caring. Theresa motioned to her daughter to get over quickly beside her on the floor. I was almost ready to spray a load without any further manipulation at this point, but Theresa’s solid grip on the base of my cock was holding me back.

Corina came over, knelt down, and slid right in next to her mom. Theresa released me and returned to gagging on my cock. I could feel the load building way down in my guts. The innocent smile Corina gave me was the last thing I remembered.

My guts exploded in a torrent of fluid. White spurts of cum leapt from the end of my dick, and shot at least a foot in the air. Theresa continued to jack at my shaft with her hand letting off just enough pressure to allow another load of jizz through. The cum plopped down all around my spewing cock.

Theresa used her free hand to scoop up droplets of cum and drizzled it back across the top of the shaft. This added lubrication prolonged my orgasm which seemed to be never ending.

Corina seemed to be a good student of her mother, and was not shy about being so close to a guy in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Her mother continued to stroke by cock until the last little bit of cum oozed out the top. Theresa used her tongue to lap up as much cum as she could. Corina just sat quietly watching her.

Theresa looked up to me and softly asked, if it would be ok for Corina to taste some of my cum. Theresa’s hands and lips were covered with a glaze of my jizz. It looked so erotic, I would have been willing to do anything for her at that point.

In between the last few shutters of my orgasm, I nodded that it was ok by me.

Theresa bent my dick toward her daughter. Corina cautiously leaned forward, and nervously extended her tongue out to touch the tip of my cock. Just some clear fluid, mixed with her mom’s saliva was still dribbling down my cock.

Her soft tongue gently lapped up a single pearl-size drop. I watched Corina’s tongue curl, and retreat back into that cute mouth. She showed no repulsion as I watched her swallow the taste. Her white teeth shown in a proud smile as she looked over to her mom for approval.

It took several minutes after that orgasm, for me to gather enough strength to get my pants up and get going. I was making some small talk as casino firmaları I headed for the front door. Theresa followed with her arm around my waist. As I reached the front door, she stopped and asked if I was in a hurry. I really didn’t have to be back to the dorm for several hours, and told her so.

“Please you sit,” she asked.

We walked out onto the open front porch, and sat on the top step. Sitting down beside me, Theresa scooted up very close. Her voice was low, and I could tell she had some problem she wished to talk about.

I liked Theresa, but I really didn’t want to get too involved in her personal life. I thought she would be asking to borrow money.

My hunch was starting to be justified, when she began to explain that her job hours were to be cut at the place where she worked. The cut in pay was really going to put her in a bind. I was just about to explain to her that I was on a limited budget myself. My parent’s checks only went so far. She then suddenly seemed to change the subject and asked what I thought of Corina?

“Corina,” I said, “is a very sweet girl. She is quiet, well mannered,” I continued, not knowing exactly what Theresa was wishing to hear.

“I like her,” I finally said, with a question in my voice.

Theresa then began with as shocking proposition as I have ever heard. She told me that several of her other customers had also seen Corina around, and a couple had offered Theresa a large amount of money if they could have sex with her.

Corina was nineteen years old now and knew what was going on. Theresa said she had already taken her to a clinic and she was now on birth control pills.

She had been “walking in” on her mother for some time. This explained the many dicks, she had seen. Theresa was considering pimping her own daughter out to these men, for the extra money.

I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked that Theresa was bringing her daughter into the business. I just wasn’t sure what this all had to do with me.

“These men,” Theresa explained, “were not gentle.”

“They are sometimes like brutes,” she stammered, “I want it to be better for her first time.”

She finally explained that she would like me to break in her daughter.

“Huh,” I said.

I must have looked a little shocked at first.

“Me?” I repeated.

Theresa covered my hand gently with hers, and said that I was a nice. I would be good for her first one. I was gentle, and would be considerate of her.

“Theresa I don’t know,” I replied.

“Please? ” Theresa pleaded, “you will make it good for her.”

I protested again, that she was too sweet.

“No, no no,” Theresa replied, “she will learn.”

“I don’t know,” I finally said.

“Please, you think about it, ok,” She smiled, “Corina, she wants to help out.”

“Ok I’ll think it over,” I said, just looking to get out of there.

“She will be good for you,” Theresa promised, “For you, the same price only 25 dollars. Ok


I said I’d think about it. “Ok,” I told her I had to go, and she gently tugged at my arm. She leaned over and she gave me a deep sensual kiss. I think I tasted some of my own cum still in her mouth.

I popped a mint in my mouth, as soon as I reached the bus. I was lost in thought during the ride home, and almost missed my stop. Fucking her daughter didn’t seem really right, but Theresa really needed the money, and would surely find someone else to do it, if I refused. Corina was a sweet girl, and I was sorry for the life she was getting into, but it would happen anyway. I guess it was probably better if she was under her mom’s watchful eye rather than taking it to the street somewhere.

By the week’s end, I had decided to do it. Not entirely out of just being a nice guy. While the blowjobs were incredible, it had been a while since I had sunk my meat into anyone. So, “what the hell,” I called Theresa, and said I would do it. She seemed pleased, and thanked me before hanging up. I couldn’t believe that she was thanking me for being willing to fuck her daughter. How weird?

The next Wednesday came, and I was on the bus as usual, to her house. I was going over, and over in my head how fine this would be. I jumped down off the bus, and heard the blast of exhaust, as it drove away. I began to try to rehearse my part in my head. Just how it would go, how I would pork this girl. I knew mom would be there. And she was expecting me to make it nice.

I wasn’t just really sure how Theresa wanted it done. So I figured to just kick back and let mom and daughter lead on. “I laughed to myself about being such a “nice guy” for doing this for them.

Theresa answered the door as soon as I arrived. The house seemed cleaner than usual. I noticed then that the food smell had been replaced with the strong smell of some cheap perfume. Corina was waiting on a seat in the living room, and stood respectfully as I came through the front door. She walked over took my hand and lead me back to the couch. güvenilir casino She sat down next to me as if this had been rehearsed. Theresa was at the front door yet, and I heard her lock it. This was something I didn’t remember her ever doing before. I guess she really wanted some privacy.

Corina was dressed nicely. Her hair just washed, and combed back. Her nails had a pale color of purple coloring on them. I had hoped Theresa wouldn’t try to dress her up too “whorish, and she hadn’t.

Theresa came over from door, and waved her hand at her daughter.

“Well, make him comfortable,” She said.

Corina look puzzled and finally Theresa just said.

“Go on, kiss him some, Ok, you know like how I showed you.”

Corina turned to me and leaned in nervously. She planted an awkward, open-mouthed kiss on me. She pulled away before I could even respond.

“Again, longer,” instructed her mom.

Corina’s next attempt was better, but she froze-up as out tongues met. She was wide-eyed, and stiff as hell, as I tried to put my tongue in her mouth. I figured I better move on, and so I broke it off.

“Get on him,” Theresa said.

Corina swung a leg across my lap, and straddled me.

“Easy,” her mom reminded her.

We were face to face now, and her heavy dose of perfume was overpowering. I was worried about hurting her, and I told Theresa so. Theresa said that she had been working with Corina all week.

“Yeah, but she’s a virgin,” I said.

“She has been practicing,” Theresa said.

Apparently Theresa had been letting her daughter use a dildo get her used to the size. I saw a dildo on a small table near us. Theresa had assembled a few items she thought might be needed. There was some lube jelly and a glass of water and a small wash cloth lying on a glass dish. Theresa held up the dildo she’d used. It was about normal size. Soon it was going to be my turn.

Corina had straddled me, and was leaning forward, trying to French kiss me again. Her mom pushed her butt down forcing her to grind back and forth against my crotch. The friction of the girl’s jeans against mine was really different. I was growing hard as a rock, and my jeans were really starting to bind me up. Theresa reached around Corina and undid my fly. This really helped by giving me some growing room.

“OK, now undo him,” Theresa instructed.

Corina squatted back on my thighs and struggled with my belt. I finally had to help her. I motioned that I needed to get up to get my pants off. Corina slid off, and stood watching intently as I undressed.

“You too,” her mother instructed.

Corina began to undress. I felt I would surely be going to hell for this as I sat down and watched this girl peel her jeans off. But you know I thought “This might all be worth it.”

Corina left her panties on. She pulled the top she had on over her head. Corina was wearing one of those lacey bras. She reached back, and slipped it over her head. I was just sitting there watching, not sure what to do next. Theresa was sort of directing this whole thing, so I waited for her next move. Her mother was fiddling with Corina’s hair so it would be just right again.

Corina climbed back on to me, and again resumed dragging her crotch against me, as her mother had instructed before. This time my naked prick was being rubbed against the thin cotton material of her panties. It wasn’t long before my cock was leaking pre-cum, and it was leaving a wet streak along the front of Corina’s underwear.

“Enough,” Theresa said. “mount him.”

That was it, no oral stuff. I was a little disappointed at first, but I realized that I probably would have shot off like a cannon, the instant this girls lips made contact with my cock.

Corina got up and shyly removed her panties. She got back on me again this time without any clothing separating us. I was staring at her slit, and it must have embarrassed her, because she drew herself against me so close I couldn’t see it anymore.

I felt her mother reach down and grasp my cock and pull the skin down. My dick was as ridged as it could possibly be. Theresa was coating by dick with some of the lube jelly. It felt really cool and wet. She started pushing the girl’s rump around trying to line us up together. Corina tried a couple times to lower herself on to me. I felt her weight, and my cock started to bend due to the tightness of her slit. Corina’s face was right up against mine, and I could feel her little puffs of breath against my face.

“Won’t go like this!” her mother finally said.

“Get up and turn this way,” she said.

Corina got off me, and turned around facing her mother and away from me. She looped her leg back over me, and stayed up-right above my lap. Her mother was holding the dildo. She lubed it up by dipping it in the glass of water. Theresa spread open Corina’s slit, and began rotating the dildo against it.

I just sat back and watched through Corina’s open legs as her mother worked at getting the dildo in. The sight of this girl’s tight butt facing me, was enough to keep me in a “hard” state forever. Finally Theresa had managed to loosen her up, and was working the dildo around. After a half dozen or so strokes Theresa pulled out the dildo, and reached for my cock.

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