College Life #8

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Jenny grabbed my hand and interlaced her fingers with mine. I squeezed her hand and moved in closer to her. I lifted my arm up over her head and hugged her from behind. Still naked from just getting out of bed, our hands rested on her stomach as we stood there watching Kristen and Rob fuck on their bed. They were in the spooning position facing us. Rob was holding Kristen’s right leg up in the air as he pumped her pussy from behind. They knew we were there, but didn’t seem to mind or pay attention to us. I wrapped my other arm around Jenny as she started to slowly grind her ass on my cock. The first thought that came into my head while we were standing there was ‘this was going to be a reversal of what just happened.’ Now Rob and Kristen were on the bed and Jenny and I were standing in the doorway watching them. I slid my free hand down to Jenny’s crotch, she opened her legs slightly and I began rubbing her clit. She took our hands that were interlaced and placed them on her breast. I let go of her hand and moved to her other breast as she kept playing with the other one. Her left hand reached up and grabbed the back of my head pulling me closer to her. I started to playfully bite her ear.

Keeping my left hand on her clit, I turned both of us to face each other so we were sideways in the doorway. Jenny removed her hand from her breast and slid it down to my hardening cock. Jenny’s eyes were locked on Kristen’s pussy being pumped by Rob’s hard-on. I leaned in to kiss her and she didn’t even move her head to kiss me back because she was so intent on watching them fuck. I kept one hand on Jenny’s clit and moved the other one to her ass, grabbing it and pulling her toward me. With her massaging and stroking my cock, it was getting hard again. Like I had mentioned before, Jenny was very flexible which was a blessing when it came to different positions that we would fuck in. I slid my hand off of her ass, down the back of her leg and pulled her leg up. I brought her knee up to my ribcage and then she moved her foot up to my shoulder. She was standing on her left leg, back against the door frame, doing the splits now. Kristen opened her eyes to look at us. Jenny’s eyes were still fixed on Kristen’s pussy. Kristen looked at me, and then motioned her head toward my cock, non-verbally asking if I was going to stick it in Jenny’s ready pussy or not. I removed Jenny’s hand from my dick and brought it up to my neck. I reached back down, grabbed my hard-on and entered Jenny’s wet slit once more. This was the first time Jenny took her eyes off of Kristen and Rob. She looked at me with a big smile on her face and kissed me. I put both of my hands under Jenny’s ass to hold her up and keep her from falling. I looked back at Kristen for approval of our position. She smiled at me, giving me the approval I was seeking.

I was slowly pumping my cock in and out of Jenny as we both stood there and watched Kristen get filled with Rob’s dick. Kristen brought her hand up to her mouth, stuck two fingers in and licked them so they were plenty wet. She then took her hand down to her ass and started to massage her ass hole with her wet fingers. Rob picked his head up out of curiosity. As Kristen turned her head toward him, she was grinning. Kristen reached down between her legs, grabbed Rob’s dick and pulled it out of her dripping pussy. You could see her juices all over Rob’s cock as he slid out of her. Kristen repositioned herself and Rob’s cock, so he was pressing against her now wet ass hole. “Rob, fuck me here. I want to know what it feels like. Go slow, but fuck me in the ass.”

“You sure?” Rob questioned. “I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“Yeah, I’m relaxed enough. Push casino şirketleri your hard-on into me. I want you in my ass.” Rob started to push slowly and Kristen became wide eyed out of pleasurable pain. She was gasping for air and moaning at the same time.

As we watched Rob enter Kristen from behind, Jenny’s pussy tightened up on my cock. I whispered in her ear, “You like that huh?”

“Fuck yeah I do. That’s hot. Seeing her glistening pussy is enough for me, but watching Rob slide into her ass? Oh my God!” Jenny started to move faster up and down on my cock as Rob entered Kristen’s ass. She was overcome with pleasure by watching them do anal for the first time. I brought one hand from Jenny’s ass to her pussy and started to rub her clit. This made her tighten up even more. Jenny started to moan. I looked back over at Kristen’s ass and Rob had his cock all the way inside her. He started to pump slowly in and out of her. Kristen was trying to catch her breath but each time Rob would enter her, she would gasp out of pleasure.

I leaned in to give Jenny a kiss, she turned her head just enough to return my kiss but not taking her eyes off of Kristen and Rob. I took my hand off of her clit, brought it up to her face and turned her so she was looking into my eyes. She tilted her head, opened her mouth and attacked mine with her tongue. She brought her hand up to the back of my head, pulling me into her, her tongue dove deep into my mouth. We continued to kiss as I pumped my cock into her pussy, going deeper each time. Jenny’s focus turned to me as she was pushing herself down on my cock each time I pushed up. Our mouths did not leave each other for quite some time. We could hear Rob and Kristen moaning and fucking, but we were doing our own thing. My hand found its way back down to Jenny’s clit and continued rubbing it. Jenny let her right leg slide down my back and stopped right above my ass. She then brought her other leg up and wrapped it around my back as well. Her hands moved from the back of my head to wrapping her arms around my neck. She was holding herself up, pumping against me as I thrust into her. With Jenny moving like this, it seemed to open her snatch more, so I could penetrate her deeper. Both of my hands were under her ass, helping her hold herself up, and helping me get as deep into her as I could.

Jenny, between kissing me and her heavy breathing said, “Oh my-God-Brian. This-feels so-damn-good.” She started to moan as her pussy twitched on my cock. This made my balls tighten up. I could feel my juices running through my cock. “Brian-I-think-I’m-gonna-cum.” Jenny said, still broken.

“I can’t wait any longer babe.” I pushed my rod deep into her, harder this time. “I’m gonna go Jenny.” I felt the final push from my balls, pumping the cum into my cock. Jenny’s pussy tightened around me. I pulled out so just the head of my dick was in, then I rammed my cock back into her, shooting load after hot load of cum deep into her pussy. Jenny’s arms and legs tightened around me and her kisses got deeper and faster as well. I pumped my cock into her a couple more times, ensuring my balls were emptied into her wet slit. Jenny let out one final deep breath and relaxed the grip of her arms around my neck.

Jenny let her left leg down to the floor. She tried to take her right leg down too, but I held it up around my back. “Let me down.” She begged, looking into my eyes. I knew my cock was empty, but it still felt hard. I knew that if I came out of her, it would go limp.

“No, not yet. I wanna stay in you as ling as I can.” I slowly started to pump into Jenny’s pussy again.

casino firmaları “Geez Brian, didn’t you have enough yet? I don’t think my pussy can take any more.” Jenny started to grind on my cock as I pumped her. “I’m getting sore. We’ve fucked an awful lot this weekend.”

“Yeah, I know, and I’ve loved each and every one of them. Besides, if you didn’t want me still in you, you wouldn’t be enjoying this.” I looked down at her hips moving back and forth.

“I do want more, but I don’t know if my body can take any more. I love the feel of you inside me, but I need a break. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize,” I told her. I brought one hand around off of her ass and started to rub her clit again. “I know you can’t tell me to stop doing this.”

“That’s not fair. No, I can’t let you stop that. I can ask you, but I know it would be pointless because if you do stop, I’ll tell you not to. You are so mean to me.” She brought her head back up to kiss me passionately again. I had one hand on her clit and the other on her ass. She brought her hands to her breasts and started to rub and pinch them. “I know you like it when I do this.” I looked down at her hands and twitched my cock inside of her. “Oohh, I guess you do like it. That feels good. Do that again.” She smiled and I twitched my cock in her again.

As I was rubbing her clit, I said “I heard that the second one for you is quicker and stronger than the first.”

“Oh, is that why you stayed in me?”

“That’s part of it. I just like the feel of your pussy around me. Nothing beats it.” I smiled and kissed her again. I started to rub her clit faster.

Jenny, starting to moan now, was pinching her nipples and pulling on them. She had her eyes closed so she couldn’t see Kristen walking up to us. I saw Kristen and she had her finger over her mouth, motioning for me to be quiet. As she got close, Kristen slapped Jenny on the ass. “Oh Brian, you know I like that. Do it again, harder.”

“OK,” Kristen said, “but it wasn’t Brian.”

Jenny opened her eyes and saw Kristen standing next to her. “Hey girl thanks.”

“Any time,” Kristen said. She leaned in, gently pushing my head out of the way and kissed Jenny on the lips. “Excuse me Brian,” she said. “I have needed my Jenny kisses for a while.”

“No, don’t let me stop you. I will let you do that, however, you can’t have her pussy, it’s occupied.”

Looking down at my shaft pumping into Jenny’s pussy, Kristen said, “I see that. How is it Brian? It’s nice huh?” Kristen kissed Jenny again. “Sorry Brian, I am going to move your hand out of the way though.”

“Go ahead.” I replied, moving my hand off of Jenny’s clit. Kristen’s fingers found their way to Jenny’s sweet spot and started rubbing it faster than I was. I looked down, saw Kristen’s fingers going to work and twitched my cock inside Jenny again. I turned my head and looked back at Rob. He was lying on the bed just watching the show in front of him.

“You lucky fucker Brian,” Rob said. “I would get up and join you guys, but SOMEONE kept me up last night.”

Kristen broke her kiss with Jenny, “Yeah, I’m sure you’re really complaining. If I remember right, you started it, I just finished it.”

“About an hour later. But you’re right, I did start it. And I’m not complaining, but I didn’t think it would last that long.”

Kristen turned back to look at Rob, not taking her hand off of Jenny’s clit, and said “Honey, it was more like two hours. And you were enjoying every güvenilir casino second as much as I was.” She turned back to Jenny and kissed her again. I looked at Rob, shrugged my shoulders and turned back to Jenny and Kristen kissing. “Oohh, Jenny’s getting hot Brian. I can feel her orgasm coming on. It will be any minute now. Are you ready?”

Ready for what, I thought. “I have made her orgasm before, sure I’m ready.”

“That’s true,” Kristen said. “You did make her orgasm, but nothing like this one will be. We girls have some special touch with each other that you guys don’t have with us.” Jenny was tightening up her pussy more and more. I started to pump faster as Kristen moved her fingers even faster over Jenny’s clit.

“Oh my God Kristen, here it comes. HHOOOOLLLYYY FFUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” Jenny screamed as she started to convulse more than I have ever seen before. Her whole body twitched so hard it looked like she was going into an epileptic seizure.

“You ready for this Brian? Check this out.” Kristen said. She moved her hand down around my cock, pressing her thumb on Jenny’s clit. Jenny took a deep breath, let out a scream and started to shake even more. I looked down just in time to see Jenny’s cum shoot out of her pussy on the top of my shaft. “Yeah girl, let it go.” Kristen said as she kept teasing Jenny’s clit.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. I felt the hot white juices shoot out of her onto my abdomen. “Damn Jen. I had no idea. How did you do that Kristen?”

“Like I said, it’s that special girl touch. Here’s another special girl touch.” Kristen leaned down and started to lick Jenny’s cum off of her clit and off of my cock. I turned around to Rob looking for his approval. He nodded his head as if it were fine with him. I looked back at Jenny; her face was flushed and sweaty. I looked for her approval and she looked back at me as if she didn’t care what was happening. Kristen grabbed my cock, pulled it out of Jenny’s dripping snatch, placed it in her mouth, and sucked all of Jenny’s juices off of it. She took it out of her mouth and looked at Jenny. Jenny nodded to her. Kristen looked up at me, “Wanna see another girl touch?” She reinserted me into her mouth, and started to stroke my shaft. She took her hand off of it, and slid her lips all the way to the base of my cock. With my head in the back of her throat, she swallowed, squeezing me, then stuck her tongue out and licked my balls. She slid my cock half way out of her mouth and circled her tongue around the head as she stroked me with her hand. Her spit lubed me up nicely and her hand slid freely around me. She took the whole thing in and out of her mouth again a few times. Then she pushed her head onto my cock so hard that I could feel my cock start to slide down her throat a little.

“Oh my God. I can’t take this anymore.” I let go of all control. I felt my dick swell up, so did Kristen. She pulled me out of her mouth right as I was releasing my load. I shot it onto her tits and chin. She stroked me faster; making sure every last drop of cum was emptied from my cock.

“Jenny, I believe you have a little cleaning up to do.” Kristen said as she stood up and turned around to face Jenny.

Jenny bent over and started to lick my cum off of Kristen. “Mmmmmmm that tastes so good.” Jenny made sure that she got every last drop of cum off of her friend’s body. As she stood up, Jenny ran her hand up Kristen’s inner thigh, flicked her clit and said, “OK. Now, who wants breakfast? I’m cookin’ eggs ad pancakes.”

We all went down stairs, without dressing and ate breakfast. I’m not sure if it was the fact that Jenny cooked me breakfast or the part that I was so exhausted from that many orgasms, but those eggs and pancakes tasted better than any I have had before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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