College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 03

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An hour or so went by with nothing happening. Mr. Anderson didn’t speak. Suddenly, I heard people talking. All four of them were coming up the hallway. I couldn’t see any of them, but I heard Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Anderson go into the master bedroom and Jake and Jenna go into her room. None of them acknowledged me.

Then, for the next two or so hours, which seemed like eternity, I was forced to listen to the two males of the house banging and banging the two girls of the house. Both Jenna and her mom must have screamed in ecstasy at least six times a piece. The banging noises they were all making was pretty impressive. Both Jake and his dad were very muscular, they must also be pretty powerful fuckers. It was obvious that Jake was much better at fucking Jenna than I ever could. I began to understand why she honored Jake’s possession of her body. He could fuck her like I never could.

After a long time I heard someone exit Jenna’s room and go down the stairs. A few moments later, Jenna came out and over to me. She unlocked my collar and handcuffs. She took my hand. “Come with me,” she said softly.

We went into her room. It smelled very much like lots of fucking had happened in this room. Jenna looked very disheveled, but she still looked very hot. “Thank god!” I said. “I thought you were going to leave me out there all night!”

Jenna laughed. “Oh honey, not on your first night!” she said. “Jake went out drinking with a few friends and he won’t be back tonight, so I thought it would be nice for use to sleep together.”

I looked down at my cock-cage. “So does that mean this thing can come off?” I asked.

Jenna kind of laughed. “I don’t think so! Jake would fucking freak! Plus, he has the only key. He gets to decide when and if you get to get hard again.” She noticed my face. “Don’t worry honey. I’ll put in a good word for you,” she said with a smile. “I’d let you go down on me, but I’m just too tired. Maybe tomorrow night,” she said coolly.

Her nude body hopped into bed. “Come on honey,” she said, “Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow starts the rest of our life together.”

I got into the bed and Jenna put her nice ass to me. I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek. We spooned together and my cock-caged nub fit snugly between her firm ass cheeks.

Well, we were together. And we would be together forever. Finally, I had the girl of my dreams, if only a little differently than I could have possibly imagined.

I slept like a baby that night. I woke up in the morning next to my beautiful Jenna. Although I felt rested, the previous night was a complete blur. I looked at her and my mind was a jumble of how we came to by lying next to each other. What was important at that moment however, was that we were together.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled. “Hi honey,” she said softly. “Sleep ok?”

I nodded.

“Good,” she said sweetly. “Do you love me?”

Again I nodded.

“Good,” she said smiling. “Show me…”

She said this as she pushed down on my head. This was our cute little way of waking up sometimes. It meant that she wanted me down on her. I smiled as I kissed my way down her athletic body. She positioned herself with me between her spread legs and threw the blanket off of the bed. As I kissed and kissed down her perfect belly and then to her shaven pelvis, something seemed different. A smell? Was it the texture of her soft skin?

She kept her hand on the top of my head as I got to my task. I would kiss all around her area first, occasionally licking and rubbing her skin with my face. Something was definitely different this time, but I was wholly concentrated on giving her her orgasm I couldn’t quite identify it. As I slowly placed my tongue firmly on her private she let out one of her deep moans and slowly grinded further into my face.

She maneuvered her beautiful pedicured foot onto my groin as she often did while I was down on her and I pushed back into it as hard as I could. She grabbed my hair and moved my face up and down as she ground herself into me. Something was casino şirketleri definitely different this time. She was a bit more forceful yes. She was also a lot more vocal as she was building and building toward climax. But, there was definitely a different texture to her: she was much more sticky. She also smelled a lot different. There was a masculine musk to her whole region that was completely unfamiliar.

As she built and built, she pulled her foot away. I took the opportunity to reach for my dick to give it a good tug. “Oh my god I’m close!” Jenna yelled practically ripping my head out of my head and giving herself a full-body workout riding my face into oblivion.

At the exact same moment as I touched my tied cock-cage and the flood of memories of yesterday’s humiliation and subsequent cuckolding and shame came rushing back, Jenna came all over my face. “HOLY SHIT!!” she called out as her juices flooded my mouth.

I tried to pull away a bit, but she kept my face pinned where it was with her strong grip on my hair and her strong legs. I grabbed my locked dicklet and held it tight. I didn’t know what else to do. Normally, I would be jerking it at this time. But with it straining against the tight cage, I felt that this was what I should be doing. At that moment, with my inability to get hard and my face crammed between my girlfriends perfect legs I realized what had happened.

That smell was Jake’s. The stickiness was Jake’s. That guy from last night had been here and he had her marked. I was here second. And with a locked-up semi pointlessly trying to get hard, you could say that only half of me was there.

Jenna let out a deep breath as she opened up her legs freeing me from their grasp. She pulled me up to her and gave me a deep kiss. “That was amazing honey,” she said sweetly looking deep into my eyes. She had the look of utter contentment as I sat on my knees between her legs.

She laid back looking completely relaxed as she seemed to be both pondering something specific and thinking about nothing at all. I took the opportunity to look down at the pink prison locking up my little guy. It was red and swollen as it pushed against the strong metal. She came back to attention as she looked at me again. “Let’s get cleaned up honey,” she said with a big smile on her face. “We both have a big day today!”

I kind of smirked and gestured down at my locked dicklet. She seemed to have taken notice of it for the first time. “Oh! Look at it!” She said smiling. “It wants to come out!”

Again, I kind of smirked back at her and asked with a playful look, “Well?”

At first she looked back at me matching my playful look, but when she saw that I wasn’t kidding her face got a bit more serious. “Yea right!” she said hopping off of the bed as she made her way to the bathroom leaving me there with an unfulfilled and locked semi.

I watched her perfect feet and ass walk away from me as I she called out to me, “Come on honey, shower… now.”

I humbly got off of the bed and walked to the bathroom confused and dejected. She began running the water in one of those really nice, stone walk-in showers that were the size of a regular person’s entire bathroom. Even though she had just woken up, had been fucked for hours the night before, and had just had a very intense orgasm, she looked incredible sexy. Without speaking we both got in. She handed me the soap and I washed her beautiful tan body. Since she waxed, everything was completely smooth. It was amazing.

She quickly did her own hair as I watch her finish. She handed me the soap as she got out. She watched me as I soaped my naked body. “You know what,” she said as if an idea had just popped into her head. “You are gonna need a tighter cage. That one is too big.”

I looked down at my locked penis. “What? Tighter?” I asked shocked.

“Yea Jake and Mr. Johnson will not like that little semi,” She said matter-of-factly. “You could stand a size or two smaller. Don’t worry honey, I’ll pick one out for you today while I’m shopping.”

“You’re going shopping?” casino firmaları I asked. “Well… what am I doing?”

“You,” she said with a somewhat menacing smile, “You will be spending the day with my mother. She has much to teach you.” With that she turned the water down to cold.

I jumped back and yelled, “Jenna! What the hell?”

“Five minutes of cold shower for you!” She said half laughing. “We can’t let my mother see your semi. There’s no coming out until it’s gone.”

I looked down at my receding cage, then I looked at my sexy girlfriend walking away from me with water droplets running down her beautiful body. She called out to me as she approached the huge mirror, “Oh and I would never let Jake hear you speak to me that way,” she said calmly but in all seriousness, “He won’t tolerate you raising your voice to me like that.”

She began combing her hair in the mirror. “Understand?” she asked for confirmation.

I stood there in the cold water with my dicklet shrinking back inside my body. “Yes Jenna…” I murmured with head hung low.

I walked into the bedroom with my towel and dried myself. Sure enough the cold water and hard treatment from my girlfriend had did the trick and erased the existence of my would-be semi. I looked around the room and came to realization that I didn’t pack anything. I even had no idea where were my clothes from last night.

I looked into the bathroom at my beautiful girlfriend getting ready naked in front of the mirror. Her body looked amazing. I felt a tiny tug on my cage, but nowhere near as before. “Uh honey, where are my clothes?” I asked somewhat sheepishly.

She turned around walked towards me, hips swinging. She glanced down at my shrunken nub. “Good the cold water worked I see!” she said smiling. As my naked girlfriend passed me she kissed me on the cheek. She went over to the drawer. “Well that was going to be the surprise,” she said. “That’s where I’m going today, shopping to get you some new clothes.” She reached into her panty drawer and pulled out a pair of her boy-shorts. She handed them to me. “Here, these might be small on you, but they are only temporary.” I grabbed them and looked down at them in disbelief. “Next time we are definitely shopping together,” she said smiling, “But like I said, you and my Mom have a lot on your plate today.”

I was still not believing what was happening. “But where are my clothes?” I asked again.

Jenna came up to me and very sweetly put her hand around my neck. Her naked body was gently rubbing mine. I could feel my cockcage brush up against her soft-skin. “Honey, a lot is going to change between us,” she said looking me directly into my eyes. “After what happened yesterday, do you ever think we can go back to how we were?”

I sort of looked down a bit dejected. “You agreed to be my cuckold so that we can be together,” she said sweetly. “That is going to mean some changes… and compromises.” As she said this she ran her finger from the tip of my cockcage to the boy-shorts in my hand. “Mother is going to explain more. But for now… I’d bet you look sexy in my panties!” As she said this she grabbed my tight balls and gave me a smile.

It loosened the mood and I relaxed. I agreed and put them on. Honestly, they felt very smooth and soft against my skin. This is something I would never tell my friends, but something about wearing them felt… right? “Don’t worry,” she said walking over to the bed. “When I get back later today, I will have a lot more for you so you won’t have to wear mine.”

With that she laid down sprawled on her stomach on the bed. Her perfect ass was poised up a bit and pointing in my direction. It looked amazing; fit, athletic, with the perfect amount of bounce. She seemed to have gotten comfortable and nestled in. She paused a bit and then pulled her cheeks apart. She gave me the briefest of come hither with her finger and I took the cue we had developed back in college while we experimented a bit with some light D/s.

I took my newly pantied ass over to the nice big bed. I dove head güvenilir casino first into her perfect ass and place my tongue squarely on her button. She moaned in delight. As I tongued her up and down and pushed inside her hole, she reached back and pulled my head into her.

Due to my cage, I barely thought of me. Licking her sweetly was all I could think to do. She moaned softly, but this wasn’t for orgasm this time. This was something she had taught me to do while we played with my submissive side. She had a very strong streak in her and we felt this exercise brought us closer.

“Honey,” she said as she crammed my head up her hole, “This is SO going to work!” I nodded in agreement.

Just then there was a knock at the door. We heard her mother through the door, “Morning honey! Is he ready?”

“One sec mom!” Jenna cried through the door.

I pulled my face from between her perfect ass cheeks and jumped off the bed. I quickly went into the adjoining bathroom and washed off my face. When I came back into the room Jenna hadn’t moved as she was still relaxing. I stood there confused as if something was supposed to have happened. “Uh… so what’s going on?” I asked.

“Open the door and go with my mother,” she said giving me nothing to talk to but her perfect ass. “We already talked about this.”

Standing there in my girlfriend’s boy-shorts expected to open the door to her mother knocked some sort of clarity into my head , like coming out of a daze. What the hell was I doing?

“I’m not going with your mother! Jenna, I have no clothes!” I said with some newfound backbone. “Seriously, what are we doing?”

“You didn’t seem to have a problem with it last night,” she said still only give me her ass. “Of course, you were wearing that cockcage while you kissed my lover’s cock, so I guess you weren’t completely nude.”

Last night’s jumble of memories started to get pieced together again. I did do that didn’t i? My self-identity, which had already been a bit fragile when I met Jenna back in college, what taking serious hits left and right. What kind of boyfriend was I? What kind of man was I? How had I changed so quickly?

All I could think to do was lash out. “Jenna, this is ridiculous!” I yelled. “I want my clothes back, I want this thing off of me, and I never want to you see that guy again!”

Jenna jumped off of the bed and walked right into my face. Her naked athletic body stood inches from mine. She looked me directly in the eye. She didn’t have a look of anger or frustration, just stable strength. “Honey I love you, and I understand that you are upset. But since we have gotten to my parents house, you have lied to me now twice.”

I went to speak, but she stopped me, “No. You spoke, now it is my turn,” she said sternly. “You said that you’d love me and do anything for me, now this absurd lying streak is coming from I don’t know where but it has to stop now.”

Again, I struggled to speak but she simply put her finger over my lips. “On top of that,” she said staring me directly in the eyes, “You have now raised your voice to me twice. Twice!” As she stared me down, I suddenly felt my animus drain. As my gaze soften and my eyes slightly lowered I felt the strangest sensation in my tied up appendage. It wasn’t lust, but some other sexual trigger. Some awakening down there that had nothing to do with ‘scoring a girl’. It was different. It was definitely something sexual, but something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

She walked past me toward the bathroom, her naked body looked amazing. “If you aren’t a liar and actually do love me, you will see my mother. If have been full of shit this whole time, then I need to severely work on my judgement,” she said calmly. As she entered the bathroom she turned to me. I hung my head in a mixture of confusion and shame. “Because I love you and care for you, and because I don’t want to see you hurt,” she said assuredly, “I will not tell Jake about this.” With that she slammed the door in my face.

“Jenna!” I cried with developing water in my eyes. I stood there dejected, confused, and cock-tied. What was I going to do? What was I supposed to do? “I’m sorry…” I half whispered and cried.

Just then I heard a voice coming from the open doorway. “Is everything all right honey?” It was Mrs. Anderson.

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