Coming Home Ch. 02

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“Are you OK?” she finally whispered softly while snuggling under my arm and casually tracing random trails on my chest with just a single fingernail.

My flaccid dick lay splayed across my belly, still glistening with the combination of my cum and my mother’s pussy juices. It took me a moment to realize what she was asking.

“I’m not sure,” I finally murmured, turning to look her directly in the eyes, feeling the hard nipple of one tit pressing into my side. “I guess this might take a little bit of processing. On the one hand, I just had the best fuck of my life…bar none. On the other, it was my own mother who fucked me the best ever in my none.”

She sighed softly and lay quietly, her fingernail strumming first one, then the other, of my nipples. I squirmed around a little, surprised the way those touches went directly to my now not quite so limp dick.

“Like I told you, it was seeing you fucking Ava that really changed me. I don’t suppose you know but your father and I had not been…intimate…in a very long time. When I saw your cock pumping in and out of her shaved cunt, a switch went off and I knew I needed more than my own fingers in my pussy…and the more I thought about it and fingered myself to orgasms, I knew it was your beautiful cock I needed in me…filling me with your flesh…and your warm sticky sperm.”

As she talked her fingernail dug into the skin of my chest and belly a little harder and mover closer and closer to my stiffening cock. I fondled the hard nipple pressing against me and she moaned lowly.

“Dammit, Mom….this is so very wrong…and so incredibly fucking hot!”

Her tongue flicked out and I sucked it into my mouth as her hand tightened around my dick again, stroking me harder and harder. I rolled to my side so she was again on her back and I pushed her thighs apart with one hand, sliding two fingers easily into her absolutely dripping pussy.

“Oh god, baby…you are so right…and I don’t care how wrong anyone thinks this is, it’s what I want and need…your cock in me…anyway you want…anytime you want…anywhere you want!”

I climbed back on top of her and pushed my dick into my mother’s inviting, welcoming and super slippery pussy, taking the time to fully enjoy the orgasms that built into massive climaxes for us both.

As we lay on the soaked, and then getting cold and clammy, sheets I noticed the big vibrator I saw earlier still sitting on one of the pillows.

“What’s with the toy?” I asked giving her ass cheek a playful slap.

“Plan B,” she grinned and gave me a quick kiss before getting off the bed, “and trust me, if you really thought you were going to sleep on the couch, you would have heard me cumming…loud and clear. Now go get your bag and bring it in here, I need to pee.”

As she walked into the bathroom across the hall, I got a very good look at her fully naked body. A bit softer here and there than girls my age but still very trim. I got up hearing her piss splash into the toilet. She smiled brightly as I walked into the hall and looked at her sitting on the commode.

After I dropped my bag in the bedroom and turned back to the bathroom, she was brushing her teeth, her tits sway back and forth with the movement of her arms and a stream of the mixture of my cum and her juices seeping down the inside of her thighs.

“Uh, Mom, I need to piss too,” I said from the doorway.

“Just put the seat up,” she responded with a wide grin rinsing her mouth out with water.

Obviously she had no intention of leaving the bathroom, so I lifted the seat and almost immediately my warm stream splashed into the toilet. I glanced over and she was leaning back against the vanity watching me, a wicked grin on her face. As my flow turned to a dribble, she reached around from behind me and squeezed my balls.

“We both need a shower,” she muttered into my ear “with warm water and soap…this time.”

She stepped under the shower head, her back to me as the warm water matted down her hair and flowed over her back and ass and legs. I climbed in behind her, crowding together in the small enclosure.

“Soap up my back, please,” she asked quietly looking back over her shoulder.

God, her skin was so soft, trembling slightly with my first touch. Then she turned, her erect nipples brushed across my chest and my half hard dick across her lower belly.

We traded places so I could stand under the water as she soaped up my back, running her hands all the way down my legs and then back up on the inside of my thighs.

“Turn around,” she cooed.

Slowly, sensuously, she soaped my front, starting at my neck and down my sides all the way to my feet then back up, over my chest and own my belly until she cupped my balls and raging hard on in both her hands.

“I haven’t bathed you like this since you were a little boy,” casino şirketleri she murmured, “and even then, I never touched you quite like this…or felt the way I do now…or….”

Cutting her off, I pulled her close and rammed my tongue into her mouth. She returned the kiss eagerly, hungrily, crushing my throbbing cock between our bodies before slowly sliding down to kneel in front of me. The water continued washing over us both as her lips encased my dick and a finger gently swirled around my asshole. Then she stood and kissed me again before turning around.

“Fuck me from behind…like you fucked Ava,” she groaned bending at the waist and spreading her ass cheeks with her hands.

My throbbing dick slid right into her slick pussy until my balls slapped against her inner thighs. She groaned and pushed back a few times before turning her head with the most evil grin.

“My ass… put your sweet cock in my asshole…fuck me…cum in me…in my ass!”

I looked down at the puckered sphincter of her anus as she reached back and slipped a finger inside to the first knuckle.

“Mom…are you…sure?” I gasped, totally turned on by the prospect.

“Do it,” she growled, “I want your dick…my son’s dick…cumming inside my ass, fucking me like a cheap slut…my son’s very own cum loving slut!”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying and the crude way she spoke, clearly turning us both on even more. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, lathered it up with some soap and pushed the head right up against her waiting asshole.


“Oh god yes…and don’t stop until you shoot every drop of your cum inside me…no matter what I say!”

I gently pressed forward, using my weight rather than ramming into her hard. At first, her asshole resisted and I was afraid my rather average six and a half inch cock was still too much. Then she squirmed a little and the head of my dick punched through as she yelped loudly.

My cock was inside my mother’s asshole.

She was so fucking tight.

Ever so slowly my cock pushed deeper inside her until my belly pressed against her ass cheeks. I just stayed still for a moment, feeling my cum beginning to surge up from my balls. I pulled back until I was almost out of her then pushed back in as far and as deep as I could manage.

My thrusts became faster and harder. My mother moaned her own growing arousal, pushing her hips back to get me as deep inside her as possible.

“Oh my god…oh fuck…that feels so fucking good…more…harder!” she gasped, her finger rubbing her clit as she flailed back against me.

I grabbed both her hips, pulled her to me and fucked her ass even faster, right on the edge of my own orgasm. My entire body quivered as my semen filled my mother’s bowels.

“MOM…MOMMY…I’M CUMMING…NOW!” I shrieked and loosed spurt after spurt of sperm inside her.

She rubbed herself even harder I could feel her asshole and pussy convulse as her orgasm surged through her, sucking the last drops of my jism into her until she collapsed against the tiled wall with me on her back.

The warm shower water continued washing over us the entire time.

We changed the soaked sheets when we got back into the bedroom, which basically consisted of stripping off the top layer and the plastic mattress cover under it to expose the next layer.

“I keep three layers like this on at all times,” my mother grinned, “I squirt a lot now every time I masturbate and cum…and even more when someone else is touching me…or even better yet…fucking me.”

I sort of thought that might be a little too much information coming from my mother but was too tired to really care. I lay on my back, drifting off to sleep with an arm around her shoulder, my fingers ever so lightly resting on one of her nipples. She snuggled in under my chin with a hand cupping my balls.

My eyes opened slowly, taking a moment to remember where I was in the predawn gloom. I sat up with a start, the events of the night before flooding through my head. My mother was sitting between my feet. Her knees pulled up to her chest and her feet splayed open so her pussy stared back at me the same as her eyes.

There was a combination of a playful and a devilish smile on her face…and the large cock shaped vibrator laying right below her pussy slit. That’s when I noticed my dick was in raging hard morning wood mode.

“It’s really beautiful” she cooed, “your cock…it’s really beautiful. You know, since the first time I found some of your crusty cum in your underwear when your were in junior high school, I always wondered what you looked like when you jerked off and shot your semen into your hand or on to your belly.”

I blushed and leaned back on my elbows, drinking in the sight of her gaping pussy slit. She smiled brightly seeing my dick twitch on my belly.

“After casino firmaları I saw you fucking Ava,” she continued, “I wanted you to see me naked…so you could jerk off picturing my tits and pussy. Did you ever do that last summer?”

“Well…aah…I did…um…accidentally see you…in the bathroom,” I confessed, remembering how hard my dick got on those two or three occasions.

“Those were no accidents,” she said quietly looking me directly in my eyes. “I wanted you to see me…my tender tits…my wet cunt. I wanted to see you too…see you stroking your cock…shooting your cum…thinking about your naked mother.”

Now my cock really twitched taking in what she as saying. She dropped her knees from in front of her, spreading her legs wide in front of me.

“Will you do something for me?” she groaned.

“Sure, Mom…anything you want…anything at all.”

“Lay back and jerk off…jerk off for me to see…and watch me fuck myself with this vibrator…the way I do when I fantasize about you…and your beautiful cock…cumming inside my pussy.”

With that, she rose to her knees, crawling forward until the outside of her knees pushed against the inside of my thighs. She flipped a switch on the toy and it buzzed loudly for a moment before she pressed it against her clit and rubbed it back and forth in her dripping pussy slit. Her eyes remained locked on mine the entire time.

My dick ached. I took it in my hand and slowly started stroking myself, reaching down to gently squeeze my balls with my other hand, my usual position on my back.

“Oh yes, baby, jerk off for me…cum for me…cum for your mommy,” she moaned, sliding the vibrator into herself and pinching one of her nipples hard with a free hand.

My back arched and my cum exploded from my cock, the first spurt hitting my chin, followed by five more on to my chest and down my belly until the last bit oozed over my fingers. My mother pushed the vibrator in and out of her pussy faster and faster as my sperm coated my torso, ending with a gusher of her pussy juices squirting onto my balls.

She slumped down a little as her orgasm fade away and I kept fondling my half deflated cock. Then she bent forward with the vibrator still buzzing in her pussy and began scooping up my cum with her tongue.

She worked her way all the way to my chin, then rammed her cum coated tongue into my mouth. As she draped her body over mine, I could feel the vibrator inside her on my dick, causing me to stiffen again a little.

“That was even better than I ever imagined,” she moaned into my mouth then slowly worked her way down my chest and belly with her tongue until she again took my cock into her mouth.

I was getting really hard again as she sucked me and then she started swirling a fingertip around my asshole. She looked up with just the head of my dick between her lips, a smile forming on those lips.

She took my cock out of her mouth, spit on her fingers and slowly pressed one finger into my ass. The intensity of that sensation surprised me. No one ever did that before…and I liked it.

“Oh my god,” I gasped flailing my hips against the finger that went even further into my ass.

She smiled, slipped the finger out of me and clamored off the bed, just long enough to grab a bottle of lube from the nightstand. She squirted some on to her fingers and then splashed some on my asshole.

“Has anyone played with your ass yet?” she asked with an evil grin, taking the vibrator out of her pussy and laying it down next to my thigh, still buzzing.

“No…never,” I moaned.

“Then you are about to get the most intense blow job of your life!” she grinned.

Taking my cock back into her mouth, she slipped a finger back into my ass, rotating it around and stretching my tight sphincter until she could slide a second finger into me. I moaned with growing pleasure. She kept working her fingers around and deeper even as my dick plunged deeper into her throat.

Then I felt an unbelievable bolt like electricity shooting through my groin. I thrashed uncontrollably against her face, forcing my cock deeper into her throat. She gagged then relaxed her throat, taking me in until her nose buried in my pubic hair.

“Fuck…what…are you…doing?” I stammered, an incredibly intense orgasm surging through my cock.

She looked at me without taking my dick out of her mouth, her eyes smiling and filled with lust. Slipping her fingers out of my ass she pushed the vibrator in, slowly fucking me in and out with the toy until the hard buzzing tip pushed against that same super sensitive spot.

I screamed as my cum exploded in my mother’s mouth and throat, continuing to thrash against her face for several moments until the last vestiges of the most powerful orgasm I ever experienced finally faded away.

Strings of my sperm stretch güvenilir casino from the corners of her mouth as she slipped my dick out and crawled up over me for another tongue lashing kiss. Surprisingly, my cum tasted good on her tongue.

“What did you do just then? I’ve never cum that hard or that intensely before.”

“I massaged your prostate…kind of like a g-spot for men. I take it you liked that,” she grinned and nuzzled under my arm. “I understand it feels even better with a real cock.”

With an impish smile, she kissed my cheek and hopped off the bed, crossing the hall to sit on the toilet. A moment later, I jumped up and followed, watching her begin to pee. She just looked up at me, smiled and spread her thighs so I had a better view.

She was making my favorite breakfast…blueberry pancakes and bacon…when I followed her to the kitchen a few minutes later. We drank coffee and ate breakfast while she explained what she had in mind for the day. All I knew was to bring a sports coat, dress shirt and slacks for dinner.

“We have a reservation for 2:00, since I really cannot make a proper Thanksgiving dinner here,” she said sipping a second cup of coffee. “It’s about 9:00 now and we’ll need maybe thirty minutes to get there, plus another thirty minutes for me to iron your clothes and an hour…make that an hour and a half…to shower,get ready and dressed. So throw in an extra thirty minutes to be on the safe side…we have two hours free right now.”

She stood, dropped the apron she was wearing to protect her skin from bacon splatters, her nipples already stiff and extended her hand to mine.

“How many times do you think you can cum inside me in the next two hours?”

The answer was three…twice in her pussy and once in her mouth. As for my mother, she was insatiable. From the way she shrieked and squirted, I really think she only had one orgasm…but it lasted almost the full two hours.

Once we were both totally spent again, we showered together, this time sticking to actually washing each other. She went to iron my clothes while I dried off and shaved. Then I got out of the bathroom, leaving her to do whatever all she planned on doing to herself to get ready to go.

Before I put on anything besides my boxers, I started looking through the DVDs stacked next to the TV in the bedroom. It was an amazingly eclectic collection of hard core porn, with titles like:

“Lesbian Lust”

“Anal Attack

“Twinks! Twinks! Twinks!”

“Teenage Twats”

“Munching on Muffs”

“Family Fun-Cest”

“Creampie Cunts”

“Bisex Orgies”

“Facials and Mouthfuls”


“Gay Gangbang

“Mommy’s Little Boys”

Now, I’m not one that indulges much in porn, just never did too much for me. But my dick swelled looking through these titles and more, knowing my mother would lay on the bed behind me and play with herself until she climaxed watching those videos.

“Find any you like?”

I turned to see my mother standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame and smiling brightly. All she was wearing was a pair of thigh high nylons. My dick was poking out through the hole in my boxers. I wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or walk over and bend her over.

“Hmm…quite the collection…aah…you have here,” I finally managed to stammer as she walked over and gently took my cock in her hand.

“Well, those are just the ‘educational’ ones,” she murmured. “I never realized how much I was missing until I started ‘learning’ more.”

Her thumb brushed over the head of my dick, smearing a small droplet of precum over the head. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the ear.

“We’ll have all night to discuss this. Right now we need to get dressed for dinner.”

She had a sexy red dress laid out on the bed but she walked right past it to the nightstand, opened a drawer and pulled out a small box. She dumped the contents on the bed and picked up a silver egg shaped object, examined it closely then squatted slightly and pushed the egg into her pussy. She turned and handed me what looked like a simple remote.

“I want you to play with this from the time we walk out the door until we walk back in. In fact, start now.” she cooed and showed me the control. “By moving this dial, you can adjust the speed of the vibration…the vibration of the egg in my cunt, pressed up against my g-spot.”

With a flip of her thumb, the dial moved slightly and could see her tense just a little.

“Don’t put it all the way up, that will just make me jump around. Low level vibration is actually better and more intense. Besides, I can’t just cum and cum and cum, so you want to keep me right on the edge but not quite over, for as long as possible. Even turn it off at times and surprise me when you turn it back on.”

I just looked at her dumbfounded, then down at the control she put in my hand and back at her. She kissed me on the lips and turned and put on the red dress, without a bra or panties. I hurriedly put on my clothes as she did some last minute things with her hair.

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