Coming, Mother

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To fully explain how my mother ended up with a mouthful of my semen on the freeway two days ago, I have to go back a bit.

During the summer of 1997, I got in a car wreck, and I took a crunch to the spine. I spent a few months in the hospital with a serious bruise around my lower lumbar region. I was eventually OK, but I retained a strange reminder of the accident. I don’t know the medical part of it, but about twice a month, I would get an extremely strong erection, one that demanded instant gratification on pain of blue balls. The doctors told me this was a normal side effect of the injury.

My mother didn’t think so. Whenever the occasion arose and I was around her, I could usually get into a bathroom so she’d never know. But now and then, I’d be stuck in the same room with her, and so I’d have to whip it out in front of her. The doctors had told her about the hard-ons (to my embarrassment), so she knew it was going to happen now and then. But she would always regard me with a demeanor that reminded me that it was not good form to masturbate in front of your mother. There was this one time when she was putting up wallpaper in the only bathroom in the house, and she had just stuck the paper to the wall over the toilet when I came roaring into the room, hard-on in hand. I ended up whacking it into the bowl while she stood above me, pressing the bubbles out of the paper. I didn’t have the courage to see if she was looking when I ejaculated.

Two days ago, I was driving my mother back home from Los Angeles. I had gone to pick her up from the airport, and we had a three-hour drive ahead of us. We chatted amiably about her trip and what all she had to do when she got home.

About half an hour out of the city I felt my penis stir. I soon realized it was one of The Boners. I began to squirm uncomfortably, casino şirketleri cursing my luck. Not now! I could feel Mom staring at me. When I looked at her, I saw her trying not to notice the bulge in my jeans. I weighed my options, and then finally unzipped my pants with my non-driving hand. Sorry, Mom, I got to take care of this one.

She began to squirm uncomfortably. I could see her ticking off options in her head, and eventually running out. Well, I guess, she said, resigned. Do what you have to do.

I eased my penis from my jeans and stared to beat off. I could see her trying not to look, but since there was nothing else but trees to look at, she eventually gave up and settled her eyes on my penis. I didn’t think there was much wrong with that. She was a woman. Minutes passed, and she watched in silence. Then she spoke.

What are you going to do when you when you have to finish? she asked.

I thought about it. Uh I’ll just pull over and do it onto the street.

We careened onto an overpass. Traffic came to a standstill. Ten minutes passes with no movement. There were people on either side of us. There was no way I was going to be able to stick my dick out the door. It looked like Mom could see that too. A guy in a red monster truck on our right side could see into our car. He nudged the girl next to him, and her eyes went wide when she saw what I was doing.

Then I began to feel the orgasm coming on. I felt Mom eyeing my rock-hard penis. What are you going to do, honey? she asked. You know I don’t want you to, I don’t want it all over the inside of the new car.

Do you have anything in here for me to do it into? I asked, breathless.

We looked around. Nothing but a load of dry cleaning in the back seat. Silk. I began to stroke faster. It was coming.

She casino firmaları sighed with exasperation. Well, I can’t have you do it all over the windshield. Don t worry, I’ll take care of it. I thought she meant she was going to use the silk shirt, but I was unprepared for what she did next. Seemingly in slow motion, she leaned forward over my lap and placed her hand on my knee. I saw her lips part, and her head continued further down. I felt frozen, only able to keep jacking off. Then I felt the heat of her mouth form a tight seal over the head of my penis. She’s going to catch it in her mouth. Your mother.

I lost my hard-on. She looked up at me, perturbed, as if it was perfectly natural for her to have her lips wrapped around my penis. Her expression seemed to say, how dare your dick go soft in my mouth?

Um, what s the matter? she asked, poised over my cock.

You, you just surprised me. I just didn’t know you were going to, to do that.

She shrugged. Well, you know it doesn’t mean anything. It s OK, you just go ahead and I’ll take care of it.

I began to jack off again. She kept her face inches away, watching vigilantly. The guy and girl in the red truck were staring, aghast. They talked briefly, then the girl waved to me and mouthed something. It looked like, Is that your mom? Then when I neared orgasm again, Mom took the head of my cock into her mouth again. Again I lost it. She gave the same exasperated sigh. You know I’m going to want to get this done by the time we get home, honey.

Sorry, Mom.

Once more, that look of ticking off options. Then she gave me a serious look. You’re not allowed to tell Dad about this, OK?

She slipped her hand around my hard shaft and gave it a few strokes. Her handling was expert. Then she lowered her head and began to suck, güvenilir casino sliding her mouth up and down my cock. It was wonderful, the most incredible blow job I’ve ever had. But it was anything but clinical. She took it out of her mouth to run her tongue up and down the shaft a few times, then sucked it again. She deep-throated it a few times, gagging once. She even hiked my jeans down to explore my balls with her tongue. As I listened to her breathe quietly, the novelty of what she was doing hit me. She’s trying to make you come. Here you are, surrounded by rush hour traffic with your cock in your mother’s mouth, and she is going down on you, using all her experience to get you to come into her mouth. She wants you to come into her mouth.

She really did look like she was enjoying it.

That did it.

I felt the heat at the tip of my cock, the release of pre-come, and then the seven or eight forceful spurts. She stopped moving her head while I came, stroking the underside of my cock with her tongue in the rhythm of my orgasm. I arched in the seat, thrusting my hips against her face. Then when it was over, she took her mouth off of it, making an ungainly slurping sound as she lost suction. She drew her thumb over the tip of my penis to wipe away the string running to her lips. She looked at me, her mouth full, a loop of semen dangling from her lips. She gave me an eyebrows-up face, then opened the door. I heard her spit a few times, loud over the dinging of the open door. Then she turned back to me, grabbed my cock, and gave it a few motherly sucks to clean it off.

I shot the red truck a look. Both the guy and girl were smiling, giving me the thumbs-up.

She settled back in her seat, licking her lips. You re welcome, honey.

Wow thanks, Mom. I stammered, searching for something to say. You, uh, you give really great head.

Thanks. I could tell she was just as flustered. I didn’t think you would ever find out, though. She gave me a smile, and then smacked her lips a few times. Let’s stop for a Coke at the next exit, OK?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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