Complex Family Ch. 03

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Thanks to luvtaread for editing


The next day was a bit hectic to say the least. Ashley and Brandon were up rather early and spent the morning quickly putting away gifts from the day before and finishing their packing. They had gotten a start earlier in the week, but needed to put in a few everyday items. Then it was off to battle their way through O’Hare.

By the time they got to Mel and Katy’s apartment they were not exactly in great moods. Mel and Katy had intended to meet them at the terminal, but due to delays in Chicago the flight was pushed back. As Brandon was not sure when their plane would arrive and Ashley already knew where to go, it was decided that they would call the girls when they had landed and were on their way to the apartment.

Despite his bad mood, when the door was opened by a very excited Katy, Brandon could not help cheering up a bit. A glance at Ashley revealed that her mood had also brightened under the wave of cheerful excitement emitting from the blonde.

They were barely in the door before Katy gave them each a huge hug saying, “Oh, I missed you guys.” Looking at Ashley she said, “A month is far too long for best friends to be apart.”

Then turning she said, “And you…” to Brandon, who had taken the opportunity to slip past Katy and relieve himself of the bags he had been carrying. She walked over to him and hugged him tightly and said, “Two months from my favorite man is just too much.” She then raised herself on her toes and pulled his head toward hers. She gave him a soft kiss on the lips and he did his best not to return it. The rules had changed in his mind since Miami. As much as he enjoyed fucking Katy and Mel, he would not sacrifice his new relationship with Ashley to do so.

Katy looked at him disappointed, her cheerful mood clearly gone. Her saddened eyes found his and she asked, “What’s wrong Brandon?”

Before he could answer another voice said, “Jetlag, I suspect.”

Brandon looked around and saw Mel entering the room. She gave Ashley a quick hug and said, “I have a remedy for that why don’t you two come with me?” Brandon nodded and after removing their coats he and Ashley followed Mel into an adjoining room.

Once they were in Mel closed the door behind them and said, “Okay Brandon, please explain to me why Katy was quite happy when I left the room before you arrived and is now suddenly quite upset.”

Brandon did not answer unsure of what to say when Ashley said, “She hugged him and gave him a kiss and then…” Ashley’s sentence trailed off and she seemed to suddenly understand.

Brandon noting this said, “Mel before I answer could I have a minute with Ashley please?”

Mel looked at them strangely but then Ashley nodded and asked, “Please, could you give us a second Mel?”

Mel sighed then stepped into the attached bathroom and closed the door. Once the door was closed Ashley led him over to the bed and both sat down before she looked into his eyes and softly asked, “You held back on Katy, didn’t you?” He nodded and she asked, “Why?”

“I think you know the answer to that honey. I told you I love you, and I mean it. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. I told you on the island I would be happy if I could have you and only you for the rest of my life…”

“You would.” Ashley finished cutting him off. Then she kissed him and said, “And I believe darling that I made my stance on that issue perfectly clear. Being back in the civilized world does not change that. Are you still alright with me fooling around with Mel and Katy?”

“Yes, of course, as long as they are okay with it as well, and you don’t…” he said and his voice trailed off.

“Leave you? Darling I wouldn’t dream of it. I told you last night you are the man of my dreams. I’m in this for the long haul darling, I want to be your wife and have your children. To be with you as we build our lives together. Nothing can change that.”

“So, you won’t get jealous?”

“Of Mel and Katy? Why would I? I know what they have with you is special, but it is nothing in comparison to what we have.” Then with a mischievous grin she said, “Besides, watching you fuck them gets me hot.”

“Really?!” he asked intrigued.

“Yep, now would you please go and fuck my best friend? She must be going crazy out there.” Ashley said and as Brandon rose the bathroom door opened and Mel came out only wearing her underwear.

“Yes Brandon, please do go get my wife she has been aching for a good fucking from a man for quite some time now.” As Brandon got up to find Katy he heard Mel say, “As for you Ashley, be a good girl and strip off those clothes and come and sit on my lap.”

Ashley complied and before leaving the room Brandon asked, “And what are you two going to be doing?” Mel smiled as Ashley was removing her clothing.

“Why watching off course. I couldn’t help over hear Ashley’s last statement. I must admit that I too find watching you and Katy arousing. There is xslot something erotic in watching the contrast between you too. Tall and muscular versus short and petite, strength and stamina versus pure sexual energy, and all of it with the perfect mix of animalistic sex and tender loving.”

Ashley had finished stripping and sat on Mel’s lap as Brandon said, “Well I guess I had better get the show started, wouldn’t want to disappoint.”

“No, you wouldn’t.” Mel said while kissing and caressing Ashley’s body as Brandon headed out to the living room.

As he did he heard Katy’s frustrated voice said, “It’s about time!” She sat on a nearby couch as he walked in, “How long does one lousy jetlag cure take?”

Brandon moved over to the couch and upon reaching it swept up the blonde into his arms and said, “I don’t know how long a lousy cure takes, but a great one takes time.”

He then kissed her full on the mouth. After the lengthy kiss he asked, “So what do you think, did it work?”

Katy’s glow returned and she said, “I think so, but I need another demonstration to be sure.” They kissed again longer this time and with tongues. When it broke Katy said, “Oh baby I am so wet for you I need you right now.”

“As you wish ma’am.” Brandon said carrying her toward the bedroom while she showered him with kisses.

When they reached it Brandon lowered Katy onto the bed and she immediately got up and moved toward him and quickly. Her hands went for the front of his pants and seconds later she had her lips around his hardening cock.

He enjoyed the exquisite feeling for a few seconds before removing his shirt as she sucked. When he was hard he pulled her head off his shaft and she looked up at him with a mixture of confusion and disappointment. He then grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled up and she smiled and helped him remove it. Then as he ridded himself of his pants and underwear bunched at his ankles he looked up in time to see her large boobs spring free as Katy’s bra fell from her body to the bed.

Brandon lustfully attacked the sensitive fleshy orbs. Katy moaned in delight as his lips made contact with her hard nipples. As he sucked on her tits he lowered her to the bed. Not long after Katy was thrashing with pleasure as she neared an orgasm. A few minutes more and Katy was riding her first orgasm of the night.

As she recovered Brandon moved her to the center of the bed and positioned himself on top of her. As he kissed her his hands roamed under the skirt she wore and found there was nothing between his fingers and her warm wet pussy.

“No panties Katy? You naughty girl!” Katy gave him a mischievous grin and said,

“Did I forget those? Oh well, I guess you’ll have to punish me.”

“I guess I will,” Brandon said lifting the skirt and spreading her legs. “A good hard fucking should show you what happens when little girls forget their panties.”

He then shoved his hard shaft in to her warm pussy. As promised it was a hard fuck and to his surprise Katy came quickly. He rode it out and continued fucking her. Some time later he began to feel he too was close to coming

In the end the combination of Katy’s screams of pleasure and the sight of her body beneath his was too much and he exploded into her. The feeling of his warm cum shooting into her must have pushed her over the edge too as seconds later she too came. He fell to the bed and lay there with her for a while.

Minutes later though it appeared that she was not yet through as he soon felt her hand massaging his spent member back to life. She then raised herself off the bed and moved to take his cock into her mouth once more. As expected his cock was soon hard again. Pleased by this Katy rose and straddled his hips before lowering herself on to his shaft.

She began her familiar bouncing up and down on his shaft. Brandon caught his breath as he admired the view and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy as she moved up and down on his cock.

When she had nearly fucked them both to orgasm Brandon pulled her close and began kissing her. As he kissed her he rolled them both over and pulled out of her. She whined before he lifted her up and placed her on all fours. He then entered her from behind and hard fucked them both over the edge of yet another orgasm not long after. They fell to the bed together and he gathered her close to him she cuddled further in his embrace.

The next thing he remembered he was being kissed awake. He opened his eyes to see Mel looking at him and he went to move, but something stopped him. As he opened his mouth to speak Mel put a finger to her lips and pointed down. He looked and saw Katy asleep in his arms still.

Then he heard Ashley’s whispered voice in his ear, “We have to go darling we have to make dinner and have other stuff that needs doing. You did great, it was awesome to watch. Oh, and don’t worry about not helping, Katy hasn’t been sleeping well lately frankly Mel and I were quite concerned. xslot Giriş So the best thing you can do is stay where you are and keep her company. She needs this more than you know. I’m proud of you darling.”

She kissed him again and he felt and heard her get up. Seconds later another weight pressed on the bed and after a quick kiss on the cheek he heard Mel whisper, “Nice going stud I knew you could do it. Take good care of my wife while I’m gone.”

Brandon gave a slight nod to show he understood before gently cuddling the naked blonde closer to him. Mel rose and before she left she draped a light blanket over them. Brandon heard the door close and lay in the dark room holding Katy as she slept.

As she lay in his arms there was an innocent childlike quality to her and despite the fact they were both naked and she was very attractive Brandon felt more protective of her than anything. It reminded him of the night he had met her, alone and abandoned on his cabin floor.

A lot had changed since that night, and yet in this moment so little had. She still needed his help and protection, instead now it would come not from a stranger, but a trusted friend and lover. He realized in that moment that while he loved Ashley and wanted a life with her, he cared deeply for this small blonde as well. He would never love Katy as he did Ashley, but he would always feel protective of her. What that meant for the future he had no idea, but in this moment that did not matter.

A few hours later Ashley came in and told him dinner was ready. He awoke Katy gently and they dressed and joined Mel and Ashley in the dining room. It was an enjoyable meal everyone discuss what they had received for Christmas. Ashley’s necklace was a hit with both Katy and Mel which Brandon felt a bit of pride for selecting it.

After dinner was over they exchanged presents. Both Brandon and Ashley got a laptop from Katy and Mel as both of them had lost theirs in the accident. They were both taken aback at the nice gifts, but Mel and Katy insisted it was nothing.

Katy reminded them about her inheritance and Mel mentioned her new job before Katy said, “Without you two, we may not have been here to receive either.”

To which Mel added, “Plus you two were so accepting of our marriage, official or not, you have no idea what that meant to Katy and I.”

“And you were our wedding party. So consider those a thank you for the wedding and our lives as well as a Christmas gift.”

Brandon and Ashley thanked them again before presenting Mel and Katy with their present.

As he handed it to them Brandon said, “This is for both of you from us. We both worked on it and like the laptops its kind of a wedding present slash Christmas gift. We hope you like it.”

Katy and Mel opened the box to reveal three simple items. Compared to the expensive laptops they did not look like much, but looks can be deceiving. For in the box were a small photo album, a single DVD, and a large framed photograph. All three contained images from the small ceremony the four had shared their last night on the ship. As the Katy and Mel examined each item he saw tears well up in their eyes.

When the ability to speak returned a tearful Mel said, “I don’t know how you guys managed this but, thank you. This is the best gift we could have gotten.” Katy still speechless simply nodded.

“Well, I’m glad.” Brandon said, “It seems that Ashley’s term papers were not the only thing my nightly backup saved that night. The laptop was recording what the webcam, and a few other cameras saw that night. Using that footage, with the help of an old friend, I was able to not only edit the video for the DVD, but capture and clean up some images as well. It’s not professional photography, but it’s better than nothing, considering that the only thing left from that day is us and that footage.” Then after a pause he added, “Oh, and the frame and album are Ashley’s work she also helped with selecting specific pictures.”

The gift earned him and Ashley a big hug and kiss from both Mel and Katy. The rest of the night was spent looking through the album and playing the wedding video and recalling the evening. While they watched Brandon started the process of setting up the two computers.

When the night had ended and it was time to go to bed Brandon went to the guest room and finding his clothes there, changed for bed.

He was about to get in it and watch TV to await Ashley when she asked from the doorway, “What are you doing in there mister?”

Busy searching for a channel to watch Brandon did not look at her as he said, “Waiting for you hon, I figured I’d catch the scores before I turn in.”

“Ladies I think you left out a small house rule to Brandon here.” Ashley said presumably to Katy and Mel in the other room.

“I dare say we did.” Mel’s voice immediately replied before he added, “Katy my dear, I believe that was your department as greeter.”

“Hey, xslot Güncel Giriş don’t blame me I was horny and after that I was out for most of the afternoon thanks to our guest here.” Katy said defending herself.

“Well then Katy, do it now.” By this point Brandon had located ESPN and was awaiting any Chicago scores to pop up and had taken only a passing interest in the conversation.

As he caught sight of the Bulls score, another loss, he heard Katy say something.

As the channel went to commercial he heard someone clear there throat from the doorway and he looked to see what was going on. The sight made him forget the TV completely as standing in the door frame were Ashley, Katy, and Mel wearing only smiles. As he admired the view he noted that their hands were not idle as they used their fingers to tease each other.

“Sure now he looks,” Katy said rolling her eyes, “Now that we have your attention Mr. Metcalf. House rules state that all ‘scoring’ must be done in the master bedroom. Also once you have slept in the master bed you will not, except under special circumstances, sleep in the guest bed ever again. As both you and your lovely girlfriend here have slept in the master bed you are now required to sleep there for the duration of your stay. Your clothes are in here because this is where there is room and for appearances only.”

Then Ashley said, “So, if you would kindly shut off the TV and follow us darling, well I think you get the idea…”

Brandon did not have to be asked twice minutes later the TV was off and he was being led by the three sexy vixens to the other bedroom.

When they reached the bed he was barred access by Katy who said, “One other rule, we don’t wear clothes to bed unless under special circumstances.”

Understanding Brandon quickly stripped off his clothes and joined the orgy already in progress. In the time he had been removing his clothing Ashley and Mel had wrestled Katy to the bed and were teasing the blonde all over with the mouths, tongues, and fingers.

Brandon climbed onto the bed and noting that the touching in the doorway had obviously gotten Ashley hot he positioned himself behind her. After teasing her pussy a bit more he entered he warm hole and was greeted with a moan of approval. As he sped up his thrusts he noticed Mel’s pussy wiggling in the air unattended and feeling dangerous he reached over and inserted two fingers in the red furred pussy. She gave a grunt then pushed back on his fingers when he tried to remove them. Taking this as a sign she wanted more he began working his fingers in and out of the tight hole as he fucked Ashley at the same time. After a while he used his free hand to fondle Ashley’s tits.

So all four were moaning as they neared orgasm. As he fought off his release he heard Katy cum just before he felt Ashley’s pussy clamp down on his cock. As he slowed to ride it out a bit he doubled the pace with his fingers in Mel’s pussy and finding her clit with his thumb gave it a pinch. As he did, Mel too cried out and came on his fingers.

The sound and sight of the three women orgasming was too much for him and he released his load into Ashley’s waiting pussy. Shortly after they all collapsed onto the bed and Brandon for the first time in months found himself back between Katy and Ashley in the familiar island sleeping arrangement.

The next day was Mel’s birthday and he, Ashley, and Katy did their best to make it special. Mostly Mel preferred to hang around with her friends during the day as most of the special things were to be held that night.

When evening came they all got dressed up and headed out for dinner at an upscale restaurant. It was here that Brandon met Mel’s mom, Kelly, and Mel’s mentor, Andrea Grace. The two women were contrasting in both demeanor and looks.

Mel’s mom was very similar to her daughter in looks, especially her long red hair and dark green eyes. She was perhaps a bit shorter than her daughter and had softer eyes. Still for a woman in her forties she looked pretty good. It was clear that she did not share Mel’s work out habits as well as she definitely carried a few extra pounds. She was also very soft spoken and laid back.

Andrea, or Andy, on the other hand was tall and thin with a sculpted body and short jet black hair. One look at her and it was clear where more than a few of Mel habits had come from, specifically her workout habits. Brandon considered her body a bit too sculpted but thought she too was rather good looking, especially as she was pushing fifty. Unlike Mel’s mom she was outspoken and rather strictly organized.

Watching the two women was fascinating for Brandon as it gave him a look at the Mel he had never seen before; as these two women had been two of the major forces that had molded Mel into the woman she was. Brandon thought back to his early assessments of Mel. Only now did he truly understand what had created that beautiful contradiction he had observed then.

Both women seemed to have differing views of Brandon as well. Where Andy showed obvious disapproval toward him, and was rather dismissive of his presence, Mel’s mom was rather accepting of him. He was surprised at how much interest she took in him in fact.

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