Confessions Ch. 24 – Dustin

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Ball Gag

Thank you Angel for editing.

I have been married for seven years, and they have been good years for me. My wife is a beautiful, loving, caring woman. She is the woman of my dreams, I would trade Sophie for no other; but, there was a time I strayed from my vows. What makes it far more interesting was who it was that I played with.

About two years ago Sophie’s mother came to visit us for a couple weeks. Marg is a beautiful woman in her own right, it is quite obvious where Sophie gets her looks. On more than one occasion they had been called sisters. They both had long legs, a trim waist, good sized tits, and long, straight dark hair. Hell, they both had big deep blue eyes that seemed to see inside you when they looked at you!

As luck would have it, Sophie had to go into work one of the days that Marg was visiting, and I had that day off. It was no big deal, Marg and I got along pretty well, and we would find things to do. So Sophie gave us both a kiss and left for work.

After cleaning up the breakfast table and doing the dishes we decided we would watch a movie and engage in some small talk. So, I told her I would get us some coffee while she browsed through our movies and would meet her in the living room.

I set our cups down when I entered the room and looked over to her, “Find anything worth watching?”

She turned to face me, keeping her hands behind her back, “I may have found something good, but you will have to answer some questions first.”

I laughed, “A quiz to decide a movie to watch? I can’t say I have ever picked one that way; but, you are the guest. We will do things your way.”

She gave me a wry smile, “What do you and Sophie like to watch when alone?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. Anything really. We like comedy, fantasy and sci-fi. I guess her favorite is romance, but I prefer action adventure type movies.”

She nodded, “I see. And is there any specific types that you really enjoy watching with her? Ones that might inspire you to act upon something?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so. I mean I can watch a movie about a race up a mountain, or around the world, but that doesn’t make me want to do those things.”

She cocked her head to the side, “So no movies that make you want to fulfill your desires?”

I laughed, “Wow, interesting questions to choose the movie. No, not really. My desires are pretty fulfilled.”

She lifted a brow, “I think I found one that tells me otherwise Dustin.”

Now I was confused, “What movie would make me want to act?”

She moved the movie out from behind her and held it in front of her chest. I think my eyes tried to jump from their sockets when I looked at it! The cover pictured a woman bent over a couch, her leg up, a man deep inside her, and in big bold letters the title read, “Taking the in-laws.”

My jaw dropped, sweat beaded down my forehead, and I did the best I could to find my words. I had no idea that movie was on the shelf! Not that I didn’t know we owned it, but it belonged in our bedroom. I put my hands before me in a defensive position, “Marg I had no idea that was there. I am so sorry.”

She tapped her fingers on the cover of the movie, “Tell me casino şirketleri Dustin, do you fuck my daughter harder when you watch this?”

Holy shit! I couldn’t believe she said that, and answering it was not what I wanted to do. I just stood there, like a mannequin.

She let out a small laugh, “Cat got your tongue? So tell me, when you are watching this, and your cock is deep inside Sophie, do you think of me or my daughter?”

Wow! This was bad, really bad. I had no clue what to do. I mean, can you imagine talking to your mother-in-law about the way you bang her daughter?

Marg set the movie down and took a few steps toward me, “Do you turn her around and do her doggie-style so you can imagine it is me that you are fucking? When you release your semen do you call out my name? Do you wonder if my pussy is as good as hers?”

Her words put the erotic visions of her bending over for me in my head, and I could feel my cock beginning to grow at the thought. I knew I had to defuse this as fast as I could. I was flabbergasted by her words. I had no idea she would ever speak like this! I tried to compose myself, but my words were nowhere to be found.

She stepped closer and leaned into me, putting her lips next to my ear. Her breath was hot as she whispered, “Do you think of fucking me Dustin? Are you curious at whether I would let you shoot your load inside me or not? Are you wondering if I will swallow you? Are you thinking about how it would feel with my wet pussy wrapped around that cock of yours?”

I knew it was wrong. I knew I should have been doing whatever I could to get out of the situation; but, when her lips touched my ear, when I heard her words, I felt my cock jump up to full attention. And there I stood, as still as a possum trying to hide.

She slid her hand between us, down my stomach and over my fully grown cock. She slowly stroked me through my pajama pants and smiled at me, “She said you were pretty big; I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.”

I took a deep breath, finally finding my words as she stroked me. “Marg, I didn’t know that was there and I didn’t mean anything by it, I’m sorry.”

She took a step back, her eyes focused on mine. “Am I not sexy enough for you Dustin? Do you not want to feel my lips on your wonderful cock? Do you not want to see my bare pussy sliding on your shaft?” Slowly she unbuttoned her pajama top and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were perfect, round, firm and her nipples poked at me, “Do you not want to roll your tongue over me and fuck me like they do in that movie?”

I took a deep breath, my eyes exploring her and tried to find a way to behave again, “You are Sophie’s mom. How could I play with you; even though I want to, I can’t.”

Marg’s fingers moved to the tie on her pants and she slid it from the bow, she held it for just a moment then released and let the pants fall down her shapely legs exposing her shaved pussy to the morning air and my widening eyes. She smiled at me as she slid a finger over her pussy, “Do you know how badly I need it Dustin? Look how wet you made me.” She stepped forward, lifted her hand and ran her finger over my lips, “Taste me Dustin. Don’t I taste great?”

I casino firmaları licked her finger as she commanded then sucked on it. She did taste great, but I tried to gain some control. Her smile widened, “I bet your pants are soaked with pre-cum aren’t they?” She looked down and clearly saw the moisture through my bottoms. “Yes you are. And I want it.”

As fast as lightening she pulled at the string and dropped my pants; my cock bouncing as it popped out. She dropped to her knees, taking hold of my shaft and covered the head with her mouth, sucking lightly. She popped her lips off of me and gave my shaft a few strokes as she looked up. “Your pre-cum is delicious, I want the real thing now.” She lowered her head again, opening her mouth, and took me deep sliding her hand to cup my balls as she filled her mouth with my manhood.

I felt myself leaning back as she swirled her tongue while sliding her soft lips up and down my hard cock, her fingers teased my balls then slid between them to my ass and tapped lightly. I could feel my shaft beginning to thicken and she moved faster, sucking hard on my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let my cum shoot into her waiting mouth and she took me deep again allowing it to flow down her throat as she caressed me, milking my balls.

She gave me several long strokes of her mouth, sucking me dry then looked up to me with a smile. “Fuck, you are delicious. Now to get you nice and hard for my pussy. You do want to feel my pussy on your cock right Dustin?”

All I could do was nod. She just took a massive load of my cum without a problem and wanted more? Fuck yes I wanted her. I wanted to fill her, to please her as she had done me. She stood, kissed my lips softly and walked over to the couch, she slid her wonderful body down upon it and spread her legs, “Don’t I look good Dustin,” she chided as her fingers slid over her sex, “Come tongue-fuck me like you do Sophie, make me cum on your mouth Dustin.”

I didn’t hesitate, didn’t even really think about it, I dropped to my knees and crawled to her, kissed up her leg and let my tongue slide over her folds, slowly, savoring every bit of her wet pussy. Her fingers spread her lips and I swirled my tongue over my mother-in-law’s snatch, flicking then swirling before sliding it up to her clit and pressing hard against it.

Her moans started quiet but began to grow louder as my fingers entered her, I swirled my tongue several times then flicked it over her clit as I began to pump her faster. Her words were broken, “Fuck yes Dustin, make me fucking cum, make me cum so hard!”

I moved my tongue faster over her clit and pressed my fingers up against her walls, then she pulled my head back and looked into my eyes. “I want to cum on your tongue Dustin, I want you to feel my flow, use your mouth on my pussy, make me cum in your mouth.”

I did as she wanted, removing my fingers from her love hole I let my mouth suck at one fold then the other. Her fingers moved to her clit and she began to circle it. As her moans increased I flicked my tongue rapidly between her lips then dove it inside her, wiggling it as it entered. I felt her body shake and a small scream erupted from her güvenilir casino lips as a wave of her sweet nectar flowed over my tongue to my lips and down my chin. I kept licking her honey as she came and her fingers pressed hard on her clit as wave after wave of her wonderful juices flowed over me.

She released her clit and pulled my head back, lifting to show me her smile. “That was wonderful, fucking wonderful Dustin. Are you ready for me now?” She reached down and stroked my once again hardened cock a few time. “Yes you are. I want you to fuck me Dustin. Fill me with that big cock and let me feel like a slutty woman. Will you fuck me Dustin? Will you fill me with your gorgeous cock?”

I nodded and she leaned forward pressing her lips against mine as she stroked me. Her kiss was deep and passionate and I welcomed it greedily. She released me and spun her body, crawling up the back of the couch and spreading her legs showing me her sweet pussy. Her fingers slid between her legs caressing herself, “See how wet you made me? See how badly I need your cock? Fuck me Dustin, fuck me now!”

I stood behind her and taking my shaft in my hand angled it to her sweetness. Slowly I pressed the head inside her then I pushed it in further, slowly filling her. Her moans echoed through the house as I began to pump my meat in and out of her wonderful, tight snatch. She arched her back and moaned out to me, “Touch my ass Dustin and fuck me like the girl on the cover!”

I moved my hand lower on her back and let my thumb prod her ass as I quickened my pace, fucking her hard and deep. The slaps of our thighs rang out through the house and I pressed harder on her, letting the tip of my thumb enter her. “Fuck!” She practically screamed it, “I’m going to cum, cum inside me Dustin, cum with me.”

Her pussy pulsed on my shaft and the fluids dripped out of her, my cock stiffened and I sent my seed deep inside her, my moans matching hers as I came. Fuck I came hard inside her! I pressed hard against her as I finished and almost collapsed on her back. She moved her head to the side greeting me with a deep kiss, a smile and a moan, “I needed that.”

I removed myself from my mother-in-law’s soaked pussy and sat on the couch. She spun and sat beside me resting her hand on my stomach. “We need to do that more often.” She kissed my lips softly then stood, “I’ll shower and you pick a movie out.”

I watched her leave with disbelief filling me. I just fucked my wife’s mother and we were just going to continue our day. Never did I expect such a thing and how would I hide it from Sophie?

I did as she wanted, picked a movie then showered in my bathroom. We acted like nothing happened for the rest of the day, but I felt my anxiety growing when I heard Sophie’s car door close outside the home. Would she know? Would we make it to obvious? How would I possibly explain fucking her mother?

Sophie came in the house, said hello to her mother, then went into the kitchen where I was reading at the table. She smiled and spoke back to Marg, “Oh mom, I have to work again tomorrow, sorry.” She walked up to me and gave me a small kiss on the forehead, “Did you have a good day?” I nodded and tried to hide the blushing I felt running to my face. She moved close to my ear and slid her hand over my crotch, caressing me slowly, “All the boys love my mother.” She kissed my neck and called out, “The movie you want when I am gone is on the third shelf.”

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