Cuckold at home.

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Cuckold at home.
My girl friend is out with her new ‘friend’. She met him online from one of those sites where women hunt down bulls. I’m sitting in my arm chair, naked and aroused. I desperately want to touch myself, if only for a little bit but I was given instructions to not to do so. Not yet.

My gf and Bull (that’s what I shall call him) are at a bar. My gf took extra effort in getting ready and made a show of how slutty she was dressed before she left. Leather mini skirt that stopped just above the lower ridge of where her cute arse reaches the top of her thighs and about a handspan higher than her thigh high stockings begin. Her shirt was intentionally too tight causing the buttons over her chest to stress and show how she is not wearing any bra.

All I can think of is him with his hands all over him. Them dancing together on the dance floor where she’s grinding her crotch against his thigh. Him kissing her neck as his hand reaches round and squeezes her arse. My cock twitches with excitement but I refrain from handling myself. I’m not allowed.

My phone is next to me. The ring tone has been set so when I receive a message from her it plays an orgasmic moan my gf recorded and when I get one from him I will here a gutteral moan sound byte he sent her for that very purpose.

Finally, my phone lights up and plays the soft voice of my gf cumming. It’s a picture message. I open the message immediately. It’s a picture of her black g-string discarded on the floor in the ladies room with the tag line, ‘these are only going to get in the way.’

She still hasn’t told me I was allowed to touch myself. So I don’t. I sit in silence staring at my phone. My cock almost hurts from the erection. My helmet is swollen and dripping precum that leaks over my shaft and sticks to my stomach. The veins up my shaft resemble a road map for the blind.

My phone moans deeply at me.

It’s a picture from Bull. He’s alone in the gents. He’s in a cubicle. The picture is a POV shot looking down. It’s of his massive cock. It’s not even güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fully erect but it’s already bigger than mine.

‘We’re heading off soon, back to mine. I can’t wait to fuck your gf. It’s about time she learnt what it feels like to be fucked by a real man’s cock.’

I’m flooded by a wave of jealousy and even more arousal.

A little while later my phone goes off again. It’s from my gf.

‘Just waiting for a taxi.’ Is the message. It came with the picture. They’re outside by a quiet road. She’s looking straight at the camera, winking at me. She is on her knees with Bull’s cock in her mouth. His thick cock barely fitting past her lips. A quick series of pictures come through at once. They are pretty much the same as the first but all with a variance of Bull’s length in her open mouth. The last picture had a message. ‘You can touch yourself now.’

I enthusiastically reach for myself and very slowly start to stroke myself to the pictures of my gf trying to deep throat his enormous dick. She looks so sexy with his cock in her mouth. Pleasing Bull as best she can.

The pictures are interrupted by deep groaning. It’s a video message from Bull. They are in the back seat of the taxi. Bull is sitting still and my gf’s head is bobbing up and down his cock. Each time I can see her getting further and further down his epic size until she starts to gag and her eyes begin to water. I’m so turned on that it takes me longer to realise that neither of them were holding the phone when the video was made. They must have asked the driver to record it. I let go of myself. I’m not allowed to cum yet. I close the video and give myself a break. See her struggle with his meat and knowing a third is watching runs the risk of a hands free orgasm.

It takes another 10 minutes before my phone softly moans at me. It’s from her but it’s a picture of him. He’s on a bed, I assume his. He’s naked and resting his back against the head board. His massive cock is at full mast. It looks like it güvenilir bahis şirketleri stops half way up his body. He’s looking at me with a grin almost as big as his cock.

‘This is going to be fun’ is her written message.

Straight after my phone goes off again. It’s from Bull. It’s a series of pictures. They are taken from where I just saw him. I can tell because I can see his long legs in the picture. My girlfriend is standing at the bottom of the bed. Each picture is of her with less and less clothes until she is standing naked.

My hand is back on my own lesser member.

Another series of pictures come through. She’s crawling up the bed, her heavy but firm tits hang beneath her as she approaches him like a tiger in heat. The last picture is her looking straight at me with his bulbous helmet resting against her tongue.

My heart is pounding, my pre-cum is positively flowing. I can feel my balls aching for release.

My phone goes silent. It feels like forever until I get another message. I sit in silence, gently stroking myself imagining what it will feel like to fuck my gf after her tight pussy has been stretched out.

A deep moan breaks me out of my reverie. I can feel my excitement grow all the more when I notice it is a video message.

My gf is on her back on his bed. She is holding her legs up by her knees so her thighs are up against the side of her torso. The camera pans down from her smiling face, slowly down over her soft D cups and rose nipples, past her cute tummy to her freshly shaved pussy. The camera zooms out so her whole self is in shot before his cock creeps into frame. I watch as his bareback monster presses against her cunt. Her eyes roll back as his helmet pops into her. I notice her fingertips dig into her own legs as he pushes himself into her.

“How does it feel to take a real man’s cock?” He asks as more and more of himself stuffs is slowly stuffed into her.

“It feels so good.” She’s barely able to say. “Give me all of it.”
The video stops after only half canlı bahis şirketleri his cock is in her.

I restart the video over and over. Watching her tight pussy stretch itself over his thick girth. My cock is like steel in my hand as I pump my shaft. Over and over it plays as I imagine my gf being fucked hard. His epic cock drilling deeper into her than I ever could.

I keep having to force myself to let go of myself or I would cum but I can’t stop thinking about her and Bull.

After what felt like an etetnity, my phone moans deeply again. It’s a video message from Bull.

My gf is still on her back and still holding her legs up and open. Bull is fucking her hard. His whole length slamming into her with each powerful thrust. I can make out my gf’s pussy cream coating every inch he has as he seamlessly glides in and out of her.

‘She has cum.’ I think to myself. Her pussy creams like that when she cums.

I can hear her moaning on the video. She’s begging for it too. I hear her voice moaning and begging, louder and louder. I realise Bull has just sent me a video of his mammoth cock fucking into climax. She screams as she cums hard. His cock lubed once more with a fresh batch of her creamy juices. I wank myself as I watch her legs shake in her hands.

Another video message but from my gf.

The veiw is similar but definitely different. My gf has clipped her phone into a selfie stick. The video is once again a shot of Bull fucking her juicy pussy. My gf is barking orders at Bull.

“Fuck that pussy! Cum deep inside me!”

Bull is giving it all he has. His moans get louder and harder.

“Fuuuuuck! I’m cumming!” Are his last words before until his rhythm breaks and I can visibly see his cock spasm. At first he unloads into my gf until he pulls out and wanks the last few jets of fun over her stomach and tits. His thick creamy streaks of cum lashing over her with much more range than I can.

Once he finishes his climax, he takes the camera off my gf and zooms into my gf’s stretched out pussy to give me a view of the damage he has done. Just in time to witness the torrent of thick, white gym ooze out past her pink pussy lips.

“You can cum now.” I hear my gf call out at the end of the video.

With no hesitation I grip myself for one last time and finish myself off. It takes seconds before my balls empty over myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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