Cuckold Creampies and a Transsexual at the Bathhou

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Cuckold Creampies and a Transsexual at the Bathhou
While sitting at my lover Nicole’s place, as she is out getting her pussy filled with cum, and I am waiting for her to come back and feed me. I got a text from a Transsexual lover Kayla; since i was just waiting, i arranged to meet her at the local bathhouse.

I got to the bathhouse, stripped down and found Kayla in the steam room getting sucked off by a guy. As I entered, she stopped the guy sucking and came straight over to me and we made out for a minute. We left the steam room and went directly to the sling.

I hopped up into the sling laying on my back, then back out to adjust the height right. At the proper height, Kayla can just use the swing motion to make me slide on and off of her cock. Once she was fully in me and sliding, i came a huge load all over my cock and her stomach. She pushed my cum into my ass and swung me harder. She happily slammed me back n forth swinging my ass onto her hard veiny cock. Finally cumming in my ass after about 10 minutes of swinging; she slid out of me, and I pulled off her condom to suck her cum and get her cock hard again. I rolled over in the sling to suck her better and after a few minutes had her rock hard again. Kayla moved behind me, we readjusted the sling height, and she swung kaçak iddaa my ass onto her cock again, this time she came after only a couple minutes of swinging my ass onto her. Too quickly for me to cum again, so we showered together, rubbing and cleaning each other, and both left at the same time. I got back to Nicole’s place, and she arrived home 5-10 minutes after.

Nicole had gone out to see 2 guys to get double teamed and filled with their cum.
She was in a hurry when she came in the front door, she rushed me into her bed, threw me on my back and straddled my face. Her panties were soaked with cum, white globs were oozing thru the fabric, I hungrily engulfed her whole wet fabric covered mons with my mouth, licking and sucking up all the sex fluids, pushing my tongue hard against her, squishing out more cum into my mouth.
Nicole smeared her pussy into my mouth for a while, then she turned around and 69’d with me, at this point I pulled her panties aside, and was met with a flood of cum falling out of her on to my face. I licked all of it up and swallowed the two men’s seminal fluid. They had flavorful cum distinct from her sweetness; one was musky, the other was tangy. I was amazed I could sense the difference, and knew the musky one was first to cum in her, from tipobet giriş the timing of tasting it.
Even the consistency was different between the two men’s cum, one was more runny.
Nicole rode my face for 20 minutes or more, thru multiple orgasms, as she pulled and suckled on my cock , sliding her fingers into my ass. She paused and asked,
“Why my ass was all lubed up?”,
She let me breath enough to tell her where I had been.

Her own juices flowed more as I told her how I was fucked in the sex sling. (she wants a sex sling now! :P)
Nicole had my cock on the edge of climax, with her fingers and stroking. She slid off of my face, and mounted my cock reverse cowgirl and fucked the cum out of me in minutes.

Nicole fell back on me, then rolled next to me, and we cuddled. As we were wrapped up in each other, he shared how the two guys took turns fucking her. She rode on top of one, and the other entered from behind; telling me both guys cocks were a good inch or more longer than I am, and a bit thicker too. She told me she felt the guy below building in orgasm and really clenched down on him, but too much and squeezed his cock right out of her wet pussy. The guy behind then immediately took the opening, delivering his cum as deep as he could push it in; she perabet said it felt like he was cumming right into her cervix. He slid out and the guy below re-entered just to shoot his load. She quickly put on her tight panties
and told the guys thanks, goodbye, and rushed back home to feed me.

I was super hard again from her story, and climbed on top of here, this time made love to her. Deep loving thrusts, passionate neck and nipple kisses, hands caressing all over her body, grinding my pubic bone into her clitoris and pivoting my hips against it, to slide my thick shaft in and out of her swollen vagina. I found the spot that she needed to climax, aimed my head to slid just right inside her, building up my rhythm but not too fast or forceful, just smooth and floating like. Nicole’s climax roared into reality, her body quivering as she groaned, I pushed deeper and harder, building my own climax, and releasing in her moments after she had cum. She went to pee, and we cuddled all night, to this morning. I woke her up with my cock sliding into her pussy from behind. She woke with a moan and arched her hips just right to receive me. I fucked her deep and hard for about 15 minutes before cumming hard inside her. She didn’t cum this time, so I climbed on her back and ate out her pussy and ass form behind and above. Fingering her clit and g-spot until she was writhing in orgasm. I held her down in place and feasted on her clitoris as she squirmed in the over stimulation and came again, really hard and loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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