Cuckold Foot Slave Journey Ch. 02

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Sunlight streamed in through the window, illuminating the thick cream carpet and dark wood furniture of Emily’s room. My Goddess was lying on her stomach, reading a book. Her gorgeous figure extended along the bed, down to her dainty feet which she held aloft. I was sitting obediently by her feet, gently massaging them. Emily occasionally flicked to the next page but made no other sound, barely acknowledging my existence. I had wholeheartedly devoted myself to my foot slave duties, and it hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Several times at house parties or nights out, Emily had thrown herself down beside me and beckoned me to massage her feet. It attracted quizzical looks in my direction from our friends. Emily commonly joked about me being her ‘foot slave’, which made people laugh, but if only they knew it was the truth. When I didn’t have the privilege of massaging her glorious feet, Emily would still find ways to tease me with them. This often involved her dangling her heels or wiggling and flexing her toes when she knew I was looking. One on occasion in class we had been put in pairs to complete an assignment. Emily sat across the desk from me and chose to kick off her kitten heel and slide her sock clad foot all the way up my leg to my groin. She pressed it home a couple of times until I almost came.

All these encounters had made the last couple of months of school memorable. We still had a few weeks until the final exams, but all Emily wanted me to study was her gorgeous soles and juicy toes. I found myself leaning in to sniff them when Emily set me straight.

“What are you doing back there footboy?” She said.

“I just wanted to sniff your gorgeous feet.”

“Just wanted to sniff my gorgeous feet…what?”

“…Mistress Emily,” I mumbled.

“Honestly footboy, you’ve become so entitled. First you try sniffing my feet without permission and to top it off you don’t even address me properly. To tell you the truth these foot worship sessions have been boring me…” Emily chided.

She climbed off the bed and set her book on the desk. Turning to face me with her arms folded.

“The way I see it you need another proper lesson, something to put you in your place,” Emily continued whilst looking at her phone.

“What did you have in mind Mistress Emily?” I replied.

“Funny you should ask footboy, it has just arrived.”

Whilst we had been talking, I had missed the sound of crunching gravel as a car arrived at the front of the house. The door slammed shut and a familiar deep voice bellowed down the hall.

“You there babe?”

“In the bedroom babes,” Emily replied.

Footsteps moved down the hall and the bedroom door creaked open. It was Ryan. His hair appeared sticky with sweat and his uniform tie was hanging loose from his collar. He had his sports kit bag slung over one shoulder and his school bag on the other.

“Hey babe,” he said, wrapping his arm around Emily’s waist, “what’s he doing here? You two studying?”

“Amongst other things,” Emily said, leaning in for a kiss, “you remember I told you about our study sessions?”

“Oh yeah,” Ryan said with a smirk, “get your fill of toes for today?” He said, looking over at me.

“He’s just given me a sub-standard foot rub so far today, but I was thinking he could have a use later…”

“Later? But I was going to grab a shower and then…y’know?” Ryan said.

“That sounds good babes, but I was thinking just one small change…” Emily said, leaning into Ryan’s ear.

She whispered something to him that caused him to look over at me and smile. He broke away as she finished.

“Sounds kinky, you sure footboy can handle it?” he replied.

“I always said we could use an audience,” Emily replied wryly.

“Perfect. I’ll just grab a shower first. You two do what you need to,” Ryan said, turning to leave.

Emily and I watched him go before she turned to face me.

“Well now, aren’t you going to be a lucky footboy today,” Emily chirped, making her way over to her wardrobe.

“What do you have planned Mistress?” I replied.

“Well, do you recall our first little foot fun session a couple of months ago? Do you recall how I said if you were lucky I might let you watch Ryan and I having some fun, whilst you entertained yourself with my feet?”

The heat rose at the back of my neck. The day had arrived. Emily was going to make me watch her and Ryan together.

“You want me to worship your feet whilst he pleasures you Mistress?”

“Of course, isn’t that all you’re good for?” She said, slipping off her clothes.

“Yes Mistress.”

“There, not so hard to imagine is it. You knew this day would come eventually.”

Emily continued to speak, only occasionally turning to face me.

Her attention was focused on her wardrobe mirror as she slipped out of the last of her clothes. Soon she was wearing nothing but her red lingerie. Her one concession to me was that she opted to slip on her pair of black strappy sandals which she knew casino şirketleri I adored. Once she was finished preparing, Emily moved to the end of the bed and sat down.

“Come here, footboy.”

I walked to the end of the bed, kneeling on the floor beside her. She crossed her legs and her raised sandal clad foot hovered near my groin. She leaned forward and cupped my chin with her fingers.

“Now, listen up footboy. You are going to do exactly as I say, as usual. You are going to worship my pretty little feet all the way through. I don’t want a single bit of sweat between my toes or on my soles. And they will get sweaty. When you see the size of Ryan’s cock you’ll know why. You’ll also know why he gets to shag me and you only get to lick my toes. You are going to strip naked and stay here at the end of the bed. You can jerk your little pin dick if you want, but you better not cum and you definitely better not get any precum on my sheets. To slow you down, I will ask you to lick and suck Ryan’s feet. That’s right, I didn’t forget about that naughty idea. He just got back from football practice, and even after a shower they’ll still be nice and rough and smelly. But you will lick his manly feet anyway, my obedient foot bitch. Because I am ordering you to. At the end, if your performance really isn’t up to scratch, I will get Ryan to blow his warm sticky load all over my pretty soles, toes and heels and make you clean it up, understood? You better not disappoint me foot bitch,” Emily said, looking into my eyes.

With each syllable of her speech her foot had climbed higher and higher, brushing against my growing erection.

“Yes Mistress Emily,” I bumbled in reply.

The distant sound of running water came to a halt followed by the bathroom door creaking open. Emily leaned back on the bed with the heel of her crossed leg still brushing my groin. Heavy footsteps echoed in the corridor before the bedroom door opened and Ryan strode in. Water droplets were running down his broad muscular chest and over his rippling abs. Only a towel obscured him from the waist down, but it was hard not to notice the outline of his manhood against it.

“You two look ready,” he said.

“Oh yes babe. Come and join me on the bed,” Emily purred.

Ryan strode across the room and sat beside Emily on the opposite side from me, wrapping one of his thick arms around her waist.

“So how will this work?” Ryan asked.

“Just as normal. Pretend footboy isn’t here. I might give him occasional orders, but otherwise just let him get on with it…whilst we get on with our part,” Emily purred.

Her hand slid up Ryan’s muscular leg and across the towel. He followed suit, pulling Emily towards him and kissing her hard. Being pulled over, Emily raised her sandal clad foot from my groin. I felt a sting as she pushed the narrow pointed heel into my chest. I followed her lead and leaned in to sniff and kiss her sandal. Emily began to massage and prod the growing bulge in Ryan’s towel as his hand moved up her back. He turned his large body towards hers and used his other hand to explore her toned thighs. The two remained locked in this embrace for several minutes, Ryan occasionally opening his eyes to look down at me over Emily’s shoulder.

“Oh, it’s been hell waiting so long for this again,” Emily sighed.

“Waiting for what?” Ryan said with a smirk.

“Getting to see this again…” She replied.

Emily slid her hand to the knot in Ryan’s towel and gave it a tug. I looked on in astonishment as the towel fell away to reveal Ryan’s huge manhood. It was at least 8 inches long with a slight upward curve and a thick girth. Emily moved her dainty hand to grasp it and her fingers barely wrapped around the shaft as she stroked it. She turned and looked down at me as her fingers glided up and down.

“You see footboy? This is why he gets all of me, whilst you just get my feet. He is just so much bigger and better than you. Isn’t he?”

“Yes, Mistress Emily,” I mumbled in reply.

“I mean, I can barely get my fingers all the way around the pulsing shaft. And it just feels so good surging between my fingers…” Emily purred.

“Hey, if we are playing show and tell why doesn’t he have to play?” Ryan taunted.

“Good point babe, do as he says foot bitch. Take off your clothes,” Emily said.

I removed my shirt and trousers before slowly sliding out of my underwear. My growing erection sprang free from my boxers, a pathetic display compared to Ryan’s huge engorged manhood.

“I guess that’s why I didn’t need to worry about these study sessions of yours,” Ryan said with a smirk, looking at my pathetic cock.

“Exactly babe, he is just a beta foot bitch compared to you. And he can only get hard from my sexy feet,” Emily cooed, brushing the tip of my cock with her sandal clad foot.

Ryan kissed up and down her neck, his hands grasping her perky breasts as she stroked his growing erection and goaded me.

“If I had my hand on your small, pathetic casino firmaları cock you’d probably have cum by now. Such a pathetic foot slave. Now sniff my feet like a good little foot bitch. My bull and I are just warming up.”

Without waiting for my reply Emily turned her face into Ryan’s and began kissing him passionately. Ryan had moved his arm around Emily’s back and with a single flick her bra strap popped open. Emily slid off the bra and threw it over my head onto the floor. Ryan kissed his way down Emily’s neck and across her chest, beginning to explore her breasts with his tongue. Emily’s head cocked back and she sighed with delight, continuing to coax Ryan’s huge cock between her dainty fingers. I watched from the corner of my eye whilst softly kissing up and down the side of Emily’s foot and along the straps of her sandals.

“Oh god that feels amazing. You are always so good with your tongue,” Emily said.

Her free hand moved to the back of Ryan’s head and she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head into her chest. With one thick arm around her back, Ryan moved his other hand up Emily’s leg towards her underwear. He began to gently rub through it, luring Emily to new realms of pleasure.

“Ah, not so fast big boy. First, I want to have a bit more fun with this…” Emily said, squeezing Ryan’s cock harder between her fingers, “slide back on the bed. Footboy, take off my sandals.”

I obeyed immediately, opening the straps and sliding them from Emily’s dainty feet. Ryan threw his towel aside and slid his way up the bed, his towering cock bouncing between his legs. He rested his head on Emily’s pillows and looked down at us.

“Ok footboy, I’m going to use my lips and tongue to have some fun with Ryan’s huge manhood. But first I wanted to check your tongue is still working. Come here.”

Emily beckoned me to crawl towards her. She was sitting between Ryan’s outstretched legs and was leaning over his large right foot. Due to his height, it was dangling out over the end of the bed. Emily hunched over it and slid one of her hands around the back of my head. Her perky breasts hovering over Ryan’s toes.

“See this footboy, we’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? This is what an Alpha bull’s feet look like. Long, wide soles. Blistered and callused from all the exercise he gets on the football pitch and in the gym. Real size 10 perfection. I want you to worship it footboy.”

“You going to make him suck my toes too?” Ryan said with a smirk.

“Oh yes babe. I can’t have you feeling left out. Besides, he will like it more than you think.”

“Kinky bastard,” Ryan said, “kept that quiet sitting next to me in class. As long as he doesn’t tickle, I might wind up kicking him in the face.”

“And he’d probably like it. Now, first, let’s get you used to the smell foot bitch.”

Emily wasted no time in pulling my head towards Ryan’s rough sole. She pressed my head into it, forcing my nose into the ball of his foot. It had a strong, pungent odour of sweat. Even with his shower, his sole still had a harsh aroma.

“That’s it, get that smell in deep footboy. You belong beneath Alpha feet like these. Start worshipping and don’t stop until I tell you. Now I get to have my fun.”

Emily turned and clambered on her hands and knees towards Ryan’s huge cock. Her bare feet pointing out behind her. She slid onto her stomach and raised her feet into the air, deliberately to tease me as she grasped Ryan’s cock and took it into her mouth. I obeyed my Mistress’ command, sniffing up and down Ryan’s broad and long size 10 sole. The skin was coarse to the touch. Littered with scars from old blisters. Soon I started kissing up and down the sole and along the arch. Ryan took no notice, his head turned back and facing the ceiling as Emily made him harder and harder with her hands, lips and tongue. She used both hands along the shaft and was only able to fit the top half of Ryan’s throbbing cock into her mouth. Ryan groaned, and his huge muscular body writhed with delight as she gave him pleasure that I could only dream of. Ryan’s toes began to curl, and his feet began to flex as waves of pleasure flowed across his body.

“Oh my fucking god that feels so good. Does my big cock taste good baby?”

“Oh yes,” Emily said, breaking off her blowjob “I love how your big thick bull cock tastes. Is footboy doing ok?”

“Not as good a job as you. But I think he’s distracted.”

“We can’t have that. Do your job footboy! Unless you want to do that unpleasant job we talked about.”

“Don’t want to know what could be worse than nibbling on my stinky toes. But better do as she says foot bitch. Go on, please your Alpha,” Ryan said with a laugh. He slapped his toes down my face and moved them to my lips.

Just a matter of weeks before, Ryan was a friend. Someone to have a few jokes with in class and share a beer with at house parties. Then he became the guy who was shagging the girl I longed for. And now the cycle had come full circle. He güvenilir casino was an Alpha bull and I was his useless foot cuck. A whimpering beta bitch. Forced to sit at the end of the bed, jerking my pin dick and licking his manly size 10 feet. Gazing at his bronzed, muscular body and huge cock whilst he gave so much pleasure to my Goddess. Emily had crossed her ankles and was gently rocking her feet in the air above me. She had begun massaging Ryan’s engorged balls as she continued to move her lips up and down his thick, hard erection. I followed the lead of her head movements. Moving my lips and tongue up and down Ryan’s rough sole and toes as her head moved up and down his shaft. I was surprised by how hard my cock had become as my tongue adjusted to the bitter taste.

“Aww my fucking god that feels so good babe,” Ryan groaned, “but I think it’s my turn now.”

Without hesitation Emily clambered up onto her knees and shuffled closer to Ryan. He grasped her by the waist and with one move lifted her up to straddle his chest. Emily leaned forward and pressed her weight onto his broad chest and slid her underwear down her outstretched legs, flicking them down onto the floor beside me. She slid forward again until Ryan’s lips were between her legs and he went to work exploring her with his tongue. Emily braced herself against the headboard of the bed as his tongue flicked and thrusted into her. Her feet were pointed toward me, resting on Ryan’s torso. Her toes curled and her arches flexed with each movement he made. Her back began to ripple as Emily could feel Ryan pushing her effortlessly closer to climax.

“Oh, my fucking god don’t stop. That’s it. Right there. Oh god yes. He’s so much better than you foot bitch. Your tongue is barely good enough to lick and suck toes. His is good enough to get every part of me. Show him how much better he is by cleaning every bit of sweat and dirt off his Alpha feet. Oh god!” Emily squealed as Ryan made her climax.

Each wave of ecstacy that rippled through her body made me move my tongue more feverishly across Ryan’s wide soles and between each of his large rough toes. Ryan folded one of his muscular arms up around Emily’s thigh, guiding his hand to her clit to excite her even further. His other hand slid up over the back of her leg and across her toned ass. Lightly spanking and groping it. Emily’s back writhed and she braced herself against the headboard, moving and sliding her clit across Ryan’s face as he continued to heatedly explore her with his tongue and fingers.

Each flick of his tongue and press of his fingers sparking more passion and excitement in Emily than I could ever bring by sucking her toes. My tongue had grown as accustomed as it could to the bitter taste of Ryan’s toes and yellowed soles. The rough harsh skin was far removed from Emily’s silky supple soles only a short way up the bed. Yet despite the vinegary flavour and coarse texture of Ryan’s feet, I could not ignore how my erection pulsed between my legs with each pass of my tongue. My mind was playing catch up to what my body already knew. I belonged beneath Alpha feet. It was my place to worship and clean the feet of Alpha couples like Ryan and Emily. Providing this service was enough to arouse me more than sex ever could.

Emily had climaxed a second time and reached around to grasp Ryan’s towering erection. She stroked it firmly as she looked down at his face beneath her thighs.

“That was a great starter, but are you ready to give footboy a real show of what else you can do well?”

“If you think he’s ready. He’s certainly covered my feet well enough.”

“Okay footboy, you’ve done a decent job on my Alpha Bull’s feet, now climb up here and do as I say.”

Emily clambered off Ryan and he stood up, walking around to the foot of the bed. I moved to the left side of the bed as Emily rolled onto her back and slid towards Ryan. She lay with her legs and feet raised into the air.

“You just get to sniff my feet for this round footboy. No licking or kissing. Not until I tell you. You will only sniff my feet whilst my Bull fucks me like you never could with that pindick. Which reminds me, no jerking or you’ll go back to Ryan’s size 10s.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You have him well trained,” Ryan smirked.

He needed no further prompt and clambered onto the bed, his hulking muscular form causing the mattress to groan. He moved his knees to either side of Emily’s waist and began to slowly rub his throbbing cock across her wet clit. She grasped it with one hand and helped to guide it as he teased her. I gently took hold of Emily’s ankle and held the sole of her upward pointing foot to my nose, inhaling the heavenly scent.

“Oh my fucking god, that’s it, slide it all the way in,” Emily moaned.

I opened my eyes to see Ryan’s huge cock disappearing inch by inch inside Emily. He began to slowly and carefully thrust in and out, his rippling abs tensing with each thrust. He guided his hands to Emily’s thighs, taking hold as he began to up the tempo of his thrusting. He began moving faster and harder with each move, using the grip of his hands around her thighs to thrust further into her. I braced her leg as best I could, holding her flexing and wriggling sole against my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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