cuckolds life

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cuckolds life
‘you stupid cunt why did you ask me to marry you in front of all your friends and family ?’ jo shouted
‘i thought it was the next step i thought you would want to marry me and anyway you did say yes ‘ dave replied with tears in his eyes
‘what did you want me to say ? did you want me to tell them i’m only with you for your money that your cock is tiny and you can’t saisfy a woman ? would that have been ok with you ?’
‘um well come on thats not true is it ? is that how you really feel ?’
‘of course its how i feel your cock is so small your fingers get wet when you have a piss , i take it thats why you worked so hard to get rich you were not screwing all the ladies most of them would laugh at you ‘
‘look please you said yes so can we get married?’
‘well that depends on you if we get married there will be conditions’
‘what sort of conditions ?’
‘well if we get married you let me spend whatever i want on anything i want no limits , for that i will be your dutiful wife all your friends and family will see a loving devoted wife outside of the bedroom i will act the part for you , in the bedroom however there will be some changes’
‘uh what sort of changes ?’
‘i will be taking lovers , lovers with big cocks that can satisfy me your tiny cock will not be entering my body at all , also when i have my lovers fucking me you will watch ‘
‘come on please i understand that you may want to take lovers as i don’t satisfy you but why do i need to watch thats disgusting’
‘its so you can see what a real cock looks like , so you can really see how pathetic your tiny little cock is , you will be my little cuckold those are my conditions take it or leave it but if you say no i will tell everyone you know how small your cock is and that you cannot satisfy a woman’
‘i really don’t want this but you are a stunner and i love you and don’t want to loose you so i will accept your conditions’
‘there is one more small condition’
‘what is that ?’
‘you need to go out now and buy yourself a chastity device which you will wear at all times , i will have the key you will not be allowed to wank yourself off whenever you feel like it and i will know that you will not be screwing anyone else , if i decide you have been good and deserve a reward i will let you out of chastity and let you wank yourself off , or if you have been really good i will wank you off , go out now and buy one , or i leave and we are finished’
dave leaves

an hour later dave returns with a bag in his hand
‘lets see what you have’ jo laughs
dave opens the bag and takes out the chastity device and hands it to jo
‘lets hope its not too big , if it is then we both go back to the shop and explain to the shop assistant that you need a smaller one , take all your clothes off and lay on your back on the bed’
dave strips and lays on the bed
‘is your little cock getting stiff ? its hard for me to say for sure , is this turning you on ?’
‘uh sorry i can’t canlı bahis şirketleri help it yes it is getting a bit stiff’
‘well we can’t out you in chastity with a stiff cock you need to take care of it wank yourself off , get that cock nice and limp for me’
dave starts wanking his cock
‘don’t be in too much of a hurry i’m just going to phone my ex boyfriend see if he wants to come round and fuck me i really could do with some cock’
dave starts wanking faster
‘really that does turn you on the thought of someone coming round and fucking me ? slow down i don’t want you cumming yet’
dave slows down
‘when you are ready to come make sure you ask my permission from now on you never come without permission understood’
‘yes jo’
‘no its miss in the bedroom you will always call me miss understood’
‘yes miss’
jo picks up her phone and calls her ex steve ‘hi steve how are you ? are you doing anything tonight ?’
‘uh hi jo i’m good thanks and no i don’t have any plans tonight’
‘good why don’t you come round i could do with a really good fuck no strings attached if you fancy it ?’
‘sounds good to me are you single again now’
‘no i’ll explain when you get here don’t be long please’ jo gives steve the address
‘stop wanking now dave i don’t want you to cum yet and maybe not at all tonight it depends on how good you are’
‘please i’m close please could i finish now ?’ begs dave
‘no i said stop’ jo smiles ‘and stay where you are naked on the bed on your back’

a short time later theres a knock at the door
jo opens the door
‘hi steve nice of you to join us’
‘us ?’ steve asks
‘come in here and i will explain ‘ jo leads steve into the bedroom
dave covers his cock with his hands
‘what the fuck is going on here if you think i’m up for a threesome with another guy you can fuck right off i’m out of here ‘ steve says turning and leaving
‘wait steve its not what you think come back lets talk’ jo says
‘whatever sort of kinky crap you are into i’m not having sex with a guy jo forget it’
‘oh he’s not going to be having sex i think i will let him explain , dave tell steve why he is here and show him your cock take those hands away , you need to convince him to stay or the deal is off’
dave takes his hands away from his tiny cock steve laughs at it ‘what is that is it a toy ?’
‘you think thats funny but the really funny thing is its hard thats as big as it gets’ jo says laughing
‘please stay and fuck jo , i cannot satisfy her i have asked her to marry me and she has said yes on the condition that she is in chsrge in the bedroom and can fuck anyone she wants while i watch so i can see what a real cock looks like, please stay i cannot satisfy her with my tiny little cock she needs a real man to fuck her please’ says dave
‘so what do you think steve would you like to fuck me show dave what a real cock can do ?’
‘you are really ok with this you pathetic tiny cock cuckold ?’ steve asks dave
‘yes please fuck jo please süperbahis satisfy her’ dave says
jo starts taking her clothes off
‘you want some of this steve ? i’m sure you do we were always great in bed together’
‘oh well why not’ steve starts taking his clothes off
‘dave stand in the corner with your hands on your head no touching your tiny cock’ says jo
steve stand naked next to the bed his cock only semi hard but still 4 times the size of daves tiny erection jo gets down on her knees and takes steves cock in her mouth sucking on it and bobbing her head up and down on his shaft fucking his cock with her mouth , gagging as his cock hits the back of her throat steve takes hold of her head and pushes his cock further into her mouth taking over the fucking action as he fucks her mouth faster faster harder and harder , jo pulls away ‘i want you inside me fucking me’ she says as she climbs onto the bed on all fours
steve kneels behind her lining his cock up with her cunt and thrusts forwards
‘oh god i almost forgot what a real cock feels like’ jo groans ‘i hope you can see everything from there dave if not move a bit closer , your little cock is still hard and its dribbling now i think you are enjoying watching me get fucked by a real cock , are you ?’
‘uh yes miss sorry miss it is exciting miss’ dave says walking closer to the bed for a better view ‘please may i touch my cock miss ?’
‘no keep you hands on you head’ laughs jo
steves 14 inch cock is pounding jo’s cunt from behind on each stroke he almost pulls his cock out then plunges it in to the hilt making her groan with pleasure , jo pulls away from him ‘get on your back i want to ride your cock its something i could never do with dave his cock wouldn’t stay in ‘ jo smiles at steve
steve lays on his back jo squats down onto his cock impaling herself on his length squating right down so his balls are touching the mouth of her cunt ‘oh my god that feels so good’ jo puts her hands behind her head and starts riding steves cock ‘get behind me and kneel on the floor dave so you can see his big cock going in and out of my tight cunt’ jo says
dave kneels down and watches as jo fucks steves big cock faster and faster riding it ‘i’m cumming ‘ gasps jo ‘its been so long since i came on a cock it feels so good’ she groans the gets off steves cock
‘i’m going to lay on my back now you can finish off fucking me , when you cum i want it on my tits ok’ jo smiles at steve
‘you can have my cum anywhere you want ‘ says steve shoving his cock between her legs and fucking her hard and fast
‘oh oh i’m cumming again ‘ gasps jo ‘ i never came once when you fucked me dave i used to wait until you were not here and use a dildo on myself’
steve moans pulls out and aims his cock at jo’s tits wanking his cock off and cumming all over her tits large sticky wads of cum dribbling down between her tits ‘see dave thats what a real man cums like not the tiny süperbahis güvenilir mi little puddle of cum that you produce from your tiny cock’
‘thank steve for coming round and fucking me dave’ jo smiles
‘thank you steve for coming round and fucking jo’
‘not jo you know what you should be calling me’
‘thank you steve for coming round and fucking miss’
‘good boy dave thats better’ jo smiles ‘ i think you can go now steve i’ll give you a call if i want you again if thats ok with you ?’ jo smiles
‘sure anytime i’m ok with that ‘ says steve getting dressed
steve leaves jo is still laying on the bed with steves cum all over her tits
‘would you like to cum now ?’ jo asks dave
‘yes miss please miss’
‘ok well 1st you need to come here and lick all steves cum off my tits’ jo smiles
‘no please don’t make me do that please i did everything you said please don’t make me eat his cum’
‘either you lick it all up now then i let you cum or i lock you in chastity and next time you lick his cum up while he is still here and then i let you cum the choice is yours , this way no one ever needs to know that you are eating his cum’ jo smiles
dave starts to cry but bends down and starts licking the cum off jo’s tits
‘you may wank yourself while you lick my tits’ jo says
dave starts wanking his tiny cock while he licks steves cum off jo’s tits
‘thats a good cuckold get used to it you will be eating a lot of cum , everytime i get someone to fuck me you will be cleaning it up with your tongue , make sure you get it all the stop licking my tits’ jo smiles
‘please may i cum miss’ dave asks
‘not yet stop wanking’ jo says feeling her tits ‘well you did a good job getting all that cum off , do you want to cum on my tits ? if you do you will be licking them clean again afterwards’ jo smiles
‘uh no i would rather not miss’ dave says
‘you don’t want to cum ?’ asks jo
‘yes please i need to cum i just don’t want to lick it off your tits afterwards miss’
‘i see well ok stand next to the bed and wank yourself off when you want to cum catch it all in your hand i don’t want a mess’ jo says
dave stands next to the bed and wanks himself off it doesn’t take him long ‘please miss may i cum’ he begs
‘yes but make sure you catch it all’ jo says
dave groans and cums into his hand ‘squeeze out any little drops that are left get it all in your hand’ jo smiles
dave squeezes the last few tiny drops out of his tiny cock
‘keep that cum in your hand don’t drop any on the floor otherwise you will be cleaning the floor with your tongue’ jo says taking the chastity device and locking daves cock into it
‘um i think its a bit too big for your little cock so we will need to go to the shop and return it and get a smaller one but this will do for now i suppose’ jo says ‘now lick your cum up get it all in your mouth’
‘please no you said i had to lick it up if i came on your tits but i didn’t miss’
‘i never said you wouldn’t be licking it up if you came anywhere else so lick it up get it all in your mouth but don’t swallow yet’ jo laughs
dave licks his palm clean
‘open your mouth lets see the cum in there’
dave opens his mouth
‘good boy now swallow it all down then thank me’
dave swallows all his cum
‘thankyou miss’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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