Cum Addiction

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Thank you to Katies for helping me edit and improve this story!

This is the sequel to Cum Obsession, which was kind of a stream-of-consciousness story. I put a lot more time and effort into this one, so enjoy!


My first cum party went better than I ever could have imagined. I got covered and filled with more of that delicious, sticky, sweet jizz than I ever though I could be. It quenched my thirst for a while, but pretty soon the craving was back, and stronger than ever. By now, I was sure I could call it an addiction and not be wrong. Just a couple months after the first party it had gotten to the point that whenever I saw a crowd of guys, my mouth would water at just the thought of falling to my knees, sucking them off, and letting them fill my belly up with cum. After the first party I had planned to hold another one once a year, but that changed quickly. I couldn’t stop thinking about all that sticky cream filling me up and covering my body. My pussy flooded every time the thoughts entered my head, which was far too often.

Every person that signed up on the website had registered with an email, so I had Jenn send out another invitation to everyone. Before she agreed to do it though, she made me promise a few changes for the next party. This time, she wanted in on the fun. Watching me eat and play with all that cum had made her hungry to try. She also wanted to get more creative. One of her porn friends, Jessica, was paying her way through culinary school, and Jenn invited her along to whip us up some “cum treats,” as she described them. Eating the cum-covered pizza really got me off, so the thought of more cum mixed with food made me weak in the knees. We also added a note in the email asking all the guys who were going to come to save up and freeze their loads for the week before the party, and then bring them when they came.

Apparently the word had spread after the first party that it was an event not to be missed. I guess I was a hit! Jenn’s porno friends were inviting more girls to come along and help the guys cum, and about 2,500 guys replied back to the emails we sent instead of the original 2,100. That would be enough to last for an entire weekend of yummy cum eating and jizz-drenched fucking.

The drill was the same. The guys would meet at a location and then be charter bused to my house in smaller groups. If you’re wondering how this is all possible without causing a scene, luckily I live in a big house in the country, so all of this could be done discreetly without any prying neighbors wondering just what the hell we were up too.

A couple days before the party Jenn and I went out to do some shopping. Our list was a little longer this time. We bought another beer funnel, some rubber bed sheets, and a big assortment of toys and various kinky devices, including a strap-on harness with 2 fat plugs on the inside, so we didn’t have to use duct tape this time. We also got a bunch of milk jugs and water bottles to empty and fill up with cum again. The same girl I’d put in charge of collecting cum in the jugs for the first party was coming to do it again.

I went to the liquor store to get some booze, but Jenn had to wait outside. I’d turned 21 since the last party, but she was still only 19, and didn’t carry a fake ID. I bought us enough alcohol to probably last a month though.

The day of the party we cleared out the living room and rolled out the kiddie pool, then put a spare bed next to it with a mattress that we covered with the rubber sheets. I didn’t want cum going to waste or soaking into anything but skin. We put all the toys we got into a big bin next tot he bed, so they’d be in easy reach. The first buses should be arriving in about an hour, so once we were sure everything was all set up we went to get dressed.

Instead of showing random bukkake movies on the bus TV’s this time, we showed movies of me with all of the cum in the week after the last party; bathing in it, playing with it, drinking down the bottles of jizz from the fridge, and generally just being a filthy cum slut for the camera. I can say with confidence it’s some of the hottest, dirtiest film ever recorded, and I was hoping it got all the guys balls nice and full before they got to me.

Jenn and I got dressed in our little skirts and stiletto heels, then started drinking a little to loosen up. A few of the girls arrived before the buses with the guys this time, and we told them their job would be to collect all the saved-up cum the guys were going to be bringing. I had some special plans for it at the end of the party.

Me and Jenn were already a little tipsy, and a lot horny, by the time the first group arrived. We were busy munching away at each others cunts on the bed when the crowd started filling the living room. We left the door open and Jenn had told her girlfriends to make everyone at home, so the crows just streamed inside and started stripping off clothes, gradually finding a place to sit and watch, or gather around us, or just getting right to the fucking

After casino şirketleri a couple minutes I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of Jenn’s pussy, wiped my mouth, and stood up to face the crowd.

“Alright guys, most of you know the drill, but for the newbies, here’s the deal: Me and Jenn here want to be filled up and fucking covered with your cum. I’m sure you all saw the video, so you know what I mean when I say covered! If you’re a pussy about getting a little jizz on you, go ahead and get out right now. The other girls are here to help get you off, but me and Jenn are the one’s who get the loads. Don’t you fuckers dare cum in these other girls unless you’re wearing a rubber, and if you are, you better bring it straight to us. If you’re gonna cum and can’t get to us, this pool is here to catch your loads, so no excuses for wasting any of that yummy cum on the floor.”

Once I saw there were no questions, I hopped off the bed.

“Ok, let the cum-covered games begin!!”

The first time I’d started off slowly, but this time I was hungry. I wanted to get covered with jizz as quickly as possible, so I decided to start off right, with a nice long bukkake. I dragged Jenn to the kiddie pool and yanked off her skirt, then pushed her to her knees. The area around us suddenly filled with men, all sporting hard, throbbing pieces of meat, but for some reason no one came right up to us.

“Come on, what are you fuckers waiting for? We haven’t eaten for days and we’re starving! Feed us!”

They quickly got the message and descended on us. My hands instantly found their way to the 2 nearest cocks while a third worked it’s way down my throat. Jenn’s mouth also filled quickly as her hands went to work, both of us licking and sucking and stroking like mad women to get our creamy treats as quickly as possible. I decided that I’d let Jenn get covered first since this was her first time, so as soon as I felt the cocks start to twitch I pulled the one out of my mouth and crawled over to kneel down behind her. I grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking her head back and presenting it to the crowd like a target.

“Alright guys, cum on this pretty little face!”

I grabbed onto the 2 nearest cocks and tugged on them hard until I felt them start to swell up and twitch. I yanked Jenn’s hair back and pointed them right toward her face as they exploded, hot, sticky cum splashing down across her nose and forehead. I reached up with both hands and smeared the warm, fresh cream all around her face, rubbing it into her skin like lotion as the next few guys stepped up. Jenn opened her mouth and moaned out as three big loads of cum shot toward her face, splashing onto her tongue and glazing the inside of her mouth. More semen rained down over her and I spread some of the slippery fluid over her lips like lip gloss, making them wet and shiny.

I stayed behind her and looked around the room as fucking bodies writhed on every available surface. Everywhere there was a place to sit or lie down one of Jenn’s friends was getting the slam-fucking of a lifetime as fat cocks pounded every hole they had, sometimes more than one per hole. The girls were pros, and they were working hard to get our cum. A couple of them just decided to pull a train, laying down on the floor and spreading their legs wide as the guys all lined up in front of them.

Jenn’s face was quickly getting nice and gooey. My hands and forearms were shiny and dripping with sperm as I rubbed the slippery fluid into her skin. Her tongue licked my fingers any time they slid across her shiny lips, pulling in a little taste of cum. Any that found its way into her mouth she held there and played with, swishing it around, gargling it, and letting it roll out over her lips and down her chin before sucking it back up. Pretty soon her face and tits looked like they were frosted with drippy white icing.

One of the guys had been standing in front of her pumping his cock for a while. He was taking way too long, so I decided to encourage him. I reached out and massaged his heavy balls as he pumped his shaft frantically.

“Come on, cum on this pretty little teenage face! Make sure you squirt a nice, fat, creamy load. Because once you do…” I paused for a second, looking him straight in the eyes and squeezing down on his balls.

“…I’m gonna eat it all off.”

That was more than he could take as I felt his balls contract, sending a huge gush of milky-white sperm out of the fat mushroom tip and toward Jenn’s face. She gasped as it landed with a wet splat, an unbroken line of cum running all the way from above her left eye, across her nose, and down to the right corner of her mouth.

“Oooh, good boy!” I moaned, rolling his balls in my hand as he finished draining what seemed like a gallon of cum from them, all over Jenn’s face and tits.

When he was done I leaned in and sucked the thick ribbon of sperm off her face like a vacuum. I turned back and opened my mouth to show the guy my first load of the night, gargling and letting the thick casino firmaları cream coat my taste buds. I wanted to savor every drop of this first load before it disappeared into my belly. Once I was satisfied I closed my mouth and swallowed.

A feeling of euphoria and lust came over me as I felt the slick load slide slowly down my throat. It instantly made me crave more.

A lot more.

Almost frantically I crawled around in front of Jenn and started licking up the shiny streaks that covered her tits and stomach. She cupped her tits in her hands and leaned her head down, drooling out a long stream of white jizz from the top of one of the slippery mounds to the other. I quickly dove down and slurped it up as it started to slide down off her slick tits.

“Ohh, fuck yes. Suck up all that nasty cum, you little slut.” she moaned.

I sat up and smashed my lips against hers, pushing the creamy load back into her mouth. When I pulled back a long string of cum stretched between our lips as she rolled the mouthful of sperm around with her tongue, still wanting to play with it instead of swallow.

“My turn to get pasted.” I said.

I crawled next to her and sat back on my heels, watching as the guys around the pool jockeyed for position. It was getting crowded pretty quickly. I managed to pull my hair out of the way just as the first big load flew forward and splattered against my face. I pushed 2 fingers into my dripping pussy and came almost instantly, moaning out as I felt the warm, sticky, semen splash above my eyebrows and start to slide down my face. A surge of adrenaline and lust washed over me like a high. After 2 months, I was finally getting my fix.

“Fuck yes…” I hissed, clenching my teeth as I plunged my fingers in and out of my cunt as fast as I could. I scraped a glob of cum off my cheek with my other hand and rubbed it into my clit, making it warm and slippery.

More jizz splattered against my cheeks and lips from every direction. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as the cum rained down, quickly turning my eyes sockets into creamy puddles. I felt Jenn’s warm breath on my face as she leaned in and started lapping the cum from my cheeks. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but white as I let the cum ooze into them. It stung, but I didn’t mind. It was so fucking hot it was worth it.

The next man grabbed my hair and turned my head upward and I felt a warm splash all over my lips and chin. I shuddered, stifling a moan as the hot liquid began to drip down my neck and onto my tits, joining the various splatters from the other men’s final drops.

Soon there wasn’t enough room for the guys to crowd around me, so Jenn stopped eating the jizz on my face and started taking more cum shots of her own. Without her cleaning me off the cum quickly started running down my body, streaming down my neck and tits in little rivers and splattering on my thighs. Thick wet globs flowed down, leaving long shiny streaks that coated the entire front of my body. Some was even dripping down over my pussy lips and lubing up my fingers as they worked in and out of my juicy folds. I was so fucking wet. There’s nothing better than a nice, hot, sticky cum shower. Except maybe getting your body filled up with the stuff, but that would have to wait.

More and more men were cramming around the pool and cum was flying from every direction. I even felt it splattering against my back and running down into the crack of my ass. The air around us was thick and smelled of a dizzying mixture of male sweat, pussy juice and, most of all, the strong scent of spent male cum. It filled my nose, making me even hungrier. One of the guys grabbed my hair and turned my head up, pumping his cock above me until a huge load shot out right across my upturned nostrils. I shuddered as I breathed in hard though my nose, filling my nostrils with the intoxicating smell of fresh, warm semen.

When I was about to cum again I held my mouth open, letting it fill up with sperm until I was seconds away from cumming. When my orgasm peaked, I closed my lips and slowly swallowed the mouthful of cum, bit by bit, letting the whole load ooze down my throat and shuddering as I came.

I scooped some of the cum off my face and cleared my eyes, licking my fingers clean and then crawling over to Jenn. Both her hands were a blur as they stroked cocks around her, and her entire face and front were coated with sticky globs of sperm. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up.

“Get up on the bed. I wanna lick you clean while they fuck you.” I said eagerly.

I helped her up onto the rubber-covered mattress and she laid down on her back with her head hanging over the edge. I crawled up next to her and started licking the glaze of semen that had coated her thighs and pussy. I head her gag and looked up to see a massive black cock forcing it’s way into her throat. I could actually see the shiny pale skin on her neck bulge as the fat head of the prick pushed deeper down her throat. I crawled up and started licking at güvenilir casino the wet streaks that covered her neck, following the bulge of the cock with my tongue.

The guy’s hips started moving faster as he brutally fucked Jenn’s throat like a pussy, his heavy balls bouncing all over her face. She was gagging roughly and drool was running out the corners of her mouth and mixing with the jizz that covered her face. It looked so fucking hot. I couldn’t help but grin.

He slammed one last time into her throat and then pulled out, leaving her gasping for breath. The thick shaft twitched 2 times and then the fat, purple head exploded with a torrent of milky semen that plastered both of our faces. I sucked off the last drop of cum clinging to his cock before he walked away.

Another guys stepped up and plunged his cock down into her mouth, thrusting hard a few times and then pulling out to let her breathe. I grabbed his cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around the head, swirling my tongue all around it and flicking the tip in and out of the little slit. I jacked him off faster as I felt his cock head swelling up between my lips. Suddenly my mouth was full of cum as his cock twitched and gushed. I sucked hard, pulling the cum right from his balls as my hand pumped him faster and faster, milking every drop of his creamy cum straight into my mouth. Once he was finished I opened my lips a little and let his cum drool out of my mouth and down his shaft, streaming down to his balls where Jenn eagerly lapped it up.

Jenn’s face was fucked several more times as I finished cleaning her pussy and thighs of the sticky white cream. A few times she just tilted her head back and held her mouth open, letting guys cum into it until her mouth was overflowing with sperm, then swallow it down and quickly open up for more. By the time I was done cleaning her, her whole face was covered with saliva, sperm, and sweat, and her black hair was frosted and dripping with cum, long lines of it stretching down to the floor.

She slowly started to sit up and 3 guys immediately crawled up on the bed and maneuvered her like a rag doll, quickly stuffing all her holes full of cock. I crawled next to her as she got pounded, starting the tasty job of cleaning the front of her cum-glazed body. I went for her stomach first, sticking my tongue into her belly button where a pool of cum had collected, swirling my tongue in the little hole for a second and then pursing my lips and slurping the cum out. The 3 guys fucking her mouth, pussy, and ass started pounding her harder as I lapped up all the shiny streaks from the globs of semen that had dripped down her body. I licked up the wet lines that striped the underside of her tits, moving up and circling my tongue from the outside of her tits, all the way to the center, where a little pearl of cum clung to her nipple. I clamped my lips over it, sucking it off and lightly biting her nipple, then moving to the other one.

I held all the cum I licked off her body in my mouth, and once her tits were clean I leaned back on my hands and watched as the guys gangbanged her. I tilted my head down and drooled the mouthful of cum out between my tits, watching the white fluid roll slowly down my body, across my tummy, all the way down to my pussy. Once it flowed past my clit I reached down and smeared the cum into my pussy lips, making them all wet and gooey. I slipped 2 fingers inside, working them in and out of the hot, silky folds as I watched Jenn get ravaged.

After a minute the guys fucking her ass and pussy came together. I scrambled over as they pulled out, quickly moving my hand between her legs and sliding my fingers into the sloppy holes, getting them nice and sticky with fresh jizz. The 3rd guy was straddling her face, grabbing her hair in his fist and thrusting down into her throat hard. His heavy, cum-filled balls smacked wetly against her chin as her throat bulged out. Suddenly he pulled out and grabbed his cock in his fist, pressing the little slit right up against her nostril. His cock twitched, sending several thick blasts of cum right up her nose.

I thought she might get pissed, but she just laughed. I should have known. She was here because she wanted to be used like a cum dumpster, and if these guys wanted to squirt their cum up her nose, or any other orifice she had, she was gonna let them. She laughed and coughed at the same time as the cum filled her nostrils and plopped into the back of her throat. I fed her the cum on my fingers and she eagerly licked them clean, panting as she caught her breath.

I licked up some of the big globs of cum sliding down her face and then dragged her off the bed, turning her around so she was bent over the bed with her ass in the air. I spread her ass cheeks wide and drooled the cum in my mouth out, grinning as I watched the white stream plop between her cheeks and flow over and into her quivering little asshole.

I spit the last of the cum into my hand and slapped it between my own ass cheeks, working three fingers inside and twisting them around, making sure my ass was nice and greased with fresh sperm. Then I bent over next to Jenn and put my hands on my ass, spreading myself open as far as I could and exposing my lubed up little hole for the whole room to see.

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