Cum Eating Challenge

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Cum Eating Challenge
Quite likely just about every guy has at some point or other thought about eating or at least tasting his own cum, but a good many never have. If they are honest about it, most guys out there find it a turn on to fantasize about being made to eat their own cum or perhaps even the semen of another guy under the right set of circumstances. If that describes you, then this task is something you might enjoy. Especially you guys who do enjoy fantasizing about cum eating but who wouldn’t dare to ever admit it to anyone.

Some guys may feel that eating and swallowing semen is something only women or gay men should be willing and eager to do. Yet even many guys who feel that way might be willing to eat their own cum if someone else encouraged them to do it since then they would escape the culpability of doing it. In other words they would be doing something they wouldn’t normally choose to do of their own volition, but doing it at the behest of another. This tease challenge for guys offers just such an opportunity.

You will need—

A shot glass or similarly sized container
A teaspoon
A timer
Water bottle

There isn’t any shame in admitting that you’ve thought about tasting or eating your own semen. It’s perfectly normal to feel curious about things like how your cum tastes and even what another guy’s semen might taste like.

The real reason that so many guys have never eaten or even tasted their own cum isn’t because they haven’t thought about it, or aren’t curious about it, or even that they aren’t turned on by fantasizing about doing it. The explanation is actually quite simple and logical. It has to do with the male sexual response cycle.

The male sexual response cycle has four distinct phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The excitement phase is when something occurs that makes a man start feeling sexually aroused, he gets an erection, and begins to desire sexual activity that will eventually culminate in orgasm and ejaculation.

During the plateau stage, arousal increases most generally as a result of penile stimulation either by means of sex with a partner or masturbation.

The orgasm phase is of course the climactic moment when a male ejaculates.

Many physiological changes occur in the male body during the sexual response cycle: muscle tension increases, heart rate and blood pressure elevates, breathing accelerates, the testes swell and the scrotum tightens, the testes are pulled higher against the base of the penis as the scrotum tightens. The resolution phase then, the final stage of the male sexual response cycle, is merely the point after orgasm and ejaculation where the body returns to its original, non-sexually excited state.

Along with the physiological manifestations associated with the various stages of the male sexual response cycle, there are also significant mental aspects involved as well.

For example, during the plateau stage when a male is receiving pleasurable penile stimulation and is growing ever more sexually aroused, the average guy will be willing to do just about anything to continue getting the pleasurable stimulation that will get him to orgasm. This then is the stage in the cycle when guys will generally feel most willing to not only eat their semen but to actually find the idea of doing so extremely arousing.

Oftentimes a guy will tell himself when he starts masturbating that after he ejaculates he is going to eat his cum. But the moment he climaxes and ejaculates he goes right off the idea and loses all interest in eating his semen. He may even feel repulsed by the idea kaçak iddaa of doing it. The fantasies and the curiosity are all gone. That’s because all of the erotic energy that was coursing through his body during the plateau stage is spent almost immediately once he ejaculates and his arousal has been satiated.

There are three primary ways to get around your normal sexual response cycle so that you can preserve the willingness to eat your cum.

The first method involves eating your cum at the very moment of ejaculation. One way to do this is by masturbating while lying on your back on the floor and just as you feel yourself approaching that point of no return where orgasm is inevitable, move into a position like the yoga plough pose shown in this illustration.

You simply keep stroking to climax, open your mouth, and direct your stream of cum right into your mouth. This method requires a good bit of flexibility as well as luck. Depending on how close you can get your penis to your mouth while in the pose determines whether the bulk of the semen ends up in your mouth or just on your face. So this method isn’t optimum for every guy.

A second method is achieving ejaculation by “milking” the prostate. Succinctly explained, milking the prostrate involves penetrating the anus with a probe of some type of sufficient length to reach the prostate. The probe is then thrust in and out of the anus, rubbing across and stimulating the prostate until eventually ejaculation without orgasm occurs. Since semen is produced but orgasm is not achieved, erotic energy and a high state of arousal is to a great extent preserved which will generally sustain your interest in eating your semen. This is a very effective method but does require a specific type probe and some experience which you may not have.

The last method involves “ruining” your orgasm. Ruining an orgasm means stroking your penis until you are at the very brink of orgasm and at the exact moment you reach the “point of no return” where orgasm is inevitable, you immediately stop stroking and remove your hand. You will still ejaculate but the lack of stimulation while you do will result in your semen spurting less forcefully, perhaps even just dribbling out. Your orgasm sort of just ebbs away and will not be nearly as climatic or feel at all as satisfying as a normal full on orgasm feels.

While not as effective as milking, this method still conserves much of the erotic energy and arousal present during the plateau stage. Many times after a ruined orgasm, your penis will remain hard and often you can continue masturbating to another orgasm if you wish. The point is, even though you have cum after a fashion and ejaculated, you will likely still feel willing to eat your cum after a ruined orgasm. Since it is the simplest method, ruining orgasms is the featured method used for this challenge.

The Challenge

Since the volume of semen ejaculate increases in proportion to the length of time that passes since the last ejaculation, this challenge will require a six day preparation phase where you will not be allowed to cum. Hydration also plays a significant role in semen volume so you will also be required to consume a daily prescribed amount of water during the six-day preparation phase. Finally, some evidence exists indicating that testicular massage also helps to increase semen volume so you will be required to massage your balls regularly during this challenge.

You need to be highly aroused to successfully complete this challenge, especially if you have never been able to make yourself eat your kaçak bahis cum before, so of course there will be plenty of stroking required during the six-day preparation phase too.

The Rules

You aren’t allowed to cum until given permission in the instructions.
You are not permitted to masturbate during the challenge except when the instructions require you to do so since deprivation is an element used in the challenge.
If you should accidentally cum without permission while completing a daily assignment, you must ruin the orgasm.
You must keep a water bottle with you at all times during this challenge so that you always have water available.
You must drink 1 cup (or about 237 ml.) of water every waking hour each day of the challenge (a standard disposable water bottle contains about 2 cups or about 500 ml. of water).
You must massage your balls for 6-8 minutes in the prescribed manner at bedtime each day of the challenge.

Testicular Massage Instructions

Soak a washcloth in warm water.
Wrap the warm cloth around the testicles and leave it for 5 minutes to loosen the skin of the scrotum.
Apply a lotion of lubricant, even baby oil to the palm of the hands and rub it on the entire scrotum skin covering all visible areas.
With your non-dominant hand, capture your balls by forming a circle with the thumb and index finger. Your thumb should be on top and your index finger behind your scrotum. Tighten the circle and force your balls to the very bottom of your sac.
Massage your balls by rubbing them with the palm of your dominant hand. If you aren’t accustomed to massaging your balls, use light pressure the first day or so but increase the pressure of the course of the challenge as you become more accustomed to it. Continue for 3-4 minutes then release your scrotum.
Using your fingers, separate your balls and using light pressure, massage each ball individually using the thumbs, index, and middle fingers of each hand for 3-4 minutes.

Daily Assignments

Don’t forget to drink your water every hour each day and don’t neglect to do the testicular massage each evening. Here are the specific assignments for each day.

Day 1

Today you are to fondle and stroke your cock every two hours until your cock is fully hard and erect. Once you accomplish that, immediately stop stroking. Succinctly, the assignment today is that you have a full on erection every two hours from the time you awaken until you go to bed.

Do it the first time as soon as you wake up this morning before getting out of bed. Once you’re hard, the clock starts with regard to the every two hours requirement. If you should wake up with “morning wood” that will suffice for your initial erection of the day. In that case, just wait until two hours have passed before playing with your cock and getting hard the next time.

If you are away from home, you are still expected to adhere to the two hour schedule. Utilize a public restroom stall or other location with sufficient privacy to accomplish your task. If your cock should happen to already be hard when it is time to encourage a bi-hourly erection, you will simply miss out on the chance for some pleasurable stimulation and will have to wait until the next two-hour window.

Arrange it so that you get your cock hard the final time after going to bed for the evening.

Day 2

Like yesterday, you will play with your dick and get hard every two hours. But each time once you are fully hard and erect, I want you to do 10 (and only 10-no more no less) full fast strokes from tip to base with a full and firm grip before you stop.

Do this the güvenilir bahis first time as soon as you wake up before getting out of bed and then every two hours thereafter. Schedule it so that you do it the last time after getting in bed for the evening. If you wake up with morning wood, just complete the 10 strokes.

Day 3

Again you are to get your cock hard every two hours, starting when you wake up this morning and ending with one last repetition at bedtime. Today, once your cock is hard and fully erect, stroke each time until you produce at least 2-3 drops of precum. You may or may not have to edge the first couple of times in order to produce the precum. As the day progresses your dick should start drooling precum without having to actually edge. Once you get the 2-3 drops of precum, stop stroking and wait until the next two-hour repetition before touching your cock again.

Day 4

Today in addition to achieving an erection every two hours, you are to stroke until you edge every two hours. Do the first edge as soon as you wake up before getting out of bed, every two hours thereafter, and the last edge after retiring to bed for the evening. I want quality edges meaning I expect you to get as close to the very brink of orgasm each time but don’t allow yourself to accidentally reach the point of no return. Also today, anytime your cock leaks precum while you are stroking, wipe it off with a finger and then suck the precum off your finger.

Day 5

By today, your balls should feel heavy and full of cum. You’re almost at the finish line so don’t blow it now with any messy accidents. Today you will essentially be repeating the instructions from day 1, just fondling and stroking every two hours until you are fully hard and erect and then stopping. But the requirement today is every three hours rather than every two. Once you are properly erect, hands off. Do this the first time as soon as you wake up and the last time after going to bed for the evening.

Day 6

Today you are to get yourself hard and to stroke until you edge six times. Do it the first time as soon as you wake up and then repeat it over the course of the day until you have successfully edged for the fifth time. There must be a two-hour break between every edge.

After you have completed the fifth edge and have waited two hours, get yourself hard and stroke until you complete the sixth and final edge. But this time, once you reach the edge you will continue stroking until you reach the point of return, the moment when you know you are going to cum and cannot stop it. Have your container ready.

Immediately before you start ejaculating, stop stroking to run the orgasm. Have your cock positioned so that your semen is directed into the container. After six days of denial, your cock should still spurt and dribble a respectable load of cum into the container.

Once the semen stops flowing, grab the spoon and scoop out a full teaspoon of semen. Open your mouth and slurp up the full teaspoon of warm, thick goodness like a tasty spoonful of soup. Hold it in your mouth long enough to get a good feel for the taste and texture of your semen and then swallow. Then congratulate yourself for eating your own cum, especially if it is your very first time.

After eating the cum you can immediately start stroking again if you’re able to remain or get hard again, or alternatively you can take a break if needed before masturbating again. Regardless, once you continue with this final step in the challenge, you are to masturbate until you have a full on orgasm and ejaculate a nice second load of cum. It may be a bit more difficult this time, but once you cum scoop up another spoonful from your chest or stomach, put in your mouth, savor it for a moment and then swallow. You will then have completed the challenge.


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