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Adura blushed as she finally found her way in the door after work, cupping her chest gently with a slight wince, then gasping as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts swelled against the soft pink bra holding them almost painfully, pushing the bottom of its cups away from her chest. She unsnapped it from behind her with a sigh, letting them free in the cool air of the house. She walked to the kitchen, the rest of her clothes falling in a line behind her.

She stood in the kitchen, nude except for a frilled pink apron hanging around her waspish waist, covering her front to the knees. Long black hair hung over her pale back, the tips dangling between her slender shoulder blades. She smiled softly to herself, blushing as her hands slid their way up to her large bust. Adura gave a little glance behind her, swallowing and slowly massaging her breasts. A soft moan drifted out of her plump, red lips, fading into the air quickly. As her hands tender kneaded the swollen flesh, beads of sweet cream began drifting slowly out of her nipples, making lazy trails as they dripped down her breasts.

Her legs began to gently shake, the pressure against her hard nipples building up more and more as her nails teased them, leaning herself against the counter for support. Adura began panting more heavily, her hips giving a gentle grind forward as sweet cream began to fill the glass bottle in front of her. She wet her lips slowly, panting as it continued to drip and jet out of her breasts, soaking her front in casino şirketleri trails of the sweet cream. Moaning, her eyes fluttering open from the surprise of a pink tongue dragging its way up her slim chest.

Adura turned, blushing deep in as she stared at a laughing pair of bright green eyes rising up to hers. She swallowed, her new companions lips coming to collide with hers, the two of them sharing a deep kiss.

“Welcome home, baby!” The girl grinned, strands of her blond hair tumbling in her eyes. Naomi smiled wider, sliding herself behind Adura, her tanned arms wrapping around her friend, untying the back of the apron on the way. She purred, pressing herself against her friend’s back, smiling as she saw the blush coloring her cheeks. She dragged her hands upwards to the shorter girl’s still dripping breasts.

Adura smilied as she looked over her shoulder at her friend, half smiling and leaning her their heads gently together. “I- I thought you would be…” She blushed softly, her words trailing off as her companion laughed.

“So you were trying to keep it from me?” Naomi smirked softly, pressing her lips against the pulse throbbing under the girls silky, pale skin, feeling the rate of her pulse fluttering like a baby bird. She purred into the nook of her neck, smiling.

“You didn’t get it all,” Adura blushed deeper at that, giggling weakly and nodding, starting to speak before gasping sweetly as she felt another hand snaking its way between her tender thighs. Naomi casino firmaları grinned, leaning her over the counter a bit more, the pale mounds of her breasts swinging as the dark skinned hand came back to kneading them, fingers grazing Adura’s nipples softly, smirking at the satisfying jump from pinching the sensitive flesh. She grinned, grazing her nails upwards over the tender lips between her partner’s legs, sliding her other hand down to her hip.

Adura smiled, turning around as she felt the other girls hand pull gently away, shivering as she cupped her breasts, tilting her head sweetly, her cheeks still flushed a soft rose blush. “Well I guess I do need your help then, love…”

Naomi grinned, sliding an arm around her partner’s waist, pulling the two of them close together, her nails dragging down the pale girl’s stomach slowly as her lips closed down on Aduras left breast, tongue teasing out and savoring the sweet milk of it, feeling the girl shake gently at the sudden contact.

Naomi suckled and drank eagerly, nursing from her friend. Taking advantage of the moment when Adura’s head fell back in a tender moan. Naomi’s fingers sunk gently into the soft folds of her lover’s core. Adura gasped as they curled softly inside of her, an extra jet of sweet cream erupting into her partner’s mouth, her eyes giving a little flutter as this drove the other girl to suckle her breasts more energetically.

Pulling off the left with a stream of milk dripping down the pale girl’s güvenilir casino chest, Naomi lapped up the final stream from it before her lips closed down on the right breast, giving it the same amount of loving attention as her fingers rolled deeper in the silky folds between her partner’s legs. Her nails pulled down between the lips covering the fleshy nub nestled within them. Adura’s hips jumped forward with a moan, her fingers fisting at Naomi’s soft hair, clutching her head against her chest, rolling her hips along with the deep massaging of her lover’s fingers.

She lifted the blond girl’s head up to hers, the two of them kissing lovingly, the sweet creamy taste mixing between their mouths, the kiss continuing as their tongues tangled together. Adura’s arms pulled them together, her nails tracing the shape of her lover’s spine. The two of them shivered, Adura’s nails dragging over the curve of her ass, her deepest center tightened around her lover’s fingers as she came, closing her eyes with a sweet moan, hugging tightly onto the curves of the taller girl, her teeth digging gentle tracts into Naomis neck.

Naomi purred softly as her lover’s orgasm faded, hugging the two of them together. Adura gave a soft nuzzle against the other girl’s neck before shivering as Naomi’s fingers slid out of her and into her own mouth. Naomi sucked them thoroughly clean before stepping away and retying her friend’s apron around her waist, grinning as she sauntered though the house, licking her lips happily as she looked back over her shoulder.

“Well… Now I’m excited for those cupcakes.” She winked, giggling at the stain of a blush her eyes caught before she turned, chuckling at the sounds and smells of baking coming out of the kitchen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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