Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 7

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 7
Enjoy Ch 7, evolving the fantasy makes for slow, horny writing. Remember to always be safe and sane!

Chapter 7

“Time to go, slut.”

Daddy had left me tied, gagged, and blindfolded in the tub of the motel room for some time, maybe a half-hour or longer, before I heard the door open and his voice. It was all he said as he helped me stand, unhooked my ankles, and began to lead me out into the room. I was still gagged, blindfolded, and nervous as we moved towards the exit, pausing long enough for him to d**** some sort of cloth or cloak over me. Soon, we were out of the room, and I felt myself being loaded and chained into what was probably the same cage and van as my first day as his whore.

The ride was similar to last week, and I remained horny, lost in lustful thought. Over 50 men had just seen me being fucked like a whore on cam. No, not like a whore.. they all paid in ‘tips’ to see me used, and some of them had probably paid to use me last time. I was an actual sissy whore, and my clitty throbbed and twitched as I tugged at my chains, unable to touch myself. I couldn’t remember any faces of the men who used me before, I was always blindfolded, in darkness, or behind a gloryhole. My mind raced as to the possibilities today, as I was getting a repeat of one thing for sure. I had no idea where I was being taken to be used. I whimpered into my gag at the thought.

Eventually, the ride ended and I was taken out of the van. The blindfold & gag stayed on, wrists cuffed behind me as I was taken through opening and closing doors, briefly feeling the sunlight before following the tug on my leash over thresholds. In moments, I came to a halt, and my asscheeks each got a fresh swat as I moaned in surprise. bahis siteleri

An unfamiliar voice came from ahead of me. “Not bad. She’s not the best I’ve ever seen, but she’s young enough and cute enough. She really seems to like the rough treatment, too. Definite potential.”

From behind me, Daddy replied. “Oh yes. Some things you didn’t see on the videos, like her time in the gloryhole booth, she got very excited by.”

“I’m sure. Her clitty is twitching. She’s still worked up from her cam show earlier, no relief yet?”

“None. I kept her tied and blindfolded in the tub while I made the arrangements.”

“Excellent. She should stay horny while she’s here, she’ll need it. You say she loves being forced.”

I felt Daddy’s hand squeeze my ass. “In more ways than one. I’ll let her tell you.” I felt Daddy handling the buckle on my gag, then removing it from my teeth. Moments later, the blindfold came off as well. Seated in front of me was a well dressed older man in a suit. It was difficult to tell his age with the mask he wore, but he seemed in command of the room, which was a well furnished office in low light. “Slut, you’ll answer everything truthfully, understood?” He swatted my ass again.

I yelped. “Yes Daddy!”

The well dressed man had a half grin on his face as he eyed me up and down. His cock was already out, it looked to be at least as big as Daddy’s, as he stroked it slowly. “So, slut. Last week was your first time for everything you did, yes?”

“Yes sir, my first time for everything.”

“You asked to be forced, yes? You get off on being tied up, pimped, blackmailed like a good sissy should?”

“Y..yes sir..” I whimpered. ” I asked for it, it’s what I deserve..”

“Good. On your knees, bitch, get those lips over my cock.”

Daddy bahis şirketleri pushed me forward and down onto my knees, and the new Sir took my leash in hand. With a tug, the second cock for the day was in my mouth, and I sucked it down like a hungry slut, hands still bound behind me. He looked down at me with the same expression, never letting me fully off his cock, keeping the leash taut, as he spoke in a low voice to me.

“So that you understand what’s going on. I’m the owner of the theater you played in last time, as well as the owner of this club, and more. Your Daddy over there does some work for me, and he’s good at what he does, as you’ve already found out. He’s going to be handling you, and you’ll be trained and put to work here, or the theater, or any other place you’re brought to. You’ll always do as you’re told.”

As I moaned and whimpered around his cock, hearing about my fate, a tv turned on off to the right, and I glanced over to see video of me being used at the truckstop, stuffed with trucker cock in both ends as Daddy recorded.

Sir continued. “You are now my property, my whore, and you’ll be getting all the cock you can handle, and more. Every weekend, you’ll be brought to where I want you, and you won’t know where you are most of the time. Your Daddy tells me you love that, too. Right, whore?”

He pulled my head off of his cock as I meekly answered him. “Yes Sir, I love it, god it’s so bad..”

“Go ahead and say what you are, you know what we like to hear.”

“I’m …I’m a whore” I felt a slap across my face.

“You can do better than that. Again.”

“Y..yes Sir.. I’m.. I’m a trapped sissy whore who needs to serve cock please..” I felt a slap on the other side of my face.

“Again, whore. More.”

Tears were illegal bahis starting to roll down my eyes, partly from the sting of the slaps, partly from being overwhelmed at the realization of what I was going to be made into here, under control of powerful men. “I.. I’m a stupid trapped sissy whore who has no choice, Sir.. ” I cried more as I admitted what I was to these men, and to myself, out loud, so concretely. “I love being blackmailed, tied up, helpless, and fucked by men I don’t know and can’t see.. Oh god.. I’m so horny not knowing where I am, not having any control, please don’t let me go..”

He grabbed my leash and plunged my face onto his cock again beore I could continue, using my mouth like a pussy. Tears streaked my cheeks as I did my best to take him, feeling every word to be true, as horny as I’ve ever been.

He growled at me as he pumped my mouth. “Good whore, you’ll do well here. Don’t worry, we won’t be letting you go any time soon. You’ll be our trapped little slave for a long time. Maybe we won’t let you go, maybe we’ll sell you off to one of our clients. We love to give whores that experience and watch their faces as their new owners take them away. Mmmm take my cum you little bitch, swallow every drop!”

His cock pulsed, and warm cum flooded my mouth. I’m not sure how, but I drank every drop, suckling on him to lick every bit off. Daddy pulled my head out of Sir’s lap, and I saw that he’d been recording everything again. Every word of my admission was theirs forever, and I knew they were going to make me watch it over and over with the other videos they had, and still had yet to make.

I was lost in my own thoughts, and didn’t pay attention to what they said to each other, but a blindfold was slipped over my eyes once more, as I was led out of the room, and down a hallway, feeling gropes and slaps on my ass as I was pulled along. Daddy spoke, his voice in front of me.

“You’re ready to meet your fans, whore.”

I whimpered pathetically. “Thank you Daddy..”

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