Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 8

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Chapter 8
Daddy at the Truckstop

(Im having fun writing this again, and feel some good momentum to get more done. Enjoy, comments and suggestions welcome!)

Chapter 8

Daddy held me steady by the back of my neck on the elevator ride down. A short ride, but it was apparent that I was being taken underground. An underground sex club where I was to serve.. my lust addled mind latched onto the thought tightly. This hadn’t been one of my fantasies, but now it was past that, my new reality being more out of control than I imagined before. Marched around more doors and hallways, I could hear voices and music above me through the ceiling. I was soon mounted over a padded bench of some kind, my legs bent and cuffed to the sides, no longer touching the ground. My wrists were unhooked from behind my back, and secured together in front of me, tethered to the bench. My collar was clipped in place, and Daddy finished my new bondage with a wide strap across my back that kept me secure over the center of my perch, holding more of me snugly, underscoring how trapped I was with every moment.

The blindfold was removed, and my eyes adjusted to the well lit room. It was spacious, clean, painted red, and could easily hold more than a dozen people, with a sofa against one wall to my left, and a few chairs off to my right. Looking around, I could see what looked like a heavy door behind me, out of the corner of my eye – my collar making it difficult to turn my head. Directly in front of me was a large flat panel TV on the wall, and on it was a paused video of me from the truckstop, a still image of me bound and on my knees from another camera I hadn’t seen set up at the time. I wondered how many angles Daddy had of my abuse from that first day, and I guessed that I was going to find out shortly.

Daddy moved around the room, setting up 2 cameras that I could see. güvenilir bahis “It took most of the week to edit this together with all of the different footage I shot, slut, I like to be prepared. Soon we’ll have a camera in that gloryhole booth, this little collection wouldn’t be complete without that, right whore?”

“Y..yes Daddy..”

“Good bitch, soon we’ll have a fun little library of your exploits. Well, of you being exploited, anyway. We’ll make sure you see it all, too. We wouldn’t want you to forget your place, would we, hmm?”

“ Daddy, I shouldn’t forget..”

“Good whore. The cameras are ready, and your fans are waiting right behind that door to give you much more of what you had last time. This won’t be a live stream… not yet, so there’s no need for a mask. If you’re a very good whore, you’ll earn one later, after your break. Understood?”

“Yes Daddy, thank you..”

“Good bitch. No speaking unless spoken to now. Here we go.”

Daddy moved out of view behind me, and little red lights on the cameras flicked on, capturing me as my breathing and heartbeat quickened, and the video began playing in front of me as the door behind me was opened. In moments, I felt hands groping me, glancing at the few men coming into view. They were mostly naked, except for the masks they were all wearing. I moaned at not knowing who they were, as their cocks were hard and dangling near my face. In moments, they were sheathed in condoms, and 2 of the cocks were sawing in and out of my helpless sissy holes. I hungrily sucked on the cock in front of me as my boipussy, still tight, was lubed and uncomfortably speared with a large cock behind me. Hands grabbed my shoulders, head, hips. Spankings rained down as I was used without mercy, cocks of different colors and sizes moving around me. Every time one left a hole empty, a new one immediately replaced it.

“Yeah, you’re türkçe bahis just as hungry as you were last time, whore. You’re gonna be seeing me at the truckstop again.”

“Mmmm just as tight as before at the theater, worth every penny.”

“Damn, slut, you’re gonna squeeze my cock off, they weren’t lying about you on that livestream.”

The comments came one after another, blending together as I saw a cameraman moving around, getting close-ups and different angles, my face clear as day, stuffed with strangers’ cocks. In between sucking cocks, I caught glimpses of the edited video on the big screen, the men taunting me as they said how good I looked over the stump, and in the theater. I started to imagine an endless supply of blackmail videos to keep me in line, made week after week. Transported to different places in that cage, never having a real clue where I was, except for the truckstop. Unless.. they picked a different one. I squealed and squirmed under the constant assault, and the thought of such utter helplessness, perpetually blackmailed week after week. Months. A year. Or longer. It was then I saw Daddy, grinning at me as each man handed him cold, hard cash, making sure I saw it for myself for the first time.

My pussy clamped around cock as I moaned, cumming harder than I ever have in my life. My juices splattered against the back of the bench and ran down to the floor as my current fucker milked my prostate with each thrust. I could no longer think or imagine, I could only feel the pleasure and effect of the realization that I was truly a sissy prostitute being pimped to men who were only too happy to help keep me trapped as a slave, a whore.

Even after such an intense sissygasm, I remained horny and mindless as the men rotated in and out. I had no clue how many men used me, or how long I was there for, but I eventually passed out as I came hard güvenilir bahis siteleri and long for a 2nd time.

When I woke, I was sore and dehydrated. Daddy was taking down the camera equipment, and noticed me stirring. Soon, I was unclipped from the fuckbench, blindfolded, and led from the room, exhausted. I didn’t try to register where I was being led, but in a minute, my blindfold was removed, and I adjusted to the lower light in this new room. From what i could make out, it was a space similar to the last rook, except the walls were bare, and along the rear wall were 3 cells with heavy bars. I was seated on a bed in the middle cell, and Daddy gave me water to drink as I accepted that I was going to be locked in here. Once I had enough, he clipped my hands behind me once more, and my ankles together, before chaining my collar to a loop in the wall. Once I was secure, he pulled out the wad of bills that he had collected from the men, and held them in front of my whimpering face.

“You made the club some money tonight, whore, it looks like training you will work out like I thought. You earned some rest, and a mask for later. I’ll be back to get you cleaned up and in a new outfit for tonight.”

I didn’t have the energy to speak, I simply nodded as Daddy slipped a ring gag in my mouth. Without another word, he left, closing and locking the cell door behind him, and repeating the process with the heavy door at the far end, a heavier lock tumbling into place.

To tired to contemplate how trapped I was, I looked around the room as my eyes adjusted more, and in the cell to my right, I saw something unexpected. Another sissy, dressed up as a cheerleader, chained to her bed like I was to mine. She was gagged as well, and splattered with cum, looking at me with young, wide eyes. She looked younger than me by a few years, maybe 21, 22, it was hard to tell under the whorish makeup and cum. The other cell was empty, but another slave could just be in another room being used. I didn’t have much time to think about it as I drifted off to sleep, still somewhat horny from being used like I had begged to be.

To be continued

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