Daddy’s Little Virgin Ch. 01

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My father and I moved when mom left us. Daddy said he was fed up with her antics and thought we’d be better off if we went somewhere where she couldn’t easily find us. Being six years old, I didn’t care as long as we were together….. Daddy and I, that is.

Daddy found a new job in Atlanta, and it wasn’t long before we’d moved into a nice house with a big back yard and a lot of trees. The day we moved in, the family next door came over to meet us. They had a little girl my age, Emma, and I just knew the two of us were going to be best friends. The father was a doctor who was just setting up his own family practice, and since he was looking for new patients, Daddy said we might as well be neighborly and give him a try as our doctor.

Dr. Robert Crist, or Dr. Rob as he wanted to be called, was a big man. But, he had the most remarkable gentle and caring way about him. Event to this day, he was the best doctor I’ve ever had. He was never too busy to see us, and he even had one of those little black doctor bags that he’d bring next door to our house when Daddy called him at night, or on the weekends. Through the years, he’d patched up my scrapes and cuts when I fell down, set my broken bones and did all my childhood check-ups.

As the years passed, the memory of my mother faded and Daddy became everything to me. Even though he was my father, we were more like friends than father and daughter – supporting each other in everything we did. And, while I eventually started to have an interest in the opposite sex, I found boys my age immature and bothersome. I went out on a few dates, thanks to Emma, but, Daddy never did. He never went out with his friends….. he never went out on dates….. and he never brought a woman into our house. Not even once.

I asked him about it once, and he told me I was his whole life – that nothing would, or could, make him happier than just being my Dad and being home for me every day. Of course, that made me feel special, but, I could see the loneliness in his face when he let his guard down, and I felt sorry for Daddy when I’d go out, or spend the night with Emma, leaving him alone in the big house.

I noticed a big change in Daddy when I got close to graduation and turned eighteen years old. He wasn’t treating me like a little girl anymore. He bought me a new car, opened a checking account for me with a debt card, and gave me a monthly allowance so I wouldn’t have to work during the summer.

But, something else changed, too – the way Daddy looked at me.

Sometimes I’d find him staring at me and he’d just smile a funny grin when I caught him. I tried to pretend it bothered me, but, it really didn’t. Honestly, I loved the attention he gave me, and I probably teased him, in an innocent way, more than I should have. I never did anything overt, mind you, but, I didn’t mind him looking down my top, up my skirt, or between my legs as we watched TV before I went to bed. More than anything, he was the one person in my life that made me feel desirable and pretty, and even though he was my own father, it gave me a thrill knowing someone was ogling me.

About that same time, I discovered something about Daddy that was very unusual. He’d lock himself in his room at times. And, that was very strange, because he never did that before. It was like he’d disappear for an hour, or sometimes longer, and then he’d suddenly reappear and everything would be normal. However, quite by accident – I realized what Daddy was up to.

I happened to be looking for a certain pair of panties which I’d worn the day before. I wanted to throw them in the washer so I could wear them the next day, but I couldn’t find them. I found the matching bra in the hamper in my room, but, the panties were gone. I even poured my hamper out on the floor in my room to make sure they were weren’t bundled up inside my shorts, or inside a t-shirt, but, I couldn’t find them. They were gone.

At first, I thought I must have simply misplaced them – maybe left them on the floor in the bathroom, or put them in the laundry bin downstairs. But, no, I checked and still couldn’t find them. After dinner though, I took one more look in my hamper…… and lo and behold, there they were – tucked down about half way, right next to the matching bra.

“Wow.” I said. “That’s really weird.”

But, I noticed something even weirder – the panties were perfectly folded, and since I knew I’d dumped my hamper out on my floor trying to find them earlier, I knew that wasn’t possible. I knew I didn’t overlook them earlier. They weren’t there and now they were.

Knowing Daddy was the only other one in the house, I knew it had to be him. But, why would Daddy want my underpants?

Okay, now before I go any further I have to admit I was a sheltered and naïve eighteen year old girl who went to a private school, and I had virtually no experience with boys. And when this happened, I honestly didn’t have any idea why Daddy would take my panties, and bostancı escort bayan then put them back. So the next few days, I was very careful about how I put my dirty clothes into my hamper, especially my underwear. And each day, I discovered my panties had been disturbed. It only took another three days for me to put it all together. Each time Daddy disappeared into his room, my panties would go missing, and they’d mysteriously reappear back in my hamper sometime before I went to bed.

It was my friend next door, Emma, Dr. Rob’s daughter, that helped me figure it out. Actually, it didn’t take her long at all. “Carly,” she said, looking at me like I was completely ignorant, “your Dad is using them while he jacks off…… you know, while he’s masturbating.”

“What?” I said. “No way!” I exclaimed.

“Carly,” she said, reaching up to grasp my shoulders and turning me so I was facing her, “don’t be so shocked. My Dad’s been doing that for years. Welcome to the club.”

“No way!” I exclaimed again.

“Come on.” Emma said, “I’ll prove it.”

We went over to Emma’s house and she sat me down next to her computer. After a few minutes, we were looking at a screen full of search hits after she’d searched on ‘Panty Sniffing’. There were pages and pages of search hits, and as we looked at a few of them, she pointed out each place where it clearly said something about boys, men, husbands, boyfriends and fathers sniffing, licking and using panties while they masturbated themselves. She even found several sites that specifically talked about fathers taking their daughter’s panties so they could sniff their daughter’s intimate smell while they stroked themselves to orgasm.

I was stunned beyond belief, and smartly pants Emma just sat there giggling at me. “Better get used to it.” She warned. “If it’s not your father, it’s going to be a boyfriend doing it. And when you get married, its gonna be your husband, too.”

I still wasn’t buying it. My own father using my panties……. for that! No way.

“Look,” Emma said, “your panties smell like you…… you know….. down there. Guys can’t resist that smell – young or old, it doesn’t matter. It’s the way they are wired. At first I didn’t believe it, either, but I came home early one day and found my Dad lying on my bed with my panties plastered across his face while he pulled himself. So believe me, it’s true. Your Dad is probably just like mine – he’s jacking himself off everyday, sniffing your girl smell and probably thinking about you while he jerks himself.”

I sat there in shock listening to what she was saying. I knew Emma well enough to know she wouldn’t lie to me about what she’d seen her father doing, but, I still was having a hard time believing it.

Then, as if I hadn’t been shocked enough, she said, “Actually, I don’t mind at all. It’s kind of cool to know he likes my smell, so I’ve never said anything.”

I left Emma’s house completely stunned. On the way out, I ran into her father, Dr. Rob, in their driveway and I could barely speak to him when he said hello to me. The idea that my best friend’s father…. my own doctor….. the man who’d given me physicals and seen me in my own undies many times…… had been sniffing his daughter’s panties! And according to Emma, my Dad was probably doing the same thing.

When I got home, I did some internet searches for myself. I found some pretty startling things. Amongst them, I found a story written by a girl who discovered her father was sniffing her panties. Instead of being repulsed by the idea, it turned her on, and she began to tease her father by letting him see her partially undressed and leaving her panties for him to find. As her story went on, she got bolder and bolder, eventually letting it go so far as to let him catch her masturbating, and then finally seducing her own father and having sex with him. In her story, she described in detail about his sexual expertise, swearing her father was gentle, and loving, and always made it wonderfully good for her. What really got to me, though, was her statement that she wished her father could have been her first lover…… the one to take her virginity. “It would have been so much better if he’d been my first man.” She said. “Considering the way I lost my virginity,” she explained, “with an inexperienced high school boy who didn’t know anymore than I did, knowing what I know now, I’d pick my father in an instant!”

So, over the next few weeks, I watched him closely. I got into a regular routine of touching myself and getting my panties wet before I got up in the morning and tossing my panties in the hamper after my shower. I even got to the point where I’d sometimes take two showers a day, or just change my panties in the middle of the day for no reason so he’d have more to choose from. Sure enough, Emma was right. I’d check my hamper sometimes every hour, and I always found my panties gone while he was locked in his room, and then they’d ümraniye escort be back in the hamper when Daddy was done.

While all this was going on, I’d begun to masturbate at night, too, and then again in the morning. In every single one of my fantasies, my father was right there – playing some part in my carnal dreams. I imagined him watching me undress, or watching me in the shower, and even standing beside my bed in the morning watching me masturbate. The thought that really got me going, though, was the vision I had of him sniffing my panties while we watched each other masturbate. The idea of that always brought a quick orgasm, and I’d lie in bed panting….. literally longing for something like that to happen.

In as much as I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I even fantasized about Daddy taking my virginity – being my first lover. I’d lie in bed with my hand between my legs fantasizing about Daddy teaching me all about sex and then making tender, gentle love to me. Not screwing me….. not fucking me…… but, making warm, affectionate love while he held me in his arms. I’d dream about him undressing me – feeling his hands on my bare skin and enjoying his first touch on my tiny breasts and between my pussy lips. He’d lie me down and kiss up and down my body, stopping to kiss between my legs and I’d moan his name while he kissed my virgin pussy.

And so, during that summer after I graduated from high school, I made a firm decision late one night while my fingers were dancing inside my panties, and sliding up and down my pussy slit. It was time to lose my virginity, and I wanted Daddy to be the one. I was sure of it. He loves me, I know he does, and I love him, too. Just like the girl in the story, I knew this was right and I didn’t care what anyone thought. And in that exact instant, I knew I was going to give myself to Daddy. I’d beg him if I had to. No matter what, I was going to feel my Daddy inside me and he’d be the one to make me a woman.

The morning after I made the decision, Daddy surprised me by making us a big breakfast. It was Saturday, and we both usually slept in until late on the weekends. But, as he knocked lightly on my door and opened it to tell me breakfast was ready, I wasn’t able to pull the sheets up in time and I’m pretty sure Daddy saw my fingers down inside my panties. At the very least, I’m sure he saw my sleep shirt pushed up above my tiny, A-cup breasts.

I giggled to myself after he quickly apologized and closed my door. Through the door, I told him I’d be right down for breakfast, and then not bothering to put on a bra, get dressed, or even wash my girl smell off my hands, I went down stairs in just my panties and my short sleep shirt.

Poor Daddy, he apologized over and over while we ate. And, each time he did, his eyes drifted down to my chest and I’d see him looking at my nipples poking out through my thin sleep shirt. When I got up to get some jelly out of the refrigerator for the toast, I bent over at the waist so he could see up the back of my short sleep shirt. When I turned around, his face was flushed and his eyes were big, so I knew he’d probably seen the wet spot on my panties from behind when I bent over. What I did was naughty, but, his reaction caused me to reaffirm my decision to move ahead with my plan to get Daddy to break my cherry.

“Daddy,” I said, deciding it was time to put my plan into motion, “it’s probably time I had a female exam. I’m eighteen, you know. Do you mind if I talk to Dr. Rob about that?”

“No, Sweetheart.” He said. “It’s probably about time you had one. But, would you feel better with a female doctor for something like that?”

“Oh, no.” I said. “I’d definitely feel better with Dr. Rob. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Nah, that’s fine.” Daddy said. “He’s been your doctor for more than ten years. I’m sure he’d be happy to do it.”

On Monday, I called Dr. Rob’s office to get an appointment. When the nurse asked me what the appointment was for, I told her it was personal….. a female thing….. and that I wanted to speak with the doctor privately….. for a consultation. “I understand,” the nurse said, “how about if we make it at the end of the day.”

My stomach was in knots the whole day, but at 4:45 PM, I walked into the office and checked in at the reception desk for my appointment. I was told Dr. Rob was running behind, but, they promised I’d see him shortly.

It was 5:15 before they called my name, and as I stood in the empty waiting room, Dr. Rob peeked out from around the hallway and waved me back. He stood at the door of one of the examining rooms, smiling at me and holding my chart in his hands. Once I’d entered and he closed the door, he sat down on a small rolling stool, gestured for me to sit on the exam table, and looked up at me.

“So, what’s up, Carly?” He asked. “You asked to see me privately for a consultation, is that correct?”

“Uh huh.” I said nervously.

“What’s on your mind, escort kartal then?” Dr. Rob said.

“Well, first,” I replied, “now that I’m eighteen, everything we discuss is confidential, right? I mean, you can’t say anything to anyone about anything we talk about, right? Not the nurses or even my Dad, right?”

“That’s right, Carly.” He answered. “You’re not a minor anymore, so whatever you say is completely confidential.”

“Okay.” I said softly. Then, taking a deep breath, I added, “I’d like to talk about birth control and getting a female exam.”

“I see.” Dr. Rob replied. Then after a second he asked, “Are you sexually active, Carly?”

“Not yet.” I answered, shyly. “But, soon I think…… uh, I hope.”

“You know,” he interrupted, “the pill doesn’t take effect immediately, and it doesn’t protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases. If you’re going to be sexually active right away, the pill isn’t going to help you avoid pregnancy.”

“I know.” I said. “I’m thinking long term, though.”

“I see.” Dr. Rob said again. “The female exam sounds like a good idea, Carly. You’re old enough now. You should get a pap smear and a full exam. I can recommend a good Gynecologist for you….. a female doctor, if that’s what you want.”

“No.” I said quickly. Then feeling my face turn red, I said, “I want you to do it.”

“Carly,” he said, looking up at me, “I appreciate your confidence in me as your doctor, but, most young women your age prefer a female doctor, especially if it’s their first time getting an exam of this nature. It can be….. uh…. a little embarrassing, I’m afraid.”

“I know.” I replied. “And, I don’t care about that. I want you to do it, and I don’t want a nurse there.”

“Carly,” he said, setting my medical folder down and settling back on his stool, “there has to be someone present. I’d get roasted alive if someone found out I had a cute, young girl like you in an exam room with no clothes on. It’s not an option, I’m afraid.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’ve heard that.”

I paused for a moment and then I looked at Dr. Rob and said, “My Dad will come with me.”

“You mean to bring you to the office, or, be in with you for the exam?” Dr. Rob asked.

Almost ashamed of my answer, I looked down at the floor and then back up at Dr. Rob. “I want him to come in with me.” I said. “For the exam.”

“Carly,” he said, chuckling over at me, “I know you’ve never had an exam like this, but, let me see if I can explain it to you.”

Dr. Rob explained that I’d be examined fully. And that meant my breasts, my back side and my vagina. “You’ll have your legs up in the stirrups, Carly.” He said. “There’s no such thing as modesty for an exam like this, believe me. I’ll be examining your breasts…… touching them and your nipples, as well as your anus and your vagina. Are you sure that’s something you want your Dad to witness?”

I turned red with shame and embarrassment when he asked me that question. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted Daddy to be in the room for the exam and watch everything. I wanted him to see me naked. I wanted Daddy to see my vagina and my hymen. I wanted Daddy to look between my legs and see my virginity for himself.

“Dr. Rob,” I said, flushed with embarrassment, “I love my father, and I’m not afraid to let him see me naked.

“Your Dad’s a good man and a wonderful father, Carly, but, don’t forget – he’s still a man. You’re a very beautiful girl, and it might be hard for him to remember you’re his daughter. Do you catch my drift on that?”

“I understand exactly what you’re saying.” I replied. “But,” I added, pausing for a second, “I want Daddy to see for himself that I’m still a virgin.”

“Are you saying you’d want me to let him see inside your vagina?” He asked, quite surprised.

“Yes.” I answered. “I want him to see everything. I want him to see everything you do…… every place you touch…. and…….” I stopped short of saying what I really wanted to say, and then looked up at him.

“Carly,” he said as he took a deep breath, “I’ve got this feeling there’s something you’re not telling me. Be honest with me and tell me what’s going on.”

“It’s just that he’s so lonely.” I said, with tears starting to fill my eyes. “He’s spent his whole life just taking care of me. He doesn’t date. He doesn’t have a social life. And quite honestly, I’m scared as hell to lose my virginity to some sweaty kid in the back seat of a car when I know how much he loves me, and, how much I love him.”

Dr. Rob was silent while he handed me a tissue. And, as I wiped the tears away from my face, he simply said, “So you’re thinking you want to give your virginity to your father. Is that it?”

I began to cry as I nodded my head. “I’ve made my mind up.” I said, between sobs. “Please don’t judge me.” I begged.

“I’m not judging you, Carly.” Dr. Rob said. Then after a minute, he handed me another tissue and said, “Just so I understand clearly, you want your father to watch the exam so he’ll get sexually aroused seeing you exposed so intimately. You’re hoping this will set the stage for him to eventually be the one to deflower you. Is that close to the truth?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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